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Operational Management

Arjen Koedam

Managing Director
I feel strongly that the legal system is the worst place to regulate drug use

As Managing Director, Arjen Koedam leads the company’s management team and is responsible for the day-to-day management of Sensi Seeds. His unwavering passion for the plant and belief in the company vision led to his progression within Sensi Seeds, starting as a programmer and online marketeer more than a decade ago: “I didn’t choose to work here for the money, or because cannabis was something new to me,” he said. “I was already closely connected with the plant long before I joined Sensi Seeds.”

By the time he was a teenager, Arjen already questioned the government’s approach to drugs, and it’s a skepticism he has carried forward in his education and career: his thesis was on the cultural acceptance of cannabis by the Sadhus Buddhists in North India, and he has campaigned for people’s rights to use drugs with the Comite voor Recreatieve Drugs Gebruik (Committee for Recreational Drug Use).

Arjen brings with him a wealth of digital media experience, as well as his connection to the plant. His focus for the future is on the quality of Sensi Seeds’ products and promoting the plant: “High-quality cannabis products should be available to everyone. This means we should keep fighting for legalization, we should keep investing in R&D and we should put a lot of effort into making it available for a reasonable price.”

David Duclos

Chief Communications Officer
The thought that so much potential resides within such a small seed continuously amazes me

David Duclos is Chief Communications Officer at Sensi Seeds, in charge of the company’s communications strategy and content across all its channels. But his Sensi Seeds journey didn’t start in this area. “I started out in the shops, moved on to manage the Cannabis College, assisted customer service and publicity, and successfully set up the content department,” he said, “This array of experiences has enabled me to develop a strong understanding our role within the industry.”

As Chief Communications Officer, David combines the knowledge from his international business education and his communications expertise with his experience talking to people about cannabis and his passion for the plant. “I don’t think you can do this job if you haven’t worked directly with people in the shops,” he said. “You get to know what mindset they’re in, what their focus points are.”

Having conversations about cannabis – especially with people who still have a lot of questions about the plant and its uses – is what drew him to Sensi Seeds. “Cannabis is an incredible resource; anyone thinking otherwise simply needs to do their research properly,” he said. “We’re constantly discovering new benefits of cannabis. My main goal is educating people about them – that’s why I started at the College, and why I’m still here today.”

David’s experience and expertise in talking to new audiences about cannabis will be instrumental in the success of the company’s future communications – Sensi Seeds has a huge customer base and David’s strategy includes proactively reaching out to wider groups, including by working with non-profit foundations, patient associations and universities. “Storytelling is a key factor for us as we focus on getting the plant back to where we know it belongs,” he said.