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All conferences from the UFCM 2018 symposium available online

UFCM ICare Assiduous readers of our blog are no strangers to the long-term relationship between Sensi Seeds and the UFCM ICare, an eminent association based in Alsace, France. UFCM ICare’s main mission is to facilitate the growth of the link between patients and doctors in France and beyond. Every year, their symposium gathers healthcare professionals, researchers, and patients, for a day of highly informative conferences. The theme: the use of cannabinoids in medicine.

The UFCM ICare symposium 2018 marked the 7th edition of this unique event. Cannabis policies in France are known to be among the most restrictive and most punitive in Europe, which is why cannabis fairs or other cannabis events are a rare occurrence in the Hexagon (or in other French territories).

UFCM ICare 2018 edition: La Sorbonne tolerates cannabinoid science

Sensi Seeds has always been proud of supporting UFCM ICare in its endeavours, and to support their yearly event, which aims to be a dense program mixing research, discussions around the legality of whole plant medicine and cannabinoids, and patient testimonies.

Back in June, we announced that the symposium, usually held in UFCM ICare’s region of origin, was instead taking place in Paris. Nothing to fret about so far, if maybe an easier, shorter commute for some, and a much longer one for all volunteers of the association. The real news was the venue: Université La Sorbonne. A cultural milestone for an association who gets very little love from the establishment!

The best of scientific conferences on the topic of cannabis

UFCM ICare, for the very first time, is making its program of conferences available to all.

Hit play on the video located at the top of this page, and click on the left corner menu to get an overview of the full playlist of conferences for the 2018 edition.
All videos are subtitled in English for easy access.

Those of you who are fluent in French can read a full transcript here.

A full transcript in English language will be available soon! Sensi Seeds will update this article as soon as these documents become available.

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