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Medicinal plants: The original source

Natural remedies and medicinal plants capable of curing a wide range of illnesses have been used throughout the ages.

plantas medgrandeNatural remedies capable of curing a wide range of illnesses have been used throughout the ages. Present in all cultures throughout history, this type of plant has played a key role in the development of current medicine and, even today, catalyses new medicinal discoveries.

These plants represent an essential resource; they are  a pillar of the pharmaceutical industry that is known today. In fact, many drugs used nowadays, such as opium, quinine and aspirin, are synthetic (and patented) replicas of what Mother Nature offers. These synthetic drugs are derived from the isolation of the active ingredients present in the original natural herbs.

There are many who believe different administrations and governments are preventing the continuing use of these natural methods throughout the world. There is strong evidence for this belief, given the recurrent international attempts to have herbal remedies banned or restricted.

The fact that certain plants have healing properties is widely known and undeniable, proven time and time again and backed up by countless testimonials and studies. This is why there are so many people who advocate for the use of alternative therapies, and limiting the use of synthetic medication to cases of absolute necessity.

Considered rationally, it is quite unlikely, if not impossible, that our ancestors were wrong to use plants as a medicine since prehistoric times. Then, what is happening? Is it that difficult to motivate society and redirect people towards a complete change of habits? The answer is still in the air.

The case of the cannabis plant is the perfect example of how, despite the numerous benefits offered by medicinal marijuana, those who are in power are able to stigmatize and condemn it as a dangerous substance that must be forbidden.planta marihuana

This reopens debate about the reasons behind cannabis prohibition. Several studies have conclusively shown the benefits of cannabis for treating ailments such as multiple sclerosis, diabetes, glaucoma, anorexia and even cancer.

Josep Pamies is a farmer very well-known in his native Catalonia for fighting the local plague of transgenic crops.  He is an expert in the medicinal characteristics of hundreds of plants,  and states “According to our politicians, tobacco and many other legal drugs killing millions of people can be considered as legal drugs. On the other hand, marijuana is prohibited, despite being unrelated to any case of death, and being known as a treatment for many diseases.”

He continues with another example from the botanical world: “Stevia [commonly known as sweetleaf] promotes the disappearance of diabetes and hypertension,  and has even been known to help increase beneficial cholesterol (HDL) while reducing harmful cholesterol (LDL),   as well as reducing anxiety issues.”

What is certain is that medicinal plants, especially cannabis, are an indispensable key resource in facing the arduous process of dealing with disease, whether used as tablets, infusions, tinctures or in the original form.

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Khalid mahmud

many many thanks for your great informative post. I think this information must help people.



Hi ; I read this post and it's really nice in accordance to today's present world . Most of our Indian history is based on ayurveda.


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