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White Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds

  • Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • Sunny / Mediterranean
  • Average height gain
  • Flowering 50 - 65 days
  • Heavy Yield
  • 70% Sativa
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  • Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • Sunny / Mediterranean
  • Average height gain
  • Flowering 50 - 65 days
  • Heavy Yield
  • 70% Sativa
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  • White Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds Description

    White Diesel became one of the favourite White Label feminized Sativa strains almost immediately after its release. The distinctive tones of grapefruit, lemon and rhubarb combined with the soaring high that characterizes White Diesel have been successfully reproduced in this feminized auto-flowering hybrid, which is sure to become a new favourite just as quickly.

    The sturdy bud formation of the original is also pleasingly present in plants that display a shorter, more compact stature than the regular White Diesel, making them the ideal Sativa strain for small gardens. For their size, plants of this auto-flowering feminized strain produce a substantial harvest of potent buds boasting such a heavy coating of sparkling trichomes that they can appear white, hence her name.
  • Strain Reviews for White Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds

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    Monster Plant !

    5 / 5
    muller on 6-7-2018 | White Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds

    Average height? My plant is huge! I gave it LST. Growing in coco. As seedlings they were very weak and tiny and slow growing. Right after germination I gave them vitamin B. I have two WDHAs. One I give synthetic fertilizer, and the other one organic. The one with synthetic fertilizer was weaker from the beginning. So I will do more comparison tests. But the one with organic fertilizer is growing huge, and I cannot move my lamps away anymore. This is my biggest plant out of 10. I'm also looking forward because for a sativa strain I don't have to wait until the trichomes get amber. They are the second week into flowering, and oh my gosh do they look promising. Before them I've been growing Northern Lights Auto and White Widow Auto. Actually I didn't want to grow Sativa Autos. I had two spaces left. So I gave them a try. And now they're displaying such a force of health. Depending on the effects of this strain, I will decide if i keep them growing. I mean those autoflowers are done pretty quickly, compared to the feminized non-auto strains. With a 24 hour lighting you can generate a steady stream of income. I've managed to get some potent results where folks hadn't no objections paying the full price.

    Quality seeds

    5 / 5
    Jj on 7-6-2018 | White Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds

    3/3 seeds opened after 24h in medical grade cotton with chlorine free water @ 29 Celsius. Great seeds . I will update for yield and growth. Delivery was slow but it was probably my country’s postal service fault. Sensi shipped the next day. The envelope was scanned and opened in the security check (probably in the airport) but even though cannabis is illegal in my country the envelope finally arrived with no problems at all. ———————— Outdoor cultivation in Mediterranean climate

    Superb strain

    5 / 5
    Greengrowing83 on 6-1-2018 | White Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds

    3 seeds ordered and all 3 germinated in root riot plugs. These plants grew very bushy and completely filled wall to wall a 1.2m x 1.2m grow tent, all 3 had a decent sized main cola but also many many other decent sized buds! After harvesting drying and curing I have a final total of 406 grams (14.3oz) off 3 plants :-) these were grown on a 20 hour light cycle under a 600w HPS with 2x 100w full spectrum CREE led units used on shaded areas, straight coco coir in diy airpots and using Canna Coco feeding schedule at 50% strength at all times except for pk13/14 and booster which was 100%. Very impressed with the flavour and effect! Even my cousin who classes himself as a true pro smoker was reduced to a bombed out giggling mess after 1 king size roll lol Final dried buds are not dense nuggets but a more lighter open bud with plenty of colour from the purple sugar leaves and red/orange pistols, also I cannot emphasize more just how much these are coated in crystals that they almost look like they have been rolled in glistening silver sherbert! All in all a great grow with a good heavy yield, a very good looking final product that tastes strong but good and has the kick of a mule thatll sit you down hard and chill you out!

    Strong plants

    5 / 5
    Sangell on 19-11-2017 | White Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds

    3 seeds planted and all 3 germinated, all 3 have strong growth and are looking set for a very good yield. All 3 are growing in coco coir and the same nutrient solution although 1 plant did display a boron deficiency but that isnt anything to worry about with grows from seeds as you do get different phenotypes and is easily corrected. Overall I'm very pleased with my purchase and will look forward to curing and testing

    Poor germination rate

    1 / 5
    Chronicponic on 13-8-2017 | White Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds

    Only 23 out of 40 seeds germinated. Very poor percentage! Not much bang for the buck! The service was good though. Promptly processed. Received in a week.

    good bud

    5 / 5
    novice on 24-6-2017 | White Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds

    fast grow

    Sensi seeds best Quality & best shop & best service

    5 / 5
    Grownup grower on 6-6-2017 | White Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds

    I am very happy with my purchase. Thank you SS for fast delivery and the quality seeds and the free surprise gift....and your friendly Customer Support

    Great High

    5 / 5
    Mix106 on 10-4-2017 | White Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds

    Perfect summertime strain! Smoke it while having fun with your friends and you'll have the best time of your life. Perfect.

    Overall good or?!

    4 / 5
    NA on 18-3-2017 | White Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds

    First time buyer..bought five of them 4 germinated and one of those four was faulty (grew slowly, produced leafy airy buds, and poor thin main stem and branches, it looked sick from the start). So overall 3 out of 5 they are on their last week they look good frosty buds. Those 3 were strong from the beggining with rapid growth ..but too bad i was unlucky with the other 2 seeds. I'll be back with the yeilds..cheers

    I love it !!!!

    5 / 5
    Sharky on 17-3-2017 | White Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds

    having tried several auto autoflowering seeds I can say definitely this is one of the best and most productive strain , ready in 10 weeks from seeding with a lot of big buds ... not mention the powerful stoning effect .... i love it :)

    Sensi seeds keeps their word!

    4 / 5
    HF on 18-1-2017 | White Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds

    I'm a returning costumer and once again i have no complaints. Still haven't planted the seeds that's why i don't put out a 5 star review. Waiting for the weather to warm up a bit...

    Its amazing!!

    5 / 5
    Petter Bakken on 10-1-2017 | White Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds

    I got my order in 5days, earlier than suposed, super well packed and full of cool extras!

    going well

    5 / 5
    punkis on 26-12-2016 | White Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds

    4 weeks in to flowering and these babies are beautiful!! One of them is the biggest bush I have ever grown with tops everywhere. Light on odor but a very pleasant smell when you give it a touch.

    heat warnings

    5 / 5
    ohD4ng on 12-10-2016 | White Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds

    A little warning, this plant dont really show signs of being overheated, my temp broke and i sadly realized it had been slightly over 40C in there, anyways i fixed it and the temp was ok the last 2 weeks, and it looked healthy as hell except a lot less trichomes and a little less green on top leafs. I smoked a joint and only got paranoid and uneasy then i made what should had been very potent cannabutter from about 30g buds, ate it all like a madman and then i got kind of stoned for a while at least, oh well moral of the story is, even though temp is always important, this plant does not show any usual signs of heat tress so keep an eye on that temp!

    pretty good

    4 / 5
    xhaze on 26-9-2016 | White Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds

    This bud is definitely some fire.


    5 / 5
    Yiannis Plus on 25-9-2016 | White Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds

    All seeds germinated! 15 out of 15! amazing....great genetics..excellent flavor and smell! i would recommend to all of you getting these setup was Amazon 16plant aeroponics...600watt HPS lamp and biobizz nutrients...awesome result in such a short period...also seeds were germinated in root riots...i would rate this strain 10/10

    Very good conpaney

    5 / 5
    Sean on 9-9-2016 | White Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds

    All 3 seeds germintated now lets sock back and wait 8

    Tasty lil beauts

    5 / 5
    ben-o on 31-8-2016 | White Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds

    2/3 germinated, (june) got em outside in the french sun asap, done middle of august, very nice n tasty bud, full of nice trichomes , use the larger pots to start em in don't transplant. ...just started 5 sensi skunk autos , hoping for a sneaky crop before the frost ;)

    First time

    5 / 5
    Dave on 2-8-2016 | White Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds

    Got these little beauties. All 3 germinated but 1 looked very different after a few weeks, eventually died after 4 weeks. The other 2 grew so well in my conservatory. Just trimmed bud and it smells divine. Now in process of drying so can't wait to try. These sticky buds sure pack a punch on such a compact plant tallest was about 60cm. Will grow again. I'm just an occasional user so what it produced should keep me going for quite a while. Thank you sensi seeds.....i'l be back

    Going well

    5 / 5
    GT8788 on 20-7-2016 | White Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds

    All 3 seeds germinated within 2 days, now all 3 have sprouted and are growing very well.

    White diesel dank

    5 / 5
    DankFoil on 28-6-2016 | White Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds

    Best bud I have grown in a while. The trichomes came out very white and came with a large yield.


    5 / 5
    Big L on 22-6-2016 | White Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds

    Everything arrived! reliable service! thank you guys! Let's lean back and wait now


    5 / 5
    Guillermo on 11-6-2016 | White Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds

    Dope reasonable pricess

    Recieved order

    5 / 5
    Daz on 28-5-2016 | White Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds

    2 days after placing my order they arrived! Just hope this strain yields as well as its claimed and is as nice too. Will be cracking the seeds very soon so far top service!

    Best, a must buy

    4 / 5
    Bopp on 25-4-2016 | White Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds

    3 seeds, all germinated, one took a bit tho but patience is key, they are growing nice as of now.

    Excellent medical cannabis

    5 / 5
    Bourne on 24-3-2016 | White Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds

    Roaring from Seed takes 8 to 9 weeks, easy for a person who grown before.between ,1.5 ounces to 2.5 ounces. Good smoke and will not give you a headache, I grown organically, unlike most cannabis what you get A headache when you smoke too much. The high is uplifting and enjoyable with the muscle this rather is a medium strength THC,all I can say is excellent medical cannabis.

    Best Of The Best

    5 / 5
    Lee on 24-3-2016 | White Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds

    Where to start? what an amazing strain this was to grow so easy and fast to finish from germination to harvest in 10 weeks! I've heard so many bad reviews from autos but this was amazing so easy to grow trouble free as long as you don't over do the nutes. The smell is sweet and powerful with an uplifting but strong and lasting high. on average from 10 plants i got around 3 1/2 oz dry weight per plant (some more) and this is by far better than any other strain of auto available. Sensi Seeds is the place to buy for honest reviews and no bs hype like other online sellers, help and a speedy service was a 10/10 from me i won't be going any place else and have been growing for a few years now. Many thanks

    Big harvest

    5 / 5
    HospyDS on 8-2-2016 | White Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds

    This sativa plant is great. You can grow it in colder enviroment. It took a little longer than two months to harvest but the yield was terrific. I smoke it when I am about to do something. It doesnt get you tired and lazy kinda high, but like 'hey, I am so high and percptive and feeling like creating something :)

    Very nice

    4 / 5
    Brandon on 2-2-2016 | White Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds

    very nice bud, really worth it, for sure buying more soon!

    Yet again a BIG succes.

    5 / 5
    PADDY PAUL on 23-12-2015 | White Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds

    This was my second grow with this strain.Again Im very impressed.A beautiful strong smell I think its like Mango.That said,they did stink up the place.No problem.Largest plant was 63 cm. And the best plant gave me 108gr. DRY. I highly recommend this strain.Fantastic smoke too,very tasty and very stoned!!

    excellant strain

    5 / 5
    Im Irish living in amsterdam now for 30 years growing now for 10 years. on 22-11-2015 | White Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds

    Bought 3 seeds all came out producing very short but packed plants.Beautifull smelling and very potent.A very easy grow largest plant was 50cm with 104gr.EXCELLANT.

    crossed it with a w w

    5 / 5
    teddybear61 on 13-10-2015 | White Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds

    A FRIEND ordered white widow and a train wreck he gave me the seeds to try out.well in four months.ive had a batch of "WHITE TRAIN AND A BATCH OF WHITE TANGERINE MIXED BOTH SETS OF PLANTS PRODUCED LIKE 3.2 oz's.while white train &tangerine produced 2 fatty pounds .oh yes outdoors .I live in eastern Washington. USA.

    best harvest ever

    5 / 5
    wally on 7-9-2015 | White Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds

    I was getting about 2.8-3.5 ounces from one plant every one was up my ass begging for some. Definitely gonna be buying seeds for years.

    Amazing mango pheno

    5 / 5
    Alison on 29-8-2015 | White Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds

    First grow, really impressed. Very short statue in a typical Christmas tree shape. Smoke is top drawer, hazy, head high, excellent daytime smoke. The yield was reasonable, especially considering the sativa leanings of the genetics. Harvest time was about two weeks ahead of feminised indica's from seed. Can be run concurrently with almost any photoperiod female.


    5 / 5
    Dodo on 25-8-2015 | White Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds

    Began as a clueless rookie with a writer's block, who was searching for some distraction from his blue moods. Tried out the White Diesel Haze Auto outdoors. I was blown away by the mild taste and the euphoric, creative high. Compared to my other strains, it's just a milestone in growing. Now I'm ready to finish my book. Thanks!

    Best taste > autoflowering seeds

    5 / 5
    Cheezy87 on 26-7-2015 | White Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds

    Can't remember the high, but i remember it had an awesome taste!!! I did grow it last year in a box with 18h light. It's definitely my favourite automatic strain!!


    5 / 5
    Richard on 17-7-2015 | White Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds

    My favorite in 5 years of growing autos..easy to grow in containers,euphoric aroma..


    5 / 5
    Rowfire on 6-7-2015 | White Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds

    Cant belive this worked so fast bought one just a week ago and within a few days the seeds allready started to root, just amazing :)

    great starting strain

    5 / 5
    smoke on 19-4-2015 | White Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds

    If you are new to growing then this is what you will want to start with. Short flowing period and great quality.

    Easy Haze

    5 / 5
    Jud Gerinder on 14-4-2015 | White Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds

    really good introduction to Haze with this plant,quite small easy to work with,really nice head high,would recommend!


    5 / 5
    Jan Hjulfors on 5-3-2015 | White Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds

    Very good simple to growing absolutly the best i tryed

    Problem sorter.

    5 / 5
    Docktor ok on 21-2-2015 | White Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds

    This is the first time I done weed, and I can say that this plant made me feel happy again, not just the kick made me happy but the after effect aswell. I have a really streesfull life and i have tried several diffrent medications in my days, but none have come close to thisI will continue to use diesel haze as medicine beacuse its really helping my healt. Thank you Sensi Seeds.

    Nice and easy.

    4 / 5
    Underwear man on 17-2-2015 | White Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds

    Grown a lot of different weed in my days, but my first time with auto. The first thing I realized is that they start flowering fast. The first one after something like a little more than three weeks. Thats awesome, but it also made cloning complicated. The vegetative state is short and so is the cloning window.The effects are very anti-depressive, lots of laughs. As with most sativa dominants, better for day-time than for sleep. No social fobia and makes good food taste fantastic. The high is pretty strong but also physically relaxing. The pain killer effects are there but not the strongest. I have serious health problems, so I can determine thatThe smell of the plants are... beautiful. Citrus. Strong. The leaves gets coated with white crystals. And the taste of the smoke is awesome.Its a plant to fall in love with. But its truely not the strongest. Its a really cut girl. That smells good And Sensi seeds I can describe with one word. Trustworthy.If you want to order. Dont hesitate. They will deliver.

    Amazing dope

    5 / 5
    No one on 16-2-2015 | White Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds

    Grew great Love this seed and have already ordered more

    very Good grow

    5 / 5
    Ralf Krone on 22-11-2014 | White Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds

    Its very easy to grow this strain, its also my first time to grow a marijuana plant. And i must say, a very good seed to grow, all 10 from 10 Seeds are growed.

    very fast grow !

    4 / 5
    finland haze on 28-9-2014 | White Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds

    i buy 3 seed and 2 start grow and i grow nft 600WATTCOOLTUBE then they pop up ! in 4 week start to flower and i top them two times and i got now very nice tops. good for beginners. 45

    white diesel haze

    5 / 5
    very happy client on 21-7-2014 | White Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds

    His is the most fantastic seed I have ever worked with, not just the white diesel haze but Sensi seed in total. Never hade eny kind of problem with Sensi seeds, and for they reason I would gladly recommend them to anyone interested. *****

    potent, big yielder

    5 / 5
    pedro, this will be my 30th cycle ;) on 30-6-2014 | White Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds

    super easy to grow these are the plug and play technology of the cannabis world, with the haze background id advise going easy with the nutrients and probably best staked and handled with care. i got 3.8oz of the biggest in the litter and the smallest coming in at 2.5oz. nice dense frosted bud. definatly gona have these again.


    5 / 5
    Hi I'm Anne, a little quirky a little awesome all rolled up into an awesome Goddess lol x on 27-5-2014 | White Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds

    These were absolutely awesome, I've spent time at festivals with real hard core smokers trying to buy it off me. A delightful buzz that takes about 5-10 mins to kick in. When staying a Premier Inn enough time to get back to room before it sent you to a happy place. :)

    White Diesel Haze Automatic

    5 / 5
    Mateo carramiñana Rodriguez on 27-5-2014 | White Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds

    I planted 5 seeds you sent me and have gone well, because they lack two months or cosacha I'm expecting to enjoy it, I have them on my deck in Calella (Barcelona) and gives the sun all day. I am very happy with this company. A big hug and until next time, we vem, you in Amsterdam. :) :) :)


    5 / 5
    indoor greenhouse grower on 4-4-2014 | White Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds

    Rapid germination, branching well, pretty and smell harvest. (Indoor, outdoor) Very good auto-flowering Sativa strain. My favorites auto-atrain....

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