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Ben Dronkers

It's all about the plant.

Ben Dronkers is a Cannabis entrepreneur, philanthropist, and the founder of Sensi Seeds. In the early seventies, Ben discovered the many benefits of the cannabis plant while travelling abroad to purchase hemp clothing. He thinks back with a smile: “I asked the farmers about the cannabis fields and they gave a knowing laugh. One of them gave me a handful of cannabis seeds as a gift and told me that the seeds were very important. This led me to save them, to learn more about the properties of seeds from different regions, and to collect even more cannabis seeds.” A passion was born.

Ben Dronkers’ passion led him to travel the world collecting many genotypes of cannabis, including first-class cultivated varieties. He discovered the many uses of this exceptional plant. His travels took him from the Hindu Kush and the Himalayas to South-East Asia. Around the mid-eighties, Ben’s passion developed from collecting cannabis seeds to cultivating them. Using his extensive collection of cannabis seeds as a starting point, he began cross-breeding them in order to combine the genes of different cultivars into new cannabis hybrids. This led him to create what would become the world’s largest cannabis seed bank: Sensi Seeds.

As Ben Dronkers enters his 60s, it is doubtful that he will rest on his laurels. His dedication to the marvellous multifaceted plant Cannabis sativa L. spurs him on to new challenges each year. Many of his ideas are now a thriving reality, but there are always new possibilities to explore for this cannabis entrepreneur.

Che Dronkers

Legal Advisor
Cannabis legalisation is a matter of time, not opinion.

Che Dronkers is Sensi Seeds’ legal advisor. As the youngest son of Sensi Seeds founder Ben Dronkers, he has grown up in the world of Sensi Seeds and HempFlax. Coming of age in an industry that has seen many changes in the three decades since his father pioneered cannabis seed breeding and retail, Che is both grounded in the history of the business and possessed of a dynamism to continue breaking new ground.

Che’s educational background is a distinct advantage in his role. He holds a degree in law from the University of Amsterdam with a minor in business, specialising in entrepreneurship and innovation. Che continues to broaden his knowledge with an eye for subjects which are particularly relevant to Sensi Seeds, taking post-academic courses in areas of the law such as the rights of seed breeders.

Che enjoys exploring and debating the flaws in the Dutch legal system regarding cannabis and hemp, and is constantly looking for ways in which it could effectively and realistically be improved.

Ravi Spaarenberg

Research & Development
Our staff is united by their love for the plant and a drive to improve things.

One of the people most responsible for the company’s success, both in Amsterdam and abroad, Ravi Spaarenberg is one of the most recognizable faces of Sensi Seeds. He currently heads the Research & Development side of the company.

Prior to his current position, Ravi gained his experience by starting at the bottom of the ladder and working his way up. This led him to work at, then manage, the main Sensi Seed Bank and other Sensi locations in Amsterdam for many years. Together with his elder brother Alan Dronkers, he developed several genetic programs and later contributed to successfully evolving Sensi Seeds’ presence internationally, by setting up the company’s wholesale department to answer growing European demand.

Ravi’s hands-on approach and undying passion for the cannabis plant make him a logical choice to head the research & development team. “I’m happy that at Sensi Seeds the staff is united by their love for the plant and a drive to improve things.”