Four-Way® Seeds

  • Regular (non feminized) Cannabis Seeds
  • Sunny / Mediterranean
  • Average height gain
  • Flowering 45 - 60 days
  • Large Yield
  • 80% Indica
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  • Regular (non feminized) Cannabis Seeds
  • Sunny / Mediterranean
  • Average height gain
  • Flowering 45 - 60 days
  • Large Yield
  • 80% Indica
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  • Description

    This strain is an early success from programs to create stable, multiple-hybrid cannabis. Starting in the Eighties, intensive breeding projects worked with highly varied and complex gene pools which ‘stacked’ desirable features from a wide range of parents and ancestors to produce hybrids which could consistently express those traits in interesting combinations.

    Generation after generation of excellent genotypes were cross-bred, with all seed-offspring closely observed and compared to identify the best individuals. In each generation, selected plants were either back-crossed with parents to stabilise desired traits or introduced to the next ganja genotype in the group. Some breeding experiments continued for years, ultimately involving the cataloguing of staggering numbers of seedlings solely for selection and testing purposes. Some of Sensi Seeds’ top hybrids have their roots in breeding projects of this scale. Many unique flavours, formations and effects introduced by Sensi strains were only possible through the sheer variety of genotypes we were able to combine, plus the dedication, detailed records and keen senses of the breeders responsible for selection.

    Four Way is featured in some of the earliest seed-catalogues — a multiple Indica hybrid created from exceptional Indian, Afghani and Pakistani cultivars, all backed up with the vigour and high-octane punch of Skunk #1. After some additional refinement to accentuate her best qualities, Four Way was re-launched in 1995 and has become lasting favourite among growers who want a strain capable of extraordinary appearance and taste, plus all the speed, bulk and power of the best Indicas.

    As an early multiple hybrid, growers should expect a fair amount of variation when growing Four Way from seed. All phenotypes tend to be fast flowering, resinous and sweet, with some outstanding sets of features regularly showing themselves — extra-fat calyxes, exceptional flavours and aromas, explosive bud growth. Four Way gives consistent, reliable Indica quality in a variety of forms, including occasional surprises in the form of fluke combinations of traits that make for unique, super potent or high-yielding mother plants.
  • Strain Reviews for Four-Way® Seeds

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    Sweet chunky indica variation..

    5 / 5
    Tried & True on 7-6-2018 | Four-Way® Seeds

    Where to start, I purchased this strain quite awhile ago. It was one of those ones that i would always get out of the seed tin when choosing what to grow next but for some reason it would always be put back in... Well i have just completed my first grow of four-way, so what can i tell you! Of the five females i had not one did i want to let go, each has it's own unique flavor ranging from zesty lemony skunk-ness to old school berry pine & beyond. Production wise it's a winner imo, the effect from all five is potent and balanced. I'm baffled to why there are not more grows seen on the interwebs... Try to find one! Maybe once the fad for over hyped American garbage has receded old girls like Four-way will have their 15 minute once more. So if your a lover of northern lights, skunks or indica's give four-way a try because it has many surprisingly delicious aspects lurking with in it. I'm sure you will find something that floats your boat in this strain..

    Launceston,I made 4way 2000/02

    5 / 5
    Bryn hi rob on 25-2-2016 | Four-Way® Seeds

    Steve shop ?? hi!! Four way,stronger than bigbud,more like superskunk,easy as pie,huge,most popular ever with friends, not too smelly!Big,nice,quick,popular,under 3.4k moved,1gr am per what?, best commercially ever,love it


    5 / 5
    Bill Norton on 10-2-2016 | Four-Way® Seeds

    Ive never grown anything more amazing in my life its so good skunky and burns smooth id grow this any day.

    There's gems to be found in these seeds!

    5 / 5
    BigBear on 21-1-2016 | Four-Way® Seeds

    This has to be one of the best strains out there, i found the most stinkiest plant ive ever come across, skunky and delicious. Some years ago i also found a really big yielder, very similar in taste and looks to SkunkKush. I recommend every grower to try out Four-Way, you wont be disappointed.

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