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White Haze Automatic

  • Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • Sunny / Mediterranean
  • Average height gain
  • Flowering 45 - 65 days
  • Medium Yield
  • 50% Sativa / 50% Indica
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  • Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • Sunny / Mediterranean
  • Average height gain
  • Flowering 45 - 65 days
  • Medium Yield
  • 50% Sativa / 50% Indica
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  • White Haze Automatic Description

    Experience the joy of growing a top quality Haze strain with much less work! White Haze Automatic is a feminized hybrid of auto-flowering Cannabis ruderalis and an outstanding example of our Cannabis Cup-winning White Haze strain which was carefully selected for her robustness and potency.

    White Haze Automatic commences flowering when plants have produced their sixth to ninth pair of five-bladed leaves, which is usually around six to eight weeks into their vegetative period. When grown indoors, multiple all-female cannabis harvests are possible each year, and in climates with long, sunny summers White Haze Automatic can also be cultivated outdoors with great success.

    When grown outside in a favourable climate, the ability to co-ordinate this strain’s blooming phase with a specific part of the outdoor season allows more hours of sunlight to reach her all-important flowers. This enables growers to harvest in September or even August if seeds are started early in the spring.

    Indoor growers who may have been discouraged by the potential size of Haze and other Cannabis sativa seed-strains can rest assured that White Haze Automatic usually reaches a very manageable 90-140cm under normal growing conditions.
    Towards the end of the flowering period, the sharp, sweet scent of White Haze is released when her long buds are lightly handled. Squeezing her chunky tops a little harder releases a strong, sweet-spicy flavour and reveals their delicious stickiness.

    When consumed, White Haze has the soaring euphoric high that’s characteristic of Haze marijuana varieties, followed by a powerfully relaxing physical stone.

    To make the most of this feminized auto-flowering Haze strain, all a grower has to do is sit back and let White Haze Automatic do the work!

  • Strain Reviews for White Haze Automatic

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    they grow over my head!

    5 / 5
    splidttercrist on 9-12-2017 | White Haze Automatic

    no doubt, excellent plants, with right care and - that's important - enough space you'll have fun for the morning. Rather morning high, energating - And even with my limited space - they grow over my head, way too big for me, didn't know - great yield and high. I even smoke the leaves that fall off from time to time, just for the taste of it. be wary, no "i go to sleep now" high, for that you should take a rather indica-heavy plant (i think?), seems to make me rather wake than bake

    Best site ever

    5 / 5
    Stéphane on 22-4-2016 | White Haze Automatic

    10/10 would buy here again

    Easy, fast, 12oz, depression buster.

    5 / 5
    Bri on 17-4-2016 | White Haze Automatic

    I grew this lovely girl under 300w of cfl until she showed signs of flowering then switI grched to 600watts hps In a DWC using vitalink nutrients for veg, shifting to canna Flores for flowering, and cannazyme throughout. Nutrients at 2ml per litre throughout Full water change every week Ph fluctuated between 4.8 and 6.5 throughout the grow She was kept at a constant 18hrs light 6hrs dark cycle Max temp 33c I used low stress training to keep the main stem growing horizontally First sign of flowering at five weeks. Then ten weeks until harvest Began flushing when 90% of trichomes had turned milky with low stress training she developed 18 colas, that fattened up dramatically in the final week She was very leafy Low stress training kept veg height to 25cm. Flowering stretch was to 75cm After 2 weeks flush cut and hung to dry for five days Then cured in jars for two weeks Total dry cured crop 12.5 oz/375grams She developed a lovely purple tinge to the sugar leaves Buds are very fat, but not too dense >note: found several trichomes that swelled to above 3mm in diameter - awesome< Smell slightly citrus, a touch ammonia, but sweetens up with curing Not too strong when growing, but quite invasive once cropped Taste is very pleasant, slight citrus, very clean and light. I vaporize using a haze v3 Very happy, clear, focused high, that builds and builds but let's you float above it followed by nice gentle body relax

    White Haze Autoflorin'

    5 / 5
    Matheus Kaiki on 12-2-2016 | White Haze Automatic

    Greatest weed in the World! Only best seed site and forum. I'm biggest Fan!

    A very good strain

    5 / 5
    Cameron gatcia on 15-9-2015 | White Haze Automatic

    I loved every second of growing for this plant

    Great strain

    5 / 5
    Anthony welch on 21-7-2015 | White Haze Automatic

    It is a really good high an jas a sweet taste to the bud

    Great for hurried haze lovers

    4 / 5
    LeoLanLan on 2-6-2014 | White Haze Automatic

    It's juste for those who the haze and don't want to wait...

    One of the best autos around

    5 / 5
    Hazeforeveryone on 26-5-2014 | White Haze Automatic

    Very easy to grow not to tall.the strength of haze auto Has to be right up there with the best.also this strain can Be classed as a top grade for medi growers highly recommended

    Great Strain!

    5 / 5
    Joe on 16-5-2014 | White Haze Automatic

    This is an amazing strain! First time growing and its going just fine lovin' it

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