10 things you should know about Eagle Bill

Eagle Bill Some of you will already know of Eagle Bill; for some, the launch of this new cannabis seed strain may well be the first time you have heard his name. No matter which group you belong to, we are sure you’ll learn something new and interesting in this fun list of Ten Things You Should Know About Eagle Bill.

With the launch of brand new strain Eagle Bill®, Sensi Seeds brings you a superb sativa dominant hybrid with a satisfying yield and a striking, piney aroma. Named for one of Ben Dronkers’ long term friends and pioneer of vaporizing Eagle Bill Amato, this is the first time that Sensi Seeds has released a completely new seed variety since the Ed Rosenthal Super Bud in 2006.

Some of you will already know of Eagle Bill; some of you may even have met him at the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum and had the good fortune to have experienced his vaporizer. Check out this fun list of Ten Things You Should Know About Eagle Bill.


The first time he was asked if he would like to smoke a joint, Bill replied that he would rather smoke a cigarette! However, after his first experience, he immediately decided to make cannabis his drug of choice.


The first time he grew cannabis was completely by accident, when a seed fell out of a couch he was getting rid of, rolled into a crack on the pavement and germinated. It was 2.74 metres (nine feet) tall by the time he realized what it was, and 5.3 metres (seventeen and a half feet) tall by the time he harvested it.


During his time living in Amsterdam, Eagle Bill owned an African Grey parrot named Sativa, which he taught to say “Do you wanna get high?”. He occasionally brought it into the Hash Marihuana & Hemp museum when he was working there, to the amusement of many of the visitors.


There were no books about growing cannabis available when Eagle Bill started, so he taught himself by trial and error, growing seeds that he found in cannabis he’d bought to smoke and then breeding further crops from the seeds that his plants produced. Initially, not only did he not remove the males from his garden, but when they were in flower would grab one and “shake it while commenting “Look at that!” as the pollen was released.” (So if you’ve ever made a newbie gardening error, forgive yourself!)


One of his ambitions was to set up a helpline that growers could call and speak to an expert for troubleshooting, tips and advice! A very different take on the more usual “drugs helplines”.


The University of Mississippi analysed samples of his crop from the first time he was convicted for growing, and reported a THC content of 10% – more than twice the usual amount (4%) for cannabis in the US at that time. This astonishing figure gave him the title of his autobiography, 10% THC – A Cannabis Tale.


Eagle Bill once got queen of self-promotion Paris Hilton high when she tried his vaporizer on a visit to the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum. You can see the video of Paris here; Bill is his usual polite self, Paris doesn’t seem to mind that he has no idea who she is.


Other famous people that Eagle Bill vaporized (knowing full well who they were!) include Willie Nelson; Cypress Hill – and their audience – during a concert where the band had requested he have a stand at the side of the stage and give vaporizer hits to anyone who wanted them; and Albert Hofmann, eminent Swiss scientist and inventor of lysergic acid diethylamide, during a psychedelics conference in Switzerland.


Eagle Bill was the second person to receive the Cannabis Culture Award, presented to him in 2005 for his pioneering work in promoting vaporization as one of the healthiest ways of consuming cannabis, and for inventing the Eagle Bill Shake ‘N’ Vape.


The Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum was frequently referred to by Eagle Bill as “the only museum in the world where you can go out higher than you came in”. It was a home-from-home for Eagle Bill, who regarded his role there as more of a calling than simply a job – and would never let anyone else sit in his vaporizing chair!

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