Can you smoke vaped weed?

Someone rolling a joint. On the table is a vaporizer, a rolled joint and rolling papers

Whether you can smoke vaped cannabis is a question we are asked time and time again. The short answer is: yes, you can. Because the remains from a vaporizer still contain enough cannabinoids to have a noticeable effect. But you shouldn’t expect outstanding flavours. It looks better if you turn the remnants into something edible.

Do you still smoke or do you already vape? More and more people are discovering the benefits of vaporizers. With this form of consumption, you only inhale a few harmful substances, which makes it better for your health. What’s more, the quantity of active substance you receive can be precisely regulated, and that’s a major benefit, especially for medicinal consumers or people who consume cannabis during the day.

Counting the internal values

The brown remains from a vaporizer

Once it has been consumed, vaped cannabis usually ends up in the bin, but does vaped equal consumed? No, it doesn’t! Admittedly, the brown remains coming out of a vaporizer don’t look like much, but they’re thoroughly activated and are still pretty potent. However, there’s no single answer to the question of what quantity of cannabinoids they contain. Estimates range from 20 to 30%. It’s worth using a grinder, as this not only improves the vaping experience, but also ensures that more usable remains are left behind. The optimum vaping temperature is between 180 and 190 degrees Celsius.

Smoking vaped weed

Most cannabis lovers agree: smoking vaped weed in a joint, a bong or a pipe does little to excite your taste buds. So why do some people still do it? That’s simple: they want to get the maximum out of their product. Because some of the cannabinoids still remain after vaping, vaped marijuana will still make you high. It’s a bit like still having money left in your bank account after you’ve already spent it. Another potential benefit is less obvious. After vaping, cannabis doesn’t just lose its flavour, but also its typical odour. If you enjoy smoking in public, it is therefore possible to indulge your passion without drawing attention to yourself. Have you ever thought about growing your own cannabis? All you need to do this is a few pots, seeds, light and water. Growing cannabis is fun, saves heaps of money, and in most cases is safer than going to a dealer.

From the vaporizer to your stomach

A brownie and four squares of chocolate next to some cannabis leaves

Cooking and baking with cannabis is currently a popular thing to do. The plant has to be heated first before you can enjoy the pharmacological effects. In this context, we talk about decarboxylation or activation, and this is something that a vaporizer is able to do particularly gently. Because the crumbs of weed are fully activated following a vaping session, they can in principle be consumed immediately. In its pure form, it wouldn’t taste very nice, but incorporated in muesli or cannabutter it looks a lot better. As with other edibles, please be careful. The effect is difficult to estimate, and only arrives much later than for smoking or vaping. Novices who are interested in cooking and baking with cannabis are well advised to use weed that’s already been vaped. Finally, less THC also means less risk in terms of paranoia or panic attacks.


24 thoughts on “Can you smoke vaped weed?”

  1. JefferSongs

    Well.. I live in a state where it is medicinally legal so I try to stay legal. In this state it is never legal to ‘smoke’. We can’t use any method that has an open flame.

    But.. I was caught empty tonight so I tried smoking some AVB.

    • In a joint it was way to harsh and too damned hot. I hated it before I even had a chance to feel it.
    • In a bowl.. it wasn’t as harsh AND it seemed to smolder. After letting it sit a bit I was able to pick it up and pull.. the embers glowed and I got what I needed.
    • That’s the thing, I got what I needed. It’s not a great ride but it can get you where you need to be.

    1. Mark - Sensi Seeds

      Good morning Jeff!

      Thanks for sharing your experiences with consuming AVB, and support from the United States of America!

      I’m glad you got where you needed to be. However, I hope you’ve stoked up on supplies, to avoid using an open flame!

      Thanks again for the comment, and I hope you continue to enjoy the blog!

      Have a great day!


  2. I keep mine and also a top tip keep the keif in your grinder too when you cook with AVB you’ll have a great time.

  3. Does anyone else get extremely terrible migraines shortly after smoking vaped product? I have 3 or 4 times. What’s the science behind that?

  4. Currently smoking my first AVB blunt, the taste is reminiscent of tobacco but i can say its defos giving me a mellow high. Halfway through a cone with the large raws, suprisingly decent effects. I dont mind the taste too much, if you smoke, or used to smoke tobacco like myself, then you probably wont either.

  5. Use a ratio of shake:vaped remnants 2:1- since the vaped is partially spent – make it into cannabutter. Delish in many dishes! Look online for making canna-B in a crockpot – I let mine simmer for 6 hours.

  6. Just smoked my first point from my AVB. I feel about a 5/10 which is fine considering its been vaped already. Taste isn’t great but that’s to be expected.

    I previously tried AVB brownies. Extremely disappointing as it doesn’t achieve nearly what I had expected. Maybe my expectations are too high or I used too little?

    Good luck!

  7. I baked chocolate & coffee brownies with about 150 grams of cannabutter made out of vaped weed (vaporizer remains, about 10-15g raw cannabis) and I got high eating 1/4 of the brownies! I recommend baking with it, adding coffee hides the taste of cannabis a little bit, altough personally I enjoy the falavor ! 🙂

  8. Been vaping for a while now, then tried re- vaping what I had already used, quite suprized to find I got another kick from it!
    Now I save all my vaped product and put in pizzas mixed with herbs and chilli, love and get quite stoned??

    1. Hii, thanks for the idea! mind to share the recipe for that herb-chilli mix? Im curious about how you balance the taste.

      Kinda scared to taste the vaped weed but it’s quarantine so u gotta do what u gotta dooo

      1. Laura, you just said what I was thinking! Great to see a fella smoker having similar thoughts!

    2. Peter J Paolillo

      Do you just sprinkle it on pizzas like you do Italian herbs or do you mix it in the pizza sauce?

  9. James Anderson

    Vaped a while after stopping smoking, takes longer to kick in but reasonable stone. Smoked the remains in pipe once vape was finnished. Done the job. Back to smoking pure weed and using leaf to replace tobacco. No nicotine, great stone.

    1. Cade Shipley

      I don’t get nearly the same high with avb, so i usually mix it with regular bud in a joint and that gets me stoned, and i still save a ton of money

  10. I bought a vape that does pure weed. Used it for about 7-8 months, then rolled a joint one day, with added tobacco and it blew me away.
    The vape was `taking the edge off`, but no-way did I ever get high with it.
    I tried to `smoke` the leftovers from the vape, but the taste put me off. But I will try cooking with them, in the future.

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