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Cannabis News Network: will hemp be allowed to reach its full potential?

CBD The ever-controversial legal status of cannabis has become a hot topic as of late. Of course, this has to do with many countries having taken steps towards the legalisation of the plant, despite decades of intense Reefer Madness. In 2018, only two countries have fully legalised cannabis: Uruguay and Canada.

Hemp, new wacky tobaccy by way of CBD

While many countries have adopted partial cannabis legalisation, often so they can authorize patients to access their medicine, the cannabis industry in 2018 finds itself in an interesting conundrum.

Because CBD, the famed cannabinoid, is often produced from hemp plants, the latter have become the object of scrutiny from the establishment. Indeed, CBD has a plethora of health benefits, with no side-effects, and is more and more used as a food supplement as well as an ingredient in cosmetics. This mean a proper, consistent regulation is now needed to allow the trade of such products.

The United Nations’ World Health Organization weighs in

Because CBD could be considered a controlled substance, albeit not everywhere, the situation is confusing to say the least, for all actors involved in the lifecycle of a hemp plant.

In October, the Sensi Seeds blog reported about the World Health Organization (WHO) finally delivering their “pre-review” of CBD, which will of course play a role on an international level, perhaps revolutionising the industry as a whole, and the lives of patients everywhere. Hopefully, the rest of the plant follows.

What is up with CBD and industrial hemp?

So what is happening right now in Europe? Cannabis News Network travelled all over the continent to ask those who discuss these regulations on a daily basis.

Check out this exclusive piece and hear what industry actors have to say about the current regulation, including words from Mark Reindeers, hemp expert extraordinaire at our sister company HempFlax.

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