The Original Sensi Seed Bank Reopens!

Sensi Seed Bank shop window

After a full year of reconstruction and improvement we’re delighted to announce that the one and only Sensi Seed Bank is once again open in its original location!

In 1985, the Sensi Seed Bank, the first true cannabis gene-bank and grow-shop in the Netherlands, opened its doors to cannabis enthusiasts. Located at Oudezijds Achterburgwal 150, in the heart of Amsterdam’s Oude Stad, the Sensi Seed Bank and its close neighbour the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum quickly earned a reputation for excellence in cannabis genetics and knowledge.

Over the next 30 years the Sensi Seed Bank and the Museum established themselves as a vital part of Amsterdam’s cannabis culture and an essential stop for any cannabis lover visiting the city. Between 1985 and 2015, the twin locations welcomed millions of visitors from all over the world with useful, accurate information and the unique sight of thriving, flowering cannabis plants.

Interior of the Sensi Seed Bank

In Autumn 2010, major renovations began on the building which houses the Seed Bank – marking the first time in a quarter century that the shop was closed for more than a day or two. After a full year of reconstruction and improvement we’re delighted to announce that the one and only Sensi Seed Bank is once again open in its original location!

Visitors returning to Sensi’s flagship location may be surprised by the extent of the changes inside and out. The shop-front is has been decked out with attractive amber wood-panelling,  reminiscent of traditional Amsterdam shops and making the Seed Bank contrast beautifully with the neighbouring buildings on the canal. The interior has been completely remodelled and refitted to combine gorgeous old-world craftsmanship with the latest technology, unified by the theme of cannabis and hemp.

Interior of the Sensi Seed Bank with drop counter, hoodies and hats

The shop’s new counter, cabinets and glass-fronted displays are all made from reclaimed wood panelling which has been hand-carved by Balinese craftsmen. Since this is Sensi Seeds, a cannabis motif runs through all the different wooden features, tying them together. Cannabis leaves are the most noticeable element of the motif, and closer inspection reveals stylised carvings of cannabis seeds, female calyxes and hemp rope running through the design.

The walls inside the Seed Bank are now covered in cladding made from plaster and hemp fibre, as is used in the Hemp Gallery. This cannabis-composite material is noted for its durability and ability to absorb water (a useful feature in Amsterdam’s damp climate) and its earthy beige-ochre hue perfectly complements the antique wood displays.

Set into the counter are two touch-screen panels which represent one of Sensi’s newest innovations in the seed-selection process. The screens are linked to Sensi’s seed database, enabling customers to select and compare dozens of different marijuana varieties to see which strains are best suited to their circumstances. The database contains a large amount of information on all our seeds, allowing cannabis enthusiasts to search and organise Sensi’s extensive collection of cannabis strains according to criteria such as Indica/Sativa makeup, flowering times, recommended climate and so on.

Sensi Seed Bank counter with cannabis seeds and CBD oils

With the information provided by interactive screens and the advice of our knowledgeable staff, customers can create their own seed orders right at the counter, with pricing and applicable discounts calculated on the spot.

If you’re in Amsterdam, whether a you’re a first time visitor or an old friend of Sensi, please stop by to say hello and check out the new shop!

The Sensi Seed Bank
Oudezijds Achterburgwal 150
1012 DV


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  1. Glad bigger is better I’ll have to check this out especially the old gear that came back hopefully the old hoodies had one stolen. You are exactly that a staple of knowledge and quality Thankyou for all the flavors over the years.

  2. Robbi Steidinger

    Everyone of these articles or blog posts get rescued me a lot of mild to severe headaches.

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