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Cannabis and creativity: What do artists say about cannabis use?

Creativity There are creative people out there that use cannabis, and there are those that don’t. Today, we have collected 10 quotes of musicians, authors, entrepreneurs and philosophers that value cannabis for its creativity producing or rather creativity enhancing properties. Take a look for yourself.

The influence of cannabis on creativity has been discussed in detail on our Sensi Seeds blog. The relationship of the two is well-known, but also very complex.

Alanis Morissette

“As an artist, there’s a sweet jump-starting quality to [marijuana] for me. I’ve often felt telepathic and receptive to inexplicable messages my whole life. I can stave those off when I’m not high. When I’m high – well, they come in and there’s less of a veil, so to speak. So if ever I need some clarity… or a quantum leap in terms of writing something, it’s a quick way for me to get to it.”

Steve Jobs

“The best way I would describe the effect of the marijuana and the hashish is that it would make me relaxed and creative.”

Sebastián Marincolo

“Marijuana can be like a loving partner to your creativity; a muse and inspiration and a help in many ways.”

Lady Gaga

“I smoke a lot of pot when I write music.”

Jason Silva

„Marijuana is a cognitive catalyst that can trigger heightened free-associative creativity, increased pattern recognition, and insight.”

Bob Marley

“Music and herb go together. It’s been a long time now I smoke herb. From 1960s, when I first start singing.”

Bill Hicks

“See, I think drugs have done some *good* things for us, I really do. And if you don’t believe drugs have done good things for us, do me a Favor: go home tonight and take all your albums, all your tapes, and all your CDs and burn ‘em. ‘Cause you know what? The musicians who made all that great music that’s enhanced your lives throughout the years… Rrrrrrrrrrrrreal —— high on drugs.”


“I smoked some weed, and that’s how I finished ‘Izzo.’”

Terence McKenna

“Marijuana excites vocalization and empowers articulation. It transmutes language into something that is visibly beheld.”

Justin Timberlake

“Some people are just better high.”


Do you share these statements? Be sure to leave a comment. If you would like to read more about cannabis and creativity, click on the related posts listed at the bottom of this article.

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Hey guys, I think you may find that particular Mckenna quote is in reference to Psilocybin.

If you find the original source in Google books you'll see it is incorrectly referenced by the Huffington Post as being about marijuana.



Smoking the herb helped cleanse the doors of my perception.


Clement Makonde Kenya Kakuma

Cannabis makes my music and with out it there was no better man.I want to be one.



It is with weed that I write hit songs only which has made the wealthiest person I once dreamt to be....

Soulful house vocalist 💫🎤💰❤️



People smoking cannabis, or anything, would only be 'creative' with all the gangster graffiti that they start doing!


Scarlet Palmer

Hi Natasha,

Well, thanks for enlightening us on this issue. It's always good to have personal statements, research and evidence challenged by someone who can present a coherent argument backed up by facts, so that we can have an intelligent debate.

With best wishes,



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