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CNN video – Cannabis On Trial and Fake Protestors

trial As The Trial of the Plant draws to a close, CNN has an update on fake protestors, expert witnesses and the Dagga Couple themselves. Watch this compelling video to learn more.

It’s become known as The Trial of the Plant, and Sensi Seeds has been reporting on it throughout the seven years of preparation that have led up to this momentous month. For Jules Stobbs and Myrtle Clarke, also known as the Dagga Couple, this is the culmination of a long road to bring the case for legal cannabis before the South African courts – not just for their own benefit, but for all who want safe access to the plant.

In this video from CNN, we see how protestors funded by the The Gauteng Department of Social Development (a state body) stand outside the courthouse, as they have from the beginning of the trial, waving near-identical placards and loudly chanting. They are from KwaZulu-Natal‚ and are staying in a Christian rehab centre, having been transported in especially for this purpose.

Fake protestors mouthing empty words

Understandably, these fake protestors are disheartening and frustrating for the Dagga Couple. However, they have psychiatrist‚ neurologist and world expert in the comparative harmful effects of drugs Professor David Nutt, a force far more learned and professional than a group of people mouthing empty words. This video shows some of Professor Nutt’s testimony and cross-examination by Doctors for Life advocate Reg Willis; watch to the end to see Willis, unaware that he was still being recorded, call Professor Nutt “a moron”. Some people have absolutely no grasp on reality!

We wish the Dagga Couple the very best of luck with the rest of the trial, which continues until August 25th. Naturally, we will report on the results as soon as they are known.

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