Cannafest 2023: All About the Future and Past Editions

Cannafest in Prague is one of the largest cannabis expos / trade shows in the world. The event boasts 300 exhibitors from 26 countries, occupying a total exhibition space of 16,500 square metres. In addition, Cannafest doubles up as a business conference, featuring renowned industry experts delivering informative talks on various cannabis-related subjects.

Where? Letňany, Prague, Czech Republic

When? 3rd – 5th November 2023

First started: 2010

Type of event – Trade show and conference

Visitor count – 30,784 (2018)

Awards up for grabs – Various awards are given to exhibitors

Sensi Seeds’ attendance –Official website –

What to expect from Cannafest 2023?

The 13th Cannafest takes place on November 3-5, 2023. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of captivating displays presented by different exhibitors from across the globe. You can also expect to find an extensive selection of growing equipment, fertilisers, seeds, smoking supplies, and vaporisers, along with a plethora of cannabis cosmetics, hemp textiles, and food products.

In addition, Cannafest will feature a diverse range of speakers, including Kai-Friedrich Niermann and Jan Martin Paďouk, specialising in cannabis education, along with advocates pushing for the legalisation and use of cannabis in medicine. There will also be exclusive performances on the Sativa Sparkle stage by Medial Banana, Urban Root, Rollandblow and more!

At Sensi Seeds, we will showcase our support for legalisation and commitment to top-quality genetics at the expo. Visitors can also look forward to some exciting social media competitions. So, please drop by our stand and join in on the fun! With a wide range of activities at Cannafest 2023, there is something for everyone. So, book your tickets today and get ready to experience the ultimate cannabis expo!

Practical information / things to keep in mind when visiting Cannafest

  • Location PVA Expo Prague, Beranovych 667, 199 00 Prague 9. Czech Republic. The easiest way to reach Cannafest is to travel by Metro to Letňany station (C line), or by bus, to the Vystaviste Letnany bus stop.
  • Cost A one-day ticket costs 250 Kc / €10 (200 Kc if pre-purchased). A three-day ticket costs 400 Kc / €16 (300 Kc if pre-purchased). Disabled visitors can enter for free but need a valid disability card to gain entry without paying.
  • Opening hours 

Friday: 11am to 8pm

Saturday: 11am to 8pm

Sunday: 11am to 6pm

  • Staying there

Cannafest recommends the following hotels: Clarion Congress Hotel Prague, or Absolutum Boutique Hotel. Both are close to PVA Expo, and also near to the centre of Prague.

Rules / Legalities

  • No smoking. Smoking anywhere in the trade show is forbidden except in the designated smoking area.
  • Adults only. Only adults are permitted in the trade show. However, there is a kids’ fun and relax zone, where children can be cared for by professional babysitters.
  • Czech cannabis laws Recreational cannabis use has been decriminalised in the Czech Republic, but it is still illegal.   

Check out this comprehensive article about the Czech Republic’s cannabis laws to find out more.  

Past editions

Cannafest is one of Europe’s leading cannabis events, attracting visitors from across the continent. Here’s some insight into what happened in previous years.

What happened at Cannafest 2022?

  • Throughout the weekend, Cannafest featured exclusive performances from various musicians on the Sativa Sparkle stage. In addition, the 12th edition of Cannafest offered several hands-on workshops, such as cooking with cannabis and courses on utilising hemp as a versatile fabric.
  • We partnered up with 8000kicks and hosted a joint giveaway of their hemp shoes and our seeds and merchandise.
  • The nutrients and substrate company Canna created an impressive 4-meter-tall gorilla statue that was truly remarkable.
  • Following the COVID-19 pandemic, Cannafest saw a surge in attendance levels, with thousands of visitors from across the globe enjoying the diverse range of activities and events the festival offered.

What happened at Cannafest 2021?

  • The 11th edition of Cannafest was an awe-inspiring celebration of the wonders of cannabis, providing visitors with unparalleled access to some of the industry’s biggest and most renowned exhibitors. After a year of cancellations, it was a great pleasure to meet and interact with the crowd at our booth.
  • The expo featured a variety of cannabis cooking workshops that helped attendees broaden their knowledge of how to enjoy cannabis. In addition, there was a diverse lineup of educational speakers focusing on the legal and business aspects of the cannabis industry.
  • Visitors often found the reading room to be a peaceful and comfortable spot to unwind while learning about the various benefits of the cannabis plant. Alternatively, some preferred to take a break and vaporise in the lounge area.

What happened at Cannafest 2020?

  • As a precautionary measure to safeguard everyone’s health during the COVID-19 pandemic, the organisers cancelled the 11th edition of Cannafest.

What happened at Cannafest 2019?

  • In 2019, the tenth edition of Cannafest showcased nearly 300 booths from 27 different nations and drew in over 30,000 attendees.
  • Running parallel to the event, the Euro-American Cannabis Business Conference concentrated on all aspects of the cannabis industry, including business, legislation, and science.
  • Throughout the weekend, the Cannafest stage hosted a diverse range of entertainment, such as performances, speeches, and demonstrations.

What happened at Cannafest 2018?

  • Speakers from around the world were in attendance, such as Brandon Allen (a cannabis chef and entrepreneur from the US), Jonathan Newman (a social anthropologist from the UK) and Ilya Reznik (from the International Association for Cannabis as Medicine, Israel).
  • The Cannafest Free Zone (a free mini festival) featured a Wheel of Fortune, Photo Corner, DJs, and a cocktail bar.
  • The Cannafest stage had a wide range of entertainment running throughout the day, such as workshops, contests, performances, and more.
  • And here’s Sensi Seeds’ very own David Duclos being interviewed at the event:

What happened at Cannafest 2017?

  • Sensi Seeds was at Cannafest 2017, and we were excited to announce our latest new strain. We were also giving away free packs of Afghani #1 Feminized.
  • Key speakers at this event included the famous Czech chemist and researcher Lumir Hanus, and the cannabis breeder Sasha Przytyk. Przytyk was responsible for creating the first fully stabilised autoflowering strain.
  • The Cannafest Free Zone was first introduced in this year, with skateboard exhibitions, graffiti competitions, and live music.
  • You can watch the highlights here:

What happened at Cannafest 2016?

  • The event saw a significant rise in global / media attention, with over 180 accredited journalists covering it.
  • Various cannabis documentaries were shown in the cinema, including ‘Grassroots: The Cannabis Revolution’ – a hotly anticipated project created by Dale Beaumont-Brown and Clark French.
  • Sensi Seeds was giving out free seeds at 2016’s event too; this time Sensi Skunk Feminized.

What happened at Cannafest 2015?

  • Key speakers at Cannafest 2015 included Lumir Hanus, and Cristina Sanchez, one of the world’s leading researchers into cannabinoid anti-tumoral treatment for breast cancer.
  • In addition to giving away seeds, Sensi Seeds also ran a t-shirt giveaway for our loyal fans.
  • You can watch the main events at Cannafest 2015 here:

What happened at Cannafest 2013?


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