5 Effects of Smoking Too Much Weed: Can You Overdose?

A woman lying face down on her bed with her arms hanging off the edge

Although cannabis is an intoxicant, it does not pose the same risk of fatality as other common intoxicants such as cocaine or heroin. It is next to impossible to achieve a fatal dose. With that being said, it is entirely possible to consume too much cannabis, especially for inexperienced users. If you do consume too much cannabis, there are some classic warning signs.

When it comes to cannabis, many people are under the impression that it is a “soft” substance that causes no harm. While cannabis definitely doesn’t pose the same kind of risks as some other, harder drugs, it is a little optimistic to suggest that it causes no harm at all.

Fortunately for cannabis users, there is virtually no threat of fatal overdose. But it is entirely possible to go overboard while dosing cannabis, which happens to most cannabis users at least once in their times as cannabis frequenters.

Can you overdose on cannabis?

Every substance is toxic if you consume too much of it. Even carrots and bananas can have negative physiological effects if you consistently consume high volumes of them. The same is true of cannabis. Thus far, there has not been any fatality caused by a cannabis overdose, although this is a contentious issue. But accidentally consuming too much is not entirely uncommon, so how much is too much?

To gauge this, there is a measurement known as Lethal Dose (LD), which is applied to all substances humans may consume, and is calculated on body weight. For example, the median LD for sugar is 30g/kg and for table salt is 12.35g/kg. This means that a lethal dose of sugar for an 80kg man would be 2.4kg, and for salt, would be almost 1 kg. Heroin, on the other hand, has a median LD of 50mg/kg for inhalation, but as little as 0.02g/kg if it is taken intravenously. For cannabis, the amount required for a lethal dose is much, much higher.

For tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive compound in cannabis, the intragastric LD with a sesame oil formulation is approximately 1.27g/kg (in rats).

In his book, Weed: The User’s Guide, author David Schmader points out that the average person would need to consume 750 kilos of cannabis in 15 minutes for it to be lethal. Most strains of cannabis sit around 15-20% THC, meaning that one gram of cannabis contains at most 200 mg of THC. It is virtually impossible to consume such a huge volume of THC via inhalation, although there is speculation that it is possible to overdose on THC if it is administered intravenously.

Despite the fact that it is nearly impossible to overdose on cannabis in the strict, fatal sense, it is entirely possible to overdose in a less deadly way. You can consume too much cannabis in much the same way that you can accidentally eat too many candies. It won’t be deadly, but there can be five uncomfortable symptoms to deal with.

1. Too much cannabis can cause a “white-out”

A white-out, or whitey, is a side effect of acute cannabis intoxication. The name derives from the first sign that one is underway – the colour drains rapidly from the face, followed by weakness, nausea or vomiting and even temporary unconsciousness.

Though an unexpected whitey can be distressing for most people, the symptoms are generally short lived. If it’s you that’s about to fall victim to the whitey phenomenon, it’s good to have a sweet drink or snack and then sit or lie down. If it is happening to a friend, you can offer them the same remedies. It should only take a few minutes for feelings of nausea and dizziness to subside.

A man looking pale and concerned. He is frowning and his mouth is open

It is commonly believed that a drop in blood sugar is responsible for causing a white-out. The dramatic loss of strength and onset of nausea certainly feels like a crash in blood sugar but there is virtually no scientific evidence to support this hypothesis. In fact, there are surprisingly few studies which give insight into the acute effects of cannabis on blood glucose levels.

When the effect of cannabis on blood glucose was studied in the late 1960s and early 1970s, most studies reported no significant effect on glucose levels. However, one study, researchers found that no hypoglycemia was found, but deterioration of the Glucose tolerance test occurred (GTT). Thus, it appears that smoking cannabis can result in higher glucose levels – exactly the opposite of what is commonly believed to be the case!

It’s hard to speculate on the exact physiology underpinning a white-out based on the results of outdated studies. On top of this, the cannabis that was being investigated at that time was usually analysed at 1% THC. Cannabis being smoked today is sometimes more than 20 times that potency, and studies conducted in the 1970s would not be indicative of the effect of cannabis strains today.

What to do when you white-out

There might not be any scientific evidence to support using a sugary snack as a treatment for a white-out, but it’s still an effective old wives’ tale. The most important thing to do when a whitey starts happening is to sit or lay down. This prevents any injury sustained by falling or passing out.

Then, it’s time for something sweet and sugary. A glass of orange juice or a chocolate bar should do the trick. Even if loss of consciousness occurs, it typically just lasts a few seconds. It is akin to what happens when you accidentally have one too many wines. You might vomit, you might pass out for a second, but it will all be okay in a couple of hours.

2. Too much cannabis may cause shakiness or tremors

Although cannabis is proving to be an invaluable treatment for tremor-causing illnesses such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease, some individuals actually find that use of cannabis causes tremors in its own right.

A hand reaching for a glass of water. The other hand is holding the opposite wrist

While there do not appear to be any formal studies into this phenomenon, there is an abundance of anecdotal evidence to support it. Many users have reported a case of the shakes at least once, which usually lasts from a few seconds up to half an hour.

Possible reasons include the stimulating effects of THC on the central nervous system, or via interaction with the dopaminergic signalling system.

What to do when you’ve got the shakes

It’s important to distinguish between tremors resulting from acute cannabis intoxication and those that may arise as withdrawal symptoms in dependent users.

The best advice for an infrequent user who finds themselves feeling a bit shaky after using cannabis, would be to just breathe and relax! Wait for the symptoms to pass, and maybe consume a bit less next time!

If the tremors are part of cannabis withdrawal they should begin to subside after a few days, along with any other withdrawal symptoms, as the CB1 receptors in the brain return to normal functioning.

3. Cotton-mouth because of too much cannabis

Experiencing a dry mouth and throat after cannabis use is extremely common, and often it does not take much cannabis to induce this effect. However, during a heavy session, the dry-mouth effect can often increase until it becomes extremely unpleasant, to the point that even drinking water or other beverages makes little difference.

A blonde woman with her mouth open. She is pointing to her tongue

Cannabis causes users to experience cotton-mouth due to the presence of cannabinoid receptors type 1 & 2 in the submandibular glands (which produce 60-67% of an individual’s saliva). Cannabinoid agonists such as THC bind to the glandular receptors and block the action of saliva-inducing compounds such as norepinephrine and methacholine, leading to a decrease in the secretion of saliva.

How to get rid of cotton-mouth

If experiencing unpleasant cotton-mouth, remaining hydrated will mitigate the issue to some extent. For more complete relief, using a demulcent (a substance that coats a mucous membrane with a moist ‘film’) designed for oral use should suffice. Many different prescription medications can cause users to experience dry mouth, so there are numerous products commercially available to combat the problem.

4. Paranoia is a symptom of too much cannabis

Even for the most seasoned cannabis user, consuming too much can lead to social paranoia. It is more common for inexperienced users to reach paranoia, because frequent users develop a tolerance towards cannabis. With that being said, no one is immune from this symptom after exposure to a little too much THC.

A woman looking to the side and frowning. She is biting her nails

Not every cannabis user is affected in this manner. In fact, research suggests that if an individual is anxious, depressed or suffering from low self-esteem prior to using cannabis, they are more likely to experience paranoia following consumption of cannabis.

In one 2014 study, researchers tested this theory on 121 participants aged 21-50. One third was given a placebo while, one third was given THC, and one third was given THC combined with a ‘cognitive awareness’ manipulation. THC increased paranoia, negative affect (anxiety, worry, depression, negative thoughts about the self), and a range of anomalous experiences, and reduced working memory capacity. Making participants aware of the effects of THC (the ‘cognitive awareness’ manipulation) had little impact. This large study of intravenous THC demonstrated that the drug triggers paranoid thoughts in vulnerable individuals.

While the administration of THC in isolation has been shown to cause paranoia, the cannabis plant also contains terpenoids including limonene and alpha-pinene, which may mitigate such effects.

What to do when you experience cannabis-induced paranoia

If experiencing paranoia following use of cannabis, be sure to leave a significant length of time before next attempting to use it, and lower the dose to remain within comfortable limits. Ensuring that surroundings are comfortable and stress-free, and that one’s emotional state is calm and at-ease, should also go a long way towards mitigating feelings of paranoia.

Interestingly, in the study cited above, some users reported conscious judgement of their paranoia. For example, one subject who knew he was prone to such feelings was conscious of the fact that cannabis exacerbated his predisposition. Knowing such predispositions can also assist in navigating a paranoid cannabis experience.

Historically, ingredients containing the terpenes limonene and alpha-pinene have been used in antidotes for acute cannabis intoxication. Citrus fruits were used in 10th century Persia and pine nuts have been used since Roman times. A handful of pine nuts washed down with a glass of lemonade might go a long way!

5. Too much cannabis may cause psychosis

Psychosis is a broad term used to describe episodes of mental illness in which the sufferer loses touch with reality. Such episodes involve hallucinations, delusions, confused and disturbed thoughts and a lack of insight and self-awareness.

A woman holding her hand to her head. There is a blurred woman in double vision.

Such disorders affect around 3 % of people at some point in their lives, although rates vary substantially between countries and regions. Higher incidences are observed in younger people, ethnic minorities and in areas with a lower percentage of owner-occupied houses.

An association between cannabis use and increased incidence of psychosis is well established, with previous meta-analyses have reported a 2-fold increase in the risk to develop a psychotic disorder in cannabis users compared to nonusers. But does cannabis actually cause psychosis, or are those people who are predisposed to psychosis also drawn to cannabis?

It is certainly the case that many people attribute their psychotic symptoms to cannabis. However, this is a complex topic, and other users claim that cannabis provides relief from psychotic symptoms.

Most coverage, particularly in the mainstream media, gives the impression that the existence of a causal relationship between cannabis use and psychosis has been established.

Yet an equally convincing counter-argument can be presented. The nature of mental illness and psychosis is complex, and we are yet to understand which came first: the chicken or the egg? It may be that onset of mental illness causes a person to self-medicate with cannabis, and the two become intertwined. Virtually nobody denies a correlation between cannabis and psychosis.

What to do if you experience psychosis

This polarised debate is likely to rumble on for many years. In the meantime, those who find that their psychotic symptoms are worsened or amplified by cannabis use should perhaps consider cutting down or taking a break altogether.

Another possible solution for those who experience symptoms of psychosis following cannabis use is to ingest CBD instead of THC. While THC is a known psychoactive compound, CBD is constantly being researched for its anti-psychotic properties. A more balanced cannabinoid profile may provide a more balanced experience for someone prone to psychosis.

  • Disclaimer:
    This article is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult with your doctor or other licensed medical professional. Do not delay seeking medical advice or disregard medical advice due to something you have read on this website.


550 thoughts on “5 Effects of Smoking Too Much Weed: Can You Overdose?”

  1. Hustlin'Hugh

    I feel maybe my story might be able to deter some folks from “trying to get as high as they can” kinda thing, hopefully resulting in fewer cases of cardiac arrest, asphyxiation, or many other things that CAN, and WILL kill you.
    Don’t EVER think that just because you cant physically OD from something, that it’s completely safe. ANYTHING without moderation WILL kill you.

    I’m a heavy pot smoker, and I like my dabs once er twice a day(on the off days) It helps me eat, helps me sleep, helps my social, and just anxiety in general. It really helps my mood and few other things also.
    I would have to say THE scariest thing I’ve ever experienced (has happened before but not to this extent) after what, like 26 years of toking was just the other day. I did a dab, it was of some caviar I got from a local smoke shop that I know usually always has fire products, and at first it was all gravy, though I DID do a bit bigger of a hit than usual on the Nectar-Collector, and I put the collector down.
    (because the last time this happened to a lesser degree, I was coughing alot and I ended up dropping the collector because of what happened, and of course I went to catch it so it wouldn’t bust on the floor. I kinda grabbed the hot end first, and seared a good line into my hand[I know, I’m a klutz lol} wasn’t letting that happen again, stinging was unbearable unless under water or ‘pressure’, so I kept it under water till we prepared gauze and tape to cover it to protect it from getting busted, and popped 3x400mg IBU)
    I blew all the smoke out and took a couple just regular deep breaths as I thought the reason I blacked out and dropped the collector was due to the coughing/lack of oxy to brain. I felt fine, then I let out a VERY small cough (more like clearing my throat) and my whole world turned black, and I ended up folding in half while sitting, whacking my head off the wall, losing all feeling and mobility in my body and I was out cold for about half a second (could have been longer, no-one was in the room with me). Next thing I know I was conscious, but man did my body feel weird, like a wave of it “coming alive” with waves and waves of “pins and needles” throughout my entire body, seeming to radiate from my feet and work its way up. The tingling/needles was so intense around my spine I had to force myself stand up and sorta try to “shake it off”, but I was also not able to see right quite yet. My vision looked like when they do that “passing out” or “going to sleep” fade away sequence on TV or movies, where the edges were black and I could see fuzzily through the centre, but backwards, the blackness slowly faded away to the edges of my vision. I seriously thought I had almost died, and maybe that was the case? I just know that I never want to feel like that again. The smaller just “regular” blackouts kinda feel euphoric inna way, but this sent thoughts of Udder TERROR through my mind as it was happening, not euphoria…
    Do NOT try to push yourself and do big hits, it is NOT WORTH your life. You may not die from OD, but there are a PLETHORA of ways that it could happen, instead.
    Stay High, Stay Free! Stay Safe!

    Btw, anyone have any guesses as to what could have been happening? (I do black out from time to time from coughing excessively, but I didn’t even cough really is time…)

    1. Idk if something’s up with me but I’ve been smoking since last year and I just recently over the summer began smoking everyday and just last Friday I smoked weed again and my whole right arm like the whole arms veins were like vibrating/shaking my hand began shaking and I was really cold and when I started standing up my legs began shaking and I was even hearing things that weren’t there like it wasn’t like people talking it was like beeping noises and I saw colors like that weren’t there so idk what to do please someone tell me what’s happening

    2. It was from coughing. I’ve had the same thing happen to me while driving from coughing after too big of a hit. I smacked into a guardrail and caused 4,000 worth of damage to my SUV. So, it was a lessened learned about big hits and driving for me.

    3. Mariana Jaramillo

      Oh my gosh same thing happened to me did you find out what caused it let me knoww

  2. So like is your whole body supposed to go numb and you feel an internal shaking sensation? Cause every time I smoke that what I feel. And then I just feel like everything is a dream or I’m playing a TV character and then later it’s over.

    1. yesterday i was smoking a pen with my boyfriend and after 2 hits i felt fine, after the third hit we went to the shop to get something to eat or drink. as we were standing in line for him to pay, my chest started to hurt so badly it felt like i was being stabbed, the colour drained from my face, my whole body was shaking intensely and i was sweating and breathing hard. i was so sure that i was going to pass out. then, my boyfriend left the line to go pick out something else to pay for, and i followed behind him. i told him how i felt and then i ran out of the shop and threw up all over the ground 😭 i’m still not sure if this was just from greening out or not because this has never happened to me before but i felt like i was going to die

  3. I have smoked pot off and on throughout my lifetime. I am currently 65. Back in 2020 I came down with a rare form of cancer called Paget’s disease and I started smoking pot again to ease the pain from the surgeries and to calm me down over the situation. I ended up smoking non stop which is something I never had done before. Not long after starting to smoke pot again, I noticed I wasn’t getting high anymore.

    Despite not getting high anymore, I kept smoking and started trying different types of marijuana, attempting to get the “high sensations” back again. I wasn’t able to. I usually get a small buzz or none at all. My concern is what the continuous smoking with no effects hurting my body. Is it possible for all of the rest of the side effects to continue without the high happening? I fear that the high may not be there but all of the other side effects and impacts on the body may be still happening without me realizing it. The last time that I purchased marijuana from a dispensary I bought 4 different types, all had high amounts of THC and I didn’t get high from any of them. A total of an ounce over about a month and nothing.

    What is the reason for this happening and will stopping smoking pot for several months allow me to become high again? Or will moving to edible marijuana instead of smoking bring back the high feeling?

    It kind of feels when I smoke and no high occurs (which has been every time I smoke) that parts of my body is feeling some effects so I never drive because I am not sure if tested that regardless of not feeling high, my THC level in my body would beyond any limits allowed by law if I get stopped. So I don’t take any chances and don’t do things like driving or climbing ladders.

    I don’t like not being able to guage the effects of smoking marijuana, or its strength. Is this common and will switching from smoking marijuana to eating marijuana gummies or something similar will allow the high to return? Or do I need to stop marijuana all together for several months in hopes of cleaning it all from my body will allow the high to return again.

    Your thoughts?
    Best regards,

    1. taking a two week break will help but 1 month should get all the thc out of your body so you will be like a new smoker again.

      How are you smoking weed? I find switching methods helps my tolerance from hitting a point where I don’t get high. When I only smoked joints, I stopped getting high but once I purchased a bong I was getting high again and after a few months of smoking a bong, joints started getting me quite high again. Anyway, my point is that you should try switching entry methods and see if that does anything.

      Also if you prefer a nice smoke then it’s worth spending money on an expensive bong because they are much better than cheap shit ones

    2. Im pretty sure you are paying too much attention to what you shouldn’t. Try treating yourself to a good movie or a terrific album and spark a joint to go along. When you focus on the getting high part it lessens the high for you.
      But sure, taking a day or three off will benefit your cause.

      Hope this helps,
      Some dude with fairies on his pockets

  4. I have been smoking for a few years now and the other day I was using my 2 gram thc vape which was an indica and I normally hit it 3 times and I’m good and they are decent hits well the other day I took 3 fat hits off it and I felt this flare go down my whole body and my heart beat was going off its rocker so I txted my friend who was sitting in the living room across from me that I over smoked and she told me to tell her mom so I did and she told me to go see her other daughter anna in the bedroom so i walked in there and i was shaking and freaking out and my right leg started shaking and I started crying saying I over smoked and she told me to sit down and I did and then her mom came in the room and they both told me to splash cold water on my face and put some on my neck and so I went to the kitchen but on the way to the kitchen I had their mom feel my heart beat and she said holy f dude and when I got to the sink that water is literally ice cold like freezing and while i splashed water on my face and put it on my neck anna put my hair up for me and I went into autumns room and sat on the bed and i kept saying that i felt like i was gonna have a seizure and die and they kept telling me that i was having a major paranoia panic attack but I was gonna be fine so their mom left the room and anna did too and autumn stayed and chilled with me she also got me water to drink but I had to use a straw because all of a sudden I got this pins and needles feeling in my fingers and then my fingers locked up I could not bend them at all and then kiki one of their cats walked into the room and I’m so glad that she did and autumn picked her up and gave her to me and I started petting her and then I was able to start bending my fingers and getting my feel back and I started calming down but google does say a way to calm your weed paranoia down or whatever is to cuddle with a furry friend so and after a few minutes I was fine and then in my happy funny goofy high mood and then got the munchies but that was the scariest thing I have ever experienced from being high and the next morning I had the same problem but I wasn’t like paranoid and I was calm and happy but I can feel my body/the high trying to make me go through what i went through the night before but I didn’t and I was fine

    1. Another thing you should of mentioned is how it effects your potassium level. Chronic users can experience symptoms of low potassium which can resemble a panic attack even when sober and let me tell you…low potassium is no joke. Yes it’s near impossible to overdose, but can still effect your body in negative ways if abused

    2. Was this written in a way to simulate the way you felt? Because the lack of punctuation made me feel anxious AF

  5. okay so a while ago I smoked dabs for the first time and I wanted to know if anyone else has experienced something like I did. First of all im abt 90-91 pounds to put that in perspective so im a pretty small person. So I took 2 long rips from it and held each in for maybe 10 sec,maybe longer. Immediately the effects sank in and they were strong. I got to the point where I couldnt move,besides the intense twitching that was going on,everything looked wavy and it was also vibrating,the people that were talking to me sounded very faint and I couldnt pay attention to anything bc I was drifting in the cosmos and feeling the presence of unknown powerful beings.I just rlly need to know if anyone has gotten to this point or its just me lmao

    1. My first time dabbing I took 3 .3g rips of the bong, I thought that I was going to die lol. Everything became distorted and wavey looking I couldn’t move o felt like I was in a different universe I couldn’t think straight I was hallucinating like hell and there was vibrations shit I stayed stoned for 2 days after that, it was first time with thc period lol.

    2. You were tripping there were no beings. Marijuana is hanbit forming its a mistake that people say they need it to calm down, and de stress. It is causing the stress as it is a drug hanbit like any other. Try cbd pills to sleep and calm down if you ever decide to quit. Marijuana (take it from me a 20 year long user) leads to unrestful sleep, anxiety, depression, its shit i am 12 days into quitting its hard but at least it wont be taking me down anymore). It is not a medicine it is the problem, a common misconception!! Its ‘phycho-active’. Awesome if you are cool with feeling physcho.

      1. Bram van der Heijden

        Ey Man, been through thc withdrawal as well, it took me (my brain and body) about 3-4 weeks before a tangible change in anxiety, better sleep etc. was recorded. And it was hard not to run to the grocery store during that time…
        After those 4 weeks my mind and body became calmer everyday.
        Hang in there! I hope with some focus on mental health and wellbeing in general, you will experience days of ‘natural highs’ which I had. Just being elated I was sober, felt things differently but most of all more alive, present!

        Yeah, hang in there, 2 more weeks or so!

    3. Chloe Jones

      For me, lastnight was like my second time smoking a joint and after doing so everything started to like glitch kinda, like if you play Minecraft and the framrates are glitchy, that’s what I saw, and then everything started to tunnel and I couldn’t breathe, and I was sitting down at this point, but I got up panicking because my head was moving the whole wine in a slow circle according to my boyfriend. So we called 911, and they came, and I was at this time already laying on the ground because it was helping me. Oh and did I mention my vision was starting to turn like black and white. Anyway. They helped me get up and I came back inside and every time I tried to fall asleep for like 2 hours straight, I couldn’t breathe at the same time as closing my eyes, so eventually I did fall asleep and here I am now.

      1. Kinda sounds like what I went through when I was smoking K-2 smh (horrible experience)… my 3rd time trying it, I felt like i was on the verge of death. I couldn’t breathe.. my whole body felt like it was pulsating.. I couldn’t keep water down… the room was spinning.. and I kept askin my cousins “who’s all coming to my funeral? But dont tell my mom I’m dying because she’ll kill me” 😭😭😭 all while laying down on the floor smh.

      2. To be honest, as a person who has smoked weed for many years is don’t smoke joints with tobacco, but simply smoke it cleanly through a bong, or even a home made pipe made from a coke can. I used to get awful white outs when I smoked weed with tobacco, but now I feel energized and buzzing after a clean smoke
        Tobacco disgusts me now and I could never smoke weed with it again.

    4. No dead ass I went to the hospital my heart skiped to 170 and my blood pressure was like 180/100

    5. Yes!!! I have!! So glad I finally found you!!! No one seems to know what im talking about! Ok,it happens to me amost daily now.Im 50,been smokin my whole life.,,,I stay high.
      But the last few years,this has been happening.
      The first time,I did ,what I call,”Fade to black”My vision tunneled,mosaic spots , everything was going dark,and my mussles shook violently,next thing I know im on the floor! Face first ,out of my chair.Scared the shit out of me!
      It still happens,but most of the time I can. Control the shaking by just relaxing my shoulders, and breathing .
      I’m obs not a Dr! ,but I feel like it’s burning mad brain cells at this point!!🥴😁

    6. No your definitely not the only one I have felt it too just a few days a ago it’s the scariest feeling I thought I was gonna die 🌚it’s almost your brain reboots and u don’t know wtf Is going but it’s a very deep scary feeling, it’s not like a good High it’s just evil

    7. Have gotten to this point too and it affecting me so I don’t know what to do I need a help is 1 my month and weeks now anyone can help me

  6. I have been sober for a long time now, but I am wondering what was happening to me. I drank 2 Long Island Iced Teas and shared a joint with a friend.After smoking and drinking my eyes were open but I couldn’t see. I tried to get to the washroom and splashed water on my face.Then I could see again.What happened to me?

      1. 1st time I used weed was 2 days ago Mt face head ears nose legs feet hands a d my gums lol went numb and tingly I felt dizzy but warm fuzzy then after about 20 mins it wore off I just felt so relaxed was my tingles ect normal.?

    1. I’ve felt like my whole house was vibrating and making my heart feel like it was going to explode, I swear it was real but I’ve stopped vaping and it stopped so it was obviously a delusion. ( I vaped at night because of insomnia)

  7. I ate a 10mg piece of a chocolate candy bar edible a couple hours before going to sleep.
    While sleeping, I was dreaming that the devil was hovering above me, pushing me down to hell. The face of the devil changed from a normal face to a devil face with horns and tail.
    I fought with the devil and managed to break free. I wake up (in the dream) sitting next to another person and listening to music playing. It seems to be a song I greatly like and groove to. While singing to the music, the devil appears again at my feet with a look on their face of satisfaction. As if, ” aha! She’s distracted, now I can take her soul!”
    I abruptly wake up and yell the word “S*!t!” I stayed awake for two hours before going back to sleep.

    1. I hate to admit this because I love weed so much. And I still smoke every day. But one time I hallucinated after smoking a bowl too many and swear I saw the devil too. It was like the vision of him suddenly took over my brain and my thoughts. I’ve never panicked like that. It only lasted 10 seconds maybe but it felt like I lost full control of my body and brain to this terrifying red image. I am not a religious person. I have no idea where it came from. But it was so scary.

  8. James Baker

    I’ve been too high on weed a few times; once technically was hash oil, as I was attempting to up my game to combat chronic pain. I guess I met Whitey once too, after quiting for 3 months, then being a bit too eager. Nowadays, I only am ‘high’ for the initial 20ish minutes, even though my wife says I look “dopey” for hours. I think I’m a ‘pothead,’ as I smoke as much, if not more than a stinkin’ drunk, would drink. Of course, never at work – in Social Services, we’re all trained to observe. Alas, the millstone around my neck…

  9. So 6 days ago i wanted to trip on mushrooms and i did and i decided to smoke weed nothing new i do it occasionally smoke weed i do every day but now ive been feeling like crap my limbs feel like they go numb my lips and tounge does anyone one know whats goin on

    1. Mark Smith - Sensi Seeds

      Hey Cody,

      Thanks for the comment,
      I hope you’re feeling better,
      Unfortunately, as I’m not a medical practitioner I cannot give you any medicinal advice.
      However, I’m sure some of our readers might have some suggestions?

      Have an awesome day!


    2. Man last night I took one good hit off my waxxbar and felt this way! I was puking shaking heavy heart dry heaving and then I fell asleep and woke up and now today my arms and legs feel numb numb mainly my left side! But yes my mouth and throat felt swollen last night

  10. concerned mother

    My son who is almost 41 and smokes a lot of weed all day every day for years has slowly been displaying changes in his behavior. He has become mean, bitter , accusatory and verbally abusive to almost everyone in the household. I believe he is suffering with some sort of depression and possibly his addiction to weed is not helping, he smokes a lot all day long and blames everyone for anything he sets himself to do and does not complete. It seems he is annoyed by everyones presence and no one can say a word with out knowing what will set him off. He never was like this. I feel helpless and very worried as a mother especially. I do not know what to do. I am scared something will happen and feel as though i am hopeless and helpless. He doesnt was to get help and feels there is nothing wrong with himself and it is everyone else that is the problem. Everything i read seems so basic and logical and simple to do but it doesnt work like that. It just doesnt work and things that anyone would try to do yet it doesnt work and every attempt becomes a reason for him to scream and yell and say very mean things to everyone. His partner is also concerned and also suffering his verbal abuse. He has become very controlling and makes everyone feel like we are walking on eggshells.

    1. Mark - Sensi Seeds

      Good afternoon,

      I hope you’re having a great day,
      Sorry to hear about your situation, I hope your son is feeling better.
      You may find it helpful to contact a support group for medicinal cannabis patients. In England, there is the United Patients Alliance, and throughout much of the rest of the world, there is NORML, who should be able to put you in touch with a group in your area (search United Patients Alliance or NORML followed by your area name).

      Thanks again, and the best of luck,


      1. yeah, weed seems to fix thtat for a while but cant fixt it at all just distracts you from reallity, what can be done life is hard no matter where you live unless you born rich and even then some bad shit happens so yes… smoke weed only if you can manage it and really need if not dont smoke weed or any drugs…

        drugs are for sick people, im a very nervous person so weed helps me with my anger but what can be done not everyone is the same…

        like they say weed bad or good effects depends on person, definitively smooking weed is not healthy becase it can bring health issues, but used specifically and ocassionaly only as a relax kinda of thing works fine for me… the bad thing is everyone have its own issues… so yes PUTIN MUST SMOKE SOME AND STOP BEING RETARDED MAYBE HE LEARN THE LOVE AND PEACE LEEMA… 🙂

  11. Wish I Quit Sooner

    I wasn’t going to comment but after reading several comments I felt compelled to.

    I have a pretty funny story about the time my cousin and I were smoking weed in a forest near his house and I thought I got some laced shit (it was street weed, not dispensary weed cause it wasn’t legal yet in Canada and we were underage anyways, so it very well could’ve been laced and I still wonder about it to this day but honestly nobody is lacing weed with a drug that costs more than weed cause then they’re just losing money 🤷‍♀️ people dont lace things to kill you, they do it to save money 🤣) Anyways we were just chilling and having the best time (we were still fairly new smokers so the highs were really good) and then we went to go home and all of a sudden my body just stopped working and I fell to ground (did I mention it was the dead of winter in Canada 😳) and landed in a pile of snow wearing skinny jeans so I was freezing but couldn’t move, I thought I was going to die there 😭 it was the middle of winter and we were in the middle of a forest so I was convinced no ambulance could get to me (not that my cousin called one out of fear of getting in trouble 😭😂) so I was telling my cousin to just leave me and there was no getting me home because I literally could not move a muscle and I might as well just die there so my cousin had to carry me out of the forest and back home and I was soaked and freezing and still could barely move 🤣 (I have a tendency to do stupid shit like this like the time I went swimming at the beach in March and got hypothermia along with some nice whiplashes from the sand storm 🤣) so my aunt (who I was living with at the time) was sooo mad I ended up getting grounded because of “my stupidity” 😂😂 so yeah that’s my story of almost dying that I think is absolutely hilarious mostly because of all the commentary between my cousin and I during it.

    Here’s my actual story on why I quit smoking though (as if almost duing in a forest at barely 14 wasn’t enough 🤣😭)

    Soo I started smoking weed a couple months (April 2016) before my 14th birthday (July 2016) with my cousin. We started off with homemade water bottle bongs and smoking the bud ungrinded. You can only imagine how happy we were when we started grinding it 🤣

    About less than a year into smoking (Feburary/March 2017) we were introduced to poppers by my stepsister. I’m told this is mostly a disgusting Ontario thing so I’ll explain – it’s basically a couple rings of a cigarette ripped off and then stuffed into the stem of a green bowl (with the green bowl part taken off – some are unscrewable so you need those ones) and then packed with weed on top. Then you smoke it in a bong and it “pops” through which is where I assume it got its name. It’s really gross but gets you so mf high and produces the most insane clouds (I do NOT reccomend it) also they should not be confused with those nitrious popper things because while I have no idea wtf those are they are what comes up when I google poppers so google cannabis poppers if you’re trying to look them up, but theres not much information on them anyways as even the hospital had no idea wtf they were in 2018, now after several visits though they seem to have a pretty good idea.

    Anyways, because the high was more intense than anything we had experienced before (and the tobacco addiction) we started doing them regularly, they replaced our traditional way of smoking with green bowls, joints, cones, etc we practically never touched any of them again, except joints occasionally when we couldnt bring a bong somewhere.

    Fast forward to about a year and a half later (August 2018) to when I was first hospitalized for puking nonstop (upwards to 8+ hours) I lost 10 pounds that day from what I assume was the puking (and I had already only weighed 105lbs at 5’5″ because I’d already lost about 30lbs during the first year of me smoking so that was pretty scary). The hospital had no idea what was wrong, I was given Haldol, an antipsychotic mostly used to treat schizophrenia and bipolar but it worked really well as a sedative so it finally stopped the puking and put me to sleep and I ended up being diagnosed with CVS (chronic vomiting syndrome) and was told to stop smoking weed. I was only 16 at the time so I just laughed it off and thought they were crazy, I was actually diagnosed with bipolar in 9th grade (yes I know techianlly you’re not suppose to be diagnosed with bipolar until 18 but tell that to my school board 🤷‍♀️ the OCDSB is just fucked) so I convinced myself and everyone else that was the reason I was smoking weed because it was better than the Lithium I was originally prescribed (which I personally think burned a hole in my stomach and is what’s causing the stomach issues but an ultrasound showed nothing so nobody knows what’s wrong 🤷‍♀️). I was hospitalized a couple more times after that over the course of about a year and a half. COVID hit my city in March 2020 (fun fact Justin Trudeau’s wife was the second one in my city to be diagnosed with COVID, and I personally think she brought it here but then just waited for someone else to test positive so it wasnt a scandal 🤷‍♀️🤣) so I stopped going to the hospital plus I was tired of being made to feel like I was just crazy and wanted drugs (Haldol didn’t even get me high 🤣 literally just put me to sleep but okkkaayyy there CHEO – best children’s hospital in Eastern Ontario my ass, they literally ripped an IV out of me once and left a piece in that my mom had to take out 😭 – I was back living with her now) and that nothing was wrong with me when clearly there was 🙄 I went through multiple diagnoses, the final one being some Cannabinoid shit (I honestly didnt even bother to remember the name 🤣) and them all saying to quit smoking weed each time. I did not …until just over a week ago (December 2021) when I’m pretty sure I had a stroke and I finally said fuck it. I was having trouble breathing for about a week (I had to sleep on my couch next to an open window for awhile so I could actually feel the air going into my lungs at night or I was afriad I was just going to stop breathing in my sleep) and each time I did a popper my eyes would start hurting and go blurry, my stomach would start hurting/feeling nauseous, my heart would race up to 150bpm (I have a resting heart rate of 50bpm so that was intense) and my oxygen saturation would drop into the low 80’s % which is apparently very dangerous so I had to use my asthma inhalers afterwards to reopen my lungs so I could actually breathe. And then one night after I did a popper, all that happen but the left side of my face went numb and I was on the floor crying (at 19 years old 😭) telling my mom and boyfriend that I was going to die. My mom wanted to take me to the hospital but I refused and quit smoking weed that night and other than my eyes hurting/going blurry (I’m legally blind in one eye so I dont think that’ll stop until I get new glasses) and my stomach occasionally turning (still not convinced it’s related to the weed), all the symptoms have subsided and i havent felt like I was going to die and I’ve been feeling soo much better plus I’m hoping to regain a couple of those pounds I lost at 14 since everyone I’ve seen quit smoking poppers has gotten fat 🤣😭

    So yeah I guess my TL:DR is if you’re having symptoms such as prolonged puking, go to the hospital and ask for Haldol (if you’re in the States and can’t afford that then Root Beer usually helps too but seriously start advocating for universal health care 🤣 from what I’ve seen your taxes are already ridiculous so wtf are you people even paying for especially with all those toll roads 🤣) and if you’re having feelings like you’re going to die, you probably are going to evenually (no, not from overdosing on weed but from whatever tf happened to me) so just stop smoking and you’ll start to get better lol

    Anyways I hope this helped someone, or at least made someone laugh at my stupidty 🤣 peace out homies ✌

    1. perfection 👏🏼🤣 you should become a writer lmao but no also very educational thank you!

    2. Its cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome. Prolonged cannabis use has been shown to cause cyclic vomiting. So quitting will help you

  12. Kevin R Hammond

    It seems like on most of these stories of white outs there was some form of alcohol ingested along side. I wonder if alcohol and cannabis create some kind of poison as they are metabolized together..?

    1. Kevin, I think so. Last week I had gone to a friend’s house with another friend where we drank some alcohol and smoked some weed. It was my first-time drinking alcohol since I knew that my Adderall would affect the alcohol and it wouldn’t be good. But I sat there before I had a drink researching why alcohol intake while being on Adderall was bad and I came to a conclusion on it and decided to drink. I had used a cart to smoke weed a few times and only once I got too high and it wasn’t pleasant. This night I was smoking a joint and I was nervous. The taste of it right away was making me not feel good. Three hits in and I was tapping out. I was feeling the high, and I mean feeling it. I don’t remember much else from that night other than that I was over the toilet vomiting and then they took me to bed. I was crossfaded as can be. I woke up the next day hungover and just felt super weird. Mind you I had one shot of some 30 percent alcohol and a few sips of a truly and then 3 hits on the joint. Which if you think about it, it really isn’t a whole lot. Later the next day I had college orientation with my mom, and I was a mess, super shaky and sweaty. That night I had to tell my parents in hopes that they would take me to the doctors either that night or the next day. The next day me and my mom went to the doctors, I left the house with a fever of 100.4 and I legit thought I was going to drop dead. We get to the doctors, and he tests me for everything. No covid, no flu, nothing. After I tell him about my super “fun” night he tells me that pretty much my body was just rejecting everything and that my body just physically couldn’t handle it. It has been a week since all of that happened and I now have lost my voice completely, my nose is clogged, and I have a horrible cough. I definitely learned my lesson to never do that again. I think the effects just happen to be much worse for some people because the other two girls I was with are completely fine and didn’t get sick at all.

  13. Clickbait title with an actual very good article behind it. That is quite a unicorn, here on the internet. Lots of useful, closely related info. I used to get the paranoia one quite easily, but after learning how to navigate it, I rarely get it anymore. Before, I considered it worth it anyways for the relief of my horrible chronic pain without the horrible side effects of other meds, some of which don’t even help much. Granted, I did find its effectiveness as a medicine to vary with consumption method and strain. CO2 extracted blue dream does pretty well for me, currently.

    1. Mark - Sensi Seeds

      Good morning MJ,

      Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us, I’m glad the Blue Dream extracts are helping. I’m so glad you found the article interesting. It is definitely my hope that at the very least, this article can serve as a hub for other users so that they can compare experiences and possible solutions 🙂

      With best wishes,


    1. After I did shrooms I’ve been having this reoccurring hallucination every time I smoke, it’s seen as a person sitting in front of me with their hand out pointed out at me, looking at me and telepathically telling me to snap back into reality. Immediately afterwards I’m thrown back into whatever setting I am in realizing that not only has no time passed but I haven’t done any of the things in which I thought had occurred during my period of zoning out. Someone please help me I’m terrified and I need someone to tell me I’m not the only person, I’ve been searching for months and have found absolutely nothing. I need answers to lay my mind to ease. Thank you so much.

      1. Its “come to your senses” practice breathing brother. I do the box method, 4 seconds in, hold 4 seconds, 4 seconds out, hold 4 seconds, repeat for like 5 min

  14. Obi Ifediora

    Hello, I recently noticed that after smoking cannabis, I begin to have spasms in my chest, and then I have tightness on the left side of my rib and chest area. This just started, I normally don’t feel this way, what do you think is happening?

    1. Mark - Sensi Seeds

      Good afternoon Obi,

      Thanks for your comment!
      We are sorry to hear about your situation.
      Cannabis is very subjective on both a physical and mental level and the reaction that we each have to the same variety or dose is very different. I would recommend contacting your registered medicinal practitioner

      Sometimes our other readers will also offer their opinions.
      Good luck and I hope you continue to enjoy the blog.
      With best wishes,


  15. Daniel forwth

    Could you provide a source for this claim please? It is not consistent with research that has been done on cannabis and blood sugar.

    1. Mark - Sensi Seeds

      Good afternoon Daniel,

      Thanks for your comment.
      All our sources are referenced in the article, they will be highlighted by blue hyperlinks. However, if you find a source with a broken link, please let him know!

      Thanks again and have a great day!


      1. Last week Sunday I smoked weed for the first time and I think is too strong for me.. Since then I been feeling dizzy, tired and I panic lot.. Pls what can I do

      2. Mark - Sensi Seeds

        Good afternoon Vivian,

        Thanks for getting in touch with us.
        For your preliminary experiments with cannabis, the best advice is: as soon as you suspect you are experiencing the effects of cannabis for the first time, stop consuming straight away. Wait for 20 to 30 minutes to see how the feelings develop, and if you like what you are experiencing. Wait until the feelings start to recede before consuming more cannabis. The spectrum of cannabis effects is both large and varied. And it is highly personal. What might make one person totally spaced out, could barely have an effect on someone else.

        I hope you continue to enjoy the blog.
        With best wishes,


  16. so my name is chase and i am 17 years old, i recently took a 2 week tolerance break and then took a HUGE bowl of keef and weed. then all of a sudden i started seeing shapes covered in my vision like you would see in LSD, i felt WRONG something was wrong i went inside told my mom and she told me to lay down and put my legs in the air, i then proceeded to “freeze” i felt like everything had been paused, as if i was living in a computer simulation and someone pressed the “pause button” i was stuck seeing a single frame of my life nothing moved but i could look around. I couldnt remember ANYthing except for some select details that i kind of just “knew” but i couldnt think back to a single memory. I eventually got up to go into my room cause i was wondering if this day inage had internet, i could remember my computer password but again to emphasize i COULD NOT remember a SINGLE thing if i tried. I finally got to my bed and layed down and My heart was Beating out of my chest I felt like i had been laced or something, I have a very strong mind i would like to think and was able to kind of tell myself that i was fine and that it would all go away soon so i stayed calm and didnt freak, i sat and watched TV but there were 2 shapes in my vision in the top right of my vision and when one of them went away after like an hour i got some of idk “me” back i was more myself but still couldnt really remember much until the second shape faded and then i was back to being me, i was scared to fall asleep that night incase i didnt wake up.
    Does ANYONE know what the fuck happened to me???? I am very worried I had a miniature stroke or something

    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Hi Chase,

      Thank you for your comment. We are sorry to hear about your situation. As Sensi Seeds is not a medical agency or practitioner, we cannot give any kind of medical advice other than to consult your registered healthcare professional.

      You may also find it helpful to contact a support group for medicinal cannabis patients. In the UK there is the United Patients Alliance, and throughout much of the rest of the world there is NORML, who should be able to put you in touch with a group in your area (search United Patients Alliance or NORML followed by your area name).

      With best wishes,


    2. BRO you were blitzed!! In all actuality, it goes neither here nor there. Sometimes you just like smoking. The experiences you get teach you one of two things. Do I look forward to learning from another experience? Or perhaps I really don’t need this after all. Be safe and don’t despair in what’s going on in your mind. You need to understand it to grow. Some people prefer to workout instead. Some choose fishing. Some choose hockey. It’s what you learn from these experiences that truly matter.

    3. Chase i understand exactly what happened to you because I had a similar experience. 12/19/2020 I smoked just like any day, I felt myself get lightheaded and I panicked because this happened to me before so I went to shower when hopped in the shower immediately there was a pain in my left arm,it jerked and I blacked out so I panicked ran to my family. They were so inconsiderate. They told me to chill out I’m doing to much. So I tried to chill out went back to the shower but I was having a full blown panic attack. I had finally was like I’m just going to go to sleep to I just laid down and looked at a comfort movie for 3 hours. I still didn’t feel the same. I ended up forcing myself to sleep and I experienced the same thing over the next few weeks I experienced a kind of withdrawal where I couldn’t eat like literally (I’d gag try to eat fruit and I had to close my eyes and convince myself I love it),sleep ( I was scared sh*tless) and my blood pressure dropped really low so I had convulsions but I didn’t understand what was wrong with me…. on 1/20/2021 I returned to “normal” but I was absolutely mortified to go to sleep but besides that I experienced dp/dr episodes for a few weeks after until I got it under control and now I’m somewhat normal still scared that I’ll go to sleep and wake up but I deal with that by putting on a few comfort movies,pray and close my eyes to go to sleep.

      Try setting a timer when you go to sleep. So you can ensure you wake as a comfort thing. Idk what happened to us but I don’t think it was normal.But we’re still here and that’s all that matters.

      1. Jan Daron Eckert

        We cannot give any kind of medical advice other than to consult your registered healthcare professional.

      2. Mark - Sensi Seeds

        Good morning Jan,

        Thanks for you comment!

        You’re absolutely correct, It is always recommended to consult your registered healthcare professional regarding health issues, as I’m sure you are aware, the experience with cannabis is very subjective on both a physical and mental level and the reaction that we each have to the same variety or dose can be very different.

        Thanks again for your comment, and I hope you continue to enjoy the blog!


    4. i’m so sorry this has happened to you but it kinda feels good knowing this happens to over people too, i used to be able to smoke perfectly fine and now every time i do no matter the amount it’s like i’m dying, my heart races and i can’t move or speak, it’s terrifying

      1. When did you notice the effects changing from smoking herb? I can relate. Nightly smoker but just hits different these days..

    5. Dude, I JUST had this same experience on Tuesday. I (like you) believe I have a strong mind as well. I had took a few hits from my pen, smoked a blunt and again took a few hits from my pen (oil was actually strong lol) & abt 10 minutes later I started tripping out so bad. I seriously believed I was a robot & I kept questioning every action I did & at one point I NOTICED MYSELF TELLING MYSELF in my conscious to kill myself for some reason. Whatever I was experiencing was horrifying, because I knew that deep down I was fine, I knew that I smoked too much but what I was experiencing felt like it was actually happening (like me wanting to live anymore). It was scary too bc I was home alone (I’m 21 yrs old) and didn’t have anyone else there physically with me to talk to about this WHILE it was happening. It was like a real life simulation of things that weren’t real about my life. I rlly don’t know how to explain what I was seeing but after reading your experience with this I now for sure no I’m okay & not crazy haha so I thank you for sharing your story. I guess it does go to show that talking to someone about your issues actually does help haha. Just know that YOU’RE ok, just like I am, & that what we were experiencing was 100% DUE to too much intoxication of the drug. Do not tell yourself otherwise bc it is simply not true. I completely understand what you’re saying

      1. Yo this literally happend to me last night I’ve got some strong ass raw thc esig liquid and I put the pen in my bong and ripped it no joke 5 mins later it felt like I was distanced from reality like when acid and for a brief minute I enjoyed it however soon after it became a very unpleasant experience, it felt as tho someone was pushing there fingers into my temples on my head and my heart started beating at a speed as though I’d took coke. I tried to tell myself I’m just freaking out and to calm down but nothing was working, the full room was spinning by this point and anytime I tried to focus on something I felt like I was going to pass out and eventually that must be what happened because I don’t remember anything els until I woke up at 9:30am today.

    6. I’ve had this happen before, most recently last night. My body became ice cold, I broke out in a cold sweat over my whole body, my color was white and my eyes were red all around! Felt like throwing up, and couldn’t move!

      I’ve learned

      #1 Remain calm and talk to someone if you can

      #2 Deep breaths and close eyes

      #3 Dink some water and have a small sugary snack

      1. Mark - Sensi Seeds

        Hey Frankie,

        Thank you for your sharing your experience and for the great advice! There might not be any scientific evidence to support using a sugary snack as a treatment for a white-out, but it’s still super effective. I’m so glad you’re feeling better now.

        I hope you continue to enjoy the blog.

        With best wishes,


      2. I had been a daily smoker for many years, taking breaks of 4-5 years for various reasons. When I started smoking again a couple years ago, I was using a vape pen and getting medicinal grade cannabis. I knew it was more potent as one hit would do me, but over time, as usual, I would hit the pen several times throughout the day/evening.
        The first time I fell out from getting too high was several years ago after smoking a very small bowl of weed I got from a different source. I passed out, my partner said I had what appeared to be a small seizure, woke up and started puking if I moved. I crawled to bed and slept the rest of the day (fell out around noon). I stopped for years after that. Fast forward to the return to vaping. After about a year of that, I fell out again, but after smoking just a small hit of leaf. Same thing, passed out cold, unresponsive for about a minute, woke up and started puking. I recovered much quicker. Since then, I’ve had 2 more incidents, with getting “too high”, passing out and being down a bit, but without the vomiting. Does all this sound consistent with the whities? I don’t smoke but once or twice a week now, but last night got two hits from a small pipe and out I went about 15 minutes later. One hit too many I guess. Interesting note, I can cook my weed and do edibles and don’t have this response, though I notice I feel a bit “hung over” the next day until I eat. Strange.

    7. RutilaFelia

      I have had a few experiences similar to this. It feels like I am forgetting everything about myself and turning into energy. It’s very strange and scary! I try to learn from these experiences though. I think smoking can cause us to experience things our minds can’t comprehend and it makes us panic. I hope that helps a bit 🙂

    8. I’ve been smoking for 2-3 years now , out of the blue while I was at work I noticed me getting sick but at the time I didn’t think I was getting sick I thought omg am I going to die from feeling my heart beat raise and me tripping out , so ever since I’ve kept smoking but now I always feel my heart beat raise and I notice it and every little pain I get anywhere in my body trips me out thinking there’s something wrong with me. I need some help , I’ve noticed when I’m high I concentrate on stuff by also holding my breath but I don’t realize that till my heart feels like it’s going to come out of my chest . Would this be paranoia? I like how I used to just smoke get high and go on with my day but now I can’t look at my weed pen without thinking ama be tripping.

      1. I’m also 3-4 days sober and sometimes I feel a small pinch where my heart is at. Which also trips me out , I’ve read it can be from the withdraws of stopping cold turkey , so imo i don’t wanna stop smoking cold turkey I wanna slowly stop and then just stop cuz I know I can stop anytime I want but tripping out isn’t no fun

  17. A while back my best friend had gotten some really strong stuff and she decided to roll a blunt with it. I was used to smoking just half blunts lmao so when we smoked that whole blunt and I started feeling the whiteout effects, I knew I fucked up. It was by far the worst whiteout I have ever had.
    My vision temporarily went out and my hearing started going too. It was so fuckin weird.
    I was seeing black and white checkers in my vision and everything sounded like I was underwater or something.
    A faint ringing started to occur as well. Then after a while I noticed that my fingers were numb and tingly too.
    Eventually my vision and hearing slowly came back moments later.
    I never knew a whiteout could be that extreme, has anyone ever gone temporarily blind during a whiteout??

    1. I have experience whiteout this past summer. I was with my bf in the parking lot. People were trying to help. So my bf lay me down on the side and went to 711 bought me something sweet then I was just fine after that. I remember feeling faint. My blood was rising to my head. All I was thinking. I hope my panties don’t show when I go down lol. It was embarrassing🙄

      1. I’ve 14 and I’ve been smoking weed everyday for 3 years now, I was out on a cycle I was exhausted after I smoked a doob my vision was going and I felt faint and couldnt stand not sure what happend has this happend to anyone else

    2. I’ve gone blind once. Smoking sour diesel poppers in a buddies flat. We were all in cooking school and drinking cooking wine (which taste like absolute asshole on the best of days and generally has an alchohol percentage of about 21% it’s almost unpalatable) last thing I remember was taking a power nap on her couch.. 18 hours late I woke up in my own flat, completely naked minus a single boot. And i lost alot of respect that night. Shit happens.

      1. This isn’t my first time smoking but i guess i had too much because now i feel heavy and like i’m out of my body seeing multiple everything’s at once and i’m not sure what it happening. i can’t stop my moving. It’s weird because this has been going on for like 6 hours but I’m just trying to sleep. I’m not sure why but I can’t go in my room. ive taken 3 showers and i’m not sure what else to do besides wait it out

    3. I have white outs anytime I smoke a large amount of good stuff, mine are exactly like you described and I have even passed out from them and get extremely sick to make stomach making it hard to eat any sweet and keep it down. I have always wondered why🤷‍♀️

    4. Sounds like it could of been laced possibly I dont think you should get those effects from weed

    5. Soooo I thought I was laced ! I was smoking some dispensary weed and by the 2nd blunt I got a really thirsty. I chugged half of my water bottle. Then I couldn’t breathe. Do you remember when you’re a kid coming off the playground and you Finally got a turn at the fountain. You’re so thirsty and it’s so satisfying and you kind of like run out of breath while gulping. That Triggered the shortness of breath. My heart was pounding and racing at the same time. I turned to my friend and I told them that I didn’t feel so good they stared at me for a second but then I couldn’t breathe and I stood up and everything was spinning out of control before I stood up though I looked out to try to focus on something when I made my way to the couch but everything was spinning. I don’t know how I actually made it to the couch but I remember stumbling on the way and when I laid down it felt like I had prickly needles all over my body I felt numb and I close my eyes cause I really thought I was dying for no reason. My friend gave me some water and put a cold washcloth on my neck and back and that actually helped

    6. Crane this exact thing happened to me when I was 18 and smoked a gravity bong for the first time. Lost vision and hearing, the black and white checkers, everyone sounded like they were underwater (or like I was at the bottom of a well). Even after my vision and hearing returned, my heart was racing and pounding and I was weak, scared and nauseous. In my case it probably also triggered a massive panic attack although I didn’t know that at the time. I truly though I was going to die. It was so traumatizing I didn’t try weed again for well over a decade, and even today I’m still very cautious and nervous around weed.

  18. Hi

    I am a inexperinced user i tried a edible about 40mg or something like that 4 days ago and felt like i could not breath which lead to the hospital to be rehydrated. Since then though my brain has been feeling like it is shaking almost constantly is that normal will it go away it makes it hard to focus? again i have not had a edible before and i guess its worth mentioning i was drinking a little

    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Hi Sam,

      Thank you for your comment. We are sorry to hear about your situation. Unfortunately, we cannot give any of medical advice other than to consult your registered doctor.

      You may also find it helpful to contact a support group for medicinal cannabis patients. In the UK there is the United Patients Alliance, and throughout much of the rest of the world there is NORML, who should be able to put you in touch with a group in your area (search United Patients Alliance or NORML followed by your area name).

      With best wishes,


    2. So I’ve experienced this exact thing about 4 days ago.. my heart was racing my blood pressure was to the roof I felt like I was dying.. I never taking edibles before but took 2 gummies …. and I felt like I was having a heart attack

  19. Is weed linked at all to night sweats? I’ve had night sweats for the past month but I don’t actually smoke that much weed, although I do smoke nightly. I’ve been smoking for years too so not sure why I would develop the sweats now if it is related to the weed consumption.

    1. OMG! I’ve been having the same trouble! I can’t seem to find any information on this?

    2. That actually happens a lot to me when I’ve been smoking nightly for more than 2 months. I start sweating at night. Sometimes I reached the point where I was shaking during the night because my bedding was completely wet! I’m not sure why this happens but after a week of two without smoking it gets better.

  20. I’ve started to get the night sweats over the past month – do you think this is related to weed? I hardly smoke anything, it takes me ages to get through a half ounce and only smoke half a joint per night, just enough to get me buzzed for about an hour or so.

    Would really appreciate any help, I can’t find much online other than weed being linked to serotonin release and that excessive serotonin release causes night sweats, but I don’t know if I’m smoking enough to get that kind of reaction, nor have I had the night sweats for long relative to how long I’ve been smoking nightly. It’s a pickle.

    1. I don’t know if this section is still active but I had a really weird reaction to weed this afternoon, I smoke weed regularly it wasn’t my first time. I got INCREDIBLY tremor-y, I could stand up because my legs were shaking so bad, when I held my arms up my whole arm was shaking badly, I could feel my heartbeat going VERY fast through my chest, I was incredibly drowsy, very nearly fell asleep a few times on the bench I was sat on. It lasted about half an hour until I could walk again, I also felt very nauseous every time I moved my head. Does anyone know anything about what this could have been? I was prescribed pregabalin 2 days ago, don’t know if that caused it? It was my first joint since starting the pregabalin. Any help would be appreciated as I’m scared to continue smoking weed now as I DO NOT want to feel like that again, it was horrible

      1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

        Hi there,

        Thank you for your comment. We are sorry to hear about your situation. As Sensi Seeds is not a medical agency or practitioner, we cannot give any kind of medical advice other than to consult your registered healthcare professional.

        You may also find it helpful to contact a support group for medicinal cannabis patients. In the UK there is the United Patients Alliance, and throughout much of the rest of the world there is NORML, who should be able to put you in touch with a group in your area (search United Patients Alliance or NORML followed by your area name).
        With best wishes,


      2. S don’t smoke if your on anxiety meds your already taking one drug the pregablin then your smoking weed your now creating a third drug and your brain and body can’t take it hence your problems with shaking. I know myself meds and weed bad combo

      3. Charles Lizer

        Hey, I havent smoked weed alot this month and it was about 5 days since the last I smoked, I’ve been sick for 3 days with a real bad soar throat, it might be corona virus actually not sure yet, today I felt really good so I took a bong RIP 5 mins and could feel the anxiety creeping on which is normal for me for the first 30 mins, but it was getting really intense, my head started feeling very wierd I looked in the mirror and my pupils instantly turned black and started dialating and my heart went to like 130bpm for the next 15-20 mins I’ve never been so sure that I was having a heart attack and I was going to die today. I’ve had 2 other panic attacks before but never with the severity of this I also started shaking uncontrollably for the next 30-40 mins, I ended up lying on the couch with my whole family sitting by me for the next hour. This happened a year ago also with the shaking but not the heart rate. I’m done smoking weed. I was more sure I was about die of a heart attack than I was when I totalled my car this summer getting tboned at an intersection. Just an fyi I use to smoke every day all day long for like 8 years the best shit on the planet.

      4. I didn’t feel nautious but everytime I smoke now after the first time I got that feeling the same shit happens but not at a extreme rate I don’t know if there’s something wrong with my body but the first time I tried this exotic weed I thought I was gonna die and felt like I was either about to have a heart attack or seizure.

  21. Notice:: sorry for my language I’m not speaking English originally::

    Well, i have read the comments, i can say something very important, the worst thing in the human brain that’s ( overthinking) the marijuana let your brain in overthinking mood about anything in life ( die, life, work, future, past life….etc) when you smoke you r brain start thinking more usual.
    Example:: ( the brain like car engine or laptoops) when you press more gas you will go more speed but that mean Consume faster for your car and at thr end you will get an accident if you still walk speed and you will lose your car , so try ti work on your overthinking just stop overthinking and I guarantee you will get better I promise and swear, why i said that
    Because I’m now in psychosis Mode after smoke that’s made my brain work more and faster that’s mean you will be in overthinking mode and that’s mean you have to find all solutions to your thinking …etc you brain will arrive to that area to stop and get in dangerous mood .
    Again be careful about smoke because you will be in overthinking mode

  22. Hey there,

    I never took weed in my life, I’m over 30 and the other day I tried a cookie, my partner smokes weed so we each had a cookie. It was the most awful experience of my life, well top 3 for sure.

    !) Laughter

    2) Yet more laughter

    3) The start of a white out

    4) On the bed shaking uncontrollably for 2 or so hours with cotton mouth.

    5) The feeling I was going to die and blacking out while I also became temporarily paralyzed.

    6) Psychosis with horrible memory lapses so I literally could not make sense when I spoke no matter how much I tried. I felt like this was going to be me for the rest of my life. (I was in hospital at this stage)

    7) Vomiting.

    8) Psychosis and memory lapses fading, the episodes were less often but I was still hallucinating.

    9) After sleeping it stopped.

    10) Never ever again will I take weed.

    1. Hello.

      Thank you for sharing your story, it’s very sad to hear that you didn’t have a nice experience.

      It is not advised to consume edibles (cannabis-infused food) without having a cannabis tolerance. It is always recommended to start off with small doses, preferably a joint. Once you get the hang of that experience, you’ll be ready for edibles. Edibles are a very heavy experience for inexperienced users, they can be compared to other psychedelic drugs.

      The reasons for it to be so heavy are:

      1. A high(er) cannabis dosage
      2. Your body absorbs it in a different way, it passes through your metabolism. This causes heavy effects, compared to smoking.

      A whitey is simply cannabis intoxication, you had too much of it!

      Stay safe!

    2. i’ve actually gone through that same thing!! i thought it wasn’t normal but i guess it’s rare to have it go to that extreme? i honestly don’t know, but i think though it’s horrible it’s nice to know that i’m not the only one. i’m sorry you went through that though i know how terrifying it really is.

    3. @AOIFE… this is almost verbatim my experience last monday. one square inch of cake is all i took. after about an hour i felt pretty dizzy but i thought nothing of it.. vertigo perhaps. Then, as soon as i lay my head on the pillow, the psychosis began, i wasn’t sure if i was dreaming or if it was real. i could barely lift my head . Severe dizziness…. then the shaking began. my arm, then legs, then body, then arm again. i couldn’t speak. my mouth was glued shut. “cotton mouth” i’ve since discovered. i was breathing funny. had to be taken to hospital .. put on drip/anti nausea meds/pain killers. the severe tremor lasted for 4 hours 🙁 oh yeah, almost forgot the projectile vomiting. I don’t think that such a small amount should have wreaked so much havoc with my system. Maybe because i also had a tot of port ? no idea. Not to be repeated tho.. clearly my body reacted badly.

    4. omg this was me last night i thought i would never go back to reality and that i might die and was throwing up. i think my weed was laced.

      1. aguywhosometimesaccidentallysmokestoomuch

        I’ve experienced:
        * Shakes
        * Panic
        * Anxiety
        * Incredibly fantastical, delusional thoughts (“I know why we exist on this earth! yay!”)
        * random memory recall

        all during the experience of a cannabis OD. It’s not laced weed because where I live, I buy it from the government and it’s regulated heavily. The reason all this happened is again, my biology at the time could not handle the psychoactive experience.

        Blood sugar may have been a factor.
        Quantity of cannabis consumed was most likely a factor, I am sensitive to it and can get a comfortable buzz by dropping like .2 g’s of like 15% strength stuff into a pipe.

        This is anecdotal information of course, but the common theme to these white-outs or overdoses from these comments and my personal experiences seem to be with tolerance breaks and jumping back in at the dose you left off at, or over-doing it.

        The most comfortable, safest thing to do here is going to be grabbing a small dose, waiting and seeing how you react and then tritrating your dose from there.

    5. Hi! I have had this reaction when I smoke a sativa but I do not feel like this when I smoke an indica. You might want to try changing it up?

  23. ChickNorris

    I used a vaporizer device to smoke weed without my husband the other night. He borrowed the device and was given the pot by a friend who used it during chemotherapy. My husband smoked recreationally as a youngster and found it helped with stress and insomnia. These have been issues lately so he reached out to his friend. I thought it would be fun a supportive to do it with him. BIG mistake.

    Within minutes I was violently ill. My head was spinning and the nausea was horrible. The slightest movement made it worse and immediately brought on vomiting. It was like extreme motion sickness times 10. I threw up so loudly and violently that I woke my children from a sound sleep.

    After an hour or two I became very thirsty but I was unable to keep down even a few sips of water. Imagine downing half a Bottle of vodka and that might give you some idea if how it felt.

    I received some slight relief while in the shower but even then I still felt sick and vomited. After about three hours of this I finally felt well enough – and I use that term loosely- to lay down and close my eyes.

    By morning the head spins and vomiting were over but I still felt weak, queasy and dehydrated. Just a horrible experience and one that don’t ever intend to repeat.

    Again this was my first and only time trying it. My husband, meanwhile was fine and found my reaction strange and almost funny. Me…not so much.

  24. Ok so I smoked for the first time last week and I figured I should ask this. Let’s just say I had hallucinations and the laughter. But my hallucinations was seeing trees that looked like blue umbrellas and a tiny basement in my college dorm room that had the door open and the light on. I was feeling my heart race and had to put music in to calm down. A friend of mine said that it must’ve been laced when I told her about the trees. The next morning I felt like I was going to throw up (thankfully I didn’t) and my spleen has been somewhat hurting, especially when I lay down a certain way. What does this mean? Someone said it must’ve been laced with crack. I watched my friend roll it and he even said it was it laced.

    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Hi Sav,

      Thank you for your comment. We are sorry to hear about your situation. As Sensi Seeds is not a medical agency or practitioner, we cannot give any kind of medical advice other than to consult your registered healthcare professional.
      You may also find it helpful to contact a support group for medicinal cannabis patients. In the UK there is the United Patients Alliance, and throughout much of the rest of the world there is NORML, who should be able to put you in touch with a group in your area (search United Patients Alliance or NORML followed by your area name).

      With best wishes,


  25. I had a whitey just the other night. I had just gotten a new strain and I for some reason, even unknown to me, decided to smoke 5 bowls. Back to back. I was also drinking beer when this happened. I made a run for the washroom to vomit, but vomitting did not occur. Just the heaves. I layed down on the floor as it was cool and felt really nice. I was overheating like mad.

    I don’t know how long I was on the floor as it felt like I was in and out of consciousness. When I was finally able to get up, I had made a huge puddle of sweat on the floor.

    I’m not sure if me being on bp pills would have any bearing on this.

    I was around a few others who were snorting cocaine. We were “having fun”.
    Is it possible I got high also from the coke?

    Any help would be appreciated

  26. Been smoking weed since Reagan was POTUS with no unwanted effects, except in the old day’s when we used to get buzzed and fall asleep driving.
    Switched to a volcano in 2014.
    Has a piss test at work , zero for weed result .
    I’m thinking it’s because of not carbonizing the weed it can’t be detected in the blood.
    What do ya figure?

    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Hi Max,

      Thanks for your comment and your question. As far as I know, THC tests detect a metabolite of THC, not the THC itself, but if you have consumed THC – whether it’s through a vaporizer, edibles, smoking, or another method – the metabolite should be present in your system.

      If the urine test didn’t detect the metabolite, I would venture a guess that either:

      – the cannabis you were vaporizing didn’t contain (enough) THC to produce the metabolite
      – the test result was a false negative / the test itself was faulty / the test was administered incorrectly
      – you’ve got a really fast metabolism and the metabolite had cleared your system by the time you took the test

      Either way, you got lucky!

      You may also find this article about THC tests (and tips for passing them!) interesting. I hope you continue to enjoy the blog.

      With best wishes,


  27. Hi, I went out with some friends and got high and I only took a couple puffs of the joint and as usual the effects started but ever since then I can’t remember much after it I only remember feeling really sick and it felt like my body was pins and needles and it felt like I was dying and according to my friends I fainted three times, after that I started to become more aware and had a panic attack, I don’t remember anything besides the sick part and the panic attack I only go off what my friends told me I also remember feeling like I couldn’t control anything, other times when I was high I could control myself but I couldn’t even stand that day. I was maybe wondering if u know why this happened

    1. The same thing happened to me recently and I smoke a lot but like I tried this different strain and I felt that same way now when I smoke weed it keeps happening but not as bad but it’s still a scary feeling

  28. henry bradely

    Yup my wife can testify to the effects of “special hot chocolate”. Home made I hasten to add. Not good, long night baby sitting her.

  29. Hi, I would like to see if anyone on here could help me out.

    I am a very experienced cannabis user in the UK and a week ago I experienced severe heart pains, shortness of breath, racing heart rate and lots of anxiety from smoking one spliff. I smoke at least one a day and this had never happened. I ended up having to go to hospital, where they said my heart and vitals were fine. Ever since then I try to smoke and the same intense heart pains happen, however the doctor said there are no signs of heart attacks from my blood tests. Is it possible that they missed something? Or am I just experiencing severe anxiety from it now- but I don’t think it is a panic attack as the pain continues even when I try to be cam? I really don’t know what to do and I miss smoking so so much.

    Has anyone got an idea as to what is going on??????

    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Hi Angelica,

      Thank you for your comment. We are sorry to hear about your situation. As Sensi Seeds is not a medical agency or practitioner, we cannot give any kind of medical advice other than to consult your registered healthcare professional.

      You may also find it helpful to contact a support group for medicinal cannabis patients. In the UK there is the United Patients Alliance, and throughout much of the rest of the world there is NORML, who should be able to put you in touch with a group in your area (search United Patients Alliance or NORML followed by your area name).

      With best wishes,


    2. Milan Mahat

      Hey..its because you need a tolerance break..it hapens to me after i smoke regularly and then i have panic attack where i have pain in heart or other part but the pain is all fake and due to adrealine…try smoking after a month

      1. Bro I appreciate this comment I hope that’s the truth I’m going to try it I hope it’s the reason because I used to enjoy smoking and just chill

    3. The same thing happened to me recently and I smoke a lot but like I tried this different strain and I felt that same way now when I smoke weed it keeps happening but not as bad but it’s still a scary feeling

  30. Nice article but i think blood pressure is the reason behind the “whitey”. I had those A LOT in the early days and it always helped to put my legs up.

  31. no filters in weed pure smoke in your lungs definite cancer and all long term cannabis users are paranoid all of them not one could walk into a pub they didn’t no on there own they would just buckle and run if you cant get through life with out your drugs then your just weak

  32. Me and my wife met in the UK when we were still in our early 20s. There we smoked Hash almost daily.
    Coming back to South Africa after the 2 year working holiday we had there, we sometimes smoked weed but later years nothing.
    In my 40’s I started having some blood pressure issues and put on medication. My cousin started to enjoy Cannabis brownies and buscuits and asked if he should bring some the one weekend. I agreed.
    That evening after having the brownies with some ice-cream, I started to feel sick and I couldn’t breath and I had no balance. I stumbled outside to get some air and then asked my wife to help me get to the bed so I can lay down. It felt like a massive weight was put on my chest and I cannot breath. Just putting a blanket over me made it so much worse. There was this buzzing sound in my head that just grows louder and louder – drowning all other sound out around me. With the growing of this sound, my body convulged while a needle-and-pins feeling grows all the more intense until it ‘explodes’ in my head and body and all my muscles pulls together and the needle-and-pins becomes quite painful.
    I then crawled to the bathroom and started vomiting intensely – 5 times in a row. This happened 3 more times (I do not know the time intervals) I passed out and come too, feel sick – vomit, exploding sound and pain – needles and pins. This repeated for quite some time and my wife wanted to take me to hospital but finally I fell asleep.
    Never again! I also feel that this can kill you now.

    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Hi John,

      Thanks for your comment and for sharing the details of this very horrible experience! Was the blood pressure medication to lower your blood pressure? If so, it is much more likely for you to have a whitey, as cannabis also lowers blood pressure. Eating cannabis also results in stronger and longer-lasting effects than most other ways of consuming it. Do not fear that you could die though, it is physically impossible to lethally overdose on cannabis as it does not affect the respiratory system. However, I would certainly think twice before consuming cannabis in any form if you are taking medication to lower your blood pressure, and having a chat with your healthcare professional about it would be a good idea too.

      With best wishes,


    2. I had my own white out yesterday , it was dreadful. I was out with friends and I had just two hits of marijuana. (Mind you’ this isn’t my first time smoking it but I think this was hybrid). Next thing I know is I started zoning out, I tried to focus by staring at my phone so hard then I heard myself saying ‘ I don’t know what’s wrong with me’ I was so uncomfortable and I tried to stand up but I think that was a huge mistake cos immediately I fell to the ground and started screaming and fighting off people trying to hold me down, I started experiencing so many different pain on so many levels all at once…

      I think I was hallucinating although it felt so real, I was biting my tongue and lips, scratching my nails on the wall and I was making strange faces. I had people holding me down and preventing me from doing more harm.
      My boyfriend was with me and he kept calling my name. ( I heard that in my subconsciousness even though I couldn’t remember what I did during everything, I can only remember what I felt)
      It lasted for 15minutes and when I finally came through the first thing I asked was to see my boyfriend. I saw myself drenched in water and sitting on the ground and I asked how I got there.
      Imagine what I felt for over 15mins. I thought I was dying and I kept fighting to retain my sanity.
      Mj calms my nerves but I have to stay away from it now, I wouldn’t want to have the same experience again

  33. I have a stash of good quality stuff from cultivating several plants last year. I decarbed part of my my stash and then made a big dish of brownies using two cups of cannabis. Since I have no idea how much THC was in the brownie mix, I had to be careful during the first taste test.

    I ate two small brownie squares about a half-inch by half-inch, about half what I would use on an average day. The high kicked in about 45 minutes later. It was a potent high but not close to a white out. After going to bed a few hours later, I woke up at 2:00 AM and went to the bathroom. I was still under the influence but not bad. It had been almost eight hours since I consumed the brownie and I assumed I was on my way down and would wake up after returning to bed and be completely sober later in the morning like I usually did. Well, I was in for a surprise.

    While I emptied my bladder, the cannabis started coming back on me. In the space of a minute or two, I descended into a scary white out that forced me to sit down on the commode to let it pass. In addition to feeling dizzy, weak, and slightly nauseous, I also sweat through the T-shirt I was wearing until it looked as though I’d just gotten out of a swimming pool. The white out lasted 15-20 minutes while I just “hung on” waiting for it to pass. Needless to say, it was a rough 15-20 minutes.

    The point I’m trying to make is that the white out started EIGHT hours after I originally ate the two small squares of brownie. What I assume happened was that a portion of the brownies I ate had not been digested (even though I did eat a small dinner) and was reinvigorated by my standing and walking to the bathroom, bringing on the white out. It’s now been over eighteen hours after ingestion, and I still have a slight buzz.

    My next cannabis consumption will be half what I took last night, and I’m hoping it won’t cause another white out. Scary stuff.

    1. I put a lot in a batch of brownies for a New Years with a partner when I was in uni, we smoked a lot, blunts etc… from this batch of brownies we were so ‘mashed’ we lost 3 days. I barely remember being able to do anything other than maybe eat and sleep, (and crawl to the bathroom because standing up would cause a ‘whitey’) but we prepped, quick food, water, drinks, chocolate, crisps etc. I don’t know how long I was ‘conscious’ for in the 3 days, I don’t think it was long, it was like taking a very nice feeling sedative, what I can recall of it anyway. Awesome at the time, wouldn’t do it now in my 30s.

  34. I never smoked. At 36 I had a psychotic break smoking a quarter of a joint. It can happen to some people. i was one of them. It released way too much stress at once, which had built up over 20 years, and I completely lost touch with time and who I was. I didn’t know the day, month, if I was a schizophrenic or not etc. It was truly terrifying but also made me have a long hard look at how I behaved in the past.

  35. Yesterday I was smoking with a friend for the first time in the sun and we couldn’t even finish the blunt but I told her all of a sudden I got really dizzy and hot. She said my face got rlly red and was just telling me to take deep breathes. I basically forced myself to walk back home but I had to continue taking long breaks because my vision was so blurry I couldn’t see. Once I got home I ate a snack and had water and I felt completely back to normal. It was the worse feeling, I thought I was gonna yack but every time I was sitting I felt better but when I got up to walk the dizziness automatically came back. This isn’t my first time experiencing this and I thought maybe it’s the type of weed bc before I lived in ny and never dealt with this.

  36. Fred Samples

    I can’t believe this article omits Doritos addiction, a known side-effect of WEED.

  37. a few weeks ago i smoked hash and had an intense fucking whiteout i didnt pass out but i lost all control of my body and like smashed my head into the table and was shaking, couldnt see, talk and my hearing was as if i was under water. after a while i went inside and lied down on the sofa for a few minutes and then sat up as if it never happened? is that even normal cuz it kinda sounds like i had a seizure lol

    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Hi alex,

      Thank you for your comment. We are sorry to hear about your situation. As Sensi Seeds is not a medical agency or practitioner, we cannot give any kind of medical advice other than to consult your registered healthcare professional. This article about the potential benefits of medicinal cannabis might be useful for you to show your healthcare provider if they are not familiar with it.

      You may also find it helpful to contact a support group for medicinal cannabis patients. In the UK there is the United Patients Alliance, and throughout much of the rest of the world there is NORML, who should be able to put you in touch with a group in your area (search United Patients Alliance or NORML followed by your area name).

      These are our pages on medicinal cannabis and medicinal cannabis strains, which you might also find interesting.

      With best wishes,


  38. ana paula magalhaes

    So happy to hear your story Bill!
    you take CBD/THC? edibles?
    I would like to know because of my studies.
    Thank you

  39. Between cannabis, macrobiotics, and a lot of prayer I have in 8 years:
    Stopped a headache that persisted for 23 years, overnight,
    Allowed me to stop 15 meds
    Reverse type2 diabetes
    Returned to ideal blood pressure and cholesterol
    Held cancer in check for 3 years
    Lost 70 lbs.
    Still have sex at 72
    I’m healthier than the last 45 years, other than the cancer

    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Hi there,

      No, but it won’t make you high either. Industrial hemp isn’t bred for recreational consumption.

      With best wishes,


  40. I had a whitey they other day after I smoked purple haze, and it was definitely because of low blood pressure cause I hadn’t eaten anything beforehand but I’m not really seeing any comments about what I experienced, I didn’t throw up but had a super pale face, felt heavy and extremely nauseous, was sweating like CRAZYY, and At one point I couldn’t see absolutely anything and my hearing went all static, my friends were screaming at me and I could barely hear a thing, 100% the scariest thing I’ve had to go through, I was just wondering if anyone else has had that happenes to anyone else or if that’s common?

    1. I get the exact same as you. I start seeing everything in a dark blue until I see nothing and my hearing go all static as well. One time I even fainted and got a seizure, so be aware. But DON’T panic. I feel like panic is like FUEL to whiteys. That’s the last thing you wanna do. I have learned to control it by not freaking out, calming myself, living the present, not the future. Cause I always get anxious thinking about what could happen to me and that makes it worse. Eat something sweet and relax. Listen to some music, I personally like Sabrina Claudio’s music, is so soothing and calming. But yeah, the key is not to panic, I feel like that’s the way to control it really. And I usually eat something sweet and something salty, cause idk if my problem is with my sugar level or my pressure. Excuse my english and I hope I´ve helped.

  41. I no for A fact that a white ( or a headrush ) with nausea, sweating, trembleing, and dizziness or fainting is a side effect of ingesting to much cannabis to fast, and is a true problem for beginner’s and fulltime users of Cannabis,
    I have used cannabis for 40 yrs have had several of these side effects and issues and deal with it by eating sugary drinks and snacks, ( the munchies )this is scary for novice users.
    My friend al was unemployed not eating regularly and on two occasions he had really low blood sugar after smoking cannabis:
    First time : standing in a busy McDonald’s resteraunt in line he dropped to floor had a seizure at other patrons feet sprang up embarrassed and ran out to my car, I purchased his food once we ate our burgers good as new.
    2nd time : same thing in line at grocery store ( munchies in hand ) ALLWAYS EAT BEFORE YOU SMOKE CANNABIS !!
    As far as psychosis, and other illnesses, mentioned it is highly likely cannabis could aggravate underlying medical and psychological problems, this article has potential side effects that need to be considered Every time you use cannabis !!!!!
    Thanks for an informative article.

  42. I am a medical marijuana patient and have been attempting to use cannabis to control my lower back pain and possibly assist with my fatigue and anxiety/depression. At this point I have tried vaporization, tincture and capsules (sativa, sativa-dominant hybrid and indica-dominant hybrid, respectively). All forms have been 1:1 ratios, and I have found that with all of these I experience feeling “stoned” along with increased heart rate, paranoia, anxiety, mental fogginess/forgetfulness. What would be the best recommendation from here? The dispensary is fairly limited in high-CBD strains (currently has ACDC 2:1 CBD:THC in stock), thanks in advance.

    1. ana paula magalhaes

      JB3, I believe you
      must focus on sativas instead of indica
      try higher Cbd, and low Thc
      and edibles might be the best ( better absorband longer effects)

      so.. you just need to find another dispensary.

  43. The plant naturally shouldn t be an issue

    I remember reading somewhere, that both THC and CBD work together beneficially. And I remember having heard about psychosis as a teenager although almost everyone I know are daily users and I have been on the weed map for 25 years now I have never met anyone that it happened to. Now I don t know were most of these comments come from but for sure weed has gone way stronger throughout the years. And one of the reason is because creating the different breeds to get the maximum thc possible and almost no CBD left to get as strong psychoactive material as possible. But guess what the plant already has it under control the cbd is the antidote to the psychosis. Which is ridiculous because on one hand you create a problem by modifying the plant then you make money of selling the cbd from the same plant to solve it. One of the reason it should never had been illegal is that government should be able to control these modifications for safety of the user. All of this is good and blessed that so much more researches have been made in 80 years although humans have been using it for 8000 years without issues. The ban has definitely mad a lot of people richer and the same people probably will benefit from it when totally legalized like the prohibition years. What happened to the weed with 4% thc/cbd ratio?, now they have created monsters of up to 30 % thc with no cbd in it almost, of course there is an issue, does n t take an Einstein to figure that out. But indeed I can only agree that anyone with predispose to psychological problems should be very respectful with psychoactive drugs it really makes sens. But it is true that it does not provoke the disorders it triggers theme, otherwise the rates of schizophrenic and bipolarity etc would have multiplied at the same rate as the consumption has risen, but they are still the same as 50 years ago proportionally. It s a complex plant with a loads of compounds and we are also all very complex and with different genetic predisposition. I have worked with people that are champions in solving complex problems and they smoke fat joints all day long and others who can not even smell the plant, although it s very rare to meet someone who does n t like the smell hehe.

  44. The doctor at the medical marijuana dispensary gave me to high of THC it cause me to have dizziness,my throat closed up and couldn’t not breath to good also Panic attacks felt like it was burning my brain, blurred vision , I also got dry mouth so severe and I haven’t been eating well I’m so disappointed in there decision to give me they should’ve of gave me a lower dose I’ve been to 2 emergency rooms they don’t know how to handle the problem that well so they gave me Benadryl Acid reflux meds because I’m allergic to steroids so that’s all they can do for me it’s very depressing at this point I’m very upset Because my throat feel tight and got mucus build up along with I can’t eat in the last 9 days and no one can even help not even the number on the box don’t know what to do? Any body can help me with this problem or Direct me to a good doctor to help with this situation I would never do this again it was for my pain in my back to help this dedicate this Direct me to a good doctor to help with this situation I would never do this again it was for my pain in my back to help me instead of taking pills? I need help please

    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Hi Ruby,

      Thank you for your comment. We are sorry to hear about your situation. As Sensi Seeds is not a medical agency or practitioner, we cannot give any kind of medical advice other than to consult our registered healthcare professional. This article about the potential benefits of medicinal cannabis might be useful for you to show your healthcare provider if they are not familiar with it.

      You may also find it helpful to contact a support group for medicinal cannabis patients. In the UK there is the United Patients Alliance, and throughout much of the rest of the world there is NORML, who should be able to put you in touch with a group in your area (search United Patients Alliance or NORML followed by your area name).

      This are our pages on medicinal cannabis and medicinal cannabis strains, which you might also find interesting.

      With best wishes,


  45. This is great to know that other people have these problems aswell because over the past month I’ve literally felt like I’ve been going insane. I’ve been smoking for about a year straight, since I was thirteen and recently I’ve had depression, anxiety and just a bunch of weird random thoughts that I’m trying to piece together. I also have such a bad appetite and eat only once a day. Also my life has drastically changed, and I’ve had a lot of issues with family but when I smoke it seems to be a nice escape but when I’m not smoking and don’t have weed I feel depressed and lonely. Also I used to trip a lot and all I would have is bad trips that would sketch me out so hard and I even have flash backs from them almost everyday. LSD and physcidelics have just been such a shitty experience for me because it’s like they’ve open up a new world in your head full of ideas that you just can’t simply comprehend… if anyone else has been feeling weird like this recently let me know, I hope I don’t sound crazy

  46. Thank you for these articles! I had my first(and Last) experience with a “whiteout” on the weekend. I had to go to hospital for the tremors were so severe I could barely stand, vomiting, but knew my name address etc. It scared the hell out of me. I ate such a tiny amount(1/4 of a teaspoon for high level of pain) The tremors passed but took at least 2hrs.
    My heart rate is what really scared me so high i couldn’t count the beats have no idea what the rate was couldn’t see enough..While I am a huge supporter of the use of Cannabis in the medical world(and for recreation use) I will not be touching it again, maybe my body just can’t process it.

  47. Thank you for your comment. I’ve been taking CBD oil for 3 months. At first it caused panic attacks, until I became used to the dosage. I definitely experience tremors, not serious, but they are there where they were not before. I have had a general feeling of unwellness since mid March, which started with a “cold” and has continued on. I have experienced some “white” outs but didn’t know they had an actual name. So today, I’m stopping with the CBD capsules because, while they do relieve the pain of a herniated disc and arthritis, it’s not worth the huge circles and purple corners in my eyes and I sleep like a rock, so that’s not the problem. It is very pricy and I would be willing to pay if I actually felt better. Plus 2 capsules aren’t cutting it now, so would have to up to 3, which would last only 10 days. Pain relief is the only plus (a big one), but….

  48. Thank you for your comment. I’ve been taking CBD oil for 3 months. At first it caused panic attacks, until I became used to the dosage. I definitely experience tremors, not serious, but they are there where they were not before. I have had a general feeling of unwellness since mid March, which started with a “cold” and has continued on. I have experienced some “white” outs but didn’t know they had an actual name. So today, I’m stopping with the CBD capsules because, while they do relieve the pain of a herniated disc and arthritis, it’s not worth the huge circles and purple corners in my eyes and I sleep like a rock, so that’s not the problem. It is very pricy and I would be willing to pay if I actually felt better. Pain relief is the only plus.

    1. So I overdosed a week ago and my stomach keeps growling and I feel extremely hungry. Like hunger pangs it won’t go away and I feel nauseous if I don’t eat will that go away soon cause I just overdosed too much it’s giving my symptoms? I took it last Wednesday today is Wednesday it’s been a week.

  49. body cleansing

    I’m always searching for great material on the internet and I can certainly tell you, the following is some of the finest I’ve seen. Keep up the fine work.

  50. If u do a whitey an go skits just chill its becuase uve smoked so much weed after u go white or green ur tolerance gets higher so u can smoke more weed than u did before u went white what i uselly do is wait 5 min try eat somethin sweet or drink water or smoke another joint if u smoke another joint blunt bong pipe how ever u get stoned u will feel better if u have any other concerns about the the whole whitey stuff just ask a question an ill reply

    1. I smoked for the second time yesterday and felt nauseous for the first time is this normally just a 1 time thing or? It happened after 2 joints. I’m asking this because the 10 mins of the high was great until it hit me nothing happened the first time i smoked.

  51. I am very sensitive to drugs -all drugs even OTC medicines- I smoke cannabis throught the day because it helps with my anxiety and lack of focus. Lately, almost every strain I smoke has been giving me headaches. When I don’t smoke I get hungry, like, dizzyingly hungry, but I have a hard time eating.
    This article seems to say I should take a break, but not being able to eat and the anxiety seem scary. Any remedies?

  52. I take a half dozen to 10 hits a day or good medical grade oil so I can move well enough to get something done. I stop about 7 p.m. every night so I can sleep. I have Progressive MS.
    I have about 1 a month but occasionally more when I get dizzy and nauseous. Looking up or if I tip my head back a little with my eyes closed makes it a lot worse. It will get worse as the day goes on and the day ends with dry heaves. In the 2 dozen times this has happened over the last 2 years, I have never actually puked anything up, ever but have usually felt better afterwards.
    I don’t think it is a THC issue but I don’t want to rule out the possibility.

  53. I suffer from Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy in my right knee extreme, left knee slightly. I am also a military dependent. However I live in Nevada. There isn’t a cure for RSD and I have a terrible time sleeping. The pain wakes me up 2 hours after taking a sleeping pill and pain pills. My military doctor told me that in order for the sleeping pills to work I have to come off of them for 30 days. Tried that, not possible. However since I live in a marijuana legal state I am now smoking a pipe full every night before going to bed. I experience the shakiness, that is how I know I have smoked enough. It also makes me growl and talk in my sleep according to my husband. But I could care less about all the side effects, what I do want to scream to the heavens and proclaim loudly to anyone who suffers out there from this or any disease that wakes you due to pain making your sleeping pills utterly useless, is that I am now getting 5-6 hours of glorious regenerative uninterrupted sleep!!!! Some people may not be able to handle the side effects, I grew up in the 70’s and I was never really into pot. But now it is what helps get me through my night. So that’s my story. I think to each his own.

  54. Nathan Moyer

    Any reaction is possible, and not because of the weed but because of the human being consuming it. To discount or disregard any specific reaction is foolish. A person that smokes a significant amount every day or at least often could one day get a strain that is a bit stronger or even weaker and have an adverse reaction to it. People that have a predisposition to mental issues shouldn’t consume any substance, PERIOD, that could cause a change in dopamine levels or any substance that could POSSIBLY cause an adverse reaction. Prescribed meds are in that category, too, but to a lesser extent, as some meds DO help without harm, and have been proven to help…. But weed is such a different beast, as THX CBD and other chemical levels like to vary when dealing with a grown product that isn’t altered from it’s natural form. Such as pain: My girlfriend had an injury causing her chronic, daily pain that won’t go away. She was prescribed oxy and eventually, they cut her off as they alwyas do….Still have the pains but DR’s don’t wanna “risk” addiction…If she needs it and benefits from it and has insurance, why the hell not?? Better to be addicted to something controlled that can show benefits that she cannot be arrested for possessing…So we turned to weed. Fine except she ate an edible from a store (I make my own foods infused but she wanted to try the store-made one) and she had a horrible reaction….So my point is that any reaction is possible, even after common use, with this product……We will continue to use marijuana but obviously even a “pure” and “controlled” form of it can cause adverse reactions….I might’ve rambled on a bit but my point should be clear: Never ever discount one person’s experience simply because you see it differently…

  55. Thank goodness I found this article. I feel so much better and now know what to do if it happens to me or anyone else again. I’ve smoked on and off since I was about 17 I’m now 48. The last time I smoked was about 6 years ago. Last night was my first whitey. I was at home, I’d had not even half a glass of wine and a friend came over and she and I smoked a joint. Very quickly I knew something was wrong. I was very high, too high, I felt dizzy and my limbs felt wrong and very heavy, i couldn’t see or hear properly. I managed to get up and go to the bathroom and be sick. I went back to my bedroom and laid down. My heart was racing and I could feel myself falling into unconsciousness. Bizarrely a voice in my head kept saying “don’t go to sleep. Don’t go to sleep. Come back”, there was no one in the room with me. My friend came in and I could hear her asking if I was ok. I asked her to get me a bowl. I honestly thought that if I went to sleep my heart would fail and i would die. Oddly enough it was just my butt that was really cold. She got me the bowl and I kept hearing that voice in my head saying not to go to sleep. Eventually I vomited, a lot, and started to feel better. I was able to go to sleep rather than just pass out. I’m convinced if I had allowed my self to fall unconscious I would have choked on my own vomit and died or had heart failure. Well, maybe not heart failure I realised later my bra was digging into my chest and with the racing heart and the pressure of the bra, I pretty much thought I was going to die. It was a horrible experience, the awful sense of doom was the worst. However, now I know that I just need to have something to eat before I smoke again. Which probably won’t be for another 6 years. Oh, and Yes, I do have low blood pressure so that wouldn’t have helped.

    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Hi there,

      Thank you for your comment, that sounds like a really awful experience and I’m glad this article has reassured you and helped you make sense of what happened. Hopefully it won’t happen again!

      With best wishes,


    2. this verbatim happened to me too

      smoked a bowl using my bong, im a pretty regular smoker but i just came back from a ~6 day t break due to work. my vision started to grain out as i was showering then i started losing my motor sensory and started falling. suddenly couldnt hear anymore too. tried to calm it with deep exhales and i remember thinking i was abt to faint lol went out to sit on my bed (despite still being naked LMAO) then when i stood up i skidded left and fell where i almost lost consciousness on the ground 💀 i remember i kept thinking “dont pass out fight it somethings not right somethings not right get up” and really fought through it to get in clothes turn off everything and go back to bed where im typing this rn which im glad i did idk what wouldve happened if i didnt

      totally fine now save some bruises from me hitting random shit and a split lip from when i face slammed my sink

  56. Hi, i have 2 psychosis and i am a heavy stoner.

    First, you have to know some people are more ‘at risk’ of a psychosis…while others will smoke cannabis all their life and never experience any psychological mental illness.

    In my case, i was isolated, didn’t talk to friends or neighbors. And so imagine a lonely person, who does not eat 3 meals a day (mental weakness)…then i was not socializing with friends that i had at that time…i had a complete erratic behavior that only myself know of… I was lonely, didn’t call my kids to say hello to them.

    Also i had an addictive behavior…by this i mean that i was eating noodles everyday in order to pay my cannabis.

    After my 2nd psychosis, i decided to stop. Who knows when im gonna start again! i don’t know yet. But i feel thc/cbd vaping oil like Phoenix tears is a good option for vaping.

    Any smoke/tar is bad for your lungs dot[.]

    Cannabis must be seen like something strong, like cognac, you dont just drink it 24hours a day. One must have healthy smoking habits…i mean vaping habits.

    Cannabis made me feel more relax mentally, as i was enjoying netflix much more…as if i was able to concentrate a little more. Cannabis made me feel as if my crimes and sins were forgiven. Cannabis made me feel as if i was in heaven (holy grail, purple kush , cheese strains were my favorite). For those reasons, after healing my 2nd psychosis, i might one day go back to cannabis, but with a more moderated behavior. (think like an adult, act like an adult).

    The thing is…if you have an erratic behavior? If you are addicted..you only eat a little in order to pay your monthly cannabis…and lately you don’t talk to your friends…well maybe you are addicted! with some psychotic symptoms…

    I have to say i agree with psychiatrists that recommend organic cannabis. Less stronger with more balanced cbd/thc. Its not about the 20% thc..its about the multiplying factor of CBD.

    You simply have to see yourself in the mirror. Know yourself, and thats why having friends is a good thing, so other people can judge you and your thoughts. Don’t isolate yourself. Loneliness can be a psychotic symptom in some cases.

  57. I am smoker for 40 yrs now . I might suggest vaping your weed to make the smell less evident and seriously cutting back on the amount of shatter done in per day. Breaks are a good thing . I smoke / vape weed daily. I only dab for a boost. Better high for me. gl 2u

  58. Craig is wrong. I just experienced psychosis last night. That’s why I’m researching right now. It can happen and it’s not fun.

  59. Actually Marijuana induced psychosis is real. I experienced it as a teenager, but in retrospect it was a time of intense stress, adjustment and change. Granted it must have been a genetic weakness in me, so I factor that into my assessment. MJ has it’s benefits but like any drug it uses vital biochemistry which maintains stability in the body. Once key biochemistry is exhausted you have less chemical components in your body to produce the same effect. These effects can be reproduced naturally through meditation and other attention focusing exercises. Most people are too lazy to find these states naturally. The greatest good I received from MJ is the awareness of other states of consciousness and the keys to reproduce those without MJ. That is the key. It is valuable for what it can show you but it is only a prop, and like all good props it has to go when you are ready to consciously evolve without drugs…

  60. I smoked too much of some really strong weed last night and experienced anxiety and psychosis. Trust me. Its real. I found this page looking for answers and found it.

  61. I’ ve been smoking for 25 years. Over the last year I’ve been smoking shatter (85% THC) almost all the time. I rarely touch flowers as the smell is inconvenient. I’ve noticed that I get a pounding heart and restlessness after I take a hit now. I think there is a limit to how much your body will take before it tries to slow you down. Time for a break, perhaps. I smoke a gram a day so it’s the equivalent of a 1/4 of dank green per day. That’s insane compared to how much thc we were actually getting 15 years ago. O think my thc banks are full and need a flush.

    1. I am smoker for 40 yrs now . I might suggest vaping your weed to make the smell less evident and seriously cutting back on the amount of shatter done in per day. Breaks are a good thing . I smoke / vape weed daily. I only dab for a boost. Better high for me. gl 2u

  62. progress advances ignorance increases. In Italy, a doctor is in charge of a service center for toxic addictions. declares that the worst “drug” is the cannabis. leads to overdose.

  63. Ok pray for the federal ruling over the states. Would you mind your pilot being high ? How about if you’re having life or death open heart surgery- the kind where they crack/saw your rib cage – would you, as a patient , mind that your whole
    Surgery team, including your anesthesiologist and cardiologist , are high as kites ? please ppl bye.

    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Hi there,

      I think we can all agree – apart perhaps from some of the more adventurously-minded of us – that yes, we would mind pilots, surgeons and medical staff being high *whilst doing their jobs*, just as we would mind if they were under the influence of alcohol *whilst doing their jobs*. Not only that, but the people who have substance abuse issues that are so severe that they turn up for work under the influence are already out there, flying planes and operating on people, usually unable to admit they have a problem or ask for help with it because of legal and societal taboos. And when they are exposed, it is far more likely that the problem substance in question is either alcohol, or prescription drugs. Keeping or making a drug illegal does not, and never will, mean the end to every single incidence of problematic use of that substance. Far more harm is done by prohibition than by legalisation and regulation, especially in the case of cannabis.

      With best wishes,


  64. My son is 19 and smoking everyday. I want to be hard on him and kick him out but what good will that do? I find these e-cigarettes in his room and throw them out every time and he tells me that I have to respect his privacy. This is my house he has to respect my house. Help!!

    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Hi Jess,

      I agree that kicking him out will do no good, and potentially do harm. I also agree that if he is living with you, he should respect your house and your requests. I’m not sure exactly what you mean by e-cigarettes, as if you mean vaporisers, he’s not necessarily vaporising cannabis; e-liquid comes in numerous varieties. If he is using a proper cannabis vaporiser, this is at least healthier than smoking, although this may not be of much comfort to you. At 19, he is nearly an adult in terms of brain development. If he could wait another couple of years before choosing to use cannabis, this would be healthier, but it’s not as potentially harmful as it would be if he was younger.

      My recommendation would be to first read up on the pros and cons of cannabis, which you seem to have started doing – well done! (have a further browse around this blog). Then have an open and informed discussion with him, whilst trying not to judge his actions harshly. The more information you have, the less apprehensive you will be about exactly what cannabis does. It might be possible to reach a compromise with him, whereby he only vaporises in the evenings and/or weekends?

      I think it is also worth considering that if you live somewhere that cannabis is not legal, if you refuse to let him use it discreetly in your house, there may be more chance that he will use it in places that are not as safe. This could be in terms of the people that he is with, other drugs that he may come into contact with, and a higher risk if him getting caught and ending up with a criminal record that could end up affecting his future far more than simply using cannabis.

      I also want to applaud you for doing research and finding this blog in order to learn more about what he is doing. Parenting is incredibly difficult, and you obviously care about your son and want the best for him. He is a young man now, and I truly hope that he can answer your maturity in this matter with his own, and that you can reach a compromise that works for both of you. Good luck with everything, and if it’s possible, please let us know how it worked out.

      With best wishes,


  65. Wow. I think this is what happened to me a few months ago and now I’m regretting smoking so much at the time. Back in October, just a normal day at home. I was in the kitchen with my boyfriend, cooking. I went to our room and took a hit off my bubbler, I was already high but I felt like it was fading, that’s why I went to take another hit . I walked back into the kitchen to stir the pot of alfredo that I had cooking and I got dizzy, then BAM I fainted. Fell straight back on my head and burned my arm on the stove. I have 2nd degree burns on around half of my left arm and my head had swoll up. I went to the ER and was told I had low blood pressure and I didn’t really understand why or why I had fainted. I had some cannabis left and I smoked the rest of it by the end of that same week. It’s 3 months later (January) and I hadn’t had any cannabis since that incident, so I decided to get some for my bday. Unfortunately I’m not responding well to it. I’ve been having panic attacks and just felt stuck this time around and I don’t feel relaxed, I actually feel more bitchy and it’s all making me kind of sad because I LOVED smoking cannabis. I’m going to take a break from smoking again and hope that my head and everything returns to normal soon. But this article helped me just now figure out why I must have fainted, so I appreciate this.

    1. Hi Tiffany, how are you feeling now? My son had a bad whitey approx and 10 days ago and hasn’t felt right since, his vision is distorted around the edges and he’s in a constant state of panic, I’m really worried for him as he says he can’t live like this and he’s suicidal. He’s gone white a few times before he told me but this was the worse. He’s 16.

      1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

        Hi Claire,

        I’m sorry to hear about your son, that must be really scary for both of you. You might find this article on feeling ‘stuck’ in a high useful. I also really strongly recommend that you visit your medical practitioner with your son and explain what has happened. People experiencing these effects sometimes have underlying or undiagnosed issues that are triggered by cannabis use, and short-term therapeutic help can make a positive difference. Suicidal thoughts should be taken seriously and professional help should be sought. I hope this is helpful, and good luck to you both.

        With best wishes,


  66. As a hippy inthe late 60,s,early 70,s,we enjoyed a large variety of resins such as red leb,gold leb,nepalese,afghan ,morrocan etc in the uk.
    Later in 1993 i went to amsterdam to an auction of antique stuff and tried skunk.This was my worst cannabis experience bar none and communicating was difficult.I had no tolerance to it and found it too powerful in an unpleasant mental way.I have avoided it ever since,but enjoy my own cross of durga matta,hindu kush ,early girl andholland hope,which is a pleasant buzz physically and mentally.I am 65,male and healthy having given up alcohol 31 years ago,but continue to use cannabis.D xx

  67. I have been a user since the 70s and have nevr ever had any problems with it. I was got MS in 2008 and it is something and that helps. I love it and I created my children’s book using it and I am a spiritual Healer about to become a Master Numerologist and also it dose help people that maybe anorexic who stops eating but getting the munchies is a good thing for them. I really think it is stupid for the government to make it against the law although I do think driving should not happ
    buten. And do people really believe that when a bust happens it gets burned? Ha no way and yes there are people who don’t use it or like it. Not much I can do about in all statesbut wasn’t it made legal in all States of Australia? I bet the government can do it themselves now. Here’s hoping. Gabs from Orange

  68. Edna wellthorpe

    Yup my wife can testify to the effects of “special hot chocolate”. Home made I hasten to add. Not good, long night baby sitting her.

  69. All comments below about psychosis are propoganda to protect the corrupt alcohol and tabaco industries. Bloody alcoholics. Alcohol is the real “dope” and actually causes psychosis because it plays with your emotions in the worst way. Its a depresant. The truth no matter how outnumbered it is. Will always outshine lies and darkness.

    Have fun drinking your poison. Why i smoke what god/nature intended for us. Not this synthetic man made crap that kills us.

    People fear what they dont understand. And what follows fear? Hate. You brainwashed idiots. Have gun getting drunk/doped up you dopey pickle brain fucks.

    Oh yeah that so called psychosis. Ita called being high. Idiots. Trust you peoplw to put a label on whats normal and whats not. Have u seen drunk ppl?
    Now thats psychotic.

    Whats not normal is you people. You all need re education. Extensively. Poor planet. Who feels me.

  70. I have been using cannabis since the 1960’s on a daily basis. I am now 78 and still partaking daily. I grow my own and it is a very high quality. I only partake in the late afternoons and evenings in case something crops up during the daytime and I may have to drive somewhere as I live in rural Spain. The nonsense bandied about that it is a gateway drug is shot to pieces as I have never wanted to try other drugs. It is akin to stating because you drink beer you will become addicted to spirits. I will continue to use and enjoy. At least I am not a drunk and only have the occasional glass of wine. I am now contemplating studying physics more deeply, I achieved “A” level GCE in the subject at school. I also speak Spanish fluently have a good command of French and German. So consequently I don’t think that I have been impaired by my recreational activities. If I leave it alone for weeks I do not miss it, so the addiction theories are wild fantasies.

  71. I think sometimes we allow our feelings to be present when we respond to statements. As an adult it becomes all of our responsibility to read about something before ingesting it. If you know the possible reported side effects from others, and then decide to take the substance anyway, when one of these effects happens, there is a much larger chance of you realizing what is happening and not totally freaking out! I am a daily user of a 50/50 THC/CBD blend of drops and I haven’t felt this happy in over 20 years! I have PTSD and some other nasty medical issues and this will be my choice. I think it’s like anything if it helps you great, but, it may not help and you need to keep looking for what will help you.

  72. Thomas Williams II

    Did anybody get like twitches or spasms in their extremities or maybe even an eye lid as well from too much CBD, thc?

    1. Dominic Jones

      Yo guys chill out I’m fifteen and I have been using weed for two years and and I basically sobber myself up just by telling myself I’m sober and all these other sicknesses are quite accurately shit my friends have been smoking for six years and thEyy have never had anything but green fever

  73. Chaz Goodman

    Thank god people understood what I went through, it was my first time smoking in about 2 months after getting caught up in school and then drug testing me. We had a week off so there was no way they could test me. Me and my friends picked up only a G and we rolled it up, we then walked to the woods and it was very cold. Once we got there we did a 2 hit rotation for about 4 minutes, I was feeling pretty high already being I haven’t smoked in a while. While the blunt was still going around, I looked around and saw a car, my body froze I was thinking, someone is recording us and they could be showing the cops. Me and my friend ran and the others stayed behind to finish the blunt, when I was running I felt a terrible feeling in my body, my friend told me to stop and go back. Once going back I realized it was my other friends and they pulled up in the whip, I quickly felt relieved, but was still paranoid and felt that terrible feeling. We then took a ride to Burger King to get some food, I was feeling paranoid in the car ride and couldn’t stay still. I was looking to see if there was cops anywhere, we then get back to my friends house after BK, I was chilling there acting goofy. I then went quiet, I decided to lay down cause I was nervous something was gonna happen, i have no clue what happened but I got up for some reason and my friends yelled “OMG” they saw my face and it was pure green, I was so nervous I then layed down and thought I was much smaller then everyone else, I did not wanna open my eyes at all and I couldn’t see anything, everything felt so far out, I really thought I was gonna die. I texted my brother cause he always looked out for me, he asked me dumb quick who did I buy off, I told him my friend who I had met recently, I have no idea what happened after that, then my moms friend told me to come down stairs, at that moment all the dizziness and paranoid feeling was done. I could see straight and wasn’t nervous. My friends mom was quiet nervous tho, she quickly told me go outside get some fresh air come back inside and take a nap. Did so, fell asleep for about 20 minutes I think. Woke up and actually felt high, didn’t feel anything else but being fried to the max, my face was still pale and I had to go home soon. I went home that night and ate some food and quickly passed out, had no idea what time I woke up, but when I did I couldn’t go back to bed. I felt terrible there, that’s when I was thinking about this whole night. I started to feel like I wanted to throw up, I felt so embarrassed and considered not smoking ever again. I just really felt like I was gonna die and needed to get this off my chest, took me a while to find people who have had this issue but feel more relieved.

  74. mike gaglypse

    When i smoke harsh bunk like kush or skunk i get a headache. from cheap oil too. I GET HEADACHES! ….make sure you scream that part.. also, FLUSH YOUR PLANTS! OR DONT BOTHER. TWO FULL WEEKS BEFORE HARVEST.

  75. Well I have never gotten high off of smoking it but both times I ingested it in an edible form I got extreme paranoia, feeling of anxiety and wanting to kill myself plus shaking, dizziness and the all over body high. You know when you see someone doing a crack dance. Like that. Don’t lump everyone in the same boat when it comes to how the body will react to THC. Very unpleasant and the fact that it happened both times I ingested it tells me that it’s not for me.

  76. Where does the thc oil vapors go in the body to get the high? Could it affect lungs, blood circulation, heart, veins? How much thc oil is enough?

    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Hi Mamalu,

      Thanks for your comment. When vaporised, THC enters the bloodstream via the lungs, and then makes its way to CB1 receptors in the brain and binds to them, causing the high effect. This article explains more about the workings of THC within the human body. It is not really possible to give an accurate answer to your second question (How much thc oil is enough?) because this is different for everyone, and also depends on the effect that you are hoping to achieve. Please also bear in mind that THC is only one of over 80 cannabinoids that we know of so far, and used on its own, THC has a very different effect to when it is used in combination with other cannabinoids and turpenes. This article on what is known as the Entourage Effect, and this article on the effects of THC when combined with CBD, will explain more.

      I hope this information is useful, and that you continue to enjoy the blog.

      With best wishes,


  77. Why would CBD oil leave me vomiting for two hours. Paralyzed. Could not move. Like an acid trip but much worse. Will never do that again
    Thought I was dying

  78. Chuck Schilling

    This happened to me 3 times. First time was my worst white ever. I smoked a decent amount and me and my friends were in the woods on a hot day. I was sitting down feeling fine then suddenly I got lightheaded so I went to go into the shade to sleep it out. After 5 mins of sleeping I woke up and started seeing neon lights in the sky. I got up and had no strength in my arms and legs and had to go up a massive sand hill. I was walking for a little then started feeling extremely dizzy and sick I collapsed and hit the ground (luckily it was sand) and looked up and the sky was purple and green. I laid down for a good 2 mins then got up still dizzy ass hell, rode to my friends house that I was with and drank about 7 bottles of water.

    My second whitey was at the same place (how lucky am i). This was the 3rd time smoking after my first whitey and I started bringing Gatorades when I go out and know I’m gonna light up. I pack the bong with kief from a grinder that was all different strains and different dealers bud. I pack the bowl small bc I didnt have that much so i clear the bowl and take a sip of my gatorade and about 5 minutes into my high I got the tingly feeling again. I was dizzy but not seeing purple and green and my hearing became fuzzy and everything seemed to echo. Even though this was happening I seemed to have it under control I chugged my gatorade took a quick nap got up without any of the symptoms.

    My 3rd whitey experience was the shortest whitey I ever gone through. I took hits on a bong and drank a couple beers (3) we get to my friends house I’m sitting on the couch with everybody else and I started feeling the tiredness-tingling feeling in my legs automatically I ask my friend to run into his house and grab me lemonade I drink 3 cups of lemonade and started to feel better.

    –If you have experienced a white out more than once then always smoke somewhere that is close to a gas station or bring a sugary drink with you when you plan on smoking–


    1. I had a similar experience and it started to happen frequently, I was mixing dxm with weed I took about 7 before even smoking just to get a buzz……..then the weed came which I wasnt expecting and that’s why I popped the pills , so now I’ve hit the blunt it’s good everything that whole day was amazing, had drinks good food but I was out side in the heat all day,….my body had these vibrations going through it everywhere felt awesome, then later on that night I’m in the car headed somewhere dazed out in the passenger seat when I suddenly find myself with my eyes close head leaning back and all of a sudden everything went white, I heard this crash what sounded like the time space continuum broken …..that’s how I can only describe this particular sound, then I open my eyes and I’m staring down a tunnel of my faces looking back at me almost as if I’m looking at a real of my life I guess flashing before my eyes…….then I heard my voice say ( IF YOU DONT SAY YOUR NAME YOUR NOT COMING BACK) so I repeat my name 4 times and each time bringing myself back even more , I am back now everyone in the car is tripping and I tell them what’s going on, then it got even trippy, as j look around everywhere everything is neon green pink purple and I mean everything, I then felt as if I lost control of my soul and it was departing from my body , I sat squimishley trying to keep my soul in my body and trying to be incognito because my cousin had just told me I needed to chill on the pills I was taking ……..after a few more minutes it went away, then occasionally it would come back and I’d drink milk based products to bring down my high

  79. Whitie is real

    I had a whitie last night. No dinner, a few beers, then 2 bong hits. Took a shower then felt very hungry. I took a bite of bread and nearly collapsed, turned pale, started to sweat profusely. Sat in a chair with sweat running down my face, nearly could not move, thought I might barf. It took about 45 min to bounce back.

    Wife told me to go to the doctor, but I think this story has me understanding what happened. It was pretty severe.

  80. crypticunknown

    Thank everyone who makes their story contributions here, i’m studying people’s experience with cannabis.

    As a heavy ex-user for many years, i know what cannabis is capable and what it can done to you.

    Best thing in life is CHANGE not later, not tomorrow but NOW. Don’t procrastinate and live life like extension of yesterday.

  81. I almost Died from it

    I have been smoking marijuana for 10 years, very heavy use to the point where I cough out black tar every other hour and I don’t smoke cigarettes, 10 to 14 grams per day grown all organic soil with mycoactive, on a small straight hitter ‘keychain’ pipe. Can be found on grasscity.com, search for keychain pipe, very small bowl but never underestimate those one-hitter pipes, size of bowl is at least for a 0.05gram bud. I never used screens on the ‘keychain’ pipe because of how small the bowl is, fits perfect for a 0.05gram size bud. I have PTSD, depression, physical stress from depression, anxiety and hyperventilation, chronic bronchitis from pure black tar, social-phobia, and anger due to urges for being stoned and relaxed whenever I get insomnia. Also have Cannabis Hyperemisis Syndrome and allergy to any smoke. I have been to the ER over 20 times just to get Lorazepam or any anti-anxiety/muscle tranquilizers just to get me calm from my suicidal thoughts whenever I get this extreme hyperventilation and anxiety. I used to be the heaviest pothead smoker in town, 10-14 grams per day of organic soil grown Cannabis. I used to love being stoned and very happy. All of a sudden after i toke these days, i get sick, hyperventilation and tight chest and hyperventilations, heart rate up to 150 beats per minute to 160 beats per minutes, no matter if i lay in bed or sit and try relax, my heart races to the point where I get anxiety and fear that i am dying. My hands get stuck together from hyperventilation, i get severe cold chills and sweats at the same time, nausea, stuck gas/air in my intestines, 10/10 severe inside body cramps, severe dry throat no matter how many hot cups of water i have for my dry throat and severe cold chills, severely tight chest to the point that i can’t even inhale air all the way because of the cold chills and hyperventilation, tight throat, fear of dying paranoia, plugged nose, and once in a while 10+ hours of uncontrollable vomiting from Cannabis Hyperemisis Syndrome. Doctors pumped my stomach one time during my non-stop vomiting. I used to smoke bongs all day, glass pipes all day, joints all day, party bowl pipes all day, i used to smoke 10-14 grams per day for 10 years in every way possible to get stoned. Now I can’t even eat an Edible or toke because of these symptoms i get. I been growing for 5 years now, organic soil and general organics liquid fertilizers and mycoactive. Common strain i grew was always DJ Short Blueberry, my favorite Indica because it would relax me and give me a happy euphoria. Favorite Sativa-dom was Sour Diesel #2 by Humboldt Seed Organization. And favorite hybrid was Humboldt Seed Organiaztion – Blue Dream, until recently my new favorite hybrid is now Dutch Passion – GlueBerry O.G. (Gorilla glue #4 x Rollex OG Kush x Dutch Passion Blueberry). Anything with Blueberry genes, I always grow organic soil, never hydroponics. It feels that I get these sick symptoms due to the amount of black tar/resin in my lungs. I noticed when i stop smoking marijuana, i start feeling better and all these sick symptoms go away and my lungs finally start to loosen up the black tar/resin, and i cough out black tar all day every day every other hour when i stop using marijuana. When i relapse marijuana, my lungs get very tight, and the black tar/resin stops coughing out my lungs until i stop the use of any form of marijuana, weather it be Edibles or smoke form. These symptoms has something to do with the tar/resin build up inside the lungs. When I smoked marijuana or eat Edibles, my lungs get tight and hyperventilation and axiety occurs for hours until I ain’t stoned anymore. Once I stop the use of any form of marijuana, my body goes back to normal and all the sick symptoms go away. It really has something to do with the tar/resin in the lungs. I am now 100% allergic to any form of marijuana because of the tar/resin in the lungs. I get sick whenever i use marijuana, and i feel back to normal after few days of non-use of marijuana. Sick when i use it, back to normal healthy self when i stop using it.

  82. Daniel Guertin

    as with anything we do moderation is the only way to avoid having too much of one substance in your body.
    just be sensible about what your doing.

  83. Synthetically grown marijuana should be banned, its harsh dizzying effects leave a lot to be desired…

  84. I have smoked weed for the first time, and never smoked again and I still have clogged ears…it has been almost 6 weeks now and I was wondering if anyone knows this is permanent now? I went to the ENT, did all sorts of tests and nothing came up….I feel dizzy, tired, awful overall…and I don’t know what to do:/

    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Dear Suzan,

      Thank you for your comment. We are sorry to hear about your situation. Unfortunately, as Sensi Seeds is not a medical practice, we are not able to provide any advice relating to medical situations other than to consult your doctor or other licensed medical professional. This article, written specifically for healthcare providers who may not be aware of the many properties of cannabis, may be useful to you in talking with your doctor. You could also try to contact local medicinal cannabis support groups, if you have not already done so. In the UK, there is the United Patients Alliance (you can find them on Facebook) and in the US and EU there are many branches of NORML (google NORML followed by your area name). We hope this is helpful.

      With best wishes,


  85. I’ve experienced THC overload, caused me to go into a manic episode for the the first time at age 56. I had grown a big crop and work from home, had some really disappointing events and started vaping like a fool, morning to night. Went through an oz. plus some oil in the last week before the “event”. Yeah, I think cannabis overload is a real thing. I actually miss the weak strains of my youth – you could smoke an entire joint and still maintain.

  86. Hi, I had my first whitey yesterday after having 3 bongs (with bowl) and I started getting really scared and I was with a group of people of which I only knew 2, I was quite embarrassed so I got up and just left everything there and walked away and just sat in the field and chilled out, ate 2 pancakes and then drank tons of sparkling water, I was never sick thankfully but it was possibly the worst I’ve ever felt in so long, I was blinking lots, twitching and shaking, I’ve seen friends on whiteys before but they were all just static whereas I was very hyper, although later that night I had the same amount- if not more and I was fine. I’m 14

    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Hi Jack,

      Thanks for your comment and for sharing your experience. I’m glad if this article helped you to understand what happened to you, and that you are doing your research into cannabis.

      However – and I know this is probably going to sound annoying, but it would be remiss of me not to say it – please think carefully about the choices you are making. You are choosing to use a mind-altering substance before your brain has finished developing. This NCBI peer-reviewed study from 2014 makes the following point: “…teens who engage in heavy marijuana use often show disadvantages in neurocognitive performance, macrostructural and microstructural brain development, and alterations in brain functioning. It remains unclear whether such disadvantages reflect pre-existing differences that lead to increased substances use and further changes in brain architecture and behavioral outcomes.” So although the jury is still out on causation and correlation, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that it is not a good idea to risk your developing brain in this way. Hang on for another few years. You’re not going to regret waiting. Altered states are a wonderful playground if you’re tall enough to go on the rides safely; if you’re not, you can seriously make a mess of yourself.

      Secondly, you are choosing to enter an altered state of consciousness with people you don’t know. In a field. At night. This is not a good idea. I wouldn’t recommend this to an adult, let alone a teenager. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t do this myself. Please consider that you are putting yourself in a situation where you are vulnerable, and then increasing your vulnerability by entering an altered state. I wrote this post about things to consider before trying cannabis for the first time; I realise that this is not your first time, but hopefully you can also find some good advice here if you are determined to carry on using it.

      My advice for now though is to wait. Cannabis is still going to be here in a few years’ time when your brain is finished growing and developing; it might even be fully legal by then. Sensi Seeds is still going to be here, with seeds and advice and support. You have time. Make the best use of it. Do the research. Get ready for the rides, and once you’re tall enough, I’ll be cheering you on.

      With best wishes,


  87. So I’m having anxiety and discomfort I’m low-key paranoid and I’m feeling sick nausias should I just make myself throw up ? I want it to fade , leave and not come back I been like this for 4 days ! I don’t know what to Doo.

    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Hi Carmen,

      I’m sorry to hear about your experience. Sensi Seeds cannot give any kind of medicinal advice as we are not a medical practitioner, so all I can say is please consult your medical practitioner and be open with them about the symptoms you are experiencing. Even if you don’t feel like eating, try to have some soup and keep your liquid intake up. I hope you feel better soon!

      With best wishes,


  88. Right so last night I whited out for the first time, or “white deathed” or “deathed” as they call it from where I’m from. And its weird because I have been smoking cannabis for a while and I have never deathed before, and yesterday i didnt smoke any more than usual. The mistake i did make was not eating before smoking. I hadn’t eaten anything all day. I had shared a spliff or a zoot or whatever you guys call it with my boyfriend. We put about 0.6 gram in the spliff so there was a fair deal of cannabis in it. And we shared it. I stood up and we were going to leave our friends to go back to my boyfriends house and I lost control of my legs and I leaned up against a wall and tried to find the correct door to get through. I couldn’t find it although there was only three doors and two of them were locked ?, my vision went really hazy And blurry and then I blacked out. My boyfriend carried me to his friends toilet were i was being sick for over an hour and a half. I was sick up stomach acid and coffee and the water I was drinking as i hadnt comsumed anything all day. then when i could move, (any time before that I couldnt move without vomiting) our friend drove us to my boyfriends house even though it was just around the corner. Then i got into his bed and I passed out again. I was shivering and exclaimed I was freezing cold but when my boyfriend felt me he said I was like a radiator. He insisted I took some layers off because I was dehydrated and was sweating so needed to cool down. Eventually I snapped out of it and i was pretty much normal again, I drank some fanta and lots of water and ate some dry toast to get my blood sugar levels up. i sat up for a while to get my blood flowing correctly and then rested before returning home. Today my stomach still aches and I believe I threw up some of my stomach lining yesterday and my whole insides ache still.

  89. i quit smoking cannabis for some months(thou i do smoke ciggerett) but decided to chill on it again after smoking some little quantity i started feeling weak before i knew it i “white out” next i saw myself on the ground couldnt believe it at first, after taking some cold water i was walked home with company of friends still feeling weak but not as it was immediatly after the “white out” .I dont know if it got anything to do with my health aswell

  90. I have smoke pot for 30 year’s I’m 38 and been trying to quit for 2 year’s and my attitude sucks so I stopped trying.so how do I quit ¿?¿

  91. It all depends on WHY you use it. If you use it a spiritual, peaceful plant then there should be no trouble, there are never any rastas who suffer from paranoia, physcosis, anxiety etc. Obviously I’m talking on a broad scale so it cants count for all situations.

  92. We are all biochemically different. Therefore, one man’s medicine could be another man’s poison.

  93. So the whitey thing explains a lot for me. I thought it was a normal reaction for everyone because this happens almost every time I get high. Today though well it was bad. I had a pacemaker put in this past april and had problems with low blood pressure in the past which thinking now may have made me more prone to whitey’s. This is good to know becuase I thought something was seriously wrong. The last vape i used was at 530 this evening and I passed out cold to the floor hitting my head on some furniture on the way down. My friend freaked out and I remember hearing him screaming at me that I had fallen and it was like a dream and someone was trying to wake me from a very sound sleep.

    I do have the history with a low bp and my bp was really low, 79/43 when i came around, but the rest of the day it has been normal. Just have a gnarly headache now.

  94. Interesting article. I have not been a regular user, just dabbled a bit when I was younger. Now I am trying edibles for medical conditions/pain. I got some chocolate in Colorado that really helped me, but I don’t live there. I’ve emailed the manufacturer for information, but basically the only side effect I had, other than pain relief, was sleepiness. I live in California, and I’ve so far tried one brand here, but it gives me the unpleasant side effects I had when I tried smoking years ago (I honestly couldn’t tell you which strains were involved). I get dry mouth, stuffy nose, and headache, which I find really unpleasant. Also, unlike some, I am not a fan of that ‘high’ feeling. When I was younger that was ok, but now I’m older and I struggle NOT to feel brain fog on a daily basis! I did follow instructions for new edible users and started with very small amounts. But the Coda brand worked wonders and the local brand has the side effects. And I even calculated exact proportions per piece/dose, etc. (science background here). Are these side effects strain related? Or is this a function of THC versus CBD content? Trying to research what works best for me. I don’t like smoking, as I have asthma. I’ve heard some say that it can help asthma, but that has not been my particular experience. Thank you.

  95. I have whited-out twice in my life. Once was a good while ago and the other incident was last night. My first experience whiting-out was by far one of the scariest things I have ever had happen to me. I had had a few too many hits of the bong, I had also taken my prescribed medicine about 2 hours prior to this. I had never heard of whiting (or greening) out before as I am an inexperienced smoker, so when my body suddenly got really heavy and it was becoming hard to breathe, needless to say I freaked the fuck out. The best way I can describe it was like everything was in slow motion around me, but my brain was still working at regular time, like I was trapped in my own body. I was very distressed, I only felt a bit better when a friend told me what was happening to me. I was at their house so I called my mum and had her pick me up and take me home. She was very understanding (but still pissed off) and stayed with me while it passed. Thankfully last night was a lot less distressing. I had less hits of the bong, but had still taken my other medicine (i’m stupid). It was a little less harsh than what had happened before, luckily I was at my home this time so I just cuddled up on the couch an tried to focus on the TV. Still pretty scary though, wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

  96. Hi all. Im in my 40s and have been smoke cannabis for 20 years and more. Had my first Amsterdam trip a few days ago and of course i had to visit a cafe. So bought a small amount of hash, rolled a spliff and had the biggest whitey of my life. And ive had my fair share. May i add, completely sober too. My wife had gone to the toilet, she does’nt smoke and i felt it comimg. For some reason i stud up as she come back and then ‘boom’ it got me. Vision went, hearing went. Luckily she sat me down so no falling over. Completely passed out. She thought i was having a stroke. No laughing matter. She even said i was snoring for a few seconds. Laughing matter. The staff were great. They gave me some sweet water and within 5-10 mins i was fine just very embarrassed. Got an ear full of the Misses though.

  97. I’ve just experienced this a couple days ago and wound up in the ER because the “white outs” which are really blackouts were happening for hours. I had tremors in my hands that reminded me of my Mom’s Parkinson’s tremors. I was extremely dizzy and couldn’t open my eyes without getting the spins. My muscles were taught and pain full. It was my first time using medicinal cannabis and I don’t use cannabis otherwise. I guess its also my last. It may be an interaction with an underlying condition that no one quite understands. Also, I think possibly a weak BBB (head trauma from a car accident years ago) allowed this overwhelming reaction, and the moderate dosage was obviously too high for me. Just because these things happen to some people does not mean that cannabis isn’t a great thing for others, just never risk an overdose! I’m still weak and groggy two days out and have the worst dreams. The psychotic bit for me was super painful, and it was actually merciful to blackout instead of having excrutiatingly focused yet disconnected thoughts. Well all they could do was give IV fluids and anti nausea medication which both helped. I hope there are no lasting effects from this, I guess I will find out.

  98. So I recently heard about this so called CBD oil. Let me give you some background; I don’t smoke anything other than black and milds occasionally. I heard that CBD relaxes you and I have a short fuse so I figured I’d try it. I got some and put it under my tongue and didn’t notice a difference. The next day my husband and I went to a party. One of his buddies had CBD oil in a vape and it was apparently called “black magic” I wanted to hit the vape so I took 2 large hits. Within seconds I couldn’t see, my limbs became heavy, I dropped my drink and passed out instantly. I was unconscious and later was vomiting but still couldn’t function, (my husband was taking care of me). I couldn’t speak or swollow but could hear the conversations around me. I was in excruciating pain and thought I “saw the light” I felt I was dying. Almost as if I went into this “psychosis”. They eventually put me to bed and I woke up hours later, rembering everything but wasn’t in any pain. Could this be a side affect of overdosing? Not being able to control your body, fear of death, vomiting, pain and not able to swollow?

    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Hi Brooke,

      Thanks for your comment. We are sorry to hear about your experience. CBD does not have a psychoactive effect, so unless you were in pain or stressed when you put it under your tongue, it is unsurprising that you did not notice a difference; also, different people react differently to different doses and we always recommend starting with a small dose and gradually increasing it so that you can get a better idea of how the product feels for you.

      It sounds like the only “so-called CBD oil” (i.e. not actually CBD!) you had is whatever was in the vape. As I said, CBD does not have a psychoactive effect, so overdosing on it would not produce the effects that you describe. I recommend being absolutely sure that you know what you are consuming, and sticking to products from reputable companies, to avoid further unfortunate experiences.

      I hope you are fully recovered now, with best wishes,


  99. This has happened to me a few different times. The first time it took me by complete surprise when a friend and I were taking shelter at a local park because of the rain. We were at the park smoking before the rain, but when it came on fully we decided just to wait it out. As we’re standing there I start to see my vision getting fuzzy and the white out started from the very edge of my field of vision and worked its way to the center. I felt like there was a drum beating in my head and the white out took over all of my vision there was a distinct ringing in my ears, like when somebody flatlines. I lost all the strength in my legs and fell to the ground where I rested until I finally came to and could feel/talk how i was supposed to. Super trippy experience and i thought i was having a seizure.

    The second time it was in the middle of the summer and i was smoking with two friends. We were sitting in a spot coined “the ledge” that hung off some industrial building where nobody really messed with you. We were smoking with no shade, in the beating sun. It was extremely bright and extremely hot that day, and we were sitting directly in the sun. I don’t doubt that had something to do with it. Thankfully I was already sitting down and could play it off as I just didn’t feel too good. Same thing happened as the first time except i didn’t lose all my strength and collapse. We ended up going to a subway where a friend worked, and I drank a coke and just tried to feel better. From what those friends tell me it looked like I had gotten the shit beat out of me, and thats what it felt like for hours. It took a long time for my vision to return to completely normal, more than an hour or two. Real shitty experience, white outs take all of your strength and energy and leave you feeling like shit

    1. Just had the same experience for the first time ever (been smoking for a while) my ears felt as if they where blocked and the ringing was constant I could barely move and my vision was trippppppinnnnn

  100. Hi,

    My friend suffered from the same problem. After smoking excessively during 15 mins. He started passing out and shivering. he would wake up and pass out again. I was calming him down by saying everything will be ok. Gave him a glass of water but he couldn’t even drink it. After 2 hours and a small nap he seemed to recover from it. However, since that day he seems to have changed. He doesnt seem as sharp as she was before. 2 days passed since that day. I’m worried if he suffered some brain damage? Maybe I’m over calculating this but I’m really worried about him. Is there a possibility of brain damage of cannabis overdose ?

  101. Sam The Scientists

    There is some truth to both sides of the argument that Marijuana can cause these symptoms but since the plant is so highly politicized, you are going to get falsified or incomplete information from people trying to say the plant is good or bad. The plant itself produces these compounds as a means of protection against external threats. It is not good or bad. With any plant with useful secondary metabolites/drugs/medicine, you need to watch your dosage and know how it affects you as a individual. Also people please investigate where people are getting their info from, who runs studies, who funds them before you make life altering choices. Every study has a motive, scientist aren’t always as… perfect as we try to seem. Still nice article

  102. “Weed induced psychosis” is code for “Can’t handle being super stoned”. And if you’re a long time smoker who’s suddenly getting paranoid, you should probably look into your personal life, make sure everything is in order there, and dont think too much about the uncertainties of the future. Just chill, you’re not gona die, pussy 😉

  103. No matter who you are.. weed is going to affect you in multiple different ways. The effects of marijuana are going to be different in each person.

    1. Malachi Brewer

      And every person will probably experience or has experienced all of the symptoms above, either very minor or chronically.

      Its just like and other drug, every tone you get high its different

  104. Great post! Had my first one last night.

    Healthy 34 year old. Smoke maybe once or twice a week. Had a bad case of the flu and had just finished a twelve hour night shift. Hit the bed at about 8am and slept for about eight hours and still felt a bit ropey so didn’t bother eating.

    Went over to my girlfriends place around 8.30pm. Had half a bottle of wine, a cig and then we both shared a joint. I could feel it straight away. Was grand but started getting cotton mouth so said I’ll get us some water.

    I walked out to the kitchen and started to feel sick. Thought to myself there is no way I’m getting sick in the kitchen and looked down at the floor and tried to concentrate on one spot to get my bearings (now I know that was a bad idea!). It is a square tiled floor and next thing I know the tiles are rotating and my legs start to shake.

    Head gets dizzy and I’m holding onto the counter. My legs start shaking like crazy and the shakes move up my body. Next thing I’m on the floor, taking deep breaths. Vision gets weird and my hearing starts going in an out. No problem with my thoughts and I was thinking clearly. I just kept thinking “Shit I’m having a seizure! Is this a stroke?!? Hope she doesn’t walk in she will freak out!”

    After a few seconds(although it felt longer) I start to feel a little better and get back up. I take two glasses out of the press and put them on the sink then the shaking starts again and I’m gone! Same thing as before except my eyesight goes. Completely white. I can still think clearly at this point. Sliding down the counter I end up sitting at the corner unit. Eyesight started to come back and I keep hearing footsteps and thought she had came into the room but I hadn’t seen her.

    Then I realize it’s not footsteps its actually my hearing coming back. Never felt anything like it. After a few seconds I get back to me feet and feel a lot better. Just a little achey. Went in and told the girlfriend what had happened. She said I wasn’t even gone that long.

    She told me it was a Whitey which made me feel better but she was still concerned. I felt grand and made a joke about it. Had another beer and a glass of wine and after an hour I had a toasted cheese sambo and another joint and was back on form.

    Just got home and checked it out online. Felt very relieved to find this thread.

    Anyway, that was my experience. Scaryish when it happens but it feels good to know it happens to lots of people.


    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Hi Bren,

      Thank you for sharing your experience, and I’m really glad this article was helpful! Nearly everyone is familiar with getting sick from drinking alcohol, but there are many folk who don’t realise that cannabis can have equally unwanted effects and so it can be really scary when it happens. The more sharing of information, the better!

      With best wishes,


      1. Hello this is my story,I am age 18 would be 19 in August I had eaten a piece of brownie my friend gave me on February 27 too small to do anything I thought it was my first time after a few minutes I had a white out and went into a panic attack but I calmed down after a few minutes my complaint now is that since then I have been feeling dizzy and have this terrible migraine I am scared what do I do?

      2. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

        Hi Osas,

        Thanks for commenting, and sharing your story. Although I do believe that you are having the symptoms you describe, I do not think that the cannabis you ate is causing them, especially as you ate it in February. When cannabis is eaten, it takes quite a long time to get into your bloodstream as it is going via the stomach and the liver, unlike smoking where it enters the bloodstream directly via the lungs. For this reason, it would seem impossible that it was cannabis that caused a reaction that happened only a few minutes after eating the brownie. It could be – but I am guessing here – that there was something else in the brownie that caused the reaction.

        More importantly, I recommend that you see your doctor as soon as possible and tell them everything. Sensi Seeds is not a medical practice and cannot give medical advice, you really need to visit a registered healthcare provider. Having migraines and feeling dizzy for four months is definitely a sign that something is not right.

        I hope this helps, please let us know how you get on

        With best wishes,


  105. I know this is so true because I literally had a lot of anxiety and felt like I was having a panic attack or something like a seizure. My mouth felt extremely dry. I felt like my throat was trying to get vomit out and for a moment felt like I was losing grip with reality. It felt so scary 🙁

  106. My first seizure was when i was in grade 1 or 2, i was sick. The doctors said it was most likely brought on by a heavy fever. After that, never had another seizure until highschool. Then highschool started I immediately became extremely dependent on weed due to my very high addictive personality. Then i started taking seizures. They started mainly in the morning just after coming out of sleep, transformed into various times of day afterwards. (Latly just after i smoke weed) Now it seems obvious thats whats causing it? I really dont want to beleive that? But maybe you can help me understand? Also i smoke cigarettes and started cigarettes in highschool as well.

  107. After reading some of your articles, I see there aren’t many educated stoners or Educated Medical users out there.

    Know your weed people! Different strains do different things to your body and mind.

    Also, know that mixing weed with other drugs will have different side effects.

    Smoking, vaping or consuming weed can also change your experience .

    If you don’t know ask your Neurologist a question? Don’t be shy, most will openly tell you what you need to know.

  108. I started smoking hash in the military, at 17 years of age. I am now almost 65 and still indulge in cannabis each and every day, numerous times a day, using my one hitter. I am a disabled Veteran, I live overseas where there are no VA hospitals. Back in the states, I had a permanent prescription to strong pain meds, because of my injury, but when I moved overseas, I could no longer get them, so had to tolerate the pain, but learned to control it with my mind, just like my bouts with PTSD. Cannabis helps with my pain and PTSD, without it, my nightmares start, along with flashbacks and can be very dangerous, but cannabis keeps it under control. Where I live cannabis is not legal, but you also don’t go to jail for it, only pay a fine. I have a friend who grows only indoor, excellent kind weed. I pay 200 Euros for appox an ounce and it lasts me two to three months using my one hitter, and that is toking from morning till night. Also raised a big family of four daughters and 13 grandkids, all of them drug free. Grandpa is the only stoner in the family, lol!

  109. Have just read the comments on this page and could not walk away without adding my 2 cents. There are some comments that are obviously nonsense.
    I am 55 years old and have been smoking off and on since I was 14. While I accept each person will have different reactions to others the minor versions of Reefer Madness read here are in my opinion (and its my opinion no one else s) nonsense that perhaps moderators here should not be fooled by. I get so tired of BS about a wonderful plant. Every major (violent) crime reported by the media always tells us the perp smoked weed. I suspect especially in the UK lawyers have cottoned on to the anti cannabis media bias and stupid government stance on cannabis. Sadly as the UK heads away from progressive cannabis reforms world wide, government, using the media to try to create our own version of Reefer Madness.
    Anyway in my years the two adverse effects I have found was one I cant shower after a smoke. My head going under the water makes me gasp. Simple solution .. shower before .
    Secondly massive weight increase from uncontrollable ‘munchies’. Struggling to bring it back down.. but getting there
    The main problem is the quality of cannabis being unregulated means when you buy you have no idea what the hell you are getting. Solution.. Grow you own. I dont suggest this to anyone.. Just an observation.
    I suffer from insomnia and back pain. Doctors tell me to take paracetamol or ibuprofen. Neither of which helps at all. I have recently taken to vaping to cut down on cigarette intake and using CBD eliqiud purchased from Sensi and wow surprisingly helps me with both. Getting some decent sleep lately and relatively pain free. I have been experimenting for many years with different strains. But as I mentioned before who knows what you are getting from your local drug dealer.
    And for me that is the main issue here. As for the vomiting and other issues mentioned here the one thing I will not do is consume alcohol and smoke at the same time. That will wreck you, and has, from teenage/early adulthood experience.
    Until government wake up and smell the roses and proper control of quality (never mind the gazillions in tax revenue in a time of austerity that is lost) stupid and exaggerated stories will continue to circulate.. especially it would seem from Alaska.

  110. Having been a heavy smoker for 7 years, CBD has helped control the THC side effects of THC. What is CBD? In a nutshell it affects the way THC binds to your receptors, it is produced by all cannabis plants along with THC and I think around 80 other cannabinoids. Why I think people are getting paranoid and phycosis etc..

    1. Skunk is weed which has been modified to produce high THC levels (the bit that gets you high)

    2. Under indoor lighting it is said that CBD levels will drop.

    With more people growing modified skunk plants under indoor lights, raising the THC and lowing the CBD, we end up with most weeds being strong indicas. So if you’re buying street skunk this could be your problem.

    Im interested to see what others think about this, personally I vape CBD with not THC every morning to clear up my stone over from THC. If I get paranoid after smoking (THC), ill vape CBD and it changes the thought processes, so much, I end up forgetting that I’m paranoid :).

  111. I am 85 y/o, take an oral chemo for lung cancer with favorable prognosis, took 8 mg hybrid cannabis yesterday 11 am for anxiety & insomnia….had adverse reaction, i.e. sounds, voices & were very distinct, while walking around the house felt very sleepy & wobbly & fatigued but could not nap as I usually do in early afternoon, finally wore off about 8 pm. Dispensary said I took to much at one time. Tonight I’ll take 2 mg (oral vaporizer).
    Are there any products with only type of weed for sleep? Curious to get back comments on my story.

    1. See if you can get isolated CBD from the cannabis plant. You may find you get all the benefis without getting ‘high’. Hope it helps and good luck!

  112. If you over react your cb-1 receptors(especially anyone who hasn’t introduced THC to them and is for the first time) you may experience some of these symptoms. For me (as I some what did it purposely) I started smoking using cannabis after the age of twelve, And I would consume about .5 or a gram, and would begin feeling a dizzy sensation and if I had laid my head back I felt as if I was on a roller coaster, which for me was very uncomfortable as I felt like vomiting, but surely enough my tolerance quickly began to increase. After a few years of daily consumption, and only a 2 1/2 month break, I am able to consume up to an ounce a day depending on time, but financially I can’t do that.

  113. about a month ago, a friend of mine put excessive marijuana & canabis in my drink unknowingly to me which really affected me since then & caused me symptoms such as weakness, rapid heart beat, internal hotness, tiredness & also causes shakiness whenever my body needs food. pls what could have been wrong with my system & also what possible ways can I treat or permanently stop it? pls kindly get back to me cos it’s so important to me

    1. Iyke.. I’ve attempted to eat weed in the past to no avail, as weed needs to be heated to activate it’s compounds which is why it’s smoked or baked in cookies etc, not eaten raw or liquidized..

  114. Saleem S Shaikh

    You should help me.

    Started smoking weed from 2006, once in a week, from 2009 I was smoking daily one joint, from 2013 3-4 joints a day in 2015 daily 3-4 bongs, on 26 Dec 2015 I woke up in morning 10 am I had little breakfast and slept again and woke up at 1pm I made a small bong i.e i took small 100 ml bottle made a hole and and put small pipe in it and put chillum on it and took 6 heavy shots, (that weed was mixed with some chemicals) I was feeling amazing, after half an hour I was playing game in my phone suddenly my left hand falled down, and I felt some electric shocks are coming from my left arm, every thing was spinning and I was feeling like I’m falling from some where, it was very horrible, I never had that type of attack in by life and I was very scared, i controlled my self till half an hour, but it was very horrible and I told to my mom, my heart was beating too fast, my toungue was pulling inside, my mom took me to the hospital, doctors said its normal, I decided I will quit smoking this shit forever, at that time I didn’t know that I need to survive from weed withdrawal symptoms, after a week I felt same less than that attack, I thought I’m going to die, then I googled and knew about symptoms, every where in Google they were telling symptoms will lasts for 3 months max, I took it as a symptoms, then after 3 months it was okay, then again after 6 months I felt symptoms like dizzyness, light head, pressure in eyes, again took it as symptom, exactly after a year I.e on 25 Dec 2016, again my head felt some electric shocks and tongue too, its just for 5 seconds, and after that dizzyness, its happening again and again, I’m very scared that its one year passed and still I have the symptoms, I just want to know is it a weed withdrawal symptoms or a symptom of any other desease, I m very poor that I can’t go to hospital and treat again and again.

    If any one is here who can help me and make me cured, can any one please tell me how come over from it. Please help me I’ll pray in god for you. Please

    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Dear Saleem,

      Thank you for your comment. We are sorry to hear about your situation. Unfortunately, as Sensi Seeds is not a medical practice, we are not able to provide any advice relating to medical situations other than to consult your doctor or other licensed medical professional. This article, written specifically for healthcare providers who may not be aware of the many properties of cannabis, may be useful to you in talking with your doctor. You could also try to contact local medicinal cannabis support groups, if you have not already done so. In the UK, there is the United Patients Alliance (you can find them on Facebook) and in the US and EU there are many branches of NORML (google NORML followed by your area name). We hope this is helpful.

      With best wishes,


    2. As Jesus Christ to help you. He will. I have heard, from an esoteric point of view, that drugs can cause your aura to become vulnerable, opening the door to spiritual oppression that often times has a physical manifestation. Resist, and stand firm. The Blood of the Lamb cover you, and keep you safe, and heal you.

  115. Sherri Tinajero

    This article is wrong on everything. They are just trying to turn people away from using marijuana.

  116. This article has made me feel much better. I had one of the worst experiences of my life last night – it was only my 6th or 7th time smoking up – and at the worst point I thought I was going to die. I’m afraid the experience may have put me off drugs altogether.

    It appears to have been the classic situation: I’d just driven for three hours, I’d had two beers before the sesh, I’d only eaten a few Doritos beforehand and had a massive night out the night before with not much sleep. I was fine for the first fifteen minutes after smoking, walking around the garden and talking about the trees with my friend (a hardened stoner). We then came inside and I started eating some ice cream while my friend warmed up some food. Weirdly this tasted very dry, like cardboard, and I could only have a little bit as I lost a lot of strength. Having felt pretty relaxed and light until this point, my heart suddenly started beating extremely quickly and very hard and I became more paranoid. I lost more and more strength and started becoming disorientated, before fully losing consciousness and passing out head first onto the floor. Although I’m told this consciousness loss only lasted a few seconds, I had vivid hallucinations/dreams which felt like they went on for a long time, although this was possibly caused by banging my head. I regained consciousness to the sound of a panicking stoned friend (who at first thought I was playing a practical joke on him). Once I had managed to get up, I stumbled – in the exact same way as I stumble when very drunk – towards a sofa to sit down. It wasn’t really a dizziness I felt – it was more of a hallucination, very fast and strongly beating heart, wanting to shut my eyes though not necessarily being tired, and general paranoia that my brain and heart were not coping at all well. I’m quite pale, but my friend was freaked out at how I lost all color in my face and lips – I was whiting out. I felt very sensitive to conditions – having the TV on was very good, a rug to keep my legs warm was good, leaning forwards on the sofa and supporting my head with my hands was also good. I felt i couldn’t move from the position I was in and every time I did I felt much less comfortable. Listening to the TV was very soothing – however, whenever there was a pause in the dialogue followed by someone talking again I would get a big shock and my heart would start beating even harder. I didn’t feel like I could eat anything, although sipping at water made my mouth feel a bit better. How I felt fluctuated significantly from asking my friend to call 911 to telling him I was feeling less bad to wanting an ambulance again. Eventually he put me to bed and i felt much better when I woke up 14 hours later, although still feeling a bit strange.

    Anyway, thanks for reading my post. My friend says the spliff was actually reasonably weak (for his standards) so maybe I’m just a light-weight novice!

  117. For an inexpericed user is it ok to take acholol? My partner had been taking the oil for cancer but took acholol with the oil . Over 5 days in has took 1mg suppositry every day and now is not feeling very well . Has taken acholol everyday he has been on it .

    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Dear Lil,

      Thank you for your comment. We are sorry to hear about your situation. I personally would not recommend using alcohol in these circumstances. Unfortunately, as Sensi Seeds is not a medical practice, we are not able to provide any advice relating to medical situations other than to consult your doctor or other licensed medical professional. This article, written specifically for healthcare providers who may not be aware of the many properties of cannabis, may be useful to you in talking with your doctor. You could also try to contact local medicinal cannabis support groups, if you have not already done so. In the UK, there is the United Patients Alliance (you can find them on Facebook) and in the US and EU there are many branches of NORML (google NORML followed by your area name). We hope this is helpful.

      With best wishes,


  118. Interesting article. But if you are going to have a white out you have more or less immediately after smoking and not 4 hours into your high as stated by one of the commenters on here. I have had this once or twice but only certain strains seem to have that effect on me, hawaiian snow being one of them if I smoke too much of it and malawi being the other. I only seem to experience this with sativas.

    1. Never again

      Experience my first and I will never forget it ….. I consider myself a healthy 48-year-old I haven’t smoked for had to Eugene. Sometime probably few years …. had some dinner with an old girlfriend couple bottles of red wine .. she introduced me to a cookie with cannabis inside .. TKO 160 .. I said sure let’s try it …. not really knowing the ramifications I pretty much ate the whole cookie … well ! What a mistake !!! For about the first hour it was excellent euphoric funny exhilarating all the pleasures of marijuana with a little red wine… so within about an hour I was experiencing some of the worst feelings I have ever felt in my life !!! Very dizzy heart beating fast and hands. Shaking .. try to drive but could not drive thank God .. The symptoms are getting worse by the minute I reluctantly call 911 …. I was outside pacing with an out of body experience and hallucinating …. thank God The ambulance workers restrain me put me inside and drove me to the hospital …. I was in and out of consciousness hallucinating shaking a controllably severe dizziness out of body experience …… I was diagnosed with a severe overindulgence of THC …. it is two days later now and I feel fine but the feeling I felt at that point was the worst I’ve felt in my life of doom !!!!! That words cannot describe I really felt as if I was dying !!!! I truly felt I was talking to the devil !!! I did my research on it and now I know smaller amount no alcohol with 60 minutes and be careful sugar levels hypoglycemic !!! Knowing all this now.. how I felt I will never do it again beware … The overindulgence Thc .. for medical marijuana ! I do not recommend this to anyone don’t let the cookie fool you….. thank you for reading hopefully this can help someone that will not do it ….. never again !!!!!!!!

      1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

        Hello Jayc,

        Thank you for your comment and sharing your experience! I’m glad you are recovered now.

        With best wishes,


  119. Really informative and honest .. I just had a rather unpleasant experience with a concentrate .. I’m glad I was humbled by the flower, next time I’ll know my limit! …

  120. Omg im not alone!!!
    A few days ago I hit the bong with a few friends. I had just finished a workout and hadn’t had weed in about a week or so. Exhausted, I thought it would of been a good way to relax me after my long workout, unfortunately it was my worst weed experience to date. I was okay after the first & second bong, but about 10 minutes after my third hit I started to feel really nauseous and my eyes were slowly closing. I thought it was just my body playing tricks on me from the gym, but then my heart started to beat extremely fast ? I was going in & out, in & out. I stood up and instantly the whole room went dizzy! Literally thought i saw the light that night because everything was white and hazy. Luckily with a few glasses of water, bit of walking around, a pump of oxygen inhaler and a well-needed sleep, the side effects slowly went away. Won’t ever forget that moment though! Ps; I’m still a stoner and still love my Mary Jane even though she did me dirty like that….haha 😉 ?

    1. I went to a concert last night, and I just shared a blunt with my friends like we always do… I had a little bit of alcohol beforehand as well. But this was something I’m used to and have done before. I don’t smoke or drink often or even in large quantities. But after that blunt we smoked in the crowd, suddenly I started to feel very strange. At first it felt like a normal anxiety episode so I tried to calm my breathing, but with focus it only got worse. I said to my friend, “I feel weird…” And I could tell she was asking why, but I could no longer find words… I started to get scared and with every breath it got worse, I felt like I was getting no oxygen, everything around me began to glow brighter and become pixelated… It was very hard to see. Then, it sounded like the crowd grew quiet, and I don’t remember much but the voice of my friend behind me pushing me out of the crowd telling me to breathe and that I’ll be okay. His voice was all I was hanging onto until he sat me down and got me water. My other friend was in shock from seeing me, she said I was convulsing? Like shaking… but not like I was cold but like I was seizing. It was hard to piece it all together to remember even though the entire episode only lasted a few minutes. I sat down and drank water and began to regain my senses. Definitely felt like a near death experience, so reading that it was likely just a “white out” is slightly more comforting.

  121. I experienced my white out. I had a great time with friends and i ate a lot, but i had so much sativa i did my own thing for hours without sleep. All of a sudden it got hard to breath and my body started working too hard, too much blood flow with what it felt to be not enough oxygen. I read this article and i’m recovering now, thanks for the information.

  122. This article put me at ease i had my first white out last night and its came with convulsions which sent me into extreme panic, i had no idea that could happen i smoke cannabis for pain i’m on no other medication anymore except occasionally smoking. i didn’t realize convulsions could happen, thanks for making me realize it was just a white out. i feel so much better for sleeping and seeing this article and eating. thank you.

    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Hello Josie,

      Thanks for your comment, we are glad to hear that the information was helpful and that you are feeling better again!
      Best wishes,


  123. I smoked marijuana 2 days ago(10-8-2016), the high was quite a good one. But I still have dizziness till now like all the time. I don’t understand why the dizziness is not going away and I also have mild headaches along with the dizziness. I feel perfectly normal when doing something existing ie when there’s adrenaline rush like when riding my bike at high speed. Please help me to get out of this dizziness and get rid of the headaches.

    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Hello Dizzy,

      Unfortunately I do not know what is causing the dizziness; it could be something not related to cannabis use, for instance an inner ear problem? As Sensi Seeds is not a medicinal practitioner, we cannot give any kind of medical advice. If the dizziness is still happening, I strongly suggest that you see your doctor. Sorry I can’t be more help, and good luck 🙂

      With best wishes,


    2. I started having those same problems when smoking flower, and believe it or not it turned out to be central sleep apnea causing it. The apnea was affecting my blood pressure, and the blood pressure spike from the heart rate increase from smoking was not only making me dizzy, but gave me crippling migraines. So now I have a prescription CPAP machine for the apnea, and blood pressure medication to help regulate my blood pressure. I can smoke or dab to my heart’s content once more.

  124. True Chronic Marijuana Withdrawals

    No one knows what true Heavy-use Chronic Marijuana Withdrawals are, because no one smokes/smoked as much as me, not even the smartest scientists and doctors who studied ‘heavy-use chronic smokers’ would ever understand true Withdrawals. It is worse than Alcohol withdrawals and poisoning, I’ve been through many bad alcohol poisonings and withdrawals, and those were nothing compared to my marijuana withdrawals after smoking 9 years, 12 to 20 grams a day, bong, joints, party bowl pipes, and the most effective smoking method of all smoking methods, Screenless smoking on Small KeyChain/KeyRing pipes. Oh boy, smoking Screenless on KeyChain/KeyRing pipes, is the most harsh and effective way to get stoned, more stoned than Dabs alone. One hit from a KeyChain pipe for the heaviest of the heaviest smokers will always get ripped, paranoid, bombed, whatever you want to call it, seriously more effective than Dabs. No one knows what a KeyChain pipe is, because all of you smoke on worthless bongs, Dabs, joints, party bowls and waste all that THC on smoking methods that waste most THC. Just google search or eBay search KeyChain pipes, and its a true one-hitter quitter Screenless smoking pipe, 1 bowl is 1 hit, but not just any hit, its the most effective smoking way of all ways. I tried Dabs, worthless compared to smoking the Herb on KeyChain pipes. Here in Alaska, we call the KeyChain pipes, ‘tokers’, ‘one-hit pipes’, ‘one-hitter quitter pipes’, because they are truely one-hitter quitter pipes, or for short, toker pipes. You can invite any Alaskan heavy smoker to a Dab session or Bong or Joint session with your highest qualities, and we will barely get stoned, just a few minute tease, well not any Alaskan, St. Lawrence Island Alaskan, from Gambell, Alaska. We know how to get bombed, paranoid, ripped, etc. here in Gambell, Alaska. We smoke on bongs, joints, Dabs, party bowl pipes, and the only way we get our satisfaction Stoned is on our KeyChain pipes, or ‘tokers’. Also, it ain’t the best way to smoke the Herb in ‘bud-form’. Smoking weed ‘bud-form’ is WEAK and ineffective for us Gambell, Alaska tokers. Bud-form smoking is no good and we have to light up most the party bowl to ourselves to get a good hit, it seriously wastes all the real hits when we smoke bud-form. Grind that weed up to powder, use a Herb grinder, thats what Herb grinders are for. Grind it up with your fingers or a herb grinder, and take out every STEM and LEAVES, stems and leaves makes the bud-form smoking un-enjoyable and uneffective for us Gambell, Alaska tokers. We smoke only weed here, no Stems or Leaves, just pure powdered weed, all grinded into true THC Beauty. It tastes better when grinded to powder: taste the true flavor and Aroma of the weed, takes more harsh and bigger tokes without stems and leaves, LASTS LONGER AND TAKES MORE HITS THAN BUD-FORM, get more ripped, stay stoned longer, and the weed just looks more Beautiful when grinded to powder, bud-form it looks all sick when theres stems and leaves, take out every stem and leaves before you grind the weed to powder. Anyways, I show and telled how to get the most effective stoned, more effective than Dabs alone, you have to buy a KeyChain pipe and a Herb grinder in order to get your most satisfied stoned and longer longer stoned too. Never use a screen on a KeyChain pipe, take out every stem and leaves before you grind it to Beautiful powder, and get more effective stoned than when you first started toking. Yeah, it is that seriously effective to smoke Screenless on a KeyChain pipe and powdered weed, way better than Dabs alone and also more stoned than when you first started toking. Now time for the long-term effects on smoking Screenless on KeyChain pipes, smoking pure powdered THC without stems and leaves, remember, GRIND IT ALL TO POWDER AFTER TAKING OUT EVERY STEM AND LEAVES, and instantly buy a KeyChain pipe and Never put a screen on it. You will experience a Stoned you’ve never experienced in any other smoking method, not even from Dabs.

    Anyways, I showed you all the Gambell, Alaska style way of getting the most Stoned you can ever get! It is so effective to smoke Screenless on a KeyChain pipe, taking out every stem and leaves and turning all the true weed to Beautiful powder.

    True Long-term use and Withdrawals after 9 years of toking Screenless on a KeyChain pipe, 20 grams a day. Lot of health risks, but all worth the most Stoned you can ever get. Clogged lungs of pure black resin/tar that is thicker and stickier than common cold mucus, shortness of breathe, serious toke-fit and uncontrollable anger, tremors, severe nausea and non-stop vomiting (doctors gave me maximum amount of anti-nausea and anti-anxiety shots, IV, and pills and the doctors said those were the strongest meds for cancer-chemo patients and enough to knock down a big animal like an elephant, and i still couldn’t stop vomiting for 19 hours straight, lost 17 pounds in those 19 hours from severe perspiration sweating from the withdrawals and vomiting), severe anxiety and paranoia, heart palpitations, loss of appetite, dehydration, Lung pains from all the clogged tar, insomnia, numb/tingly face throat arms and lungs all numb/tingly, inflammation, mental changes (bi-polar, can be happy one second and little things can set you off to anger, also depression from going through the withdrawals), acid reflex and indigestion after the body is readjusting to normal after all the toxins are flushing out, lot of pooping bad smelling soft poop from flushing out all the thc toxins from immune system, bad smelling urine from peeing out/flushing out all the toxins, cold chills and hot sweats go on and off, bad dreams of evil or murders or violent dreams, bad smelling underarms from the thc toxins flushing out through sweat, constant sweating in hand palms and feet from toxins flushing out, suicidal thoughts or hurting others from combination of toke-fit cravings and wanting to end the withdrawal symptoms, psychosis (feeling surreal and everything feels fake but bad at the same time), light headed from resin/tar clogged lungs and shortness of breathe, hard to concentrate and make decisions, dry mouth from body using electrolytes to take out toxins through sweat, head aches from sleep deprived insomnia, feelings of going to die from heart palpitations, weak and tired all the time from body readjusting from withdrawals, people say i look like i have a bad flu or sickness, sinus problems and stuffy nose from tars in lungs, cough out black resin/tar from clogged lungs every 20 to 30 minutes for at least 90 days after stopping use of marijuana, everything you enjoy becomes boring/nothing from thinking about the withdrawals all the time and wanting it to go away, doctors can’t find whats physically wrong with me because they don’t know these are withdrawals from true heavy-use marijuana abuse, they call it anxiety or withdrawals, which is a little bit true, but in the end, everything turns almost back to normal after 90 days of coughing out black resin/tar and all of the above i mentioned. You think you know what true heavy-use chronic toking is, you don’t know what the true reality of heavy-use abuse is, and you don’t know the true heavy-use abuse withdrawals of 9 years of smoking 20 grams a day. This isn’t your average mid-level qualities too, I know what low, mids, and high qualities are, I’ve smoked all kinds of cured and uncured qualities, and only sticked with the highest quality Alaskan buds covered with THC crystals. I’ve seen many pics of Lower-48 USA States high qualities that were THC covered, Alaska has got the Best weed, most THC you can get out of pure cured high qualities. So dank, pungent, and Beautiful buds, so tempting to toke right now, but I can never toke again after the bad withdrawals I’ve been through. This is my 5th time stopping and relapsing heavy-use chronic abuse because of the body getting to clogged with THC, especially my lungs, to the point where I will have a heart attack the next time I take 1 toke on a KeyChain pipe. I tried 1 toke last week while my body was going through the heavy-use abuse withdrawals, and boy did I barely survive a major tremor at the ER. Almost had a heart attack from 1 toke relapse during my heavy-use abuse withdrawals from my body craving the weed. I will never toke again after what I’ve been through, doctors prescribed me some strong tranquilizer anti-anxiety pills to ease my withdrawals, and they do help with the tremors, muscle tensions, loss of appetite, anxiety, nausea, depression, insomnia, and prespiration sweats from the withdrawals, downside is i poop a lot of the thc toxins and urine a lot of the thc toxins, i can poop all day and docs said my body is flushing out all the thc toxins/withdrawals.

    If you want to see some people with true heavy-use chronic abuse, come to Gambell, Alaska on St. Lawrence. We toke all day every day, no breaks.

    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds


      thank you for your comment and for sharing your story.

      With best wishes,


    2. Realistical420

      “No one knows what true Heavy-use Chronic Marijuana Withdrawals are, because no one smokes/smoked as much as me” ok dude…. lol

      “One hit from a KeyChain pipe for the heaviest of the heaviest smokers will always get ripped, paranoid, bombed, whatever you want to call it, seriously more effective than Dabs.” Lets see hmmmm rig vs aluminum one hitter?think about that for a second…

      “Now time for the long-term effects on smoking Screenless on KeyChain pipes, smoking pure powdered THC without stems and leaves,” PURE POWDERED THC… thats how bud works guys just grind it up and it becomes straight THC

      “you don’t know the true heavy-use abuse withdrawals of 9 years of smoking 20 grams a day. This isn’t your average mid-level qualities too, I know what low, mids, and high qualities are” apparently NOT, upwards to 1/8 a day is a waste of good herb and 20 grams a day is bull**** obviously you need to learn about TOLERANCE and how to control the herb instead of it controlling you… in all your years you never thought once about a T-break?!

      “bad smelling underarms from the thc toxins flushing out through sweat, constant sweating in hand palms and feet from toxins flushing out, suicidal thoughts or hurting others from combination of toke-fit cravings and wanting to end the withdrawal symptoms, psychosis (feeling surreal and everything feels fake but bad at the same time),” toke fit cravings lol most of this is bull**** and your psycosis is called burn out lol you sound like a new guy who cant handle his ****.

      “doctors prescribed me some strong tranquilizer anti-anxiety pills to ease my withdrawals” im dead lol replaces herbs with strong chemicals because he didnt like withdrawls…

      This has to be some joke or something dude…

      “You ever suck **** for weed?” GTFO

      1. MartieDread

        ^^^ This comment like….. everything I thought….. haha the amount of bullshit in that original comment made me lactose intolerant XD

    3. I have smoked weed from all over the world and I have to say Alaska weed has been the best. It has a distinct and unique taste that I have not found any other weed.

    4. ThisIsTotallyBS

      ( ) Legitimate story
      (X) Wannabe hardcore stoner making up unbelievable s*** to look cool and reputable on the internet

    5. I have smoked constantly the last 46 years and when I am out, I only get anxious for a couple of days and then all is fine, like a new high, being straight! I usually start after my 2nd cup of coffee, about 7am and finally quit smoking about 9pm. Never had any bad withdrawals from pot, but of course, I only use a one hitter, smoke alone, and an ounce will last me two to three months, depending on the strength. Amnesia last a while because it is so strong. Luckily, no dirt week where I live, all pure sensi kind weed, unlike Oklahoma, where I come from. So, you live in Alaska? That was my dream when I was younger, living in Alaska, being a trapper, and enjoying the beautiful scenery of peace and quiet. Now I live in overcrowed Europe, but I have to be where my 13 grandkids are, lol! Enjoy your great state of Alaska! I doubt if I will ever make it there, not at my age today, lol! God Bless!

    6. Thank you Mr Alaska for sharing. I never smoked as much as you did…20 grams a day. But I expierenced all the bad health effects when I quit also. I had smoked for 20 years and decided to quit. I was sick mentally and physically for months. The first 3 months were the hardest. I was coughing black resin up little by little till one day i could feel a massive amount in one mass wanted to come out. The lack of oxygen left me dizzy and with headaches much of the time. Be carefull coughing the black resin out….too much force could tear lung tissue. One day most of it came out in a coughing spasm as i lay on the floor. You want to cough it out during a hot shower as steam helps loosen it. Eating raw garlic will also help loosen and expell the resin. drinking lots of water also helps. I had the heart problems you mentioned. My stomach was a mess. I felt so weak and tired all the time. I had cold sweats and nightmares almost every night. At the end of six months I was starting to feel normal. Mentally I was still a mess. I dreamed about smoking and weed or plants at night. It took a full year before I was completely back to normal. I no longer cared or missed the plant. I stopped dreaming about weed. Thank you for writing. I thought i was alone.

    7. Please listen to this man. I can confirm his harsh withdrawals. Every single one that you described is dead on!! I’ve been looking for someone that has gone through the same. I am not demonizing the use of marijuana, I am 100% pro weed. The healing effects it has on many levels is unbelievable but we as humans love and I mean love our comforts and like everything good we can end up abusing. Every individual has their own tolerance level and self discipline. I was a heavy cigarette smoker since the age of 16 as well as a drinker. I became an alcoholic at a very young age. It followed me through my 20s and early 30s. I am 41 now. I started to smoke weed at 33. MARIJUANA SAVED MY LIFE!! I quit smoking cigarettes and stopped drinking cold turkey. The withdrawals were always so hard when I tried quitting before and people suggested marijuana but it made me very paranoid as a teen so I never touched it growing up. I decided to do some research and stick to straight indicas as they they provide more of a body high and really helped me ease the withdrawals of alcohol and cigarettes. It would knock me out at night and I was functional throughout the day. About six months later I quit smoking weed. I started smoking weed again recreationally a couple of years later. I started to work from home as I’m a business owner and I could smoke all day. I,myself did not have the discipline to balance myself. I believe it’s my addictive personality so I smoked more and more without consequence. I was ignorant to the withdrawals weed can bring when your body builds a high tolerance. At the end I was smoking about a little over an 8th a day and more when I binged on tv. A couple of ounces a mouth would be pretty accurate. Always high grade.i was spoiled. I had a great connect and money wasn’t a problem. I smoked heavy up until 6 months ago and EVERY SINGLE WITHDRAWL SYMPTOM YOU DESCRIBED IS RIGHT ON THE MONEY! My god,when I read your article I felt a big relief. There’s someone else like me!! The part of the withdrawals that scared me was the chunks of built up gunk that would come out of my mouth. I accelerated the process by locking myself in the bathroom with the shower on hot and breathing in the steam. I did this everyday for a week. I would throw up from purposely making myself cough up the black in my lungs. All the other symptoms subsided pretty fast as I also stated running and during two gallons of water a day. The withdrawal feelings reminded me of when I tried to quit drinking in the past but maybe a couple of points less harsh. And I also almost ended up in the hospital for toking a few days later after I had tried quitting but lucky me I was able to control my tremors and palpitations and didn’t end up in the ER. It took about 2 months to feel my lungs getting back to normal. This is what I felt. This is my story.
      My only advise is to balance yourself and take breaks. I think I’ll smoke again in a couple of years but with more caution. Please email me if you read this and could use some resourceful advice or have any questions. Thanks! And smoke on but don’t over do it. 2 ounces a month is ALOT. If you smoke that already believe me when I say it will catch up with you. The paleness,sweats,palpitations,numbness everywhere,poor circulation, the. Omitting the first week or so, mental instability, smelly ass body, dry eyes,sleeplessness, and others.

      1. I’m scared… been using the oil in a cartdrige for a few months.. suddenly I am having panic attacks in the morning..anxiety and palpations…. literally no energy and feel like I’m dying.. can this be from over use of vape???
        I never used it this way before and I feel horrible.. I never experience this while using weed. But, this oil is not what I thought..can this be side effects? I am quitting and need to know how long these effects last.. I feel like I’m having a heart attack at times and headaches upon awakening with severe palpations…. I already have health issues with thyroid problems and I feel worse than ever…help please…thank you

      2. Thank you for your story. I have a similar story but I have not quit yet and after reading all of these symptoms you guys are having I feel like I am having them to and need to quit but seem to need that medicine just as badly. Do you have any tips on how to quit when you needed to breathe. I’m also suspicious of the cannabis actually causing my breathing problems. It feels like I’m in high-altitude all the time. Like I can’t catch my breath. This is from all the junk in my lungs? I’m also feeling very depressed and anxious all the time. It’s almost unbearable. I’m thinking if I have to go through this in a worse way I won’t make it through the withdrawals. What can you tell me? I’m a strong believer in God and his power.

    8. Never Again

      I can so relate to your post, I have smoked pot for last 30years as well as an intravenous drug user, mainly oxy,s and now and dabbled with heroin off an on. Have endured 3mths cold turkey from methadone which was one of the toughest things I have endured. Although I have been only smoking around 4 grams a day I had my first real serious “whitey” and for intensity it’s got to be up there with the sickest I have ever been. I really thought I was dying, once I shot up and had by mistake used scissors to cut my filter the scissors I was later to discover had some oil paint particles on it, and yes went straight into my veins, another time I thought I was going to die. My mistake was when I began to feel unwell I increased my pot usuage not knowing I was beginning to white out and stupid me just topped up on more.. my skin would start to burn, sweat ran off me as though I was standing in the rain, vomiting arghhh just nasty, to tell the truth it scared me to the extent I am day 2 of no pot, going thru withdrawals at the moment, problem is I am an addict so to try and monitor usuage is not an option for me. About to discover what living is like drug free. Have been clean from opiates a month now, and plan on fighting each day to stay sober. I have lost 2 family members and my best friend in last 2 years to drug overdoses and have been bought back to life myself from drug overdose. There are some of us that can’t control our usuage, “we live to use, and use to live”. That was my world, but no more

      1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

        Hi Never,

        Thank you for your comment and for being so open and sharing your experiences. Just wanted to wish you all strength and success 🙂

        With best wishes,


      2. john Acheampong

        I have been smoking for the past 5years and seriously wants to quit. Is there any help?

    9. Man I’ve been in it for 25 years and I can’t remember what life’s even like not being stoned! I do know your Alaskan shit cant come close to being compared to the stuff I’ve been around. This shit gets you hi by just handling it! The thc levels are so hi i dont even want to list them! But after many years of chronic daily use I quit for my kids. Lets just say its been awful on my body and it’s still hard on my sychie. But no matter how you ingest your body gets used to it and ultimately you need more and more to get you to the point of being stoned. I was to the point I could smoke an oz and still be left wanting more. And this is the highest thc levels ever produced and i smoked it every way possible wven with your one hitters! I’m not dogging that your Alaskan but you haven’t the experience to run your mouth about uslower 48 farm boys. Especially when your the engineer of the most potent MJ known to man. No one person is the same and any drug effects any person in different ways that’s what make us human. However I can’t stand stupid people and after quitting there isn’t to many people that I want to be around. Whether it’s what they wear, how they drive, how they talk, how they look or how they carry there self. There is something I can find in every person that makes me want to explode on them! I don’t like how it’s made me feel after quitting and it’s been almost 6 months. My wife doesn’t want to be around me and my kids are about the same. Physically I’m stronger than ever but that’s not a good thing because it’s hard for me not to just beat the hell out of somebody that makes me mad. My temper is awful and coming from a god feading family that raised me to be sweet innocent and kind is disappointing to all that know me. I can’t say MJ has ruined me but his definetly altered my mind in ways that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to change back. The hardest part is that I know I’m different and I know how unused to feel and act. I just want to feel like that again but i don’t know how! Come down and join us mid American boys that don’t have the blue eyes then we can really straighten your goofy ass out!

      1. Hortense Calisher

        Work the anger out. Sweat it out. I used to love it when younger but today’s is much stronger. And cheaper for quality.

    10. Dear Alaska,
      It seems like you smoke a LOT of weed. Is that all u do all day?
      Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying don’t smoke. I use medical MJ and don’t smoke that much.
      It appears to me that your biggest problem is memory loss. You continually repeat the same thing over and over. Maybe re-read your post and see what I mean?
      Glad you’re stopping (so far)
      Best wishes to you.

  125. sorry, it was right after touring the garden when we sat on the deck, I fired up a small bowl that was passed to me, took two hits and whited out about ten minutes after that. it wasn’t my stash so I don’t know what it was, but it hit me hard.

    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Hi Steve, thanks for your reply

      I would guess – as a non-medical professional! – that the combination of recovering from flu, long car ride, very probably low blood sugar level, hot sun and alcohol created a perfect storm of conditions to cause such a severe reaction. The worst whitey that I have personally seen involved a gentleman who half-passed out and started to have seizures, his eyes rolled up into his head and he was foaming at the mouth a little. I got him outside into fresh air (we were in a coffeeshop) and put him in the recovery position on the ground. I then got my fingers into his mouth and made sure he was not swallowing or choking on his tongue, and was trying to figure out something to put in his mouth to make sure this didn’t happen when he started to come round. I gave him sugar water and fruit juice, then made him eat a banana and stay sitting on the floor for a while. After about 40 minutes he was fine again. He was an experienced smoker, but he had been on a long flight from the US to Amsterdam, hadn’t eaten anything for hours, and then drunk a couple of beers and smoked half a pure joint. So although this kind of reaction is (thankfully) rare, it is by no means impossible.

      Thanks again for sharing your story,

      With best wishes,


      1. *Please* do not put your fingers or anything else into the mouth of someone having a seizure or something like a seizure. They will not swallow their tongue, it’s firmly attached, but they could seriously harm your fingers if they bite down, their teeth if you put a spoon or something in there, and could choke on anything not strong enough to break their teeth. Recovery position is good, though, and will keep the tongue out of the way of the airway.

      2. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

        Hi Alice,

        Thanks for your feedback and advice. I’d never had to deal with anyone doing this before, so was unfortunately reduced to going off what I’d seen in fictional situations. Good to know!

        Thanks again,



      3. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

        Hi Banana Angel,

        Indeed they do, but only if your blood pressure is already high and caused by too much sodium and not enough potassium. The advice I have found online recommends eating two bananas per day if you have hypertension caused by excessive sodium. Eating one banana isn’t going to immediately lower your blood pressure and make your whitey worse, it’s going to boost your blood sugar and make you feel better.

        With best wishes,


  126. to whom it may concern i’m here to confirm what happened to me in my friends own words as i don’t have a clear memory of any of this.

    thanks lori, Doug and lori ii.

    having recovered from a respitory flu a week or so prior to this at approximately 2:45pm on saturday after spending almost 3 hours traveling in an air conditioned car, i was welcomed by our first oppressive, full sun day.

    arriving at my destination i toured the gardens, (in full sun) then we all shared cheese & crackers etc. and had a beer on the deck, still exposed to the sun i moved to a chair under the umbrella (this was approximately an hour into our visit). as the hosts cleared table i began to white out, everything was bright white and shining like under an intense sun, when lori came out with a bottle of water she found me with my head back, with my neck looking bigger than his head, and i was making low, deep gurgling breaths like a heroin addict over dosing on h.

    she immediately got in front of me putting her hands over each other and compressing hard & steadily on my chest with her palms, about where the ribs separate, with up to 10 solid compressions’ and yelling in my name and screaming come on, steve, come back.

    my eyes opened head came up, and i asked what happened, she said i thought we lost you.

    still disoriented i rose and moved to the bench around the table, lori asked me to stay still, as i was in my own world and began to stand.

    immediately collapsing full force completely unconscious landing flat causing multiple scrapes and bruises to my face and knee.

    lori ran back to me and screamed for help and then immediately screamed back to me again.

    on my belly, head facing right she sat straddling his butt and started compressions pushing upward from center of back, first with 5 compressions i began to vomit and defecate myself, by then cousins had run out starting spraying my feet & legs with cold water from the garden hose.

    still straddling me 6&7th compression the vomiting had stopped (possibly a cups worth) she reached in my mouth to make sure i wasn’t going to choke. still NO response. still over me she asked for the hose, and hit my neck, wanting to cool me down when i started regaining consciousness all the while she was calling my name. she then shot the hose down my back and in my shorts. the only thing i remember is when that cold water hit my balls, i was WIDE awake with eyes open and only memory of whiting out. they continued to hose me my feet a bit.

    lori’s cousin doug got me up, after about 10-15 minutes of observation, i asked for a shower.

    lori stayed outside the door communicating with me and i came out still confused by what happened. I believe the porch events lasted 10+ minutes.

    lori took my vitals and heart rate and BP were in perfect range for a 50 year old man. they placed ice packs behind my neck when i began to feel and still do, the effects of the fall, i got onto the floor and began stretching.

    a couple hours later i ate a normal sized meal, and seemed fine except for my neck and cuts and bruises.

    lori was concerned about a concussion, wounds are obvious (which Neosporin was applied to)

    i was lucky to be with caring people.



    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Hi Steve, thanks for your comment.

      That sounds like a horrible and terrifying experience and I am glad to hear that you are recovered. Although your story is detailed, I do not see any mention of your experience being caused by cannabis? It sounds like bad sunstroke more than a cannabis white-out. Were you using cannabis at the time this happened?

      With best wishes,


      1. oddly enough i left that out, i don’t know why but i lit a small bowl at the time we sat to have a beer … took to hits and passed it along … that’s all it took, it was about ten minutes after that that i had the whitey … sorry about the omission

    2. This sounds very much like the results of my nieces recent suicide. You were very lucky. (Multiple pills were involved so the cause was obviously unrelated, but the body’s reaction sounds very similar!) Her grandmother walked 1 block to pick up her little twin sisters from school, and walked back. That small amount of time was all that it took.

  127. This article just saved me a lot of tears. My dad started using canabis oil because he has level 4 colon cancer,and today he had all those symptoms. We thought the cancer has spread to his brain….lol. Thank God for the person who wrote this. Now we understand.

    1. Hi my mums got colon cancer, also trying her on the oil and she’s paranoid as hell; hope your dad made it

      1. Hi all I had stage 3/4 colon cancer diagnosed April this year had radiotherapy chemo tablet form operation on the 10 October been told the cancer had gone and there was no trace of any left !! Doctors are surprised at the outcome.
        Anyone in a similar situation have hope do your research don’t rely on western medicines alone change your diet I ate a hole lemon blended with water in a bullet each day as well as fresh fruit smoothies. Cut down on sugars and red meats and alcohol. Had a go at making oil seems strong the smallest amount is overpowing going to blend with coconut oil see how we go with that I’m taking it as a maintainer so hopefully the cancer dosent return in any shape of form!

      2. Hi all I had stage 3/4 colon cancer diagnosed April this year had radiotherapy chemo tablet form operation on the 10 October been told the cancer had gone and was no trace of any left !! Doctors are surprised at the outcome.
        Anyone in a similar situation,have hope do your research don’t rely on western medicines alone change your diet I ate a hole lemon blended with water in a bullet each day as well as fresh fruit smoothies. Cut down on sugars and red meats and alcohol. Had a go at making oil seems strong the smallest amount overpowing going to blend with coconut oil see how we go with that I’m taking it as a maintainer so hopefully the cancer dosent return in any shape of form!

      3. Mark.. has or did the oil help your mother ? mail me all the best..

    2. I’m truly glad that this article brought you and your family some relief and comfort. I hope your father has been successful in his efforts to combat this terrible disease. Peace <3

  128. I think this article is for the fair skinned
    Please don’t take me in a racist way I have friends of all shades and I am myself brown however I have noticed the ones with blue eyes do suffer from these symptoms now the blue eyes are a lot higher in fair skinned and that is because of the lack of melanin content
    It may be that the lack of melanin could lead to higher chances of or successeptability of paranoia
    It’s just what I have felt
    I have occasionally used cannabis and regularly in uni. However have been off it for a few years now but my experience is that yes it does get you high but it is a medicine in the sense that it gets you off of other addictions makes you think and eventually gets you off itself too. I have seen that time and again and at least in 10s of my friends. Again none of us had any underlying mental issues I would assume as we are all earning well, home owners and looking forward to raising excellent kids.
    This is my 2 cents worth

    1. That’s an intriguing idea, but it’s one that appears to have no basis in research. Indeed, paranoia and associated psychiatric disorders are more commonly associated with non-white populations, in the US and Europe in any case. There is a strong argument that being part of an oppressed minority, along with the socioeconomic factors such as poverty, financial instability and lack of access to resources such as nutritious food and healthcare, can cause symptoms of anxiety and paranoia. Here’s a link to a 2004 study: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15121652

      On the other hand, another UK review found slightly lower prevalence of personality disorders among non-white populations compared to white. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2882360/

      So perhaps future research will clear this question up. Right now, it’s impossible to reach consensus as not enough research has been done.

  129. Todd Hasson

    Bullseye!! You’ve got it all right. People are in denial and are not ready for the truth. Their loss!!!

  130. From all I hasve heard and expereanced I would say that the feeling you all are talking about is dysforia. a condition caused from too much cannabis. If their isnt enough CBD then the THC can cause this. I have had it bad. I learned a few things the very next day. first off even though you feel like you are going to die or at least a feeling of impending doom. It will not hurt you it cant. cannabanoids do not attach to the brain stem. SecondlyIt is easly cured. 1 Citicoline., 2 dark chocklet 3 CBD. That would be my first go to CBD.THC needs to be ballenced with CBD.

  131. mark johndel pacis

    i experience a dry throat and a little bit anxiety when i’m using that herb the good thing that i get from that herb is when your making an essay you know i feel that my brain is like a machine there so many ideas that comes out its pretty cool it can help your boredom in school we smoke a herb at the comfort room before going to our class .

  132. Barbarella a.k.a. The Mad Cat Lady

    Thanks for the tip about the cotton mouth. That is one awful side effect I really hate! Will go and see if I can get one of those “demulcents” at our chemist…. 🙂

    1. Hi Barbarella,
      I can’t STAND the cotton mouth either! It’s just awful. I can’t even speak, it’s so dry!
      I find the frozen fruit bars to be very helpful when it’s bad.
      The demulcent you need is “BIOTENE” It comes in a bottle like mouthwash and also has a 1.5 oz bottle that sprays , that you can carry w you! It’s been a life saver when I’m out and about !
      Best wishes to you

  133. Literally all of this seems ridiculous to me. I’ve been smoking consistently for over 17 years, and not once have I experienced any of these symptoms. In terms of paranoia, legalization would eradicate this as there wouldn’t be any reason to be afraid, which in itself undermines the definition of paranoia.

    1. Luke, paranoia is far more complex than a simple, rational fear of legal persecution. It is a neurological condition characterized by irrational fear and anxiety. I’m glad that you have never personally experienced any of the symptoms described, but please don’t make the mistake of thinking that they are unknown.

      1. Tammy Miller

        My husband is on medical marijuana. I have been looking for answers as to why he goes from one extreme of feeling like he is always in trouble with the law and infecting others. Sometimes he can’t leave the house. Sometimes he just stares off, and other times very sexual. He is not himself. We also went off benzo drugs 4 months ago. We are doing edibles 4 times a day.

    2. You wait until your life becomes more stressful…….you will find yourself worrying about family, work life, health & friends every time you smoke.

      1. RealTalk – “You wait until your life becomes more stressful…….you will find yourself worrying about family, work life, health & friends every time you smoke.”

        Do things to better you’re family, life, health, and friend situation. And you will find you smoke less… and enjoy it more when you do.

    3. I was safe as I could be in a stoner’s house with my best friend and people who were used to dealing with the severe paranoia of others. I was severely paranoid that I was dying, that I had to figure out how to stay alive, how to stop my racing thoughts, that everyone hated me, and just the inability to stop the thoughts from coming. I also felt as if I wasn’t in my body even though I was controlling it. I spent the night chanting, “the key to life is caring and not caring” and other similar phrases that began with, “the key to life.” No matter what anyone said or did I would say one of my 5 phrases (time, dancing, caring and not caring, being embarrassed, being insecure). Eventually my friends walked me to their dorm/suite and I laid down continuing to chant. Eventually they all went to sleep and ignored me and I went to sleep.

      1. crypticunknown

        Maybe you don’t believe me but we’re living in a spiritual world, it’s those spirit’s harassing you talking to your mind.

  134. el_tabarnaco

    Nice, i just understood why 7 years ago when i starded smoking weed i often had to sit down sweating because i was dizzy and hot. Thanks guys it’s good to know that it was caused by low blood sugar. I’m glad that this symptom did’nt last long, i quickly became a heavy smoker and got really used to weed and i never felt dizzy smoking weed since then.

  135. Glenn Simister

    Probably the most frank,uncomplicated,honest and genuinely informative article about cannabis I have ever read.

  136. Pompano Patty

    While visiting Amsterdam where the marijuana was much stronger than what is available in the US I never once saw someone passed out like the drunk guy in first picture… It sounds like a written updated version of Reefer Madness meant to scare people. May I ask, do you ever drink alcohol? Remember this….. Alcohol kills and weed heals

    1. i must say that it is true….i had this problem when i started smoking .every now and then i had to lay down and sometimes i had to spend hours to get back on my feet…i wasnt eating well that period since i was working lots of hours as a waiter (12+) and had no time for proper meals and when i would light a joint i become a ghost 8))) there was no way i could raise my head up or try to walk …

      1. bunty bohemia

        hiii to every one frm my side.my self raja i m 24yrs old doing job in hotel industry as a manager.i continuesly smoke weed frm last 3yrs in veey high quantity ..i smoke 8 papers daily…and i have dnt feel any side eefect bcz its my experience that weed smoking is nt bad.but in limits…its all depend on brain after smoking weed if u cntrl ur mind u dnt be get any sycho ..dnt take serious ..i enjoy when i smoke weed …its my personal suggestion fr all of u ..take weed fr work or good work nt fr bad .and this is very helpfull fr concentration power…raja

      2. I think that people need to be aware of where their cannabis comes from. I believe some of these things happen cuz you aren’t just smoking cannabis you’re smoking the chemicals the people who don’t care about the actual product. Consuming pesticides and other crap!!

      3. Been smoking for 17 years non stop every day and the weed nowadays can be up to 30%thc I. Just recently cut down and got really bad withdrawals and started feeling really ill went to the hospital the other day and got diagnosed with weed phycosis so beware gotta be on medication till I get better hopefully I do cos it can lead to worse like zhitiphinia sorry for the spelling not too sure how to spell that lol!!!!!!!!!

    2. The typical stoner’s reply. Ooh! Alcohol! Alcohol! Don’t ingest too much of anything and it won’t hurt you. Too much makes you sick, dummy.

      1. hii my self bunty 26yrs old .i smoke weed frm last 3yrs continuesly..sychosis is a broad term that can mean anything from mild disturbances to everyday behaviours and thought patterns, all the way to extreme sensory and behavioural dysfunction. It is a general term, and typically infers a loss of contact with reality.
        Due to misunderstandings and inconsistencies as to how the term is applied, there remains much confusion over the existence of cannabis-induced psychosis, with some studies finding that it does not exist and others finding that it does. Others suggest that cannabis does not cause psychosis in its own right, but may act as a trigger for underlying psychotic conditions such as sychologisty….thanx its my prsn sugeestion take weed but in limits and use it fr good works and concentrate prblm…raja

      2. Cindyguts this is a friendly forum.

        Actually it’s documented that it benifits many with mental disorders. It’s like any medication you can be allergic. It depends on the individual

    3. Are you really that ignorant? Smoke 5 fatties a day and get back to me in a year. I got on here because I have a good friend that is psychotic from smoking too much dope. Don’t tell me what it doesn’t do.

      1. Your friend’s problems might lie elsewhere. I smoked everyday since July 4 2006 till today minus 11 days. I smoke about an ounce in 2 weeks. I’m perfectly sane and functioning. No weak, passed out or paranoid ever. When you ghost a gravity bong or big bong hits and hold your breath till you ABSOLUTELY have to take a breath, you will blackout but when you wake up you’re at super saiyan 2 high. ?

      2. all yall stfu

        Sounds like your buddy was doing more than just bud man…… Like ice maybe?

      3. joseph horvath

        I got a friend who…. WOW that sound scientific… definite cause and effect there professor no idea.

      4. obv its true this man been smoking that long his imaginary friend has issues now

    4. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Hi Pompano Patty,

      Thank you for your comment. Having lived in Amsterdam since 1998, and worked in the centre for the entire time (including seven years in a coffeeshop) I can assure you that people having a ‘whitey’, feeling sick, dizzy, paranoid, and sometimes vomiting, is still a sadly all too common occurrence. The man in the first picture isn’t drunk; he’s experiencing blood sugar drop.

      This article is not meant to scare people, it is intended to forewarn them of possible side effects. Experimenting with any drug without informing yourself about what it does is not sensible.

      Three weeks ago I stopped to help some Hungarian tourists who had called an ambulance because one of them (a man in his 50s) was having a whitey and they did not know what was happening. He had not even been smoking, he was sitting in the middle of the group who were smoking in a coffeeshop. They were understandably really worried.

      Alcohol can kill, cannabis can heal, and either can make you vomit in the street if you overindulge. We aim to provide unbiased information about cannabis, not evangelize about it.

      With best wishes,


      1. Thank you so much for this article, I went to the ER yesterday cause I didn’t know I was having a Green out, I actually never knew that existed till I read this. Honestly it was scary but I’m glad to know that I just smoked too much and that I wasn’t having a heart attack. I’m 19 so that would be extremely worrisome. But now I’m going to be more careful with the amount of cannabis I smoke. Thank you so much for this wonderful article it really put my mind at ease.

      2. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

        Hello The Unicorn,

        Thank you for your comment, I’m really glad this article was helpful 🙂 You might also enjoy this one, although it is aimed at people who have not used cannabis before, there are some tips and suggestions you might find useful.

        With best wishes,


      3. I’m so glad I found this article!
        Last Sunday was my 53rd birthday.. I’ve been smoking weed for 35 years .
        Earlier in the day I smoked a bowl ,a few hours later I had a nice dinner at my sisters home ,about 20 minutes after dinner my sister lit up a bowl and said THIS is “birthday” weed !
        I look two hits and within minutes ,my hand were shaky,I started to sweat and found myself saying ” I don’t feel right” and leaned against the counter to stabilize myself .. seconds later I was unconscious on the floor ,I came to after a few minutes and was nauseated ,I was so out of it I couldn’t stand and knew I couldn’t walk with help either, the bathroom was only a few feet away so I literally crawled ,now here’s the freaky part .. when I got to the toilet,I didn’t need to vomit ,I needed to poop .. for 10 minutes .. like water going through me ,there was no cramping .
        As I was toilet bound in total shock as to WTF had just happened ..all I could say to my sister is WTF just happened to me ?!!!
        I have smoked some great weed from Colorado (where my “birthday” weed was from) many times every few weeks when I see my Colorado friend and I have NEVER experienced ANY bad side effects .
        My sister told me this has happened to her and my 30yr old nephew too and to not be embarrassed or freaked out .
        On Monday I did a google search to see what may have happened to me and it didn’t nane the episode as a “whitey” but the symptoms were exactly the same .
        I know it wasn’t my blood sugar as we had just had a meal and I am in great health with no health issues such a diabetes or low blood sugar issues .
        So THANK YOU so much for this article !
        As for all of the negative comments .. if this shit happens to you ,you will realize what an idiot you’ve been for attacking someone that has simply brought light to a VERY REAL affect of what a high dose of THC can do .

      4. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

        Hello Martha,

        Thank you for your comment and the positive feedback! I’m glad the article helped, here’s hoping you have a happier birthday next year.

        With best wishes,


      5. Hi my husband has just started on the cannabis oil for cancer well to keep it from coming back. He’s finding the high difficult with the room spinning and a little anxiety. Do you think there’s to much THC mixed in the capsule he takes, but being told you need THC in it to help stop the cancer returning. Any advise it’s hard for him.

      6. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

        Dear Joyce,

        Thank you for your comment. We are sorry to hear about your situation. Unfortunately, as Sensi Seeds is not a medical practice, we are not able to provide any advice relating to medical situations other than to consult your doctor or other licensed medical professional. This article, written specifically for healthcare providers who may not be aware of the many properties of cannabis, may be useful to you in talking with your doctor. You could also try to contact local medicinal cannabis support groups, if you have not already done so. In the UK, there is the United Patients Alliance (you can find them on Facebook) and in the US and EU there are many branches of NORML (google NORML followed by your area name). We hope this is helpful.

        With best wishes,


    5. So the “whitey” symptoms are very real but only now do I realise what happened to me. The second time I smoked I also had a few drinks. I stood up and went to the bathroom.. I was rather high.. my buddy is far more experienced than I was and I followed his lead.

      I got to the washroom.. took a leak.. zipped.. annnnd found myself on the floor with him barging in asking if I was ok.

      Turns out I passed out! First time in my life and it wasn’t from the couple of drinks I’d had for sure. I figured I had smoked too much and it’s never happened since.. but it was scary at the time.

      Other than a few bruises there were no lasting effects.

      Everything in moderation and I highly recommend a week long break at least once a month.

      1. Scott.. some people can drink alcohol first & then smoke weed without a problem, for others the reverse works smoke weed & then drink alcohol without a problem, however if you get that the wrong way round you will have a horrible experience.. Personally I prefer to smoke weed without any alcohol.

    6. Pompano Patty, I worked in Amsterdam coffeeshops for several years and I had to help plenty of people who experienced “white-outs”. They are not necessarily dangerous in their own right, but can cause indirect injury – I personally had to call an ambulance for a man who cracked his head on the side of a metal bar while falling down during a “white-out”.

  137. Why write about the symptoms of a whitie? Utterly pointless it causes no harm. The psychosis part is untrue aswell as patients with psychosis and schizophrenia can use cannabis to battle the hallucinations. REPORT SOME REAL SHIT

      1. bennymarley

        am kindly living life of rent, seems like, am dependent on weed, it has cau8se a lot of messes of my own.
        guys am sick, i usually spend most of my time reading, sleeping has became my disease i need to quit or to please it or remain in its hope of tremor that it cause

    1. You're Wrong

      Cannabis has been linked to schizophrenia and psychosis. Do some research before being a prick next time.

      1. joseph horvath

        Cannabis linked to schizophrenia? Research? please quote your references. Or don’t misinform with your hearsay.

      2. Cannabis has been demonized, and linked to be associated with schizophrenia. But, if you look at the stats, it almost negligible. Schizophrenia remains to be seen in a very very low percentage of people, regardless of the marijuana consumption… There are many precipitating factors for Schizophrenia… I would strongly recommend to see The Culture High… Also I can associate ice outside with an increase in injuries. But, I won’t avoid the winter, for personal safety.

      3. That’s not entirely true. Not everyone is the same when it comes to cannabis, like alcohol for example. Yes, psychosis is possible with consuming drugs such as LSD & Shrooms, but the effects don’t last very long. I myself will be trying my very first weed brownie tonight, and I have only been smoking everyday for just over a week. I’ve realistically been smoking for a month, so I’m not exactly sure what the effects will be on me. That being said, it should be a great experience. However my point is, cannabis isn’t linked to schizophrenia and psychosis to everybody who smokes it, it all depends on many different factors.

        P.S – Cannabis makes me feel a lot better about myself, and I have a much better perspective on life. Marijuana also helps me with everyday learning & thinking, my cognitive thinking skills have improved tremendously ever since I started getting high. I believe it’s the best thing that has ever happened to me, I cut back a lot on alcohol consumption as well, which is also a great thing.

      4. Schizophrenia and psychosis are linked to genetic DNA not marijuana I am a user for about 18 years and have never had any issues… along with billions of other people in the world looks like you need to do some research… and not on Wikipedia either….. or some other non credible source either ….?

      5. the psychosis part is true it has happened to me twice and i legit thought i was schizophrenic like i never read one of these articles i looked it up after it happened so it couldn’t have been placebo, i have low self esteem and am very bad in social situations that could have been part of it

      6. Actually you are wrong. And your research simply misinfo. The underlying mental issues attributed to cannabis can be caused by innumerable things from the age of a child. Anything from drug use to over eating can cause similar mental problems, and that is not even factoring in any life experience that may have traumatised your mind. May I suggest your aggressive remarks reflect your depth of knowledge in this field. And your information at best nonsense.

      7. I will be waiting for you “you’re wrong”. The user who replied to you was be helpful and happen to disagree with you. Learn to deal with it. So are you saying that if the responder had done more research it is then ok to be a “prick”. I am waiting for you in the fire.

      8. Shadowe Helland

        I have tried weed on many occasions and I have had a negative result mentally… so I am pretty sure that weed has a negative affect on me personally… I love weed… everything about it… to its culture and to the smell of it… but when I smoke it or ingest it… I lose my mind… I felt very paranoid, I get what pot heads call shutter vision, things in the room that were moving at one point stop, and i keep repeating the same thoughts in my head as though they were voices and all they can say is that i am going to die, and I have a lack of absolute attention / I feel like I am slipping away from myself and my conscious being and that I am going to be lost in an endless void and or loop forever… so yeah… weed is bad for me… but I fully support it for everyone else that it benefits… what are your thoughts on that? oh… and BTW… I really want to be a pot head… like better than Snoop DO double G… because I absolutely fucking love weed… so any help that is relevant and medically proven will be greatly appreciated… thank you…

      9. oid. It breaks my heart. I think , genetically, it is waiting to happen

        My son is genetically predisposed for mental illness. After 20 years of heavy smoking I think he’s over the edge. His already compromised mind it has come to fruition.

      10. 10/10 tinitus pain

        dont get stuck in the chicken and egg non-science, the whole picture science would show people with health problems, AND NO GODDAMN HEALTH CARE SYSTEM, gravitate towards any relief they can find. ie nicotine-deadens the nerve endings, and whatever thc mellows out.

      11. i sure as hell seen a difference in my sister once she became a horrible user. Horrible decisions in her life…….all so she could smoke the shit, she was hooked. Very dysfunctional after that as well. Turns people into loosers

      12. And you're only part right

        The fact is, it’s a pretty heated debate on both sides of the fence. One side says it’s completely harmless (any chemical we put in our bodies can cause some harm) other side says (take one hit and you’ll go crazy (…ok well that would make 60+ percent of the adult population schizophrenic). The truth lies in the middle. No link has ever been found between grown adults smoking cannabis and schizophrenia. However many studies have definitively shown that a developing brain like a teenager can be effected by smoking. Schizo-effective disorder may be caused by smoking at too young of an age.

      13. From a scientist, Linked does not mean causation. Correlation does not mean causation. NO there is not enough scientific evidence to support the Schizophrenia and psychosis hypothesis. AS for smoking too much cannabis? Easy thing. It is really hard to smoke too much cannabis. I don’t know if there is a such thing as too much. If you can’t handle your cannabis, just grab some Doritos, flavor not important. Grab a spot on the couch and chill. Enjoy it and stop worrying what others think about your cannabis use. If they can’t handle it, it thier problem.

      14. Odin Erickson

        Cannabis does not cause Schizophrenia, it has merely been linked to Schizoaffective disorder

      15. Thats because the studies are aimed at finding possible downsides to marijuana. if you only look for bad side effects then thats all you’ll find. compare Marijuana to prescription pain killers and then tell me about side effects.

      16. If your abused for consuming an illegal drug and society doesn’t accept you, you can develop psychosis is a way higher chance and logically makes sence your body creates synthetic thc under extreme stress cucumstances IE THE RUNNERS HIGH if you think this drug causes psychosis alcohol causes definite retardation in individual and it kills the brain to create dopamine if we are using half logic and using a qaurter of the guy’s reasoning (that no one cares about) (ps this would be the guy with psychosis) if thing work anecdotally then wifi is causing covid too.

      17. Exactly ! Thank you ! I was a lifetime smoker and proud of it. My body appears to not accept it anymore and I just pass out asleep, thinking becomes confused for days and I suffered intense debilitating depression. Our bodies are ever changing and ever different. Weed is not for everyone and it can make you extremely ill. Be fair , be a grown up. It’s not the magic elixir of life. It’s a mind altering substance – your mind wasn’t meant to be on it all the time.

    2. IT Consultant Guy


      We get it: you probably love/sell cannabis and don’t want any negative publicity about it. But this is SENSISEEDS giving the info, you dolt!

      They’re trying to help you. Trust someone that’s smoked no less than an 1/8/day for over 15 years. The shakiness/anxiety comes at you from OUT OF NOWHERE.

      THC build-up is what I’d like to think causes this. I’ve had to stop smoking, although I still really benefit from the head-change, because of the shakiness I am experiencing now.

      1. I only took one hit of dab and have those symptoms for two months now have to stop smoking weed guess it’s thc

      2. This is very helpful to me. I am 52 years old and received my medical marijuana card 1 year ago. Shortly after starting the marijuana I developed a heart issue called SVT’s and PVC’s and was put on a beta blocker. I started to suffer from severe Social Anxiety, which I never experienced in my life. I also experience heat flushes throughout my body and muscle twitch’s for hours after smoking and severe insomnia due to these effects. Has anyone else had these symptoms.

      3. bennymarley

        lose of sleep at night and break of breath at night has become my sickness
        provide a help

      4. This is real, I was smoking everyday for 10 years straight then one day BOOM……I start feeling anxiety, tension headaches, sweaty palms & even abdominal pains out of nothing, turned into a complete hypochondriac. I still smoke carefully but haven’t been able to smoke as joyfully ever since……that was 3 years ago……I would love to smoke like how I used to :/

      5. If you smoke an eighth everyday and are surprised that your body would start reacting differently due to the constant changes you’re putting it through daily, then you deserve the hardship

      6. Will it go away because I’m just after waking up and my head if fucked and I need help

      7. This article helped calm me I experienced every last symptom on here when I ate one piece of chocolate.

      8. I would really like to know more about your story . I am going through something similar right now . Please and Thank you

      9. Wesley pipes

        Bro wtf were you smoking for 15 years. Probably way too much plant matter and a few too many bugs. Maybe some mold? I’ve been smoking for just as long and just as much. Smoking oil as well. Never even heard of what you’re talking about. Shaking? Maybe you need to eat some food lol.

      10. I have been smoking concentrates daily for years and don’t get the jitters if I miss a day or two for whatever reason.

      11. Same....i hear u it guy....maybe a full on break from smoking or eating cannabis could actually help those that do actually suffer the symptoms....Why I'm reading the site

        These companies have the ability to do real reasearch and find a more real true answer to cannabis psychosis and related problems. This is essential for the whole world of users quitters and new users be it medical or recreational.

      12. Shakiness and anxiety from too much thc?

        I think I’m taking in too much thc. I vape throughout the day and smoke flowers as well. Since starting the vape I’ve noticed that I’m twitching severely and can’t seem to sit still. I have stopped vaping for awhile and will await the outcome. Any thoughts?

      13. I smoked marijuana and my whole body started shaking and i couldn’t stop it. I didn’t even realise i was doing it until someone noticed what was going on and shouted on me. I looked up and everything was pure white I couldn’t see any colour only white. I felt extremely dizzy and like i was going to pass out.

      14. ronnie creekmore

        i suffer from a serious t.b.i. havent had seizures for years because weed is my antiseizure medication im paralized my whole left side im numb weed stopped seizures my brain is still really damaged my actions and reactions with pretty women im lost but i workout very hard at the gym to try to overcome my disability and i play and teach guitar and i draw everyday have to stay busy to prove to myself ill be alright i just cant give up though at times i wish i could but no way oh i am looking for a wife a life partner oh a forever relationship and only 1 but forever yea im disabled but i ride my bike for miles everyday and work hard at the gym and oh i live with my mom aunt and sister yea a really nice and sooo clean my gym is 24hour fitness rainbow it is the best place for me the people are awsome everyone oh i draw cartoons and name placks i love to meet people so stop me for a hug thanks

    3. Not true, Craig. Marijuana causes psychosis in people already predisposed to it and worsens schizophrenia. My friend had a psychotic break after smoking pot and then almost killed herself as a result.

      1. well everyone is related, but a strong relation to schizophrenia is a tell tale sign of a genetic predisposition, but tbh my philosophy is if you smoke it and get paranoid/delusional, just chill you don’t have to me self conscious every time, if its not for you because of those dodge symptoms, a cbd one may be, but your delusional/paranoia could be brought to surface and you could go full blown schizophrenic/or even rarer schizo-affective, 1% of the population is schizophrenic and cannabis, let alone nothing can change that, only society can change they way it reacts to it, listen to some Terence mckenna on his input about schizophrenia, society is engineered to label anything abnormal a disorder

      2. Before I started smoking pot. I was a really positive person even coming from being an at-risk student and kid, I was always optimistic. I started smoking pot in high school and it was all fine and dandy for years. Then college rolled around and I was in a whole diffrent world. Joint this , bong this , blunt this smoke this ,eat this. Thats when i started getting psycosis and couldnt sleep good at all. It really fucked me up. Than I got depressed and all these anxietys and worries come rushing in and….. i thought back to when i was a kid. I dont want to be like any adult. I want to be me again. Just remember who you are and why your here. Who do you make smile? Who or what makes you smile? These are important questions to combat the psycosis. Keep on going, stay positive, and only you can distinguish what is right or wrong. What is fake and what is real. You are the underlying factor in your final decision. And the key word is final. Psycosis means a thought or thoughts that keep going in a circle in your head really fast and you cant find an answer or retort to your thought. You have to move on and combat it with positivity. It is real and people do deal with it on a daily basis and most dont even know. Thats the crazy part. They dont know. I didnt know when I was going through it either, I didnt even know what psycosis meant at that time.

      3. Shaun Perkins

        But doesn’t weed calm the situation if u was smoking and then u stop for a while is it a side affect…

      4. Must of been involved in something more than pot. It does NOT make you want to kill yourself.

      5. Was she on pharmaceuticals that change brain chemistry and the bodies cannabinoid receptors?

      6. I would agree it causes psychosis. I saw my friend’s face change to another person’s face and then start changing again. It was very frightening. The amnesia kept on happening which I couldn’t control. The sickness was awful and I couldn’t walk properly to the bathroom. First time for this experience. V unpleasant would be an under statement!

      7. Everyone who gets psychosis is predisposed to psychosis. Does not matter if it is drug induced or not and it does not matter which drug induces it. Fact is someone who smokes weed and gets in to a drug induced psychotic episode would probably not have gone in to a psychotic state if he or she did not trigger it with in this case cannabis.

    4. Jessica Elmes

      Im just saying . that this is all 100 % true because i myself and my father has gone thru the same issues yes the psychosis is very very true . but not common this is for people who have smoked for years every morning every night, before work after work like a ciguaratte its addicting honey.

      1. My husband and I are having these problems as we speak. Been to Dr’s and everything. Couldn’t figure out what’s wrong. See a neurologist on the 23rd. Guess I know now. I thought for asecond it was because I made our coconut cannabis oil too strong. We only take about 1/2-2 tsps. Should probably slow down on smoking so much too. Once In the morning, throughout the day, cannabis oil throughout the day, edibles, and especially after work, or night when we have severe insomnia. I’m epileptic though, and it helps keep my seizures away. Not to mention the help with consistent severe pain. I’m allergic to all anti epileptics, and most other pharmaceutical medications. Every Dr I try to see wants me and my husband to try new pills this and that. Says we probably have anxiety and all of these other “mental issues”, but we’ve never had issues like this before. Like ever. Life right now, is pretty ok for the both of us, and now we’re all scree up. Like out of nowhere. I’ve been on and off of life support since 2008. Long list of medical issues for both of us. And we both suffer from adhd. Although, I’ve noticed, right after we smoke, we’ve been experiencing all of these psychosis reactions. They’ve been pretty persistent for about 6 weeks now. Consistent for about a week. We both even have anxiety, severe panick attacks, and get scared before leaving our home. It’s only getting worse every day. So we’ve switched to a cbd/organic strain. Thought it would help if we decreased the amount of THC in general. IDK man, I’m still pretty new to using medicinal Marijuana. It was my last resort. It worked so well at first, and now this. Any suggestions, tips, or opinions anyone?? It’s affecting our lives in reality. If not, oh well. We’ll try decreasing severely. As much as possible anyway. Btw,husband is a budtender. It’s part of his job to sample the products every day. Eh, we’ll figure it out. Nothing we can’t handle. Thanks guys.

      2. I believe my boyfriend is going through this right now. Reading this has made me truly understand his problem. He had smoked weed, and wax for many years since I have known him for ten years. He lost his job and got the flu shortly after. He had not smoked because it enhanced the flu symptoms. He hadn’t smoked for almost two weeks. Then he did. And that night his OCD enhanced, paranoia, fear, and confusion happened. Every time he smokes now he gets sweaty, clammy hand’s, fearful. Anxious and confused. We are getting him help but I am very glad I came across this because it answers alot of questions.

    5. All these are possible, cause it may not affect you in some ways doesn’t mean its doesn’t exist

    6. As a new medicinal user, I experienced a “whitie” just last week and had no idea what was happening. I got extremely dizzy, weak and started vomitting after I went to the floor. Sure, I thought that maybe I did have a little to much but I wasn’t sure and I definitely didn’t know what a whitie was or what it felt like. I was left wondering if I had some sort of other medical condition that appeared while taking my medicinal cannabis. After reading these articles, I understand now what happened to me, and what to do in order to prevent it next time. So, I was thankful someone took the time to explain what can happen and what it feels like.

      1. Anthony Miller

        Absolutely. I felt the same way a few weeks back. I’m a regular, daily dabber, and it just snuck up on me. I guess i usually have snacks and a soda nearby when I smoke so my blood sugar is usually fine. Went to a friends house and they didn’t serve anything… guess who had a whitie? lol, this guy

      2. This helped me out too, thank you for explaining what was happening because it helped me not to panic when I suddenly got cold and nauseous and paranoid.

      3. Sheluvs2play

        So yes! Vaping cbd oil drops my blood sugar every single time and it takes only one puff whereas smoking a bowl Does Not! I’m not sure why vaping cbd oil does but a few puffs from a bong or pipe doesn’t have that affect. It’s weird. I cannot vape it. It makes me very ill.

      4. I had a really intense white-out last night, with weakness, dizziness, nausea and multiple strong head rushes. It was very disconcerting.

        While I did suspect that it was the high % THC herb that I consumed, I did not actually know for sure.

        Reading this article was very helpful in understanding what happened, and how to better deal with the situation if it happens again.
        Thank you for publishing this information. 🙂

      5. Janice Natalie

        Had one last night and didn’t know what it was. Online now researching. Glad to know it isn’t anything major and from now on I’ll have juice etc nearby just in case. It was bad! And scary. Low blood sugar is something easy I can deal with, and now I feel much better. Thanks.

    7. Well Craig

      I wanted you to know that the Psychosis part is very true. You should do a web search. Some people are unable to use MJ and have been hospitalized because it caused Pschosis. I know this because I am the mother of one of these people and it was for sure some REAL SHIT. It took months for my teenager to come back. The first time he didn’t even know his own name for months and we thoght he would be in that state for the rest of his life. The second time 3 years later he was in the hospital for a month. We now know it is only MJ that causes this. It is a genetic problem shared by his father. I also have two friends who have phychois guess what? One can use it to regulate vocies and hallucinations and the other can’t because it makes it worst. Everyone is different so learn before you get so negative. This ws a great summary of possible effects.

      1. Mindy, I’m working a person who’s also had a similar reaction. Was your son on or previously on any other medications?

      2. James T. Austin

        Mindy; let me ask you a question. I e search and can not find a solution. I started smoking again about 6-7 months ago after stopping for over 20 years. I started seeing weight loss of a few pounds, then all of a sudden more and more weight loss. I am down 30-32 pounds in about 45 days. Is this commen?

        2nd question: I smoke some very high THC about 4 weeks ago, I thought I was dying and begging my wife to take me to the hospital. This last for a couple of hours. My symptoms were; high fever, then shivering, I vomited once, and thoughts of dying, laying on the floor in a ball.

        I couldn’t tell if it was the weed or a bad reaction between my anti depressant med which I started taking about 4 weeks ago, then last week I smoke some more but not so high in Thc, and it only lasted about 45 minutes to an hour.

        Is this a sign of to much THC? I’ve looked every where for answers. Your comments would be greatly appreciated.

      3. Yada yada, yawn. Same ol stuff. If you personally can’t use cannabis, then don’t. It should be my right and liberty to use cannabis to treat my bipolar psychosis. I get clear thoughts and I can sleep. If you can’t do it, don’t take it from me on grounds that something happened to you.

      4. Mindy my heart goes out to you because my son also experienced the same phychosis. It was horrible, one hit from a bong and he was cramming his head under the driver seat in the back seat and screaming for his dear life, thinking the devil told him the only way back was through smaller and smaller holes. His friends who shared the bong were terrified and to this day they have nightmares about it. I arrived at the hospital and he didn’t know us, and it took a couple days before he was able to come around and then tell me about it. We would go to the top of the hill at the school every morning, when I walked the dog and little by little he told me the episode and what he went through. Inevitably he had to seek out a psychiatrist to help him deal with it. As his mother I try not to think of those days as my heart breaks and my mind dwells on the terrifying events. For anyone who thinks this is a joke, please respect those of us who know it is not and let the warning stand, so that others can at least be educated as to the possibilities. I myself am a medical marijuana user so am not telling this story because I do not believe in the amazing things it can help with, just want the stories to be respected as real.

      5. Steven Vandevoorde

        I am autistic, and MJ helped me to outgrow my autism and my brain to re-adjust and become more like a “normal” person. BUT, at the same time I suffered very negative effects, mainly on my body. It never made me psychotic, didn’t have much effect on my perception of reality and did not even make me hallucinate other than being able to judge distances or time. But it gave me a very stiff neck at times and gave me the chills too! It could be 80 degrees and I was shivering like crazy. Also it gave me severe muscle cramps and sometime the inability to control muscles. Also I sometimes got really dizzy and faint along with nausea. All in all though, I thank God for what MJ has done for me but my ultimate decision was to quit using it.

    8. I’m a schitz and I use cannabis every day to battle auditory hallucinations as well as minor visuals. I can say for sure it makes a night and day difference.

      1. About 20% of the time I get too high off smoking. Last night I was smoking with a group of friends and what do you know I got too high. Fortunately, my buddy who had this new type of cannabis vape told me to try it and that it would mellow my high. Reluctantly, I gave it a try and it actually set me straight, like it really worked. I did some research on the company and what I discovered is that they have a machine that reorganizes the molecules is cannabis oil leading only good results. The company is called Quanta if you are curious.

    9. Craig,

      I am an avid user of cannabis and have been for a good few years now. Where you are right in the sense of it not being harmful directly. But cannabis has been linked to psychosis. It doesn’t directly cause it but can help on triggering an episode as it induces paranoia among other things that could result in someone “freaking-out”. I’m a firm believer that if you’re headstrong you can overcome most instances where you are experiencing psychosis. I’ve nearly got myself into a pickle with much stronger psychoactive substances than weed. But every time my mind has been strong enough to realise that what’s happening isn’t reality. But I suffer from slight tremors in my hands constantly and they usually increase in amount when I take cannabis. it’s nothing that can’t be dealt with but you can’t just disagree with something based on your opinion. You’re entitled to have it but that doesn’t make others wrong and it doesn’t make you right

      1. sativasam13:

        I’m fucked right up brothers. I bought a 1/2 of home G and a bottle of Polish spirit, ground the bud into bits chucked with a £2.50 hand grinder. Put it in a couple of jam jars covered it with a few glugs of the voddie, put in the back of the fridge and shook it when I remembered. That was about 3 months ago. this afternoon I sieved the bud out, put the gacky juice in a pan and simmered until it went like oil. My intention was to decarboxylate it. (Don’t know much about that, just seen this on youtube) Mr Dumbo, took my eye off for about a second and suddenly it was like runny black hash, Off the heater and leave for a few mins stirring and messing about with the gloop. It’s set and I have rolled it into a ball that weighs 3 grams, just under an eighth… I was aiming at oil but this ‘hash’ will do, looks like something Asian…. Time for a pipe…… Only took about a 2 sized rice grain piece’s and here I sit, writing gibberish on the internet…..

      2. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

        Hi there,

        Oh blimey. Take care of yourself, do let us know how long the effect lasted and how it felt!

        With best wishes,


    10. This is for Craig.

      Sorry, dude, you have it wrong. Being in the cannabis industry in a legal state, we see this all the time. That is why we recommend CBD’s. It’s the antidote for too much THC.

      As I type, my son is going through this. Last month, his THC level just got too high (no pun intended). We started seeing social anxiety disorder, low self-esteem, fears and tears.

      Yesterday, we increased his CBD’s in pill form (CBD’s in coconut oil). We will be adding a tincture, and he is cutting way back on the THC, until we can adjust and get him back to normal.

      As soon as the CBD’s activated in his system, he was back to his normal happy, intelligent, articulate, creating self.

      So, there you have it, personally and professionally.

      Rock on!

      1. thanks for sharing ? I want to try cbd because I suffer from moderate anxiety and panic attacks.. this was very useful because I'm trying to find the right strain for me .

        this comment was very helpful thank u ??

      2. Perfection dude! Guess my husband is a great budtender, and he knew exactly what he was talking about. Time to cut the THC completely for awhile. This helped a lot. Thank you so much for sharing.

      3. This is so interesting and I have to know what CBD oil you use because I feel like I am going psychotic and have been using cannabis for 10 years several times a day every day. I would like to stop but it’s my medicine for a stomach disorder that could be caused by the marijuana too. So anything you can tell me about the CBD oil would be awesome. I know there are a lot of fake oils out there. Thank you

    11. Actually Craig, weed can trigger underlying psychological issues as well as cause the user to develop psychosis. Not everyone is gonna have that happen. most of my family smokes weed and are fine, except my brother actually did develop a weed induced psychosis. It may be rare but it is very real.

    12. Malachi Brewer

      This is all true, all of it is uncommon for the most part, but I experience psychosis every time I smoke now.

      I smoked pot for years and have only had paranoia and anxiety every great while, but one day I took a single bong hit and went to smoke a cigarette.

      I spent well over a year calling it an “awake” seizure and nobody believed me.

      I basically lost all motor skills (talking etc) then everythingv turned yellow and bright then I woke up with my head between 2 bars on a stair railing.

      Supposedly I stated screaming for help, fell down, rolled over on MY hands and knees and started headbutting the ground then tried to throw myself over the railing but then fell unconscious and got My head stuck.

      When I came out of it I was in a severe “white out” and blind, so my friends dragged me into their house and force fed me plain sugar noodles, bread and sugar water.

      I still try pot about once or twice a month and its been two years and it’ll never be the same, I always start panicking might be because I’ve lost my tolerance or my body goes into shock now, I’ll never know

      I honestly wish I could keep smoking it but why do some substance that your body won’t allow?

      (If you were wondering, this IS ALL true and I have no known mental conditions)

      1. “a single bong hit”

        “…screaming for help, fell down, rolled over on MY hands and knees and started headbutting the ground then tried to throw myself over the railing but then fell unconscious and got My head stuck.”

        “When I came out of it I was in a severe “white out” and blind, so my friends dragged me into their house and force fed me plain sugar noodles, bread and sugar water.”

        “I still try pot about once or twice a month”

        “I have no known mental conditions”

        “my friends” – are you sure about that? sounds like they may have laced your bud with Salvia or something else?

      2. Damn dude. That’s terrifying. I go through weird mental stuff sometimes and weed has never triggered it, but I’ve been taking CBD oil and tablets and then got some was and I think it’s actually triggered it this time. When usually it currently it pretty immediately. So now I’m just waiting it out. Can’t wait till it passes.

      3. Are you sure it wasnt the cig. and maybe the weed you smoked had pesticide residue on it? Or was the weed laced? To many questions to what could have caused this…

    13. That’s not true. My daughter’s boyfriend grew it hydroponically. They both used it every night. After a few months, my daughter went crazy, & was locked up. Was diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia. When released, she used it again. Doctors never told her cannabis could do it. After heavy use, she went crazy again, & readmitted with acute Psychosis. It starts with spiteful words, then rages, then Psychosis. Now she’s on Psych meds permanently. Stronger people can use more cannabis without ill effects, for a much longer period, but WILL manifest in the future. Just recently, a father killed his 7 month baby while under the influence of Cannabis. A mother killed her 8 children. Churches which practice Deliverance of evil spirits, can tell one volumes about what Cannabis does

      1. What a load of bollocks Daina. Provide a link to one of your made-up stories please. Churches which practice deliverance of evil spirits lol? I get it: you’re away with the faries already and therefore have no need for harmless recreational drugs.

      2. Daina,

        I agreed with everything you said until you dragged religion into it. You think people will listen to child molestors who reject science about what cannibis does? The very fact that they think they are remotely qualified to talk about cannibis and its effects is disgraceful. Im sure they also choose to ignore the benefits of marijuana for people who really need it eg. relief from seizures etc. Also I don’t think your little jesus friend would be very happy with you calling your daughter “crazy”…

      3. just if they have delusions etc dont let em smoke a high thc strain!!!!!

      4. WordofReason

        It is not the weed but the person who made the personal decision to do so. PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY! Knowing you are not a weed person is usually noticed early with very clear and evident signs. If you are on prescription serotonin reuptake inhibitors? DO NOT USE ANY MIND ALTERING DRUGS until you’re completely detoxed off of them. We can fix self if we look within! Peace and good vibes to your daughter.

      5. My parents contributed to my psychosis by emotionally manipulating me into believing their faith by making me believe at a young age that if I did not accept their psychotic faith system that horrible things would happen to me (e.g. “hell”) and I would spend eternity away from them in endless suffering.

        First of all, this religion is completely faith-based since none of the supporting facts jive with reality making any believer of this faith partially insane (by “reality’s definition”) so there are literally billions of partially insane people. If you have a faith-based belief system, I would recommend asking your daughter if she believes it, but if you want her to get better, you sure as hell better ask her in a way where she feels comfortable telling you “no” and where you can accept that and be fine with it.

        If your situation is nothing like mine then I feel for you and I hope your daughter finds her grounding with reality, but if there is any possibility of what I’m saying applying you, I am telling you from personal experience that you will either keep her insane or she will cut you out of her life to get better if you don’t free her from what she perceives to be not real, because when you force someone (or emotionally manipulate them) to believe something they don’t, you give them the psychotic power to believe anything because they chose to learn this ability to maintain your love.

        Good luck

        PS: I am 36 years old with a wife, two young children, a good job and a house… and a decade ago I believed God was talking to me to justify a belief in a God that I could only know through psychosis. I’m not a kid, I am stable, I am happy and I’m speaking from experience. You can manifest whatever horrors you want in your life, but my life is very peaceful without the psychotic media making everyone believe our world is worse than it is because sensationalism sells.

      6. Daina
        Leave your crazy Christianity at home
        You aren’t helping the anti-cannabis propaganda
        Now you made all this nice people look crazy just like you!!
        The only psychosis you idiots are experiencing is the one cause by the GMO plastic shit you are consuming on a daily basis
        You are all the reason for prohibition
        Your ignorance and willingness to participate makes you complicit and guilty
        Cannabis is medicine!
        And if any of you tells me you got psychotic after smoking cannabis grown by yourself organically and with love
        Then I’ll tell you Hillary won and we are peachy.
        Go home and feast on your big Pharma pills
        They haven’t kill anyone yet.

    14. I’ve actually been hospitalized for engesting too much oil and was diagnosed with psychosis. Unfortunately true.

      1. Thomas Williams II

        How are you now? Is it something that has lingered since then?

    15. Careful brother. Your talking too much sense on a page clearly designed to misinform and simplify things. You’ll have the internet police after you.

    16. Weed CAN cause psychosis, it is rare but if you smoked at a young age like me you can be at bad risk also because thc causes development problems, I have psychosis from weed but it is NOT caused by it. THC causes dissociation and CAN cause hallucinations since it gives you a boost of dopamine and DOPAMINE CAUSES HALLUCIONATIONS so ANY drug can cause psychosis in people who are depressed and or stressed. I’ve been smoking since I was 12. It started around 15 when I was smoking close to an ounce a day (shitty homegrown) and I started getting really paranoid about past conflicts in my childhood and I still can’t leave my house. It’s hard to explain. But you can tell you have psychosis if you smoke a bit and your speech doesn’t make sense or other thought disorders. Seriously look it up.

      1. I have been using cannabis, habitually, for 47 years while raising a family of 4 children, now 4 grandchildren with my Dear Heart, a non-user (she curled up in a little ball and whimpered when licking the bowl of my “brownies”).

        Over the years, I may have been without a supply a few times as in when travelling etc. but it was always easy to adapt and no withdrawal in any case. The truth is, I like how cannabis makes me feel and think, it seems to liberate my mind and allow me to flow …

        Of my children, one daughter used cannabis until she got pregnant, but the rest never really got into it (they’re all brilliant).

        I have had a couple of paranoid experiences which I attributed to the weed being adulterated with PCP or whatever, other than that I’ve been cool. I have cancer and my kidney was removed and I am about to begin radiation treatment tomorrow. Through it all so far, I’ve used cannabis (oil drops and smoking) and have required no other analgesics yet. I have been nauseous all week and the “smoke” (and ginger tea) has been of some relief. My appetite is waning but the cannabis keeps me hungry enough (just wish I could keep it down).

        As for the comment about smoking an OZ / day. My prescription provides me 2 grams / day, that’s 60 grams / month, that’s 2 ounces / month. It would be difficult to smoke a whole ounce in a day.

        Also, FYI, Aurora Cannabis is my provider. The first shipment arrived the day after I ordered it, it was “THOR” (Ghost Train Haze) at > 20% THC. This bud smells so sweet, fruity in it’s little 5 grams container with an aluminum seal. It’s the best I’ve had!!! Smooth! One small bong bowl and any anxiety I’m feeling towards my looming adventure dissipates with the smoke.

        Jeff Sessions could be compared to the Grand Inquisitor from the Dark Ages.

      2. wish i’d read these comments before i helped my neighbour bake brownies..14 gm per 9×12″ pan…total THC…i had about equivalent of 1 tbsp piece..an hr later tumbled down very dark rabbit hole…lasted 5 hrs..body stuff..shaking-tremors-mind was nuts…endless looping of memories mixed with hallucinations..paranoia. physical sensation of falling..tumbling..grateful had good friend to help keep me calm..never used weed in decades..aint ginna use it again.

      3. Thomas Williams II

        It’s never gone away? Like have you stopped to see if it will subside?

    17. Thank you for a very good article. I’ve noticed anxiety with edibles, especially with high CBD, and perhaps they are simply too strong for me. I will try a lower dose, and look for a sweet spot where the arthritis gets some anti-inflammatory without the side effects.

      1. Im pretty sure CBD reduces anxiety. Don’t think you can really OD on CBD per se.

      2. Have you ever thrown up from cbd?

        After taking a one dose. I have violently grownup for two mornings in a row.

    18. Everyone experiences everything differently. The Psychosis is true because when blue got high he always had these delusions that everyone didn’t enjoy his presence and made false accusations the way people acted.

    19. This kind of piece is exactly what is needed at this point. I live in California, where recreational use will take effect on January 1st. This is a new frontier, folks, and we need some information about how marijuana CAN affect people so choices for good health can be made.

      1. Wish the dispensers for 215 patients would have been more honest/ gave more factual response to the down sides and not just trying to get you hooked … not saying they are bad people, they are just another capitalist business. I was never told about the down sides nor could I find facts. I was told the only down side was about the white outs (how to cope with those) and getting dehydrated and might get the munchies.
        I am now searching for why in two years I went from a caring, quiet person to someone that is ambushed by violent anger and paranoia. Information like this should have been available for consumers that are looking for medicine. I am on the squirrel cage with the RSO 1:1 and can’t get off. Year 1 I tried cold turkey and ended up with seizures. I have hallucinations that are terrifying and can’t sleep if I back off the dose because of the paranoia and the nightmare like hallucinations (I use it to kill pain from cancer and chronic lymes and don’t use the 1:1 during the day because can’t function at work) so I just keep upping the tar dose as my body demands. I use trim tea and high CBD bud (herb vap) during the day to get by but have lately to smoke 3-4x/day just to take the edge off the anger.
        Most times, I don’t know when I can get hit with an anger attack, it just pounces from nowhere! If I am at home, I lock myself in my room so I don’t hurt anyone else. I get so angry I break things, tear into the walls, stab the door with anything I can find. I can’t keep doing this but don’t know how to get off or what to do for my pre-cannabis existing diseases. I know now I am addicted to the cannabis tar and need help. I don’t have a 215 doctor, just the regular medical care team and they are doing the best they can.
        I know this is a lot of personal info but I am looking for direction/ for help. I am in CA. I am hoping some one has some resources to share because I am getting desperate and feel like I am coming to the end where I will self harm or harm other because I have literally no control over my emotions no matter how hard I try. I can’t bear the thought of hurting some one because I have lost control and need help… if you are going to give negative comments or make fun of my condition, please just keep stepping, I don’t need the ‘hate & loathe’ routine. Thank you in advance.

    20. What the hell is a “whitie’? and obviously marijuana can have bad side effects if you take too much; this article isn’t saying weed is bad and to not use it; its saying what could happen if you take too much.

    21. Hey, genius, one symptom doesn’t fit all. Just because YOU don’t experience certain side effects, doesn’t mean someone else doesn’t. When I was given too much, I had each of these side effects. Do some research.

    22. Only less that 45% of people who try weed feel these feelings of dying & stomach cramps, hearing their blood ryshing through their bodys, headache, sweats, dizzyness etc & other ill feelings only because of 1 or 2 reasons, . . . .
      1)If they are trying it for the first time or the first time in a long time & they have a bit too much
      2) A small persentage of people ARE HAVING A ALLERGIC REACTION.
      I am allergic to weed & get these reactions & ill feelings everytime i have tried to smoke weed & i have tried it alot, & i get the same sick, dying feelings everytime

      1. Thomas Williams II

        I think I’m going through some psychosis from CBD oil/and tablets and smoking some thc wax. Can you describe this don’t feelings thing you’re talking about?

    23. How is this untrue Craig? Just because you are lucky enough not to experience something like it, does not mean it’s not a true issue. I have a friend who was in a very difficult home situation, talked down on himself and all the talents he had because it wasnt something his parents understood. Next to that, they believed him to be weird, even though he was very bright, a great artist and just an amazing person. He started using weed, and instead of using it recreationally it became a way to get away of all the negativity. He ended up in a psychosis.

      And I myself, used weed daily for years to get away from all sorta of effects and emotional distress i was experiencing due to a post traumatic stress syndrome, now i am struggling with a burn out, and on top of that I have withdrawal anxiety issues even though I have been sober for a month.

      I believe it has to do with your mental state, your brain chemistry. THC works on your brain, and it depends what kind of balance is already there. If you have any sort of mental issue, you should not do weed. Period, it will only fuck you up. And this is coming from a former happy stoner. So stop making ignorant comments just because you don’t want to believe it could be bad for you. Because it can, and denying that fact makes you more vulnerable for actually having to deal with negative effects yourself.

      Self awareness is key. Know yourself and why you use. If it is daily, and by yourself, it is highly likely you are surpressing aspect of yourself, and you really shouldn’t be doing it at all.

      Recreationally and with friends, a few times a month tops, its great! Good fun and mind expanding ?

      1. Thomas Williams II

        Also a PTSD person. Think I’m going through some psychosis now. So you stopped and it’s been a month and it’s still going? I had been taking CBD pills and oil and then got this the wax and I noticed some spasms and twitching in my extremities and my eye lid (daily) and now some psychosis has kicked in from it I believe. So does it just wear off after a while?

      2. I agree 100% with JO.. I have smoked weed on and off for the past 40 years . However more recently I have to say I have been taking a few puffs a day and lately been experiencing heavy duty paranoia, anxiety feel like I am going to die my heart racing etc,,, talk about a bad trip,,,the worst part my girlfriends are all enjoying their high and all i want to do is come down…I do believe it interacts with what ever is going on in your life. Time for me to stop smoking weed, sure going to miss the fun and some times good highs, but there have been more bad than good,,,, and now that they are legalizing it ?

    24. Um, lol, you’re obviously not diabetic, if you are under the mistaken impression that referencing a ‘whitie’ is ‘utterly pointless’, because it ’causes no harm’. Perhaps you are thinking of a simple ‘fainting’ episode, and considering it harmless, without much forethought. However, should you lose consciousness and experience a car crash, or even a severe concussion due to falling and bouncing your skull off the concrete (something I’ve had happen personally from plummeting blood sugar, in the past), then you might be of a different opinion, heh =P. Furthermore, that’s not even taking into consideration the possible diabetic coma of an actual diabetic who might experience a white-out, if they didn’t realize to take the proper precautions, so contrary to your sentiments, I feel including ‘whities’ in the discussion is incredibly pertinent, and something more folks should be made aware of, particularly diabetics who may also enjoy cannabis.
      Sheesh, I’m just still totally blown away by the notion that allowing your blood sugar levels to take a precipitous enough drops to cause momentary losses of consciousness, which might render one susceptible to an accident or significant head trauma, would count as worth mentioning, or ‘real shit’, in your words, lol, =P.

      1. Thank you for helping a brother out. Diabetic for 45 yrs, 420 for 40. btdt. Hoping more people get the message.

      2. Pete/aka Spike

        I totally agree with Xeno. The whiteout happened to me twice and it is not a good feeling. The pot out there is getting stronger and stronger, so smoking less is better.

      3. Yesterday, while hanging out with friends,I had cannabis. It’s isn’t my first time and I had just two puffs, I think this was a higher grade cos I started losing focus almost immediately. I tried to stand up and I fell down and I started feeling pains of so many types on different levels. I think I was hallucinating even though it felt real. I kept trying to hold on to reality. My friends kept trying to revive me and a lot of water was outed on my body. I kept on screaming, biting my tongue n lips, my eyeballs were dilated and I kept on trying to understand what was happening to me. I actually didn’t know what I was doing. It lasted about 15minutes and when I got myself the first thing I asked of was my boyfriend cos it was his name that made me sane again. After all that I noticed I had injured myself and i even have body pains. I never want to have a white out again. I still can’t believe all my friends said I did

    25. It’s completely true. Cannabis has general effects but it varies from person to person. I can personally say psychosis and paranoia are real after-affects. I was indeed inexperienced.

    26. Wow you have anger issues. You actually got mad at this person for writing this? And YES bud you smoke to much

    27. Actually my friend had a white out so bad she started seizing. I’ve had a couple white outs they aren’t fun so how is it harmless. Also I’ve been a daily smoker for the past two years now but I have to quit due to it inducing extreme anxiety and delusions that have a hold of me even when I’m sober. It gives me intense panic attacks now too. Everyone is different.

      1. Thomas Williams II

        Have you stopped yet? Wondering how long it takes to wear off.

    28. Steven Riscards

      Craig. You are doper, and always be a doper. I.m sorry your family is happy with you discussion to be an a-hole–sorry for them.

    29. I've seen cannabis induced psychosis. And quoting out sucks. It happened to me when I was 13 and no idea what was happening... don't be an ass.


    30. Nigga, i been smoking 25%-30% THC since moving to Denver every day for 6 months and it just caught up with me yesterday. This shit will nauseate you too.

      I think it will ruin you after 35 years.

    31. Psychosis is real when taking weed.
      I’ve had it happen.
      I’m normal before smoking but after for a few days I’m crazy. Very crazy the day of.
      I’m not taking any more weed, from a store in approved states or friend.

      1. Why I was doing it/how long:
        I’m currently coming down from a bad trip with Cannabis. In May I started taking edibles for my anxiety to help me fall asleep. It’s now almost the end of July and I took one of the same edibles that calmed my anxiety but on an empty stomach and I experienced psychosis.

        How it usually effects me:
        I took one and immediately it began to kick in where as it usually takes 30 minutes – 1 hour. I took it around 7pm and laid down around 8pm.
        Psychosis thoughts/experiences I had;
        As I laid there trying to sleep I had really horrible intrusive thoughts. I kept getting convinced that my real “consciousness” was not the life that I had been experiencing and that my brain is actually in a lab and “they” are doing experiments on it. Another thought I was convinced of was that I was legitimately an insane person bc I heard a scream (very faint but still noticeable and didn’t actually occur irl) and I convinced myself that in “reality” I was killing the people I have normal interactions with but since I’m so crazy I interpret it as “normal” life where we do normal day to day things. Another thought was my “real” body was in a coma and the random noises I was hearing (I head random guitar strumming and muffled voices) we’re trying to wake me up and were my family members and boyfriend visiting me. So it was an endless loop of feeling like I was going to wake up from the life I’ve lived so far and find out that none of it was real. It was horrific my mind was racing with thoughts of suicide because I couldn’t take it anymore.

        How I made it stop:
        I immediately started looking at pictures of the people I know and reciting memories I have with them and reciting their name, age, my relationship with them, how I met them, eye color, how they talk etc. Then I did the same with myself. After I started declaring what I want my reality to be and reminded myself that I was just having a bad trip and since my Dad was home I went and talked to him about it and then ate some food and drank some water. It is currently 11:22pm the same day I took the edible and started having the trip and I’m already on a steady decline down from psychosis. Essentially I think my mind was strong enough to snap myself out of it.

        Why I think it happened to me:
        One I do not think I ate enough that day two I had a traumatic experience a few days before this and three was already feeling stressed out and REALLY anxious which is why I took it but I think I was way too anxious and got way too high that it pushed it over edge. Also I have anxiety I’m not sure what else and my grandmother had schizophrenia so I may just be someone who is predisposed to it and the THC triggers it. Either way I’m just not going to do it again because I’d rather be safe than sorry. Although I am still a bit high, the psychosis is gone! if I do it again and it happens again I might not be so lucky tho…

    32. Actually this information is useful and needs to be out there. The other day I had an edible that had way to muuch in there and I had a horrible experience. At first my muscles couldnt respond but after a while I started having muscle spasms in my legs and arms and couldnt stop moving my head either. It was like being trapped in my own body and was definitely horrible. I almost went to the hospital because I legit thought I was dying but thanks to the info posted online I knew I just had to ride it out for a couple of hours and literally 2hs later it went away. I was still groggy but I had control of my body. So yeah, it’s good to put the info out there. Weed is great but you can have too much of it.

    33. I just had an overdose last night. It was pretty scary. First time trying it, too. If the possibility of overdose was spoken of more, I would have gone in to the situation with a better understanding. If it weren’t for this post, i may have not understood what happoened to me. Please, stop pretending that marijuana has no side effects, please.

      1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

        Hi Emily,

        Thank you for your comment and for sharing your experience. I’m sorry your first time was so unpleasant! You might find this post, Eleven Things To Know Before Trying Cannabis For The First Time, helpful for if / when you decide to try it again, and please do also share it with anyone else you know who could be in the same position.

        With best wishes,


    34. This is real shit. I have been smoking every single day for 15 years and i have recently taken breaks and it is obvious that this is very real shit.

    35. It does not sound like you’ve ever experienced cannabis-induced psychosis, but I have twice and it is very real. That said, I think blanket labelling anything as “good” or “bad” for a condition is ridiculously arrogant and self-centric way of perceiving reality. Even for someone affected by cannabis-induced psychosis, cannabis use is not necessarily a “bad” thing unless they can’t keep it under control.

      For me it triggered some hyper-religiosity toned psychosis based on a belief system I was raised on as a child that made no sense to me. It was extremely disruptive in all facets of my life. Now that I’ve recovered it was good therapy. I am able to partake of cannabis now that this psychological itch had been scratched and it now feels like medication since I have a basis of reality that makes sense to me to return to. With the psychosis my high allowed me to experience things that were artificially more amazing than they were in everyday reality and I rejected reality in order to hold onto some beliefs that mattered more to me.

      At the time it was very scary and finding sites on the internet that told me it was normal and okay helped me. Based upon your passion, I don’t think it is right for you to espouse your opinion on a topic that you are not experientially capable of speaking on.

      In conclusion, in my narrow and personal understanding, cannabis does not seem to cause psychosis, but instead provides the fuel needed, for someone who is predisposed, to blast off to realities unknown.

      Final thought: If you currently are in a place where you are reading this looking for some hint that will connect and lead on a new path, know this, the gift to be able to see beyond the veil may or may not be real, but your experience is your own personal proof. That said, no matter what, the world is still there and can’t be manifested away anymore than it could manifest you away. Make sure to take care of your fundamental needs like food, shelter and happiness and do this as part of the “common reality” we live in. Keep in mind that while you may be able to differentiate between an idea and a fact, many people interpret science as fact instead of a collaborative collection of ideas. You can always escape into the playground of your mind where you can define reality however you would like, but don’t you want your playground to have, toys, excitement, entertainment, etc? If you do, then put in the time and effort to keep your “life” stable so you can enjoy your “reality” however you wish.

      Reality is the playground and your mind is how you augment it, just make sure that you take care of your vessel or its game over and optionally try again (once again, not a truth, but something I choose to believe because primarily, I can, and two because it makes me happy to believe this.)

      Take care and be safe out there.

    36. bro its not a lie im a witness . everyone can’t stone out it will fuck with you if your brain can’t handle it

    37. I have taken too much and now I am so paranoid and I have totally escape all of the reality i should accept.

    38. How exactly do you know, been reading other web sources???
      Weed increases a thought pattern ripple effect and increases thought production (creativity) Theres proof that it causes these illnesses so I doubt it helps to reduce psychosis and schizophrenia.

    39. You got it, Craig. I get so angry when you family doctor tried to give you the standard cannabis propaganda. The argument is tired.

    40. Lisa Branch

      I took a hit of the 80% thc from a vape and hallucinated all night. It was my first time and I do not use drugs. I thought I was going to die. It was like being in hell. Never ever again!! I can’t believe people inhale crap like this! I was told that it was only “flavored water” vape. OMG!!!! It’s the next day and I still feel like I’m out of touch with reality!

      1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

        Hi Lisa,

        Thanks for your comment and sharing your experience, I’m sorry to hear that you went through that! THC alone (without the other cannabinoids and terpenes that come with it when using the unprocessed buds or hash, or full spectrum extracts) is known to cause paranoia, extreme disorientation and feelings of discomfort, so it’s unfortunately not surprising that this is what you experienced.

        The synergistic action of all of the constituents of cannabis is known as the Entourage Effect; this short video explains more about it. I fully understand if you decide to never explore altered states again, but if you do, I recommend vaporising just some buds so that you’re getting all the effects naturally, which should give a far more pleasant experience. I also recommend this article on how to stay safe if you’re an inexperienced cannabis user, and this one on eleven things to consider before trying cannabis. I hope this sets your mind at ease a little!

        With best wishes,


    41. Just another user of weed

      Craig, your right to believe whatever. I assume your right too, I have been smoking lately and all this stuff is words. But honestly I’m just not going to complain about both since they are interesting to rrad. Live life well.

    42. Too much? Get alone. Breathe! Many have been where you are, all came home. Drink water. Listen to your music. You’ll make this, and be stronger for it.

    43. Robert Childers

      Ever had a whitey while standing, bashing your head on a hard surface ? I bet you haven’t because you’re some 15 year old greenhorn who has his parents make/purchase your bongs and pipes.

      How about you shut up and learn some field experiences

    44. i think it is just the propaganda.
      in Europe, weed is still a very bad thing. I could lose my job/go to jail for having Cannabis.

    45. I never smoked. At 36 I had a psychotic break smoking a quarter of a joint. It can happen to some people. i was one of them. It released way too much stress at once, which had built up over 20 years, and I completely lost touch with time and who I was. I didn’t know the day, month, if I was a schizophrenic or not etc. It was truly terrifying but also made me have a long hard look at how I behaved in the past.

      1. Matt. Very Interesting. Would love to hear more about what you experienced while in your psychotic state. Several weeks ago (age 45), I got high for the first time and it immediately led to a complete psychotic break that lasted for several days. I’ve been trying to research and understand what happened, but I’m finding most medical websites that discuss cannabis induced psychosis (CIP) are related to long-time users. Not first time users. You’re one of the first stories I’ve heard that experienced CIP on first use, and there are some eerie similarities (e.g. long hard self reflection following years of too much stress).

        Would love to discuss more (will have to just ignore the inevitable trolls)

    46. JusAnuther00’skid

      Writing about a white out is very helpful for someone whose never heard of them and experiences one. Also about the psychosis, I’ve suffered psychotic episodes that just about landed me in the psych ward. LEARN 👏 YOUR 👏 MOTHER 👏 FUCKING👏 FACTS👏👏👏👏

    47. I really appreciate everyone writing about their symptoms. My son is going through this as I write this, and just to know that others have went through this is calming me down and definitely calming him down.

    48. It’s a real thing, I just had it happen to me this past weekend. Had some edibles at 11pm on a Saturday night, thought they weren’t doing anything so ate more (typical rookie mistake). Soon I had to sit down and started to lose consciousness. My hands were tingling all over and I could “see” the nerves in my arms firing – hard to explain but basically looked like a ton of bright yellow lights firing everywhere. Next, my buddy tried talking to me for what seemed to go for hours. I could comprehend what he was saying but couldn’t respond nor get up. I was basically trapped in my body and hoping this whole high would go away asap. At a certain point, I did find the strength to fall onto the couch. I woke up the next day and couldn’t focus, had bad vertigo and horrible cotton mouth. I could barely make out my friend saying he was leaving and this was around 12 hours later at 11am. This time I was able to get up (still couldn’t focus b/c of vertigo) and lay in my own bed. I wake up at 11pm, a full day later and was still “high” ie dizzy with vertigo. I went back to sleep. Woke up Monday morning in time for work at 9am but still had minor vertigo. As the day went on, my vertigo and high faded away. But this overdose was so powerful it affected me a full 36-48 hours later. Now granted, this was my first time using it in decades and I probably did waaaaaay too much b/c of edibles. But I really wasn’t expecting to have such a crazy psychotic/hallucinogenic experience. It was frankly quite frightening and luckily I’m headstrong enough to keep telling myself that it will pass shortly. Can’t imagine how a kid trying this stuff for the first time would react. If it weren’t for the cottonmouth, I honestly would’ve thought I had been roofied b/c my recollection is very very hazy and I basically lost an entire day to sleeping in my bed. This was done with someone I trust so 99% sure it wasn’t spiked since I helped the guy grind up the weed and bake the cookies. I’m now pretty hesitant to try weed again after such an experience, it was insane.

    49. Haha I do not have schizo, but when I smoke I have psychosis like symptoms and always get flu like symptoms. Weed can trigger issues and anything that alters the mind has the potential to harm it. Yes weed hangovers exist, yes when you get on a bad state of mind or are too high it’s the scariest shit. Never say never With weed bc we are human and don’t know everything. Your endcannabinoid System is the Largest system in your body and affect many organs if not all! The effects are more than we know. Writing about your experience can help others who go through it, even though some haven’t experienced it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen

  138. feelings i get:
    starts off about half an hr before when i get red hot tingles in my body
    struggle to get up
    feel dizzy
    very hot and stuffy
    my eyes want to shut
    i feel sick

    it sounds disgusting but i usually just shuv my fingers down my throwt to make it all end quicker. because, like when you vomit from drinking, you feel better afterwards…. to the extent that im normaly able to smoke again about 2 hrs after. but you will feel really drained.

    the best thing to do if you start to feel these symptoms is to drink something like coke……it has a lot of sugar so stops your blood preasure becoming really low.
    also… dont try and just focus on one spot if you feel dizzy. look around and try to focus on what people are saying. if you stare at one spot you just spin even more which makes you feel even worse

    but seriously its not the end of the world. worse than vomiting from drinking but green is so worth it!

    1. me and my friend got high yesterday we both hadn’t smoked for a while until yesterday and i whited out 🙁 I’m not quite sure why i did but i felt really good and just like a normal chilled out funny high and then my legs started to feel like they had no strength and i felt so disorientated was a shit experience.
      i walked around with my friend for a while which really seemed to help me out by taking my mind off the situation. luckily she looked up a solution to symptoms of whiting out, the cup of sugar water and then after that i felt a lot better but extremely tired.
      but yeah i agree IF YOU ARE WHITING OUT “dont try and just focus on one spot if you feel dizzy” i felt so much better just walking around and listening to what my friend was saying.

    2. well i never knew what was going to happen:

      i started to get ringing in my ears and followed quickly by everything slowing down and vomiting. then i only got worse, i was in December outside and it felt like i was in the carbeain i was that hot, then i passed out for what i was told 10 minutes or so. waking up only seeing outlines of people as my sight was impaired my arms and legs had gone dead i could not feel anything. still vomiting and a very bad headache i then became panicked and was drifting in and out of conciseness. and shaking out of control my friends called 999, and was taken into hospital to a HDU in A and E, where was pumped with drugs and put on a machines to measure my body etc.

      dont do i i learnt a lesson not to try it i was told if my friend did not call 999 i could have died due to the way m,y body was shutting down to protect itself.

      1. michael loper

        Sorry you folks have blood sugar issues.

        You all know that marijuana has never, ever, not once, killed a human.
        If you have a bad reaction, stop smoking pot. It’s not for everyone.

        Peace and love.

  139. Hi There,

    Very interesting article.

    You mention “However, with the correct care, a cannabis user undergoing a white-out will recover fully and experience no long-term effects.”

    Can you please clarify what would the ‘correct care’ would be?

    Many thanks

    1. Hello Arjen,
      White-outs are usually linked to a drop in sugar levels in the person so the reflex is to compensate for this by providing them something sweet to drink. If nothing else is at hand, a glass of water with sugar added to it usually does the trick. Added to this, people tend to feel quite distressed when the symptoms appear. Settling them in a calm environment, calming them down and explaining what is happening to them also helps to put them at ease.
      Hope this helps!


      1. Vishal Datta

        sir , this happed with me once and its been 2 days ,can you tell me ,how many days it usually takes? to recover from it tottally , ps- iam taking all the precautions anywas, i have cold so i feel a little dizzy and dont wish to eat food

      2. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

        Hi Vishal,

        I’m sorry to hear about your experience. Sensi Seeds cannot give any kind of medicinal advice as we are not a medical practitioner, so all I can say is please consult your medical practitioner and be open with them about the symptoms you are experiencing. It is possible that you having a cold is making it feel like it’s lasting longer, as cannabis tends to enhance whatever state you are in when you use it. Even if you don’t feel like eating, try to have some soup and keep your liquid intake up. I hope you feel better soon!

        With best wishes,


      3. Physiologically speaking it’s silly to associate a white out with low blood sugar and cannibis use. Our bodies don’t let our blood sugar fluctuate that much unless we have diabetes.

      4. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

        Hi Cactus,

        Could you provide a source for this claim please? It is not consistent with research that has been done on cannabis and blood sugar. You may also find this article on cannabis and diabetes interesting.

        With best wishes,


      5. Hello ive been a heavy smoker for at least 6 years. I mostly dab and consume concentrates. Recently and i mean within the last week ive had some terrible experiences. I love weed and it seems to be the only plant that truly calms my anixety. Something has changed recently I get panic attacks now off 1 dab. My vision and heartbeat are completely off and I now get heavy visuals every time I smoke. The visuals don’t bother me much because ive done a lot of lsd and dmt. But my brain feel straight fried and I cannot shake this feeling. Ive laided back on smoking but no progress in getting better. Lol super panorid I’m deleveolping psychosis. Recently havent smoked in 2days yet still feel fried like my brain is melting and I’m hallucinating which is strange because today is my 3rd day sober. Anyone have any advice? I’m still currently not smoking and detoxing from weed.

      6. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

        Hi John,

        Thank you for your comment. We are sorry to hear about your situation. As Sensi Seeds is not a medical agency or practitioner, we cannot give any kind of medical advice other than to consult your registered healthcare professional.

        You may also find it helpful to contact a support group for medicinal cannabis patients. In the UK there is the United Patients Alliance, and throughout much of the rest of the world there is NORML, who should be able to put you in touch with a group in your area (search United Patients Alliance or NORML followed by your area name).

        With best wishes,


      7. Dexter Cole Hicks

        What makes my head start sweating on one side every time I smoke

    2. I just drank water and kept breathing in a calm way while putting my head down until it went away.

      1. Been smoking since 15 now I’m 42 had plenty of whiteys but don’t get them any more.i used to love the whiteys.my only advice to young friends is by smoking weed you will lose zest for life.lets say your mates come for round for game a Footie but smokers can’t be bothered.misses wants to go out and you make up things so u can chill. It stops u doing thing and in relationship weed only causes problems.all you young friends plz use your money for good health and not weed.live your life to full.weed will only get in way.no wife/girlfriend wants a fella who’s to lazy and stoned to have a interested conversation.

      2. So last night i was having psychosis and like I couldn’t tell what was reality and what wasn’t. I took TWO hits and after about 5-10 minutes I was laughing about everything and I couldn’t think straight. But my mind was spinning and spinning and it felt like my eyes were shooting back and forth really fast. So I called my friend just so that she could help me. I am a frequent weed smoker. But I just didn’t know what happened this time. At first I was think oh this shit is laced. And then I was like no why would I think that. But the worst part was that I couldn’t stop yelling and I had involuntary movements that I just couldn’t control. And things just kept repeating it felt like. But my mind was racing I couldn’t think straight and had involuntary movements of my whole body.

    3. Shawn Al-Imran Hussain

      I felt I am dying with all my negative thos. Finally, I somehow recovered from whiteout and fell asleep. Now I believe weed can kill a person.

      1. Weed is not possible to kill anyone, these affects are here because of the amount. You would have to inhale around 250-500kgs of THC to die from it. Injection is a lot lower but even still, insanely high amounts need to be (All the numbers are done within 15 minutes) No one has died from Marijuana itself.

      2. Logan Zhang

        I think it can kill you in another way. For people who suffer psychosis from too much weed might be enough for someone to kill themselves.

      3. Yesterday, while hanging out with friends,I had cannabis. It’s isn’t my first time and I had just two puffs, I think this was a higher grade cos I started losing focus almost immediately. I tried to stand up and I fell down and I started feeling pains of so many types on different levels. I kept trying to hold on to reality. My friends kept trying to revive me and a lot of water was outed on my body. I kept on screaming, biting my tongue n lips, my eyeballs were dilated and I kept on trying to understand what was happening to me. I actually didn’t know what I was doing. It lasted about 15minutes and when I got myself the first thing I asked of was my boyfriend cos it was his name that made me sane again. After all that I noticed I had injured myself and i even have body pains. I never want to have a white out again. I still can’t believe all my friends said I did

      4. That’s how i felt last night after smoking it, i felt like I’m dying i found myself praying and asking God to forgive me from all my sins and i tried to sleep but kept waking up and in the morning i was still high but it was better, that’s when i made a decision to never smoke weed ever again ps I’m still a lil high even now

      5. I had a similar situation last night. I don’t like to smoke bc it makes me cough and puke. So I’ve been turned on to gummies. The first time I whited out it was only like 15-20 minutes. Last night it was like 1.5-2 hours. It was awful. I didn’t have a concept of time. I would lose small gaps of time. I had trouble understanding what my friend was saying to me. I felt as if I was going to have an accident so I was in the bathroom for an hour. I did end up puking but it did not help. I had thoughts of being stuck in that mind state forever and not being able to come out of it. I’m an epileptic and have been seizure free for 8 years so I kept thinking I was going to lose consciousness and seize. That two hours felt like days!!!!!

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