Ruderalis Skunk Regular Seeds

Seed TypeRegular strain
Sativa / indicaSativa / indica Hybrid
Flowering TimeShort flowering period
HeightHigh plant
YieldLarge yield
Climate ZoneCool /cold
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Ruderalis Skunk Regular is 90% indica, 10% sativa. It combines several ruderalis landraces, and has the robustness of a typical ruderalis strain. It’s been bred to have a higher THC than other ruderalis varieties. The plants are relatively short in height, and they produce an earthy, sweet scent, with a hint of coffee. The stone is relaxing and calming, both physically and mentally.

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Discreet Packaging
Fast Delivery
Premium Quality

about Ruderalis Skunk Regular

Ruderalis Skunk Regular is 90% indica. It combines the strength and resiliance of a classic ruderalis, with the potency of Skunk #1. The plants are compact enough to be grown in even small indoor spaces, and can be grown outdoors in most climates, making them really easy to cultivate. Users claim that the high is relaxing and sedative, and the scent pleasantly skunky; earthy and sweet, with a touch of coffee and liquorice.

Growth pattern of Ruderalis Skunk Regular

Ruderalis Skunk Regular cannabis seeds are 90% indica and 10% sativa. The strain was developed to offer the hardiness of a classic ruderalis, and the fast-flowering capabilities and potent high of Skunk #1. This results in a plant that’s easy to grow, capable of flourishing in most climates, and higher in THC than most ruderalis varieties.

This is a regular variant, which means that the seeds produce both female and male plants. With the regular option, growers can generate their own supply of seeds for further grows, or use the seeds to cross-breed with other plants. Be aware that roughly 50% of the seeds will result in autoflowering plants, and the others will be dependent on photoperiods.

The flowering time of Ruderalis Skunk Regular is incredibly short – approximately 40 to 50 days to be exact. This is appealing to those that want to enjoy a quick harvest, or who want to achieve multiple yields throughout the year. The height of the plants is also usually short, both indoors and outdoors. It varies from 60 cm to 120 cm at the most, though some of the autoflowering plants can reach as high as 200 cm.

Like many indica-dominant strains, although Ruderalis Skunk Regular isn’t very tall, it’s quite bushy. The plants are covered in plenty of leaves and branches, with short gaps between the internodes. As for the buds? They’re large, weighty and covered in sticky resin.

The yields are fairly impressive for a low-maintenance strain; growers report collecting around 300 grams per square metre when cultivating the plants indoors. They grow well in the home, but are equally comfortable outdoors, even in cooler climates. It’s a strong, robust variety, and as an added bonus, is also largely resistant to pests and mould.

Effect, taste, and smell of Ruderalis Skunk Regular

Ruderalis Skunk Regular is strongly indica-dominant. Although its genetics include many ruderalis specimens (which are typically low in THC), it’s capable of producing a much more powerful stone than the average ruderalis plant.

Users appreciate the long-lasting nature of the high, along with the sense of relaxation and calm. Although it’s fairly potent, it’s not overpowering, so is suitable for daily use.

The aroma of the plants is quite skunky in personality; earthy and rich, with notes of coffee beans and sweet liquorice. These subtle scents intensify as the buds near harvest-time, and can also be detected in the taste.

Did you know?

  • Ruderalis Skunk Regular is one of the world’s first autoflowering varieties (approximately half the seeds will autoflower).
  • It’s widely regarded as one of the easiest-to-grow strains available.
  • Ruderalis Skunk Regular’s photoperiod-sensitive plants (about half of them) can be triggered to flower at the same time as other popular strains, like Early Skunk. That means that growers can benefit from a double-harvest.
  • The plants that are sensitive to photoperiods are usually taller, and typically produce bigger yields too.
  • Ruderalis Skunk Regular is naturally resistant to infestations and fungus, which makes it even simpler to cultivate.

  • Regular strain

    Ruderalis Skunk® is a regular strain, which will produce male and female plants.

  • Sativa / indica Hybrid

    The Ruderalis Skunk® is a Sativa / Indica Hybrid.

  • Short flowering period

    Ruderalis Skunk® will have a comparatively short flowering time.

  • High plant

    Ruderalis Skunk® will grow substantially during the flowering phase.

  • Large yield

    Ruderalis Skunk® can produce a large yield, without the extra care needed for some of the higher yielding strains

  • Cool /cold

    Ruderalis Skunk® is a tough, early flowering strain suitable to be grown outside in most climates


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