THC Detox: 3 Ways to Pass a Cannabis Drug Test

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Of all the intoxicants in the world, THC is one of the stickiest; it stays in the system for a long time. This is inconvenient for people who take mandated drug tests, or for those who live in places that perform roadside drug testing. Do you need to pass a drug test and want to flush cannabis out of your system? Check out these 3 detoxing methods.

Despite the fact that the world is becoming ever more cannabis-friendly, there are still some logistical hurdles for cannabis users. In some countries, it is common practice for certain professionals to take a mandatory drug test. Roadside drug testing has also become more prevalent over the years.

The classification of cannabis is still debated, and despite progress in the legalization movement, it is still considered a dangerous intoxicant by most governments. In fact, even in places where cannabis is legal, it is still taboo to drive under the influence or to test positive in the professional context. Naturally, this situation can make a patient or recreational customer’s cannabis experience difficult and less than ideal – especially if they were to test positive for cannabis.

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How long does THC stay in your system?

When drug tests are performed, they are virtually never testing for THC. Rather, they are testing for a metabolite of THC that is produced in the liver: In THC’s case that is THC-COOH. This THC metabolite lives in urine and blood for much longer than THC itself. The evidence reported a THC-COOH plasma-elimination half-life of up to 12.6 d in a chronic cannabis user, which means that every 13 days, whatever amount of it present in your body will decrease by 50%.

According to a factsheet issued by the  National Drug Court Institute, one-time (or very sparse) consumers can eliminate cannabis in a matter of days. If consumed more frequently, it can take longer for the body to flush out the accumulated cannabinoids: at a cut-off concentration of 50 ng/ml, an occasional user urine sample wouldn’t contain detectable cannabinoid metabolites levels 3-4 days after smoking, the detection period being up to 10 days for a chronic user.

Cannabis detection is influenced by many factors such as the potency of the cannabis itself, the frequency with which it is used and the state that your physical body is in (metabolism, body fat, and amount of physical exercise).

Your body itself is a prime factor in the equation, as THC is stored in fat cells. These fat cells progressively release THC, along with other cannabinoids, into your blood. Fat cells are a prime factor in gaining or losing weight. Although not confirmed by scientific studied, it might be theorized that when more fat cells are present in the body, more THC can be stored in that body.

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How to pass a drug test in 2 days

To succeed in flushing cannabis out of your system in time for a test also depends on what kind of drug test is being administered. Most employer mandated drug tests are urine tests, whereas most roadside drug tests are saliva swabs.

For infrequent cannabis users, cannabis can be detected in urine 3 to 4 days after consumption with most urine testing facilities. Saliva swabs detect THC and its metabolites for up to 30 hours after use at most.

This window grows increasingly large the more you consume, except in the case of saliva testing, in which the frequency with which you use doesn’t really matter. This is why the best way to avoid testing positive on a drug test is to abstain from use. That’s an unlikely and unwanted solution for many consumers, so good timing and preparation are the next best solutions.

There’s no sure-fire way to detox from cannabis and its metabolites rapidly, regardless of what certain detox products will tell you. There are too many factors that play a role, and most of those factors vary from person to person. However, there are ways to prepare for a drug test and reduce the chances of testing positive.

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1. Detox with diet: Consume detoxifying foods and drinks

This one’s tricky. Detoxing with foods is a debatable topic altogether. Detox diets are popular, and generally have two goals: To help you lose weight, and to help you release toxins. The first goal is not the focus of this article, but the second one is.

Do detoxifying foods help you release toxins? That hasn’t been proven yet. Hopefully more research will emerge, since so many people follow these diets. Anecdotal reports do suggest some dietary changes that might help you though:

  • Increase your fluids intake

Fluids help dilute metabolites in urine. Metabolites are a chemical produced by the body from another chemical taken into the body, THC COOH in the case of delta-9 THC. Drug tests are designed to measure a certain amount of metabolites, and under the specified threshold, results are considered negative. This means it is not necessary to eliminate every single trace of those metabolites to pass a drug test.

However, drinking high amounts of water can result in urine with low levels of creatinine. In drug testing, urine samples should be tested for creatinine, and if creatinine is below a certain threshold (less than 4.0 mmol/L), negative results may not be valid. Many labs specialized in drug testing consider this an obvious attempt at diluting one’s urine, and it has been known to be flagged as “suspicious” (and could result in a positive test, or an invalid test result).

An alternative would be a drink that provides other elements besides its fluid nature; for instance, a natural detox drink such as cranberry juice, or green tea. If you are taking the non-organic path, several energy drinks contain minerals and/or electrolytes, which can make your urine a more ‘electrically conducting solution’.

  • Focus on fruits, vegetables and healthy beverages

Carbohydrates and fat are two elements found in many, many foods. For the most part, if you consume processed foods, it is nearly impossible to avoid them. In the case of detox, the more you replace processed food with healthier items such as vegetables or fruits, the more chances you have to detox faster. It’s also worth noting that fruits and vegetables are full of water, helping you with the first suggestion; hydrate yourself!

High quantities of fat in your digestive system can slow down its ability to detox. THC is fat soluble, which could suggest that increasing fat contents can trigger a brand new lifecycle for the cannabinoid.

  • Lemon juice / lemon water

Everybody knows a health-conscious person who drinks some lemon juice mixed with warm water (lemon water) in the mornings. This is because lemon juice increases metabolism, especially with respect to the way that the body metabolises lipids (fats) – which is exactly where cannabinoids are stored in the body. If you’ve got notice for a drug test, start consuming lemon juice in the mornings as soon as possible.

  • Cranberry juice

Naturopaths and herbalists often prescribe cranberry juice as a detoxification method, although there’s little scientific evidence to support this. This suggestion mainly rests on anecdotal evidence of success when it comes to THC detox. In any case, the consumption of a cranberry juice beverage lowered the number of clinical urinary tract infection (UTI) episodes in women with a recent history of UTI ; this is the main reason that cranberry juice is used in naturopathic practice.

Be warned: drinking cranberry juice makes your pee turn pink! So try not to consume cranberry juice the day before the drug test, or it might otherwise be very obvious that you’ve tried to detox.

  • Green tea

When looking for ways to detox from THC, green tea is an option that comes up a lot. It has antioxidant qualities and is said to be very good at flushing the system from contaminants.

However, you would have to consume a lot of green tea to flush THC out of your body. One could consider consuming green tea in tablet as opposed to a green tea beverage, suggesting tablets may be an effective way to enhance plasma antioxidant capacity by green tea, but it’s best not to use it as your final resort option. It’s more of a complementary tool.

  • Coffee

The active ingredient in those little black beans we all love to consume is caffeine, a natural diuretic. This basically means that it opens the floodgates when it comes to urine. Consuming coffee with large amounts of water and electrolytes can help to pass more liquid from the body, and hopefully that liquid contains a lot of the THC metabolites that have been trapped in your body.

And in addition to the above-mentioned suggestions, certain other detoxifying foods such as greens, garlic, and cilantro, may help as well.

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2. Sweat detox: Can you sweat out THC?

Many believe that you can detoxify your system through your sweat. The skin is sometimes likened to the third kidney, especially by practitioners of natural medicine. This is because despite it going on more or less without our conscious knowledge, the skin is one of the biggest excretory organs in the whole body. This is what the principle of the sweat detox rests on. However, there are conflicting beliefs about this method of detox, with some scientists suggesting that detox through sweating is a myth.

If you want to give it a try though, participating in cardiovascular activities such as running, jogging or walking naturally helps to increase sweat production. On top of this, cardiovascular activities also help to burn fat cells, which are the number one place for THC molecules to park themselves. Alternatively, you could try spending time in a sauna to encourage sweating – although research has yet to confirm that suggestion (and what a lovely study that would be!).

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3. Only true way to detox: Take a tolerance break from cannabis

Sleeping is another way your body detoxes naturally on a daily basis. Being anxious and stressed, on the other hand, slows down your body’s detoxing efforts. If you can get full night’s sleep and relax, you’re in a much better position to give your body all the tools it needs to detox naturally. You can try activities such as reading or yoga which may help you relax enough to get a restful sleep.

And finally, there’s that truth that many cannabis consumers don’t want to hear: stop consuming cannabis the moment you are notified of a drug test. A tolerance break truly is the most natural form of THC detox. Plus, you’ll be surprised how much your body may benefit from such a detox. But more importantly, giving your body the time to naturally shed any THC in the system is the best way of passing a drug test.

Be careful of store-bought “detox” products

It’s worth a word of warning about some of the detox products that may be marketed to you as a result of your Google search for the important question of THC detoxification. Yes – products exist that are made for this kind of circumstance, whereby supposedly the product will detox you just enough and for just long enough for you to pass a drug test. Most, if not all of them, are not formulated on the back of any scientific evidence, and they can even be dangerous.

These products are not fool-proof, and may result in a failed drug test or even in some adverse symptoms. So be mindful of that before trying any detox products.

There are also home drug testing kits that you can purchase to know “where you’re at” before taking the official drug test. This is highly recommended, because even though they’re not the real deal, you at least have an idea of the potential outcome before you take the test.

  • Disclaimer:
    This article is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult with your doctor or other licensed medical professional. Do not delay seeking medical advice or disregard medical advice due to something you have read on this website.


118 thoughts on “THC Detox: 3 Ways to Pass a Cannabis Drug Test”

  1. Back in my early twenties I smoked an entire weekend with friends hanging out 3 joints each night. Had an interview and drug test the following week (Thursday). I literally only drank the big ass cranberry juice with the plastic handle. I pissed like crazy. Passed the drug test. I was only 150lbs and 6ft. I guess low body fat was my reason for passing

  2. I smoke for 6 months but been going gym every day and drink alot of water i got a i stopped smoking end of October and gotta go for a test on mid December you recti will pass a urine and its a lap one eswell to

    1. Norma Whiteside

      This is all good information but you need to worry about DUI’s also. All states laws say that if you are stopped by the police and they say they want proof that you’re not high they can and will test you for THC if you test positive no matter if the last time you used was weeks ago if THC shows up in your urine or blood you are guilty of DUI. All states say you are guilty until proven innocent. How do you prove you are not high I guarantee most will pass a field test and still end up with a DUI. Our constitutional right of innocent until proven guilty doesn’t apply when it comes to THC. We need to get the law changed. If I use THC today and not agin and I get pulled over in 3 weeks even though I will not be high I still get charged with DUI. I still loose my drivers license for up to a year and that’s providing I do not have a DUI. Think about it.

  3. If you really need to beat a drug test in a short time. The simple yet effective answer is to flush out and saturate with vitamins so it doesn’t look like you flushed.

  4. I am a heavy smoker lts been 8 days since i stopped smoking I been drinking lemon water every morning on and drinking green tea 3 times a day and drinking 8 or more bottles of water all day long how much longer would I need to completely detox my body

  5. I am 5’5 135 and been taking niacin pills for 3days and drink alot of water will I be ok if I have a drug test in 3 days more days

    1. Mark - Sensi Seeds

      Hi Deyon,

      Thanks for your comment. I’m afraid I don’t have an answer for this question, but perhaps one of our other readers will have some ideas.

      Good luck, and I hope you continue to enjoy the blog.

      With best wishes,


    2. You’ll be fine but maybe stop the niacin day before… Keep chugging water.. but replace your electrolytes with a orange/yellow Gatorade n also to make your pee back yellow a bit.

    3. Hey ‘y’all . here is the way you pass a drug thc test. I was on federal probation for 10 years.every other week i was tested. i would go in stoned AF. before i would go in i would take a gram of goldenseal. it makes you thirsty and makes you pee. i would drink at least a half gallon of water and pee 5 times before i went in for the test. the vit b gives you yellow urine. i passed every one for ten years, i wouldn’t stop smoking. you just have to clean the urine its better not to do this every day as you start to release more of the cannabinoids in your system. its best to wait till the day of, they used to tell me i pissed positive and i would say that cant be and they where lying

  6. I used for 3 years straight RSO (aka FICO) and would consume about 1 gram every 4-7 days and rarely feel any high at all from my tolerance…via mixing it on low heat with coconut oil and putting them in veggie caps so this was ingested. When I first started 1 gram would last me 3 weeks and id get really high.

    So in January I took 3 weeks off die to supply issues. I tested for fun, it was positive. Then a lot of terrible things were happening and I got back on it for about a week. I went through 2 grams. Since then I landed a job in a state it’s legal however employers don’t allow. As of today, it’s been 4 weeks. Everyday I energize 2-4 hours. Drink about a gallon a day of water. I only eat raw fruits and veggies with small amounts of chicken breasts. No salt added. And I’m eating everything recommended. Including green tea and lemon water. I researched supplements that claim to help… I’m on cranberry, apple cider vinegar, tumeric, dandelion, niacin and the whole vitamin B complex, activated charcoal, oil of oregano, pro biotics, and organic whole food multi vitamin. I’ve been very strict for the 4 weeks and I’m still positive. I even used clean slate thc detox which was rated #1 with a 9.7 out of 10 with reviews. And still positive. I am 5’3 and I was 300lbs but now I’m 185. I’m very concerned… not sure how long they will wait for me. Anyone use the ingested concentrates? I know it takes longer than smoking. Please advise our give encouragement that I’m probably close? Any experience in this? Thank you!

  7. Brianna Brooks

    Mix baking soda and water and drink it. It throws off the ph balance in urine tests. Works. Google it.

  8. I’m detoxing thc, I haven’t smoked “flower for 2-3 weeks and hit the fan pen. I have smoked daily for years. Through research I’m using multiple Vit Bs, garlic, niacin. Drinking a gallon of water daily and going to do a 5 day detox cleanse. Walking daily, very hot baths to increase sweating. Home testing everyother day, will any of this be effective? Will test in 2-3 weeks for work.

    1. yes this will work but nonetheless, as stated, the time effectiveness of the results rely mainly on your body comp (fat percentage and metabolism rate). Things like routine workouts and healthy dieting and sleep cycle play into this. I myself have attempted detoxing within as little as 24hours or less with the implication of which I stated in addition to niacin and larger amounts of water to dilute. Goodluck my stoney friends!

  9. Over 50 male 225 lbs smoke like a train a lid a week all year long every year..of the strongest i can find some would kill willienelson. Just live normal eat normal. I have some fat on my stomach my waist is 34 When i detox it takes 80 or more days till i pass a home test.

    1. Damn, I’m 51, 6 foot 1and 215 pounds. I’ve been a heavy smoker for over 25 yrs, barely a day gone by with out a smoke. I’ve just been offered a high paid job but require a drink/drugs test first. This could be in 2-4 weeks, they haven’t said. I’ve already done 2 weeks without a smoke as was working at sea. So this gives me at least 4 weeks with out a blunt and hopefully 6 weeks altogether. I bought some self testing urine strips that came today. I did a test today when they arrived and I’m still positive with thc in my urine. I have been drinking quite a lot of black unsweetened tea and water and have been peeing like a racehorse. I have 9 more test strips so will do another in 5 days and then again more regular before drugs test. I’m shitting myself as really want this job. I’ll post on how it goes as I do the strips. I’ve read it could take up to and maybe more than 6 weeks to leave my body as I carry a bit of weight and been habitual for so long. It’s also worth noting that I read that the test could read positive if taking CBD for health benefits. I need to research this more as it might be a game saver if test comes back positive. Could buy more time if you dispute the test and explain you’ve been taking CBD products for health benefits. Again I’ll do some more research on this and will post results in next post. I hate the way we’re persicuted for smoking the natural herb.. I understand if I had a blunt hanging out my mouth whilst working but this is no worse than cracking a 6 pack open after a days work…

  10. So I’ve done my own test for myself when I was on probation and how long it took for THC to get out of my system, that usually took 4 days before it was completely out of my system if I smoked like 2 weeks non-stop everyday. However are probation test more effective or less effective than job tests. Specifically Sams Club tests but just job test in general?

    1. Hey, I’m a biology major pre pharm who is an introvert, due to stress I became heavy mj smoker about a year ago and a have a probation drug test approaching that I must pass? Please help

  11. I’ve been smoking cannabis from last 3 to 4 months and now I’ve medical test in January
    Tell me the best way to washout my body system in a month?

  12. To state that detox while sweating in the Sauna is a myth simply not true. Nor does it jive with common sense either. The Body is intelligent, of course it will rid itself of harmful in all ways that it can; outbreath, sweat, stool and urine. There have been studies where the sweat has been analysed to contain many kinds of toxins. I have not seen any data on THC though. /Danser

    1. No there hasnt….there have only been studies that show that the body doesnt sweat out anthing but the minerals that are normally found in sweat and the toxins talk is bullshit….nonsense

  13. i smoked a good amount for 2 months and have a drug test in about 2 weeks. How long do you think before i am clear?what should i do to ensure i pass it? also best tips i have certo,stinger detox drink,5 day detox pills, and cranberry juice.

    1. Tony Herrera

      I’m 125 pounds I’m 5’8 been smokin for 3 months got a test in 2 weeks what’s the best thing I can do I also got fast metabolism

  14. Ive tried different methods to clean my system and the one that worked the best for me the fastest was quitting smoking, a whole lot of exercise and a whole lot of water. It took me 2 weeks to flush my system out after smoking everyday for 3 years.

    1. Hi Sebastian I have a medical 16th November 2020 which is 17 days away, I have been doing cannibas for about 5 weeks, so you think me urine test will be negative thanks really appreciate feedback as it has me hurried sick lol

  15. I hadn’t smoke in over 50 days. I smoked 3 days ago. 2 dab hits and a bowl pack. I am 6’4 and 230 lbs. I have consumed more than a healthy amount of water daily since then along with green tea and other antioxidants. I know it’s impossible to give an exact answer but how much longer do you think I will need to be clean. I need to contact my probation officer and do not want to until I have a higher chance of being clean

    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Hi John,

      I’m sorry but it’s really not possible for me to say! Everyone’s metabolism is different, and the cannabinoid content of extracts, bud, etc varies as well. Good luck though!

      With best wishes,


  16. Catrese Johnson

    So I have a friend that says taking antibiotics clean your system for weed? Please explain?😁

    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Hi Catrese,

      You would have to ask your friend for further details about that, I’m afraid – it’s news to me! Some antibiotics can result in a false positive test for opiates, but I suspect what your friend has heard is an urban myth.

      With best wishes,


    2. Ummm nope! How and why would antibiotics cleanse you of THC? I work in a lab and I also get screened myself. I have a medical marijuana card so it’s always in my system. I also have trouble with my kidneys so antibiotics are a huge part of my daily routine probably once every 8-10 weeks. I have never had antibiotics cleanse the THC out.

      1. Army guy I was talking to swears by high amounts of garlic tabs . And don’t smoke tobacco apparently 5 days before test 🤷🏽‍♀️

    3. “Please explain” my guess, your friend heard about antiOXIDANTS and is kinda dumb and told you antiBIOTICS.

  17. I smoked last in may and yesterday I took 2 puffs of weed I’ve drank like 5 bottles of water and I took lemon water. I’m going for my test either today or tomorrow will i test positive.

    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Hi Lolo,

      Thanks for your comment, I hope your test went well. Unfortunately there are so many variables that we are unable to answer any questions about drug test results. Sorry I can’t help you further.

      With best wishes,


    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Hi Zach,

      Unfortunately it’s not possible for me to answer your question as there are too many variables involved. Good luck though!

      With best wishes,


    2. I smoke weed every day and today I found out I have a test in 6 days, if I drink a few pints of water every day will that flush my system? Thanks

  18. I think DEE should keep there mouth shut with there dumbass if its not your kids then stay out it you must smoke DEE because your on this websit to

  19. I haven’t smoke in 6 months. In may I smoked for the whole month every day. I stopped smoking 2 days ago 6/22 I have a UA within a week. With lots of fluids will I pass?

    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Hi Pat,

      Unfortunately I have no way of being able to answer your question, as there are too many variables to be sure! Good luck though 🙂

      With best wishes,


    2. Hey pat,

      I weigh in the 200s and smoked everyday for a month and I had a drug test once in a week and I stopped chug water water water water, cranberry juice, b12 vitamins every day the key is to pee alot I mean alot before your test and stop smoking I passed my test and I’m fat haha

  20. Im getting a Brazilian butt lift in Miami July 2, I have 32 days to get THC out of my system. Will that be enough time even though I have been smoking consecutively for 3 years?

    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Hi Haylee,

      I wish I could answer your question but there are so many variables that it’s impossible for me to say. Good luck though!

      With best wishes,


      1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds


        Because this is part of my job 🙂

        I can’t respond to all comments but I do my best… on this post I’m pretty sure I’ve made the point enough times that we can’t give any indication as to whether people will pass drug tests or not, but people continue to ask, so (when I can) I continue to answer.

        I hope this answers your question, and that you continue to enjoy the blog.

        With best wishes,


  21. I’ve been smoking probably everyday for at least the last 5 years , just recently found out I have to take a drug test Monday 5/18/20! I last smoked 5/14/20 . I’ve been drinking water . I tried a detox drink and tested myself to see how it would work before hand and it still said positive. Any advice!!! Never been in this situation before .

  22. I’m on parole My parole comes over every 2 weeks n doesnt test me,he came this tuesday after he left i smoke a Hall blunt by Myself,My first time smoking un 2 years that was 2 days ago about to be 3,inbeen drinking water cranberry juice n push ups deeps,today i have a call i got a urine screen might be this monday,if u keep drinking tea water n cranberry juice should i be good,how aboute if it gets send to the lab

  23. Yes, your metabolism plays the biggest role in burning fat. If you have a high metabolism, if you have low body fat index and a high working metabolism you have the best chance to detox your body quickly.
    Most medicals give you a time window of 4 to 6 weeks which should be used from day 1 of receiving your test dates with a radical stop of cannabis in this case. Vitamin B complex and Niacin, garlic and plenty coffee will help to detox more intense. Eat low fat food, walnuts and be positive as your mental health have a direct influence of your detox process including your detox time til your body is free, but not trace free of THC. Buy yourself a self urine test and you can fallow directly your progress. High active and good sleep do the rest of this so called self body detox which is a natural body healing process.
    I don’t use or used any wonder kit’s, your body together with your determination is the best detox you will find.
    Fasting will increase any detox and plenty fluid intake will help the natural flushing process. THC need body fat to be stored, and low body fat is the easier way of a short but intensive detox.

    Use your common sense, is free available.


    1. Jacob Dasaro

      I never was a big weed smoker until quarantine. I’m 5’8 160 lbs. I have smoked ALOT and taken alot of dabs over the past couple of months. I’m getting drug tested for a job I’m applying to and I’m scared shirtless. I’ve been clean for abt 6 days drinking water and Gatorade.

  24. PASSING A DRUG TEST IS EASY if you follow the directions below a few days before your drug test:

    1. Don’t use cannabis!

    2. Go keto (low carb) and start burring fat!

    3. Drink a bunch of water and things like tea to flush your system and ramp up your metabolism.

    4. Exercise some, either by walking jogging or hitting the sauna!

    5. Lastly get a detox kit from someone reputable

    Don’t try to cheat your drug screen and use synthetic urine; the labs are too sophisticated and you’ll definitely get caught. Be smart guys and give up the habit for a few days. It wont be as bad as you think!

    1. I’m gonna try all this on the list, I still have 2 weeks but, I’ve been smoking daily for 34 years. Realistically can I make in 2 weeks?

  25. I’ve been smoking for years stopped 3 weeks a go but I smoked a lot bout 2grams a day been running and drinking lots of water can any one tell me if I can pass and how long I will still take for me to pee a clean test

  26. Everybody panicking. Just get a popular detox drink. I won’t name which one is the best. But your local head/smoke shop should sell the best around. They work if you follow the directions exactly. They don’t actually detox you, they really just give you a 5 hour window where you will pee clean because of the vitamins, minerals and supplements in it. I have been smoking for 30 years and I’ve passed 10 drug tests using many different top brands.

  27. Hi Guys,

    About 6 weeks ago I was a serious smoker (daily and over a gram a day), I have a drug test for a VERY SERIOUS JOB IN approximately 12 days. I smoked 2 cones (bong) 6 days ago, and shared 3 different joints with a couple friends 2 weeks ago. Before that it had been 3 weeks since I smoked. Because I have been a heavy smoker for 6 years or so I was scared the THC would build up easily again (as research as indicated) ever since I gave up I have been drinking cranberry juice.

    Given my previous 2 smoking occasions do you think I can pass the test in 10 days? I am tall and skinny and have a fast metabolism also I weigh 70kg’s.
    Please let me know your thoughts

    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Hi James,

      I really don’t want to hazard a guess! Everyone’s body is different. Good luck though.

      With best wishes,


  28. hey Anna, if you quit that long and have been working out regularly, you’re good to go! ?keep drinking plenty of water and a long hot bath 2 days before the test also helps to sweat it out. just try to relax and not sweat right before the test. good luck! ?

  29. I’ve smoked on and off since I was 14 heavy user now I am 23 and I’ve been sober 49 days. I’m 5’5 weigh 157lbs. Will I pass my test? Have been working out this past month. But no detoxes

  30. Misha Vuckovich

    My wife found this website and stated I should have a look at it. I’m delighted that I took the time to pay a visit to your webpage, it’s definately one of the best I’ve looked at.

  31. please help me out i eat a little amount of weed what should i do to flush it out cus i will be tested for drug the next day

  32. what is you smoke 3-4 times per week, weight about 130 lbs. what would be best detox method for 2 weeks test.

  33. Ashley Miller

    Well I applied for a new job and I have to do a urine sample in 48 hours and in order to get the job i HAVE to pass..what can I do??

  34. Ive got a drug test coming up in a week, seven days. I smoked weed two weeks ago but did a home drug test last night a came out very dirty. So it’s crunch time. I will try b3 garlic pills and green tea. Any suggestions anybody?

  35. I smoked for like 5 years, and quit about 2 months ago. Ive maybe smoked a joint like 4 times since then the last being last thursday. I have a test in 21 days. I understand a completely accurate answer is hard because everyone body is different. If i eat a lot of salads, run and drink lots of water, does anyone think I have a fighting chance? If not how much longer than the 21 days do you think i need? Any advice/proven results are helpful. I am 6’2 approx 200 lbs. Thank you!

  36. Madison jones

    I smoke almost everyday but I stopped last wensday and haven’t smoked since then. I’ve been drinking alot of lemon water, and I have a drug test Monday morning. Should I be good?

    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Hi Madison,

      Unfortunately we really can’t answer that question, there are simply too many variables and so all we would be doing is guessing. Good luck though!

      With best wishes,


  37. I am a daily smoker and on weekends I smoke quite a few times a day. I am about 40 pounds over weight and have a drug test at the end of the month I haven’t smoked in 2 weeks and don’t plan on it again till after the test I am going to start drinking lemon water and green tea a few times a day and I am already a heavy water drinker do you think by the end of the month I can pass a drug test ? If not is there any other suggestions I really don’t want to use any of those flush drinks or substitution with someone else’s urine or synthetic urine because I have never done those before and am not sure those will work. This is my first drug test I have ever done.

    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Hi LaDonna,

      Unfortunately we really can’t answer that question, there are simply too many variables and so all we would be doing is guessing. Good luck though!

      With best wishes,


  38. is there possible to clean in 2 weeks after a regular user. i took every day using bong.. or theres other way for me to clear it.

    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Hi Shaddy,

      Thanks for your comment. I’m afraid we can’t answer your question beyond the information that is already given in this article, as everyone’s body, metabolism, amount consumed etc is different. Good luck though!

      With best wishes,


  39. Ok I smoked weed last Thursday and haven’t smoked in 7 years took 3 hits off a joint and have an assessment on Thursday do you think it will be out of my system by then???

  40. Augustorion

    Regardless of what the studies show. If you only smoke a few times, like myself smoked 1 1/2 weeks everyday. Stopped and in 7 days passed. It is wholly up to you. The key is to burn fat through fasting, and then eat low fat for 2 days before testing.The other option is to drink 2 quarts of water 1 hour before testing and a multivitamin. 100%

  41. I smoke 3 maybe 4 times a week… Would 3 weeks be enough to pass a urine test? I play soccer, exercise, and drink more than 6 water bottles daily

  42. I have not smoke in all most a week. I will smoke for about 2 or 3 days then go days without smoking. I have to have a drug test in 41 days what is the bast thing I can do to make sure I pass the test

    1. Augustorion

      41 days you have nothing to worry about, if only smoming a few times. Regardless of what studies show only a couple smoking sessions will be eleviated from your system within 5-7 days. Tested and proven by myself. I smoked for 1 1/2 weeks in 7 days I passed.

      1. Robert Alan Barger

        41 days clean to just took a drug test and failed so idk what to do

      2. Worried Dude

        I have a pre-employment test this upcoming Mon. 4/1/19. I’m a bowl-a-day smoker and stopped on 2/24/19. I drink a mix of chamomile/linden tea nightly to help me relax. Sometimes I drink green tea but its too bitter. I drink coffee every morning and eat only twice a day. (breakfast & dinner) I’m about 5’3″ and weigh 125lbs. Today I started eating 2-4 raw garlic cloves, however, I do cook with a lot of garlic regularly. What do you think are my chances?

    2. As a minor my parents don’t want me to smoke but I do anyways I might have probation so what I do is work out eat oranges and drink things with antioxidants like bai I drink cranberry juice too just make sure to quit smoking once you know you are getting tested

  43. Anmol Bhandari

    Im not a medic student or anything.. Im just a stoner and my parents didnt want me to use weed so they wanted me to go rehab but i rejected and just drank alot of water and sweat doing workouts amd sometimes sauna.. Just 4 days if you do it then im sure no fucking drug test can get you..

  44. This is very wrong. Eating a high fat diet will not prolong the life of thc in your fat cells. Eating high fat low carb will induce your body into ketosis and it will burn fat as energy, ridding you of thc faster. Also it says no to a bodybuilding regimine. Lifting burns calories in the gym AND hours afterwards as your body is trying to repair the muscles. It actually burns more calories than cardio… do some research before trying to give advice. Your facts will help people fail a drug test.

    1. I can’t comment on the diet comment you made but the second part about lifting burning more calories than cardio more specifically running is absolute shite running burns way more calories than lifting and the more you run the more calories you burn and the less effort it takes for you. Think you need to go do some research than say false things that others will think is true. Follow your own advice

    2. Bro you’re like the first person I’ve seen that actually understands this about weight lifting lol. People don’t realize that 90 percent of your calories are burnt from your body functioning regularly, IE..breathing, pumping blood, etc. When your body is repairing muscle you burn a tremendous amount of calories. Like you said cardio only burns calories at the gym where as lifting weights burns calories at the gym and while the body is repairing itself. I’m so glad someone else knows this because I swear everyone else doesn’t lol.

  45. joeschilling

    passing a drug test is easy.

    1. be on a ketogenic diet. if forces the body to metabolize fat which is where toxins are stored. look it up if you dont believe me. most people rely on carbs for energy (carbs include high sugar/fruit).

    2. drink lots of water and green tea

    3. exercise & hit the sauna or steamroom

  46. Cannabis N.I.

    This is interesting about the hair follicle test from 2015

  47. I just drink alot of water before MY drug test. If I ever have 1 again. I might urinate alot before MY test. MY urine will look clear & not yellow but its it’s better to pass than fthe test.

  48. I never had a problem passing drug tests cranberry juice and water always worked for me and I been smoking 40plus years But recently I had a drug test I didn’t expect so I tried Ultra
    Flush it didn’t work I did smoke the day before thou!
    I will stick to my old ways

    1. I just wanted to know from Tony if the cranberry is bought from a grocery store or is it organic , and how much do I drink.

      1. 100% Cranberry juice.
        Not Cranberry juice cocktail.
        Organic (no pesticides during growth) doesn’t factor in to Cranberries because they are raised in water-bogs.

        Sure, the label is marked organic – but again, it doesn’t factor in because of the way cranberries are raised. As long as its American or Canadian raised the arsenic levels wont be a problem either. Reach for the Ocean Spray.

      1. Caffeine decreases the metabolisation of both endo and exocannabinoids. It might be a diuretic, but it isn’t gonna help you piss out more metabolites than you otherwise would. Having some coffee on the day of a drug test might help though, as it will decrease the amount of thc-cooh which is expelled from the body.

    2. Some years ago I used Goldenseal to detox from THC. I was a dumbass and smoked the day of the test. I passed anyway. Then just recently I failed a test because too much time had passed between the GS and the test. Moral of the story . . . timing is everything. Goldenseal has worked for me and failed for me according to my timing.

  49. Too pass a drug screening of course dont smoke for a while Can be done in days , eat a bunch of oranges like 4-6 and drink alot of green tea This detoxifys whats in the urine, ,then dont pee this out until test time , get middle of pee ,,pass your drug test 🙂 Drink plenty of water ,cranberry juice and lemon wwater ,sweating then shower helps too

  50. Ex husband is using my use of cannabis in court against me to keep control and our children away. Looooong story. So I quit smoking middle of April. Ugh. Didn’t pass on May 20th. Exercised a few times, started drinking green tea daily, and ate a bunch of asparagus (my current husband is my personal chef). Went to admit myself into marijuana classes, they tested me just this past Wednesday and it’s clean. Yay me! But apparently I’m still an addict because I research and read all I can. FML

      1. Quit smoking. Your children should be more important getting high dumbass !!

      2. Quit smoking. Your children should be more important.Than getting high dumbass !!

      1. Quit smoking . Your children are more important than you getting home dumbass !

      2. Quit smoking . Your children are more important than you getting high dumbass !

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