How To Make Easy Hemp Peanut Butter

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We all know that hempseed and hempseed oil are two of the best things that a human can eat, but what is the easiest way of getting them into your diet? Learn how to make hemp peanut butter with this super simple recipe, a great hack to increase your hemp-based health every day!

We’ve reported on the nutritional properties of hempseed several times on the Sensi Seeds blog, since it has such fabulous properties. Filled with vitamins, minerals, and all the amino acids needed for human health, these tiny hemp seeds are also protein powerhouses. Eating one to two tablespoons full every day can make a real difference to how you feel and even how you look, as those nutritional elements are also really beneficial for strong healthy nails and hair.

But what are the best ways to eat more hempseed? Many people are under the impression that they would have to learn a whole lot of new recipes, or radically change their eating habits, in order to add enough hempseed to their diets to improve their health. This is actually the opposite of the best way to do it! Anyone who has tried crash diets or fad diets knows how hard they are to stick to, and how discouraged you can feel if you don’t keep to them. Obviously, cutting out unhealthy foods will make you feel better. But simply adding hempseed to the foods you eat anyway can also make a big difference.

Tools & ingredients

  • A small saucepan
  • A clean, dry jar with a lid, that will hold at least 500g of peanut butter
  • A fork
  • Oven gloves
  • 350g peanut butter in a glass jar – try to use organic, with as few additives as possible
  • 50g shelled hempseed (about 5 heaped tablespoons full)
  • 45 – 60 ml (3 – 4 tablespoons) of hemp oil (or more to taste)
  • Recipe Yield (Servings)

    • 400 grams
  • Preparation time (minutes)

    • 10
  • Cooking time (minutes)

    • 10
  • Total time (minutes)

    • 20
Spilled hempseeds from a wooden spoon and hempseed oil in a bottle


    1. Take the lid off the jar of peanut butter and stand it in the small saucepan.
    2. Fill the saucepan with enough water to come about halfway up the jar. Put the saucepan on a medium-low heat and let the water come to a gentle simmer. The idea is that the heat will melt the peanut butter enough to make it easy to get out of the jar and mix evenly with the hempseed and hempseed oil, but it doesn’t need to melt completely. NB: do not use peanut butter in a plastic container as it may also begin to melt!
    3. Whilst the peanut butter is heating, add the shelled hempseed and hempseed oil to the clean jar and stir it together.
    4. After a few minutes, poke the top of the peanut butter with a fork to check its consistency. If it moves easily in the jar, it is ready.
    5. Using the oven gloves, carefully remove the jar from the hot water in the pan and pour about half of the semi-liquid peanut butter into the jar with the hempseed and hempseed oil.
    6. Mix thoroughly with the fork.
    7. Repeat until all the peanut butter is evenly blended with the seeds and oil. The final bit of peanut butter from the centre of the jar will be more solid, but by the time you add it, there should be enough oil mixed through the rest to make it easy to blend. Let it cool completely before replacing the lid.
    8. Thoroughly mix each time you add more peanut butter

And that’s it! It’s that simple. Your hempeanut butter should be kept refrigerated to preserve the nutrients and prevent it going rancid. Unlike regular peanut butter, it will spread easily straight from the fridge, thanks to the hempseed oil! You can work out its best before end date by checking all the dates on the ingredients you have used, and seeing which one is soonest. However, you’ll probably eat it all long before it has a chance to go off!

If you have a go at making this, please let us know how it turned out in the comments below. Also, share your favourite tips for adding hempseed to your diet, and tell us if you would like to see more recipes on this blog!

Nutritional values

The approximate nutritional values of hempeanut butter made with smooth peanut butter and 4 tablespoons of hempseed oil are given below, based on an average serving size of 32g (about 2 tablespoons). However, the exact values will obviously depend on what type of peanut butter you use.

Nutritional value score against the white background

Per jar (approx. 400g) / per 32g serving (percentages are of approximate recommended daily amount from a 2000 calorie per day diet):

2859 / 229  calories

253g / 20.2g fat
74g / 6g carbohydrates
24g / 2g fibre
31.5g / 2.5g sugar
105g / 8.4g protein

44g /  3.5g Omega 6 (LA)
28g / 2.2g Omega 3 (ALA)
1.68 / 0.13 IU Vitamin A
Vitamin B1 80% / 6.4%
Vitamin B2 32% / 2.5%
Vitamin B3 323% / 25.8%
Vitamin B5 122% / 9.8%
Vitamin B6 147% / 11.8%
Vitamin B9 31.5% / 2.5%
Vitamin E 146.5% / 11.7%
Calcium 17.5% / 1.4%
Iron 104.5% / 8.4%
Magnesium 250% / 20%
Manganese 473.5% / 37.8%
Phosphorous 233% / 18.6%
Potassium 49% / 3.9%
Zinc 128% / 10.2%


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