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Hemp – the natural sun protection

Hemp It’s summer in Europe! This is the time of the year that most people are spending outside, catching shafts of sunlight, soaking up vitamin D and filling their bodies with warmth. While doing so it is important to stay protected from dehydration and UV rays.

It’s summer in Europe! This is the time of the year that most people are spending outside, catching shafts of sunlight, soaking up vitamin D and filling their bodies with warmth. While doing so it is important to stay protected from dehydration and UV rays. Moderation of sun exposure is the key to UVR protection, but there is more that can be done to make sure the fun outdoorsy times don’t end with a sun burn – the use of hemp! The plant offers a lot of sun-screening benefits.

Hemp – the natural sun protection


Hemp is known to be a multipurpose talent. It is an excellent eco-friendly alternative base for textiles and other products, such as clothing, rope, paint, fuel and isolation, to name but a few. Hemp finds its application in the car industry, can be used as paper, as superfood and for personal hygiene products.

Hemp seed oil is one of the world’s richest sources of essential fatty acids and other nutrients. It also contains vitamin E and chlorophyll, which are potent antioxidants. Hemp seed oil has a major protein component.


As sun protection it is easily absorbed by the skin. All its beneficial ingredients make it a protective, moisturising and rejuvenating skin care product.

Hemp seed oil has an SPF rating of 6. Because the plant is capable of developing its own UVR protection (just like other plants do), its extracts form a natural protection from the sun.

Hemp seed oil helps deflect some of the UV rays without affecting the very important absorption of vitamin D, which most synthetic chemical sun protection products do. This is important, because vitamin D plays a vital role in the human body. It is essential for bone growth and for the healthy maintenance of several organ systems, as well as the immune system. Because of its important functions, vitamin D deficiency can lead to many health problems.

Hemp seed oil is also an excellent source for proper keratin, which is a key structural material in making up the outer layer of human skin. In addition, it is a vital component of hair and nails.

It is said that hemp oil closely resembles the body’s natural lipids, which are used to transport vitamins, essential in breaking down cholesterol, and used for body insulation.

Hemp seed oil assists with cell repair.  It helps to heal damaged skin and is an excellent emollient for dry skin.

The oil has natural anti-bacterial qualities as well.

Considering its various benefits, including being safe for humans and the environment, hemp seed oil seems to be the perfect fit for outdoor activities while enjoying the sun.

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Doesn't Hemp oil, like any other oil, promotes the burning of the skin?




How might we compare the salves and lotions being made by way of whole-extracts - which we commonly find in dispensaries here in Colorado - with hemp seed oil?

Are the protective and reparative functions found in plant extracts/oils made from cannabis flower equal to those of hemp seed oil?



Paul Pot

Cannabis hash oil has sunscreen properties as well and it's said that Cannabinoids block UVB and have anti-aging properties...
So hash oil mixed with hemp seed oil may be a great sunscreen and cancer preventative.



Genius! ???



i wouldn't use hemp oil alone for sun protection. mix it with carrot seed oil, raspberry seed oil, zinc oxide powder and some raw shea and you are looking at the best all natural homemade sun protection around. carrot and raspberry oil have the highest spf factor for natural oils


Linda Nickell

I have a question. Does hemp fabric​ block UV rays?


Scarlet Palmer

Hi Linda,

Yes it does :) The thicker the fabric, the more protection it offers.

With best wishes,



Sammy Barnhart

Hi is hemp seed oil safe to use in my 7 month old skin?


Scarlet Palmer

Hi Sammy,

Thank you for your question. Hempseed oil is safe to use on babies, but do not rely on it for protection from the sun as the SPF is only 6, and babies and young children need an SPF of at least 30. I hope this helps :)

With best wishes,




7 month old? You need to shed that shit!



Love this article! Is there a particular process or type/brand you recommend? When I started my search there ae so many types, i.e. cold pressed, etc. I wasn't sure if there could be a breakdown in the molecular structure that could change the efficacy of sun protection.


Scarlet Palmer

Hi Tara,

Sensi Seeds has cold-pressed hempseed oil which you can find here. In honesty I don't know about breakdowns in the molecular structure other than that it starts to degrade at 180 degrees centigrade, which isn't going to be a problem for sunbathing! The suggestion from Aria in the comments below about mixing hemp oil with other natural ingredients is also a really good idea. I hope this is helpful :)

With best wishes



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