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Skunk #1 Automatic Seeds

  • Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • Temperate / Continental
  • Compact plant
  • Flowering 45 - 55 days
  • Medium Yield
  • 35% Sativa / 65% Indica
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  • Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • Temperate / Continental
  • Compact plant
  • Flowering 45 - 55 days
  • Medium Yield
  • 35% Sativa / 65% Indica
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  • Skunk #1 Automatic Seeds Description

    Feminized Skunk #1 Automatic offers everything a grower could want in one simple package!
    Skunk #1 is quite simply one of the most important cannabis strains ever created. As one of the first stabilised Indica-Sativa hybrids, its history stretches back at least 30 years. In that time, Skunk #1 and its countless descendants have directly affected worldwide cannabis culture more than any other variety.
    Our Skunk #1 seeds have been available to the public for most of those three decades and they are easily the most popular and widely-used form of that strain, which makes Sensi Seeds’ Skunk #1 the definitive version of the definitive hybrid!
    Recently, a feminized version of this variety was released to great success, and now the most recent refinement is available – feminized Skunk #1 Automatic.
    Skunk strains are noted for their trouble-free growing, and by creating an all-female variety which flowers at a predetermined time, regardless of photoperiod, we’ve made it even simpler. For novice and experienced growers alike, Skunk #1 Automatic is one the easiest, fastest ways to produce high quality medicinal or recreational cannabis!
    Even in a long day, Skunk #1 Automatic normally begins flowering less than a month after seedlings first sprout from the soil. Once started, the blooming phase is vigorous and productive, lasting for 45 to 55 days and lowering plants will not revert to vegetative growth.
    Skunk #1 Automatic performs superbly under lights and, in spring and summer, can also flourish outdoors at most locations below about 45°N. In shorter or cooler summers, the germination of auto-flowering seeds can timed so that their blooming phase is in synch with the sunniest days of June or July, rather than the cooler days of September, which allows them to reach their full potential.
    The mature buds of Skunk #1 Automatic are large and dense, sparkling with THC-rich resin glands and fully living up to the high standards of her ancestors. Their taste and effect should be familiar to most cannabis lovers – a delicious sweetly pungent flavour followed by a massively powerful combination of stone and high!
  • Strain Reviews for Skunk #1 Automatic Seeds

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    GREAT PLANT , wrong grow info

    5 / 5
    tone203v on 6-1-2018 | Skunk #1 Automatic Seeds

    not sure if a just got a different pheno or what but out of a 3 pack i tried 2 .. one died right after popping n the other is a monster .. over 3 feet tall n may still be growing at 12w now looks like it still has 3-4w to go .. no complaints here besides grow time , since you have do guess work with ya nutes for autos , i switched to early to flowering nutes at normol auto time around 5-6w .. when it veged for about 8w......... maybe i just got a sativa pheno thats super tall n grows long , but i just wanna to pass this grow info to anyone reading the recommended 9-12w from seed to harvest grow time .. far as yield , at w12 i can say 1.5-2 oz as of now ...


    4 / 5
    muller on 1-11-2017 | Skunk #1 Automatic Seeds

    Medium yield? On my first plant the main cola wasn't thicker than two fingers upon harvesting. I did everything wrong you could do wrong with growing cannabis; broke off the roots of the seedling, buried the seed one inch deep, overwatered during veg, ...... Still this was my bushiest plant compared to the others. Over watering obviously did some good. I still have one more week to go before I cut down this plant. But I cut off some buds for tasting. Again here i did everything wrong. Dried it for one day, of course no curing. We smoked this thing wet. I didn't expect not much of an effect. The hairs are 50/50 white amber. But the trichomes at this point are clear/white. It took about ten minutes for the effect to kick in. Man, that was fun! All we did was talk talk talk talk talk and laugh, having a happy time. This autoflowering strain doesn't get big. This one just got 42 cm high. My second Skunk#! is 64 cm now, and just started flowering. It's good if you want something just for yourself. I have them in 9 liter pots. Used Biobizz nutes. I don't expect much more than 20 grams yield per plant. You cannot control the veg phase because they just start to flower regardless how big the plant or its leaves are. I won't buy autoflowers again. The best thing is i messed everything up where messing up was possible. And still the high of the first smoke was really nice. Doesn't knock you off of your feet. You're sociable and talkative. Potent in its own mellow way.


    5 / 5
    oli on 2-10-2017 | Skunk #1 Automatic Seeds

    grown from seed to crop in organic soil and perlite mix in south east uk around july 10th so a late decision. popped 5 and all 5 came through the soil strong, within 3-4 weeks all plants where showing early stages of pre flower , after a few weeks i had 5 healthy looking plants , 2 were noticeably taller than the other (bout a meter after plant stopped stretching) 3 but as flowering carried on 1 out of 5 started developing purple leaves which i have seen in the past with kush that makes me think this particular plant was maybe more afghani dominant , more hairy buds too and more almost soapy skunk smell , which after drying smelt amazing and also lovely taste to match the smell, the other more common pheno i had was a little more airy and less smelly but over all a really nice savoury skunk taste, i would highly recommend , it was late in the year for uk so yield wasnt as good as if i planted two months before but for finishing on 25th september 5 plants dried weighing 50g was awesome and qaulity of smoke was really enjoyable, thankyou sensi seeds!!!


    5 / 5
    Temple on 14-8-2017 | Skunk #1 Automatic Seeds

    I recommend this one, very good yield, not too much sensitive for ideal conditions and surprising nice banana fragrance. Strong plant for everyday tasting.

    Easy to grow for begginers

    5 / 5
    AlexJ on 4-3-2017 | Skunk #1 Automatic Seeds

    My second year into home growing. Until the summer kicks in, I grow one harvest from feb- late may, and one batch from august- november indors. My seeds garminated 10/10, but I managed to grow " just" 9 of them due to rookies mistake with too much water. Till I get more knowledge with growing, I will stick with auto strains. I use 600w led lights to help me out in the grow room and I keep them on most of the time. I must mention, that I like the fast and discreet packing from SensiSeeds. Lots of thanks to them and good luck to you all. Best regards, Alex


    5 / 5
    I'm a farmer and stoner on 21-11-2016 | Skunk #1 Automatic Seeds

    Very great seeds

    Couldn't recommend more for first time growers!

    5 / 5
    BigBellyBaller420 on 7-8-2016 | Skunk #1 Automatic Seeds

    always been confused by the amount of stuff online and I never knew where to start with growing, so i decided the only way to learn was to try it for myself. with my gf, we bought three of these seeds and a "UFO" style 138 watt LED lamp from Amazon. We set up a little grow space in a cupboard, and after 6-8 weeks of excitement we picked a day to harvest when the nugs were looking and smelling nice and the leaves had started to turn yellow. We chopped up the plant and trimmed the nugs listening to Snoop Dog's first album, which was great. We put the nugs into jam jars and left them in the cupboard for three weeks to cure. I did monitor their moisture levels throughout this time, but they dried slowly and consistently and needed no attention. I've only ever bought weed from dealers before, but now I have smoked my own homegrown weed I will never go back! This is some of the strongest stuff I've ever had, one weekend recently paramedics had to break into the flat above me with a battering ram and I only learned about it a few days later because I had been floating on a cloud of Skunk #1! For a first ever grow with zero knowledge, I could not be happier with how this turned out. We bought another lamp for extra power and have planted the second seed from the pack, which is growing nicely. I plan to learn what works best myself and slowly grow my operation over time until they legalise in Britain and i can set up a shop! Fell in love with this whole experience, thank you Sensi

    Skunk #1 Auto

    4 / 5
    Caveman on 2-8-2016 | Skunk #1 Automatic Seeds

    Many years of growing experience. Sensi Seeds are always excellent. Skunk #1 Auto is an excellent choice. I have used one 300W LED light per 4 plants in a small indoor garden using small 5 liter pots. The results: 1) entire germination to harvest time 90-100 days; 2) flowering begins after only 30 days; 3) normal flower potting soil containing enough nutrients for 2 months after which I add organic flowering fertilizer from Bizz (BizzBloom); 4) even though auto-flowering, I go to 12:12 for the last 3 weeks; 5) yields range from 14-28 grams/plant dry weight buds only; 6) The high is excellent although I tend to prefer more sativa content, e.g., Silver Haze #9 Fem. with about 80% sativa versus Skunk #1 with about 35%; 7) Changing from 5 to 11 liter pots (all other factors constant) increased yield by 50%. Overall: Skunk #1 Auto is highly recommended from one who has smoked for 35 years.

    First UK polytunnel grow - day 40 and going well.

    5 / 5
    PolyMolly on 1-7-2016 | Skunk #1 Automatic Seeds

    My first attempt at a grow and hadn't expected too much from my debut! However, all 5 of my seeds germinated and have become beautiful strong plants-looking great now well into flower with some tasty looking buds. Looking forward to harvest! Will be ordering again next year - might even try and fit in two grows spring through to summer. The autos suit the unpredictable uk weather and with a bit of care and fantastic genetics from Sensi, it's looking possible that I can grow here on the east coast despite the less than tropical weather!


    4 / 5
    Juwan on 20-4-2016 | Skunk #1 Automatic Seeds

    Very potent energizing strain


    4 / 5
    Albert Hoffman on 11-2-2016 | Skunk #1 Automatic Seeds

    Very tasty gave me an energizing high for about 2 hours great strain for people on the go due to its energized high with lack of paranoia

    Good solid strain.

    5 / 5
    Ian UK on 6-2-2016 | Skunk #1 Automatic Seeds

    Planted five seeds all germinated quickly, started flowering in week three. Three of the plants grew to around 1.5 feet and produced nice fat solid buds and lovely looking colas, the other two grew taller and the buds were solid but much thinner. Got around two to three ounces of dry bud at harvest, it has just dried and just been tried and its good weed. Grown under CFL lights 400w in total took around seven weeks from seed to harvest. Very easy to grow, suitable for the impatient as it is quick, even for an auto strain, although don't expect huge yields. I have ordered autos from Sensi twice now and had good results both times, seeds arrived via international mail in less than two weeks, on both occasions. Will be coming back to Sensi again and again.

    Dream come true

    5 / 5
    Felipe Cavalheiro on 5-1-2016 | Skunk #1 Automatic Seeds

    Since I've started growing marijuana Skunk#1 from sensi seeds always was a drem to grow. A month ago I went to Amsterdam and the first thing I did was buy this seeds. Right now my babies are 2 weeks old and growing so strong! Thks Sensi Seeds!


    5 / 5
    dannstaar on 2-1-2016 | Skunk #1 Automatic Seeds

    Best seeds ever definatly worth it i will be buying more

    Awesome buds

    5 / 5
    Dylan on 7-12-2015 | Skunk #1 Automatic Seeds

    These buds are awesome and easy to grow

    Best seeds ever

    5 / 5
    Eviatar on 2-8-2015 | Skunk #1 Automatic Seeds

    Your seeds are the best,got hige buds from my plant


    4 / 5
    Reynaldo on 19-7-2015 | Skunk #1 Automatic Seeds

    Grew so fast

    Customer relations at its best

    5 / 5
    mick11481 on 1-7-2015 | Skunk #1 Automatic Seeds

    Had a problem,got sorted great,quick and reliable,Thanx again


    5 / 5
    jose verdugo on 7-6-2015 | Skunk #1 Automatic Seeds

    I love this stain and I am not going to another strain

    In short: two phenotypes, one of them doesn't stone

    3 / 5
    Ponge on 7-9-2014 | Skunk #1 Automatic Seeds

    Hello folks! Two phenotypes: 1) Flowering lightgreen leaves. 2) Flowering darkgreen leaves. pheno1 has low amount of cristals on buds and size of cristals is small. This strain has NO stone properties. pheno2 has high amount of cristals especially behind the leaves and size of cristals is variable. This strain has good stone properties. 10 seeds: I got 4 pheno1 plants and 6 pheno2 plants. Hugs.

    Skunk#1 prevails

    5 / 5
    Dr.dollarus on 27-4-2014 | Skunk #1 Automatic Seeds

    I think Skunk#1 auto is perfect for beginners like me and also for experts.I tried to plant that and in 65 days was already done.It's a very strong and resistant strain and could also survive if we don't hand it very well.I give 9/10 for Skunk#1 in the automatic world.


    5 / 5
    chrisy Armstrong on 16-4-2014 | Skunk #1 Automatic Seeds

    The skunk1 is a SUPERB strain iv been growing it for a number of years. Iv got 3pheno types,,, mothers,,and ain't had 1problem with the genetics,,its a great and easy strain to grow,,especially for a beginer.very strong and pest resistant plant.the vigour gurth of the plant holds the grenade size buds. The compact resin filled colas are a delght to smoke and would recommend it to enyone. Flowering time 40 45days Yield medium large Over all score from 1 to 10...a give it 9

    Top drawer strain.

    5 / 5
    tirnanog33 on 15-4-2014 | Skunk #1 Automatic Seeds

    This strain is very suitable for novice growers. No worries about forcing flowering with long dark periods etc,it does what it says on the tin. (Oddly,I planted 5 seeds and one seemed to disappear without trace without emerging from the baby pot.?) Growing outdoors is very easy. Altogether, a very relaxing experience-perfect for insomnia.! Yield is moderate,but it matures quickly as indicated.

    Strong plant

    5 / 5
    Gabriele on 15-4-2014 | Skunk #1 Automatic Seeds

    It's very easy to work with this strain, resistant to handling, to mistakes and produces a good amount of buds. I recommend this one for beginners like me. Satisfaction guaranteed.

    Skunk Review 1

    5 / 5
    Black Lion on 4-4-2014 | Skunk #1 Automatic Seeds

    Ive personally medicated with herbs from this sensi seed skunk#1 strain I can guarantee you it is one of the best strains ive ever had! The high was unlike any particular hype ive previously experienced in that I not only felt a cerebral soaring high bu yet a relaxing stone that did amazing to complement. I would recommend this strain to everyone!!


    5 / 5
    alf on 3-4-2014 | Skunk #1 Automatic Seeds

    Good skunk

    usefull and easy to use

    3 / 5
    dr.antickz on 3-4-2014 | Skunk #1 Automatic Seeds

    this strain is easily the best and one of the quickest to use if you are a novice like me i would suggest this srain 2 any begginer including the company sensei seeds so if your lookin for a fast and accurate strain to start on youve found the right one

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