Cannabis strain focus: Big Bud from Sensi Seeds

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Big Bud is one of the most impressive cannabis strains of the Sensi Seeds selection. Not only does it benefit from a long-time reputation of providing growers with the most generous harvests, it does so in the most spectacular way possible: the name of the strain alone says it all.

Big Bud strain 101

Its ultra-heavy, luscious buds make for quite a rewarding growing experience. Plus, for those who lack space, Sensi Seeds offers a feminized version of Big Bud!

Cultivating Sensi Seeds’ Big Bud strain

A Big Bud cannabis plant
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While Big Bud was originally designed for indoor cultivation, its deceptively compact growing pattern makes for a true outdoor wonder!

Indeed, when benefiting from the minimum maintenance, it remains compact enough to accommodate an indoor grow space.

However, when left unattended, it can easily triple in height by the end of its flowering period. In both environments, Big Bud can deliver sizeable harvests of juicy buds.

“Outdoors, each bush produces more or less 400g, and they give me beautiful autumn colours during senescence. Indoors, with SCROG, I get very easily to 1 gram per watt.” – by Bigtritri, [x]

One reason why our Big Bud strain is so popular, is that while it is a more than generous crop, it is also very resilient and sturdy, which is why the maintenance needed is not too overwhelming.

“Very resistant to weather, temperature changes, and pesky insects, requires little attention compared with other varieties.” – by kap8221, [x]

“Big Bud from Sensi Seeds is a very beginner-friendly variety. Easy to grow, forgiving, blooming quickly … can definitely recommend to anyone.” – by MuVo2k, [x]

Big Bud has three phenotypes known; one sativa-dominant, one indica-dominant. Both blossom quickly, but the sativa phenotype has a tendency to stretch more than its indica counterpart. A third, homogenous phenotype also exists.

Tasting Sensi Seeds’ Big Bud

A cannabis plant
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Big Bud is an explosion of flavours. Its taste is earthy and spicy, with a hint of musk. However, there are many other nuances to be found, and some consumers will be able to recognize pepper, grass, citrus, and plenty more.

It provides mostly a relaxing high, very efficient for a quiet night at home!

“This is the best go to sleep strain I’ve ever smoked.” – by high1, [x]

“Smells of musk with pleasant, slightly spicy undertones, some obvious skunk notes, and big layers of resin. Guarantees a great degustation!” – by Snooz, [x]

The relaxing full-body effect is only one aspect of Big Bud’s effect; while it is a perfect choice for evenings, it also makes for a nice, euphoric time! Big Bud has been for a long time a favourite of our followers, and is our favourite overachiever: aesthetically pleasing, rewarding, tasty, efficient … what else?

“Many beginner growers wonder how to obtain a final product worthy of the Netherlands and its coffeeshops. Easy: get Big Bud […]. Whether I choose it in regular or feminized version, I am always satisfied.” – by Flo, [x]

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  • Disclaimer:
    Laws and regulations regarding cannabis cultivation differ from country to country. Sensi Seeds therefore strongly advises you to check your local laws and regulations. Do not act in conflict with the law.


6 thoughts on “Cannabis strain focus: Big Bud from Sensi Seeds”

  1. Hi there,
    Aido’s the name.My plants are 6weeks flowering and the lovely pungent aroma has faded. Do I have a problem. Thanks for your time and help guys.

    Desperate new Irish grower.

    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Hi Aido,

      Unfortunately, legal restrictions mean we can’t answer grow-related questions or give grow advice on this blog. However, we do have the Sensi Seeds Forum where you can browse through questions and share the experiences of cannabis and gardening enthusiasts.

      Also, other readers of this blog will often answer questions like yours. Sorry I can’t be of more help, and I hope you continue to enjoy the blog!

      With best wishes,


  2. Alright guys I’m growing in cool/cold climate, in the loft, with an average temp of 50 degrees fahrenheit, as this is a cool/cold weather resilient strain, does that mean Its gonna have less of a negative effect on the growth ? Any help would be greatly appreciated, as maintaining the heat will be rather costly.

    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Hi Steve,

      Unfortunately, legal restrictions mean we can’t answer grow related questions or give grow advice on this blog. However, we do have the Sensi Seeds Forum where you can ask questions and share your experiences with a thriving community of cannabis and gardening enthusiasts, so please don’t hesitate to join the community!

      With best wishes,


  3. Are plants grown from feminized seed generally smaller in size than plants from regular seed? Everything I grow is grown out doors.

    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Hi Steve,

      The size that plants reach is determined by many factors – vegetation time, genetic makeup, nutrition, climate and so forth – but whether or not the seeds are feminized should not make a difference to the size. Automatic strains, on the other hand, do tend to be smaller than their regular or feminised counterparts simply because they spend less time in vegetation. I hope this answers your question 🙂 You may also like to have a look at the Sensi Seeds Forum, where a thriving community of cannabis fans ask and answer each other’s questions and discuss all aspects of cultivation and use.

      With best wishes,


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