Mr. Nice G13 X Hash Plant® Seeds

  • Regular (non feminized) Cannabis Seeds
  • Cannabis Cup Winner
  • Sunny / Mediterranean
  • Compact plant
  • Flowering 60 - 60 days
  • Yield Large Yield
  • 100% Indica
10 seeds
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Mr. Nice G13 X Hash Plant® Seeds
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  • Description

    According to weed folklore, the original G13 cutting was rescued from a government research facility by an unknown technician. The word of her liberation spread quickly amongst civilian cannabis-lovers - simply as an inspiring story, initially. However, as that single clone produced further cuttings, which became mother plants and eventually whole flowering crops, smokers were able to sample the earth-shaking Indica potency of the genuine article and G13 rapidly attained the status of living legend.

    Creating seeds which captured G13's astounding qualities required a very special pollen-father, which was eventually found in Sensi's Hash Plant breeding program. The resulting G13xHP seed-strain, was a limited edition and earned a superior reputation in the few years it was available.In 1999, Sensi Seeds was very proud to bring G13xHash Plant back into production with the new title of Mr Nice, in honour of Howard Marks - cannabis campaigner, author and one-time hashish entrepreneur.

    Indica connoisseurs will love the mouth-watering 'double Afghani' bouquet of Mr Nice - dense Indica clusters have a rich, spicy-sweet tang of raw resin glands that blends with dark, earthy undertones. When sampling the stickiest nuggets, the taste of burning trichomes can be strong enough to convince people that they're smoking a mix of hashish and ganja.

    G13xHash Plant is the ultimate Indica, designed for smokers who enjoy testing their limits and growers who specialise in solid, heavy, ultra-powerful crops. The knock-down ‘body-rush’ Afghanica stone is so perfectly and powerfully expressed by Mr Nice that even Indica-fanatics may have met their match!
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    Too many phenotypes, not enough indica traits

    5 / 5
    Chadar on 17-7-2015 | Mr. Nice G13 X Hash Plant® Seeds

    I bought five packets of sensi seeds mr nice. I planted all the seeds and out of the five packets or (50 seeds) seven seeds didn't come up. Which is neither here nor there. But what was surprising was the super stretch, extra long flowering time sativas that came up. Out of the 43 seeds there were 17 males. I took clones off every one of the 26 females before flowering the original parent plants. Out of the 26 females I only had a single plant with indica traits in the bud structure with almost no leaves and entire buds of calyxes. Excellent!! What was not excellent was the 25 other plants that stretched like nevilles haze. Even the clone I kept can be flowered from a three inch rooted clone and finish at one meter ten centimeters tall. Every single plant took eleven or more weeks to finish. Four plants grew so big I had to put them in my greenhouse and three finished at six feet! These three plants had completely open airy buds. But there was one plant that was just ridiculous. It grew so tall so fast as a single cane I had to put it in the green house only two weeks into flowering. It grew so tall it got to the top of my green house roof and bent and grew sideways along the roof. The plant had almost no branching. What branches were on the plant were no longer than two to three inches long. A very bizzarre phenotype! None of the other growers I know believed me until I showed them. And didn't believe it started in doors. What I want to know is where is the indica in these?


    5 / 5
    ogiosku on 24-1-2015 | Mr. Nice G13 X Hash Plant® Seeds

    One of the best genetics.a real treasure.i want to breed one of these males and smoke all the girls.uppp :)

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