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Diabetes and the sweet effect of cannabis

Consumption The fact that cannabis is capable of regulating sugar levels in blood, which could help to improve diabetes, has been known for some time. This gives it the potential to be a natural way to fight this very common disease.

A new dimension to this subject is brought by the official data, percentages and statistics. Recent research published in the American Journal of Medicine says that there is, in fact, a real relation. The study concludes that people who smoke cannabis, when fasting, have a 16% lower insulin level than non-users. 16%. No more,  no less. This will be surprising to some and obvious for others.

Diabetes and the sweet effect of cannabis

The truth is that, although increasingly more people are aware of the innumerable benefits of cannabis as a medicine, this is the “first study that investigates the relationship both between the use of marijuana and insulin, in fasting, and glucose and insulin resistance”, as explained by Dr. Murray. A. Mittleman. He is the  principal researcher of the publication and member of  The Cardiovascular Epidemiology Research Unit Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston (USA)

On the other hand, and although there is still a long way to go given the scale of the study, the researchers also found that while cannabis smokers consumed more calories than non-smokers, it is possible to associate marijuana with a lower Body Mass Index (BMI) rating.

Study co-author Hannah Buettner says “the mechanisms underlying this paradox have not been determined and the impact of the regular consumption of marijuana on insulin resistance, as well as cardio-metabolic risk factors, are still unknown”.

At the same time Dr. Murray adds that “previous epidemiological studies have found a lower prevalence of obesity and diabetes in cannabis consumers compared with persons who have never smoked, suggesting a relationship between cannabinoids and the peripheral metabolic processes.”

Cannabis use may prevent the development of diabetes

Nowadays, the consumption and cultivation of cannabis is still illegal in many countries, but thanks to studies like this, originally strict policies concerning decriminalization and legalization of the plant are becoming more flexible. This allows both consumption by certain patients and the inclusion of its active ingredients, including  tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), in some medicines for the treatment of serious illnesses such as cancer.

Joseph Alpert, Professor of Medicine at the University of Arizona and editor of the magazine which published the study, said that the conclusions reached by the researchers are extraordinary. He also added, “we urgently need more information and scientific research on the effects of marijuana, in the short and long term, in various clinical settings, [on conditions] such as cancer, diabetes and the debilitation of the elderly”.

Diabetes and the sweet effect of cannabis

At this point, if the experts discover the hidden reason behind this relationship, they could develop treatments based on the active ingredients of cannabis . An advance without precedent the field of medicine .

Does this mean that cannabis use may prevent the development of diabetes, which is one of the most widespread chronic diseases? The answer is Yes. So the almost 350 million people in the world affected by this disease, of course taking into account their own metabolism and always under medical control, could receive only benefits from consuming the beneficial substances  of the cannabis plant.

So, the next question is, what are the politicians waiting for?


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Thankyou for the information my stepfather was curious if cannabis can help with his diabetes.



This is for TYPE 2 DIABETES! For people with Type 1 (the genetic type) be careful the first time you try cannabis, it can have unexpected consequences and should not be used completely innocently!


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