Expoweed 2019: All About the Future and Past Editions

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Expoweed is Chile’s largest cannabis event. It takes place in Santiago (Parque O’Higgins) and features over six thousand square metres of exhibition space. Lectures take place throughout the fair, discussing key issues in the cannabis industry, and policies guiding the use of the plant. There are also musical performances for attendees to enjoy.

Where? Parque O’Higgins, Santiago, Chile

When? 29th November to 1st December 2019 (2020 TBC)

First started: 2012

Type of event – Fair and expo

Official website – https://www.expoweed.cl/

Practical information / things to keep in mind when visiting Expoweed

  • LocationParque O’Higgins, Santiago, Chile. The 507c bus runs directly to the park, or alternatively, you can catch a taxi from the city centre.
  • CostA three-day pass costs CH$ 21,660, a two-day pass is CH$ 16,530, and a one-day pass (Saturday or Sunday) is CH$ 10,260. Entry on Friday is CH 9,120.
  • Opening hours
  • Staying there There are several hotels that are fairly close to Parque O’Higgins. Some of the best options include: Hotel Casa Zanartu, Hotel Panamericano, and The Aubrey Boutique Hotel.

Rules / Legalities

  • Adults onlyThe event is only for people over the age of 18. However, there are babysitting facilities for those who have children.
  • Chile’s cannabis laws Recreational cannabis use has been decriminalised in Chile (in the home) but it is still illegal.  

Past editions

Expoweed is one of South America’s leading cannabis events, attracting visitors from across the continent. Here’s some insight into what happened in previous years.

What happened at Expoweed 2018?

  • At Expoweed 2018, visitors listened to music acts like Drefquila, Guachupe, and Villa Carino.
  • The hemp forum hosted some interesting speakers, including Vlado Mirosevic and Marisela Santibanez, who were discussing the regulation of cannabis in Chile.
  • Here’s a video, capturing what it’s like to be at Expoweed, and giving you a glimpse into the fair’s atmosphere:

What happened at Expoweed 2017?

  • The Online Home Grow Course was screened at the 2017 event, demonstrating how to start growing cannabis in the home. Cultivation experts were also present, answering questions from the audience.
  • The Daya Fundacion Daya was giving attendees medical consultations, and providing information about the use of medicinal cannabis.

What happened at Expoweed 2016?

  • There were some great musical performances at Expoweed 2016, such as Chico Trujillo, Bubaseta, and Ana Tijoux.
  • This year saw the introduction of the Psicoactivo Volcano Vapor Zone. This vape bar gave visitors the chance to learn more about vaporisation equipment, and also featured some great DJ sets, including the Mythical Euphoria Collective.
  • Here is Sensi Seeds’ video of the Expoweed 2016 event:

What happened at Expoweed 2015?

  • Sensi Seeds was at Expoweed 2015, at booth 49.
  • There were over 10 lectures at this year’s event, delivered by some key figures in the cannabis industry. One notable person was Marc Emery, who won the 2014 Cannabis Culture Award. Marc Emery is a Canadian cannabis activist, who has been imprisoned several times in the fight to get the plant legalised.
  • This video showcases some of the highlights of Expoweed this year:

What happened at Expoweed 2014?

  • Due to changes in cannabis law in Chile, cannabis seeds were allowed to be shipped into the country for the first time. As such, seed suppliers at this year’s event were celebrating this progressive step.
  • Sensi Seeds was happy to be in attendance, at booth 39. This was Sensi Seeds’ first year at the event.
  • There was an extensive medical forum at this year’s event, featuring speakers such as Steve DeAngelo (head of the largest cannabis dispensary in the USA), and Paul Stanford (a notable activist).
  • Here’s a video, showing what 2014’s event was like :

What happened at Expoweed 2013?

  • Home-growing was a big focus at this year’s event. ‘Street’ cannabis in Chile is often sub-standard quality, which meant that many people wanted to find out how to grow their own superior plants.

Howard Marks and Jorge Cervantes were both speakers at the 2013 event, and both attracted large crowds.


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