Cannabis strain focus: Early Skunk from Sensi Seeds

Early Skunk cannabis plant

Sensi Seeds’ Early Skunk was bred with both unforgiving climates and inexperienced growers in mind. This gorgeous strain thrives even in cold, wet summers, and is resistant to mould and disease. Despite a short flowering time, Early Skunk reliably delivers heavy harvests, especially when grown in open ground rather than pots as this increases its height.

Early Skunk 101

Early Skunk cannabis plants growing outdoors
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Sensi Seeds’ Early Skunk is an outdoor queen. Not only is it robust and reasonably fast to flower for a Skunk, it is also a very generous producer of luxuriant buds more than generously covered with silver frosting. To make things even more interesting, this strain can thrive in virtually any climate, making it an impressive all-rounder. And cherry on top of the cake: Sensi Seeds has made the Early Skunk available in its feminized version, for those who prefer not having to remove male plants from their luscious gardens.

Cultivating Sensi Seeds’ Early Skunk

Sensi Seeds’ Early Skunk is a hybrid resulting from two of our favourites (and yours!), Skunk #1 and Early Pearl. From the former, it kept the amazing vigour and bulky growth pattern. From the latter, it took the incredible outdoor survival skills, for an splendid, picture-worthy, reliable strain.

A close-up of the Early Skunk cannabis plant
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The only thing truly needed to grow Early Skunk outdoors is direct sunlight; beyond that, it can blossom in any outdoor location ranging from a small balcony to a sunny garden. Besides, not unlike many other Skunks created by Sensi Seeds, it is a great option for first time growers, partly because of the ease with which one can obtain impressive plants.

“I’m a novice grower and this is my first grow. I’m […] starting out with Early Skunk [and] I went straight for the feminized pack. So far, I’ve noticed all they need is love and water the first month. A good 6.5 pH level and that’s that!! [Now] 2nd month, and they’re looking great.” – by MaddPitt504, [x]

Indeed, because of its extraordinary resilience, the Early Skunk can reach quite astounding heights and widths, especially when allowed to do so, for instance in a garden, as opposed to the more restricted space provided by a pot. When transplanting an Early Skunk plant, one can notice the extent of its roots and thus, the potential of it when allowed to grow freely outdoors.

 “All three of my girls are HUGE almost over 2.3 meters, the plants are starting to enter their flowering period,  a lot of space created between the leaves, new leaves forming on the stem … really nice if you spot one that’s just starting to come out. And pistils almost everywhere now, can’t wait to see them explode.” – by sneeuw, [x]

Early Skunk cannabis plant
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Regardless, it is also perfectly fit for indoor growing, although the gargantuan harvests observed outdoors have less opportunities to occur.

There are three distinct phenotypes known for Early Skunk, including two indica-dominant ones : one is short, and compact, the other long and compact, and both benefit from the fast blossoming properties typical of the strain. The sativa-dominant phenotype on the other hand, is long, stretched, and blossoms slowly compared to the other two possible configurations.

Overall, growers have reported a convenient lack of smell when growing or drying – although it can change once the buds have become dry enough. Quite a stealth crop for those who like to be discreet!

“During drying, the variety does not smell very strong, at first you smell nothing at all, but after 2-3 days, a hay-like smell spreads, and shortly thereafter, the typical Skunk smell develops.” – by wurstinger, [x]

Tasting Sensi Seeds’ Early Skunk

This amazing Skunk is known to have a pungent sweet smell, and remains true to the sought-after Skunk flavour, although it also has its own personality. The sativa side of it truly comes out during consumption, and provides a joyful, smooth high mixed with the typical Skunk stone, for a truly riveting experience.

“The variety triggers a very strong high in me. The effect is usually a gradual and reinforced in the first 10 minutes. After that it often gets very trippy and I will be very thoughtful.” – by wurstinger, [x]

“Super-sweet buds with an absolute Skunk power, that blows you into the cosmos.” – by Greenpower13, [x]

In terms of taste, besides the Skunk parameter, Early Skunk releases an earthy, somewhat sour taste, with a sweet aftertaste which mirrors the main characteristics of its scent.

“All our friends appreciated its taste right away, and its somewhat gentle strength.” – by Nereva, [x]

Have a look at Early Skunk by Sensi Seeds, and leave a review.

Did you grow Early Skunk Feminized? What did you think? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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    Laws and regulations regarding cannabis cultivation differ from country to country. Sensi Seeds therefore strongly advises you to check your local laws and regulations. Do not act in conflict with the law.


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