The renowned activist Michka Seeliger-Chatelain has travelled the world extensively to understand it, experience it and feel closer to it. We are honoured to present this exclusive blog article the Grande Dame of cannabis wrote for us, for you. Here are her thoughts.

It is said that love lasts three years. After three years, habits take over to the point that the object of our love has lost its shine. Routine has killed the marvellous.

Now, this also holds true for weed: too close of a relationship ends up spoiling the initial charm. Paradoxically, smoking less often allows… for a greater enjoyment.

It is as if we had to choose between intensity and comfort. Comfort may be enjoyed on a daily basis, whereas intensity – in its very essence – can only be felt when it is experienced occasionally. If we are looking for intensity, we had better smoke less often, even if that means consuming greater quantities occasionally. And eating weed instead of smoking it, of course.

Intensity or comfort, a cannabis smoker’s dilemma

Recently in Seattle (where “recreational” use has long been legalised) I was delighted to discover in a specialised shop not too far from my hosts’ house, cannabis “infused” chocolate bites. The genius behind them is that regardless of the brand, they are all dosed at 10 mg of THC, insuring we know exactly what to expect in terms of effects, thus removing the Russian roulette aspect often associated with such edibles. I discovered that 10 mg of THC made me feel extremely comfortable for at least four hours, and the effects never got too intense. A moving thought stirred me when I realized how suitable they would be for people who absolutely need cannabis to treat health problems! When will they be available in Europe?

After a few consecutive days of “treatment”, I compelled myself to sobriety for a few days. After all, it seems to me that consuming less (but eventually greater quantities) is the perfect way to fully keep alive – or rekindle – our love story with weed. To revive the lightness or the depth, in any case, the hilarity and creativity that impregnated our first moments with her.

Understand your weed, surrender yourself to Mother Nature

A photograph of four manicured buds of different types of cannabis, decreasing in size from left to right

I like to warn new consumers: to preserve all the pleasure, make sure to smoke, or vaporize only occasionally (once a week is perfect!), certainly not on a daily basis.

And of course, I like to repeat the fact that not all weed is born equal. Sativas (long thin-leaved) are gifted with the amazing power of fuelling both our imagination and understanding, making us – so it seems – more intelligent for a short while.

Another upside to this type of consumption is that it brings us closer to the sacred dimension of weed. The plant has the remarkable capacity to make us bond anew with nature: the natural world is whole and indivisible, and we, humans, are an integral part of it. We are nature. And to feel it in the most remote part of our body is extremely comforting.

In the 60s, when the sons and daughters of the white American bourgeoisie first discovered marijuana, adorning it with all virtues (while being wary of their parents’ beloved alcohol), they declared: God created weed, Man created alcohol – which do you trust?

As for myself, I will always put my trust in Mother Nature, not in our concoctions, no matter how appealing they seem. At the risk of leaning on the regressive side, I will say this: we cannot go wrong when we stay as close as possible to the plant in the form nature has given it. Let us not rush towards preparations that have sprouted from human hands.

I would like to add a final remark. Keeping cannabis away from tobacco (as it has been the tradition on the American continent) and not consuming them together allows for a clearer understanding of our relationship with each plant. That practice is relevant when trying to manage in a satisfactory fashion our relationship with them (whatever our personal criteria in this area may be).

Of where this guidance originated from, and of my attachment to the cannabis plant

For forty-five years now, marijuana has been my friend and my ally. She has attuned me to my intuition, and for that, I am grateful. It is no small feat, for intuition is the channel through which we receive messages from our inner self. Indeed, that inner self has access to the universal consciousness, tapping into information, past and yet to come. Hence I sometimes seek a little help from a Sativa (alas, they become hard to find) when I’m confronted with an important decision.

After nearly half a century of happy companionship, those are some of the conclusions I have drawn, and I’m happy to share them with whomever truly wants to preserve what is best in the relationship with this master plant. A master plant that has been our companion since time immemorial, one that seduces us in all so many ways…

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Great article, its a shame that younger people cannot have an early introductional - education to the truly essence and potential of the plant. Instead they learn wrong uses (and abuse) from friends and not truly use it for its benefits.


David Hill

I have been agreeing with this for decades. Tolerance builds and the high diminishes. I do smoke two times every night for pain. But that's all. And when I want a high. It's easy. Just smoke some earlier and it's great. People who smoke all day need to take a break and find the true pleasure again


Grass Chief

Sativas are gifted with the amazing power of making both our imagination and understanding illustrious.


Blondel Sandrine

Thank you for sharing this interview..which I completely agree with...looking forward to read her biography..
Tout De Bon....


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