Introducing Sensi Seeds Zero Strains

Sensi Seeds Zero Strains pack and a cannabis plant against the yellow and white background

This article was originally published on April 1st, 2018. 😉
First there were regular seeds. Then there were feminized seeds. Next came autoflowering seeds. Now, Sensi Seeds pioneers the next wave in cannabis seed breeding – Sensi Seeds Zero Strains.

Using the latest techniques in retro-engineering and synergistic gene technology, Sensi Seeds has successfully created a completely new branch of the cannabis family tree: Cannabis nullica Linnaeus. It’s taken us literally weeks of painstaking breeding, but we’ve done it. Every single Sensi Seeds strain is now available as a Zero variety! What does this mean? A whole new cannabis experience, which we guarantee is nothing like any cannabis you have ever had before!

Sensi Seeds Zero – cannabis without chemicals!

We live in an increasingly mindfulness-conscious and consciously mindful world. More and more people are becoming woke to wellness. It’s more important than ever to eradicate chemicals from what we consume – no matter what they are. Sensi Seeds Zero cannabis varieties answer the call to create a planet free from BPA, DHMO,  C21H30O2, and other chemicals that cause reactions in biological organisms. The first ever type of cannabis to be bred to contain no chemicals whatsoever, from seed to harvest, Cannabis nullica L. has been hailed as a breakthrough for everyone who wants a chemical-free world.

Sensi Seeds Zero – legal to grow and consume everywhere!

Because we’ve painstakingly bred all the chemicals out of our complete range of strains, they contain no cannabinoids whatsoever – even less than industrial hemp! Nor do they contain any terpenes, so no unwanted flavours, smells, or entourage effect!

We’ve noticed that a lot of our customers have difficulty actually using our products, because they are riddled with pesky cannabinoids that are illegal in many places. Regular readers of our blog may have noticed that we can’t even give growing advice, because this might be interpreted as us encouraging people to break the law, which we would never dream of doing! Sensi Seeds Zero Strains are the solution to these problems. We’ve bred all psychoactive substances right out of our full range of strains, meaning you can grow and consume them anywhere you like!

Sensi Seeds Zero – because it’s always 09:00 somewhere

Following the success of last year’s surprise release of Northern Lights Light, we realised there is a demand for cannabis that you can take anywhere and toke anywhere without any unwanted side effects, like full body relaxation, a sense of euphoria, or being arrested. Our complete range of strains is now available as Zero varieties, and at the same great prices as the originals! What are you waiting for?


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    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Hi Darren,

      Maybe all of the above?

      Just kidding – this is our 2018 April Fool joke.

      With best wishes,


  1. Does this mean that it would be a similar effect as cbd oil or no effects just the taste?

  2. It’s me again 😉 .

    By the way, you are a sponsor at the 420 Magazine forum – and they have a “sponsor’s section” where sponsor reps can post threads. You REALLY should post this one (today, if at all possible) there.

    My guess is that you’ll have a couple dozen positive replies for a new product (and a few people wanting to know where the strains are, lol) before someone posts something like “Hey, wait a minute…”

    I promise not to comment in such a thread until someone else catches on.

    Again, you have my very…

    Best regards,

  3. And a Happy April Fool’s Day to you, too!

    Did I win a pack of Jack Herer (I’d be quite esctatic for a pack of Mexican sativa, too) for noticing. Or… due to your pity for someone who is so lacking in cannabinoids that he was able to notice, lol?

    I have been a fan for approximately as long as you have had any kind of online presence whatsoever.

    Best regards,

  4. so you grow them just for entertainment? what do you mean by consume then? lots of love jherbs

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