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Shiva Shanti II Regular Seeds

Seed TypeRegular strain
Sativa / indicaIndica
Flowering TimeShort flowering period
HeightAverage height gain
YieldLarge yield
Climate ZoneTemperate / continental
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Shiva Shanti II Regular is a 75% indica, 25% sativa strain. It was originally developed in the 1990s, as an affordable, high-yielding hybrid. The plants are relatively compact, and seldom grow beyond 180 cm. They develop a fresh, sweet aroma, with hints of lavender when tasted. The high is relaxing and calming, without being too intense.

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Discreet Packaging
Fast Delivery
Premium Quality

About Shiva Shanti II Regular

Shiva Shanti II Regular is a 75% indica strain. Growers have prized it for decades, due to its calming high and affordability. The plants are conveniently compact, which makes them ideal for people with limited space. Shiva Shanti II also produces bumper yields, without the usual effort involved. The scent is reminiscent of lavender and fresh soil, and an equally pleasant taste.

Growth pattern of Shiva Shanti II Regular

Shiva Shanti II Regular cannabis seeds are 75% indica, 25% sativa. The strain was originally developed by Sensi Seeds in the nineties, with the aim of being both affordable and versatile. The genetics comprise Garlic and Kush genetics, mixed with an Afghani variant. This ensures that the plants produce good yields and are easy to grow.

This is the regular variety of the strain, which means that the seeds will produce both male and female plants. The presence of male plants is useful for those that want to produce their own seeds for future cultivation, or who want to have a go at creating their own hybrids.

Shiva Shanti II Regular has the advantage of having a short flowering time, of just 45 to 55 days. This, combined with the fact that it’s a low-maintenance strain, means that growers can enjoy quick results without too much effort.

It’s popular with those who don’t have much space to grow in, as plants tend to reach just 100 to 160 cm indoors. Outside, they may grow slightly taller, but are usually limited to 150 to 180 cm, which means they can comfortably fit inside an average greenhouse. As such, they’re a good choice for growers looking to cultivate the plants discreetly.

Structurally, Shiva Shanti II Regular is squat and sturdy-looking, with a solid central stem. This swiftly becomes laden with buds towards harvest-time. The buds themselves are large, weighty and coated in resin.

Growers usually generate excellent harvests from their plants; about 400 to 450 grams per square metre when cultivated inside, and 600 to 800 grams per plant outdoors. In fact, some growers have even reported getting as much as one kilo from a single plant.

The strain does well in warmer climates, though it can thrive in more temperate regions too. It’s possible to cultivate it indoors all year round. As for training techniques – growers report good success with both lollipopping and supercropping.

Effect, taste, and smell of Shiva Shanti II Regular

Shiva Shanti II Regular is 75% indica, and the resulting high is mostly indica in personality. Users claim that it relaxes the muscles, and creates a sense of calm and serenity. However, thanks to the 25% sativa, it also provides a mild hit of energy, which makes it more uplifting than the average indica stone. It’s not as potent as some other strains, and as such, is a solid option for relaxing in the evening.

The plants have a classic skunk aroma while growing, with the muskiness of the Garlic parent plant. As the buds become ready to harvest, they take on the scent of lavender too, which is evident in the taste.

Did you know?

  • Shiva Shanti II was named after Sensi Seeds founder Ben Dronkers’ twin daughters. It also is linked to the Hindu god, Shiva, who is often linked with cannabis.
  • Some of the strain’s phenotypes can produce a strong scent of garlic.
  • Shiva Shanti II Regular was developed to be easier to grow than the original Shiva Shanti strain.
  • It’s largely mould and pest-resistant, which makes it even simpler to cultivate.

  • Regular strain

    Shiva Shanti II® is a regular strain, which will produce male and female plants.

  • Indica

    The Shiva Shanti II® strain has large proportion of Indica genes in its background.

  • Short flowering period

    Shiva Shanti II® will have a comparatively short flowering time.

  • Average height gain

    Shiva Shanti II® will have average height gain during flowering.

  • Large yield

    Shiva Shanti II® can produce a large yield, without the extra care needed for some of the higher yielding strains

  • Temperate / continental

    Shiva Shanti II® can be grown outside in a normal warm summer.


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