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Poland In Poland cannabis is illegal, with no medicinal cannabis program available for patients who could potentially benefit from this multi-purpose plant. And despite the Constitutional Court having ordered the government to deal with the legalization of medicinal cannabis in November 2014, no changes have been made so far.

Activists and patients recently rejoiced when Maks, a 5 year old suffering from medication-resistant epilepsy, set a precedent for being the first to be allowed to legally be treated with cannabis oil under the supervision of a doctor of the Child Health Center. Since then, seventeen other young patients for whom conventional medicine does not give any hope, have been given access to medicinal cannabis oil as well.

But still a lot of patients have received no reaction from the Polish government. This has led them to start acting on their own and started searching for their own sources of medicinal cannabis oil. One of these sources was Jakub Gajewski, who is now facing a 15 years sentence in prison for importing 900 ml of cannabis oil to patients, including his two parents.

In this latest episode, Cannabis News Network presents an update on these developments. Sensi Seeds sincerely hopes this will contribute to accelerate the legalization process of medicinal cannabis in Poland.

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