Barcelona Spannabis 2024: All About the Future and Past Editions

Spannabis is one of Europe’s largest cannabis expos/trade shows. It’s been running since 2002 and, during that time, has brought together top international experts, innovators and researchers in the field. Their three-day programme covers many different areas of the industry – from the alternative uses of hemp to the latest medicinal cannabis developments.

Where? Barcelona, Spain

When? 15, 16, 17 March

First started: 2002

Type of event – Trade show / research conference / festival

Visitor count – Approximately 30,000

Awards up for grabs – Best Seed Bank, Best Nutrient, Best Paraphernalia Product, Best Growing Tool, Best Hemp Product, Best Vaporiser, Best New Product, Best Stand

Sensi Seeds’ location – Stand 26

Official website –

What to expect from Spannabis 2024?

  • A range of lectures from some of the world’s leading experts in the cannabis industry over 3 unforgettable days!
  • 280 exhibitors offer a range of cannabis-related products, including cosmetics, food, textiles, and much more. 
  • More than 3,900 professional guests. 
  • Exclusive performances from professional musicians from across the globe. 
  • Join us at Spannabis for an epic meet & greet! On Saturday, March 16th, 14:00-15:00 at Stand 26, meet the legends behind our newest strains: Champelli, Mr Sherbinski (Sherbinskis), Serge Cannabis, Ben (Humboldt Seed Co.), Cutter Mehri (Fat Beans), and our very own Ravi (and many others from Sensi Seeds!).

What to expect from Sensi Seeds at Spannabis 2024?

  • We’ll be at Stand 26 throughout the event, which can be found in the main hall. You can browse our selection of cannabis seeds and other products, and ask our experts any questions that you might have. 
  • Expect to see our new 2024 Research strains and exclusive new breeding projects!

Practical information / things to keep in mind when visiting Spannabis

  • Location – Fira de Cornella. Carrer Tirso de Lolina, 08940 Cornella de Llobregat, Barcelona.

Fira de Cornella can be reached by Catalan Railways (from Placa d’Espanya to Almeda – 13 mins), Train / Renfe (to Cornella Centre), Subway / Metro (to Cornella Centre, Line 5), or by bus (No. 57, 67, 68, 95, L10, L46, L52, L74, L75, L82 and L85). The night buses are N13, N14 and 153.

  • Cost – To be confirmed
  • Opening hours –  To be confirmed
  • Staying there – There are some hotels close by, such as Campanile Barcelona Sud Cornella Hotel, Ibis Barcelona Cornella, Novotel Barcelona Cornella, NH Cornella and Hesperia Saint Joan. These get booked up quickly during Spannabis, so it’s advisable to book your room early.

Rules / Legalities

  • Adults only – Only people over the age of 18 are allowed to attend, and ID is required in order to enter.
  • No smoking – This is in accordance with the Spanish anti-smoking laws.
  • No drones – Drones are forbidden.
  • Spanish cannabis laws – Cannabis use has been decriminalised in private places or in registered cannabis clubs. However, it’s still illegal to use it publicly.

Check out this comprehensive article about Spain’s cannabis laws to find out more. 

Past editions

Spannabis is one of the biggest cannabis events in the world. Here’s a brief glimpse into what happened in previous years.

What happened at Spannabis 2023?

  • The ninth edition of Spannabis attracted roughly 4,000 professional guests and 280 exhibitors.
  • We unveiled Breeding Grounds; our new collaboration with Humboldt Seed Company and Fat Beans. We held an exclusive party at the Hash Marihuana and Hemp Museum to celebrate this collaboration. 
  • Many exclusive guests were in attendance, including Dan Herer, Ed Rosenthal, Nathaniel Pennington, Benjamin Lind, Cutter Mehri and Ravi Spaarenberg.
  • We won second place at the Squash Off with our Tangerine Sugar Feminized!
  • Dub Engine, and Pulmón BeatBox, played to an energetic crowd.
  • There was also the third edition of the International freestyle rap championship, the 420 Backyard Battle. Check out the after-movie below!

What happened at Spannabis 2022?

  • More than 3,900 professional guests and 280 exhibitors attended!
  • Jah Life International, and Karlixx, played to a packed-out audience.

There was also an International freestyle rap championship, the 420 Backyard Battle!

What happened to Spannabis 2021?

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event was unable to be hosted, so they created an online interactive version. 

What happened to Spannabis 2020?

After being postponed to later in the year, the event was later cancelled entirely, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

What happened at Spannabis 2019?

  • Damien Marley (son of the legendary reggae artist Bob Marley), attended the event.
  • Over 300 exhibitors were in attendance, including Sensi Seeds!
  • The legal framework of cannabis in Spain was a hot topic this year, with experts stating that the government needed to look to trailblazing countries like Portugal and Uruguay for inspiration.
  • Here’s Sensi Seeds’ Spannabis 2019 Aftermovie:

What happened at Spannabis 2018?

  • After being awarded the prize for the best stand at Spannabis in Madrid in 2017, Sensi Seeds focused on delivering a great exhibitor experience at Spannabis Barcelona.
  • Sensi Seeds offered a pack of three Jack Herer seeds for every customer, not to mention our popular tote bags.
  • Spannabis was held within the World Cannabis Conferences – where leading figures in the fields of science, medicine and politics met members of the cannabis community.

What happened at Spannabis 2017?

  • As part of the World Cannabis Conference, visitors were able to ask industry experts questions and enter into debate on key issues.
  • Jorge Cervantes was at the 2017 Spannabis, signing copies of his Cannabis Encyclopaedia.

What happened at Spannabis 2016?

  • In 2016, the event hosted its first “Gathering of Cannabis Women”, with the aim of promoting greater gender equality in the industry and celebrating female cannabis entrepreneurs.
  • Vape technology was a major focus, with exhibitors demonstrating advances in the field.

What happened at Spannabis 2015?

  • Regulation and foreign policy were both key issues at 2015’s Spannabis. Attendees listened to talks by leading international figures such as Julio Calzada (Uruguay), Marc Emery (Canada) and Jorge Quintas (Portugal).
  • The medicinal and scientific benefits of cannabis were also focus points.

What happened at Spannabis 2013?

  • While attending the event, Gio from Sensi Seeds was interviewed by Herbies Seeds. The video captures Spannabis’ exciting atmosphere:

What happened at Spannabis 2011?

  • Sensi Seeds’ Ben Dronkers was interviewed at the event and spoke about the history of his company. You can watch the interview here:


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