There are no stupid questions. There is only a stupid lack of answers.

A notebook with drawn question marks and an unrolled joint beside

So, my first editorial column. After years of writing about the wonderful world of cannabis in the passive voice I will now share my own personal experiences on the Sensi Seeds blogs! And, oh gentle reader, I have had many cannabis experiences over the years – the good, the bad, and the verging on ridiculous.

The common theme to my adventures as Marijuana Girl has emerged as the need for open, accurate information about cannabis – not just made available to those who are looking for it, but so entrenched in the mainstream that there is no need to look for it.

The benefits, drawbacks, characteristics, and sensible usage of the plant and its products should be so widely broadcast that every choice to use cannabis is – as it should be with all substances – an informed choice. So I’ll start at the beginning, when (strap yourselves in) I knew nothing about cannabis.

1980’s campaign poster in the UK
1980’s campaign in the UK

Government information leaves many questions unanswered

Unfortunately, I was surrounded by people who also knew nothing about cannabis – or if they did, they certainly weren’t telling anyone else for fear of drawing attention to their illegal activities. The drug information provided by the government at this time was literally “heroin screws you up”, with zero attention paid to other drugs and the bizarre approach of pushing “it will make you look tired and spotty” as a primary reason not to use smack.

At the same time, Bacardi were promoting their product as making you believe London on a wet afternoon was a tropical paradise and the last bus home was a speedboat cutting the waves under a full moon. The message was coming across as ‘legal drugs will alter your consciousness and the world will be colourful and exciting; illegal drugs will make you hang out in dull, dark places looking tired and spotty’. Imagine my surprise when the reverse turned out to be true.

The Breakfast Club movie poster

The first depiction of drug use I saw that both identified the drug in question (“Marijuana! The boy has marijuana!”), and sparked my interest in this specific drug, was courtesy of 80s cult movie The Breakfast Club. The smoking scene is pivotal to the plot as it enables the characters to lower their defences and attempt to understand each other.

Such was the efficacy of the only information I had being government information, I was actually surprised when the rest of the film didn’t focus on further drug use – where was the immediate addiction? Why weren’t they all looking pale and spotty? Why, most importantly, weren’t they regretting their actions? Grass, it appeared, was different from heroin. Director John Hughes was telling the truth about aspects of being a teenager in many ways that I could recognize. It was not a great leap of faith to believe he was at least semi-accurately portraying cannabis.

My path to enlightenment was filled with newbie errors. The first time I had some weed of my very own, I warmed it with a lighter and crumbled it into the joint because that’s what I’d been doing with (very bad) hash. Hmm, I pondered as I inhaled the toasted bud, this isn’t very strong. My early joints looked like deformed sweets – a lumpy midsection with a large twist of paper at either end.

Schwag weed against the white background
Schwag weed

I wasn’t alone in my ignorance. Years later, I heard the story of two equally inexperienced friends who decided to become dealers. They managed to buy two dried but complete plants that (in hindsight) I would doubt were even female, had they not been full of seeds.

Unsure of which bit did what, one friend put his plant in a blender – seeds, sticks and all – then bagged and sold the resulting chunky green powder by weight. The other, suspecting that there was more to it than that, separately bagged the seeds, sticks, leaves and bud, put on his poker face and simply offered his customers a choice. Thanks to the lack of knowledge caused by prohibition, he sold every bag. The sticks actually sold quite fast – “people thought this must be the Thai Stick they’d heard about.”

The fourth drive

According to Ronald Siegel M.D., the “fourth drive” – after food, sleep, and sex – is for intoxication. There have always been, and for the foreseeable future always will be, individuals who are excited and curious to try altered states of consciousness. His 20-plus years of research show that setting, personality, and guidance (my emphasis) are often the defining factors in determining the quality and outcome of drug experiences.

It is with all this in mind that, in my editorial columns, I would like (if I may) to take you on a strange journey. A meandering path through cannabis culture and my personal experiences of it, during which I hope to impart all the advice I wish I’d been given, and all the advice I was given – none of it from ‘official’ sources – that has kept me safe, sound and sociable. May the fourth drive be with you.


16 thoughts on “There are no stupid questions. There is only a stupid lack of answers.”

  1. annette palmer

    We had to watch the Thai sticks in 1971 ,a lot had been dipped in heroin to get RR,s hooked.We too smart for that Buddie.

  2. Derek Campbell

    regarding the medical cannabis. i have Osteoarthritis and i found when i had a smoke i felt the pain in my joints calm down it was brilliant feeling to be alleivated from the pain its very interesting subject to follow up on researches need more info from MD’S.

    Kindregards Derek.

  3. hello scarlet enjoyed reading your post,ah! it must be that tai stick we`ve heard about, very funny indeedy. cannabis belongs in the herb beds in the garden along with the other plants we grow and use.

    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Hi Justmethen! Thanks for your comment, I’m glad you enjoyed the post 🙂

  4. ElectroPig Von Fökkengrüüven

    Now I know that people just loooove to “say” how much they want things to change, while doing absolutely NOTHING to force those changes to occur, and even funding the very groups who keep writing more and more “statutes” (they’re not “laws” at all) to take away more of our freedoms, all in the name of “making things better.”

    Either you want your freedoms restored, or you don’t. It’s time to stop “doing the same thing that we know hasn’t worked for decades, thinking that somehow doing the same thing we know doesn’t work is going to end the problem.”

    So let’s look at the NON-OPTIONS that people “believe” means “we get our freedoms back”, as opposed to the REPEAL of the statutes, which actually WOULD end the persecution once and for all:

    1) “Decriminalization” is NOT repeal. It is NOT freedom. But some of you still fight for this, instead of to end prohibition.

    2) “Legalization” is what we already have. It is NOT freedom. But some of you still fight for this, instead of to end prohibition.

    3) “Re-legalization” is two letters prepended to what we already have. It is NOT freedom. But some of you still fight for this, instead of to end prohibition.

    4) “Tax and regulate” will create more statutes, more regulations, more licenses, more fees, and create more problems and more “criminal charges.” It is NOT freedom. But some of you still fight for this, instead of to end prohibition.

    5) “Regulate like _____” is just a different way to say “tax and regulate.” It is NOT freedom. But some of you still fight for this, instead of to end prohibition.

    6) “Hemp ONLY!” It is NOT freedom. But some of you still fight for this, instead of to end prohibition.

    7) “Medical ONLY!” It is NOT freedom. But some of you still fight for this, instead of to end prohibition.

    “Government control ONLY!” It is NOT freedom. But some of you still fight for this, instead of to end prohibition.

    9) “Corporate control ONLY!” is financial in nature, and is ENTIRELY motivated by profiteering. It is NOT freedom. But some of you still fight for this, instead of to end prohibition.

    10) “Government/corporate partnership control ONLY!” is actually OVERT FASCISM. It is NOT freedom. But some of you still fight for this, instead of to end prohibition.

    There are several other “NOT REPEAL” options that people keep hoovering up as “the ONLY solution” (that has never worked, isn’t working, and which we all should know can never work), even as they continue to “say” they want their freedom restored.

    How can you ever hope to restore your own freedoms while you REFUSE to remove the statutes that took them away, and keep pushing for MORE STATUTES to further control your life in more intrusive ways?

    How long are you going to keep paying for more of your own enslavement?

    Are people EVER going to just wake up and see the truth that’s been staring them in the face for DECADES already?!?


    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Hi ElectroPig!

      Thanks for this heartfelt response. Your passion for cannabis and freedom is a great thing to see!

    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Thanks Tony! Glad you enjoyed it. There will be another one in a couple of weeks so we can see if the trend continues!

  5. hi, what a nice story, I thought I would just send my little story.

    My first experience with ‘weed’ was when I lived in South Africa, where ‘weed’ seems to be the National smoke! and grows so easy and to buy a plastic bank bag about one ounce, in 1974, cost only R10. it gave me a great ‘buzz’ but not ‘out of my head’

    Most important was the feeling of love, to appreciate life, to hear and feel life, I thought that if everyone smoked cannabis, boy what a wonderful world.

    To think what alcohol does, it is the biggest killer, makes people into animals!!??

    I was 25 years old, that’s 40 years ago, I have used it ever since.

    As I now have medical problems, which are bones related, i use it to help me with pain as well as pleasure.

    I had been buying from dealers which is not only costly, but not sure sometimes what you are getting?

    So I decided to grow it my self, I purchased from Sinsi in march 2013 five ’44’ and ten skunk.

    My first crop, four 44’s [one split] and one skunk.

    My yield 17g for the skunk and 98g for the 44’s

    My god what a decent, smooth smoke, I only need a few puffs to help me relax!!

    I made lots of mistakes in the growing, the roots were very poor, but I have saved a lot of money and know what I am smoking.

    I don’t need to buy from ‘rip of dealers’ £10 for .7g anymore and have found a new interest, as the growing is a relaxing and rewarding and even exciting.

    So that’s a very story about my cannabis experience.

    hope you enjoy it?


    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Hi Brian! Thanks for sharing your story, I did indeed enjoy it 🙂 especially what you say about “the feeling of love, to appreciate life, to hear and feel life”.

      Although I can’t discuss growing on the blog for legal reasons, you might enjoy, and find useful, the Sensi Seeds Forums where many of our friends, fans and family exchange opinions and experiences on all aspects of cannabis.

      Keep up the good work!

  6. Henry Nutter

    Well done this is a good idea. Honest and enlightening is what is required. The government has so many hidden agendas. They need to understand that the majority understand this.

    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Thanks for the comment Annette, glad you enjoyed reading my first personal column! The second one will follow in a couple of weeks.

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