Cannabis Strain Focus SPECIAL: Indoor Mix from Sensi Seeds

Indoor mix cannabis seeds information and cannabis plants

The Indoor Mix from Sensi Seeds is a great solution for growers who wish to bring some variety to their indoor grow space. It consists in a pack of 25 cannabis seeds, all of them from our selection of high quality strains.

Indoor Mix 101

The Indoor Mix from Sensi Seeds is a great solution for growers who wish to bring some variety to their indoor grow space. It consists in a pack of 25 cannabis seeds, all of them from our selection of high quality strains.

The cannabis seeds contained in this 25 seeds Indoor Mix pack are regular seeds.

Perfect for the indecisive grower

Our Indoor Mix is a selection of seeds that are perfect for indoor growing. The strains you can find in this mix are selected primarily from our catalogue of “mostly indica” cannabis seeds, but it is also possible – albeit much less frequent – to stumble upon the occasional sativa. Besides, we added another filter to our selection process, to ensure all strains delivered are fit for indoor growing: all strains from this mix are specifically catered for indoor or greenhouse cultivation.

One thing is sure, if you are not decided yet on what to grow and why, this mix can give you the push you need.

An ideal indoor combo

Plants produced by indica strains have a tendency to grow shorter than their sativa siblings, which is why an all-indica selection was a definite sine qua none parameter for creating this indoor-only selection.

For this reason, if you do get to grow a sativa strain from your Indoor Mix pack, chances are it will be easily spottable! All hybrid cannabis strains, whether they are predominantly sativa or indica, can be adapted to their environment via topping, training, and other methods, so fear not for your ceiling height.

A “surprise” selection of the best cannabis strains

Growers experimenting with our Indoor Mix should expect many Skunks and Afghanis, and of course, Sensi Seeds’ top indica strains are also featured in the mix. However, the different strains represented and number of seeds for each of them is not disclosed. Depending on what your plants look like, during vegetation as well as flowering, you might be able to recognize them before they reach maturity. A game in two parts, as you will have to recognize the fruit of your labour upon consumption later!

Unbeatable value

Sensi Seeds’ Indoor Mix contains 25 regular seeds, and some of the strains featured are award-winning legends, which contributed to make Sensi Seeds what it is today. This makes for an economic opportunity for growers to select high quality mother plants, or simply for an eclectic, interesting multi-varieties harvests.

Buy Sensi Seeds’ Indoor Mix here.

  • Disclaimer:
    Laws and regulations regarding cannabis cultivation differ from country to country. Sensi Seeds therefore strongly advises you to check your local laws and regulations. Do not act in conflict with the law.


4 thoughts on “Cannabis Strain Focus SPECIAL: Indoor Mix from Sensi Seeds”


    As sementes do mix são identificadas na embalagem. Ou caberá ao browser identificar apenas durante o ciclo de cultivo? Eu não acho legal começar um cultivo sem saber qual espécie estou trabalhando.

    1. Mark - Sensi Seeds

      Boa tarde Raphael,

      Obrigado por seu comentário,

      A Sementes de Indoor Mix Regulares permite que muitos de nossos clientes mais antigos, que pedem as mesmas sementes há anos, experimentem mais da coleção Sensi.

      É uma mistura aleatória de 20 cepas de nosso catálogo interno e de estufa. Além de Skunks e afegãos, também inclui variedades de indica premiadas. Às vezes, há até uma sativa tropical incluída no pacote surpresa. Portanto, também há muito o que esperar!

      No entanto, as diferentes cepas representadas e o número de sementes para cada uma delas não são divulgados. Dependendo da aparência de suas plantas, tanto durante a vegetação quanto na floração, você pode reconhecê-las antes que atinjam a maturidade.

      Para aprender um pouco mais sobre a cannabis medicinal, aqui estão alguns links que você pode achar interessantes.
      O que é a canábis medicinal e como escolher uma variedade de canábis medicinal e Como ver se a sua planta é fêmea ou macho

      Espero que você continue curtindo o blog.

      Com os melhores votos,


  2. I just wanted to know if i buy a pack of mixed indoor seed, will they all be regular seeds or will i find auto flowering seed ( which i do not want).



    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Hi Eric,

      Thanks for your comment. The Sensi Seeds Indoor Mix only contains regular seeds, so no feminized or automatic ones.

      With best wishes


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