Ruderalis Indica® Seeds

  • Regular (non feminized) Cannabis Seeds
  • Cool /Cold
  • Compact plant
  • Flowering 40 - 50 days
  • Yield Medium Yield
  • 90% Indica
10 seeds €22.00
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Ruderalis Indica® Seeds
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  • Description

    Ruderalis Indica® captures the unique flowering properties of the Cannabis Ruderalis land-race, which grows wild across Eastern Europe. Through breeding with psychoactive Indicas from the south, Sensi has added potency and the result is this hardy, extra-early hybrid that can succeed in almost any environment. Requiring little equipment other than pots, soil and plant food, Ruderalis Indica can reward even first-time growers.

    C.Ruderalis is noted for the unusual traits which allow it to reproduce in the short summers and very harsh winters of its native lands. Wild Ruderalis seeds can be shed from a female and lie dormant in the soil, surviving freezing temperatures for several seasons before germinating normally. Land-race plants can complete their life cycle with remarkable speed, developing from seedlings into seed-bearing adults in just 10-12 weeks.

    Most interestingly, Ruderalis Indica® is a semi auto-flowering strain, meaning that around 50% of the plants bloom according to their age, rather than being triggered to flower by a changing light-cycle, usually beginning after the 5th to 7th set of true leaves.

    Ruderalis Indica is lower in THC than most hybrids, with a comparatively high proportion of CBD. This means she is an ideal strain for medicinal cannabis users who benefit from the many subtle effects of cannabinoids and prefer not to be overwhelmed by the unsubtle effects of being stoned.
  • Strain Reviews for Ruderalis Indica® Seeds

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    Ruderalis Indica perfectly

    5 / 5
    on 2-1-2015 | Ruderalis Indica® Seeds

    These are wonderful seeds, I am very pleased with the product as well as a hobby and for medicinal purposes!

    Medical Marvel

    5 / 5
    on 1-12-2014 | Ruderalis Indica® Seeds

    I chose this strain because I am a medical user who was looking for a strain that a beginner could grow. This strain produces a medicine which relieves arthritis pain and delivers a good night's sleep without any unpleasant side effects. Five star stuff. This is one of Sensi's cheapest strains but delivers remarkable value for money. It is a bit of a surprise package. One does not know if the plants will be autoflower or photoperiod. Whichever, both phenotypes are a pleasure to grow. The strain forgave my many beginner mistakes and delivered an end product which works. The Sensi write up very honestly states that this strain is high CBD, lower THC with subtle more medicinal effects. I can vouch for its medical efficacy but I have to say that it will also bring a smile to your face with a few giggles thrown in. I am really pleased with the outcome. I would recommend this strain to anyone looking for a strain which is easy to grow and which produces good weed at a bargain price. Sensi is a reliable business which will be receiving more of my custom.

    Finely a plant that is easy to grow in the North

    5 / 5
    on 26-10-2014 | Ruderalis Indica® Seeds

    I've long been looking for a plant that will grow In Denmark, where we have a rather cold climate, and here it is. A very nice smoke indeed. 100 % germination and the plants were very easy to handle all the way. In can highly recommend this strain, it's really great :)

    Easy to grow, excellent yield

    4 / 5
    on 25-5-2014 | Ruderalis Indica® Seeds

    Excellent outdoor plant for even our northern summer (Finland). Yield was very nice for such short growth time.

    Lady in Green

    5 / 5
    on 23-5-2014 | Ruderalis Indica® Seeds

    100% germination, pretty plants, nice buds, solid harvest even in mild climate and of course Sensi Seeds excellent service.

    Nice smoke durring the day time

    3 / 5
    on 23-5-2014 | Ruderalis Indica® Seeds

    It says it's for outdoors but it works very well also indoors. I grew it in hydroponics and it gave qiute a good yield. It 's a medium to large plant so be careful if you don't have enough space in your room. There is one phenotype that deserves special attention. It's medium to large yield and and semi-fast production makes it suitable for commercial growers and it's taste when smoking is very nice ( sorry, can't describe it ). The high lifts you up and leaves you with enough energy to continue with your daliy work. Definetly the strain for those that don't want that cauch-lock high.

    Tough Plant

    5 / 5
    on 23-5-2014 | Ruderalis Indica® Seeds

    Just literally put it in the pot with sombaby plant fertiliser and sprinkled a little compost on when flowering. Given as it was done in a tiny pot by the window the yield was above expextation and the quality was in line with all sensi products I have purchased. Immaculate service.

    Reliable & Viable

    5 / 5
    on 7-5-2014 | Ruderalis Indica® Seeds

    Viability as reliable as Sensi's renowned customer service.


    5 / 5
    on 24-4-2014 | Ruderalis Indica® Seeds

    best plant for my 1st time grow got a nice yield very happy

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