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Your opinion: should all drugs be legal?

All of them? Should all drugs be legal? We asked our Facebook and Instagram communities to weigh in: What exactly is a drug? Do all of them deserve the same treatment? What are conditions under which a legalisation makes sense? Read on to see what the Sensi Seeds community thinks of this controversial topic!

Your opinion: should all drugs be legal? - Sensi Seeds Blog

All drugs should be legal

Many of you unabashedly stood behind the idea of legalising all drugs. We were delighted to read that numerous commenters referred to intoxication as a basic human right, as well as to the absolute failure of the War on Drugs, and its consequences.

E.B – All the arguments for the legalization of weed are applicable for every other drug.

O.M. – Yes, street gangs would go bankrupt.

F.D. – Yes, along with regulations and honest education regarding drugs and addiction. Prohibition still doesn’t work, it simply creates a thoroughly unsafe and unregulated underground market, resulting in countless preventable deaths every single year.

A.J. – Although I don’t agree with heroin or other hard drug use, no government has the right to tell a person what to or what no to put inside their bodies, the only person qualified to tell you whether it’s a good idea or not is a doctor, but even then, they are only qualified to give advice. So yes I believe all drugs should be legal.

Some users pondered on whether their favourite plant should even be included in this discussion at all – fellow cannabis enthusiasts concurred, while providing important information that might not be common knowledge to all. Clearly, it did not escape anyone that hard drugs used in medicine could potentially represent a big chunk of the present debate:

X.K. – Well it depends, I don’t consider marijuana a drug considering you grow it and it helps with cancer and many other diseases it even helps with anxiety and body pain.

P.L.F. – Morphine helps better with pain.

T.P.W. – MDMA helps with severe cases of PTSD.

A.L. – Medical cocaine exists in Ireland. Used after adenoid/nose surgery. I have no idea how common it is these days … but still legal.


The wording of our question was vague, which allowed us to see what conclusions would be spontaneously drawn by our community. While most of the above commenters immediately assumed we were referring to a state-regulated legalisation of all drugs, others went down the decriminalisation road, with recurring examples to support their stance, such as Portugal.

P.M. – Yes, because prohibition doesn’t work. Portugal decriminalized all “illegal” drugs several years ago, and they now have less people in jail, and more people in treatment for addiction. They have also slowed the spread of AIDS and other infectious diseases, decreased deaths from drug overdoses, and decreased the number of drug users.

J.A. – No matter how bad the drug is, prohibition only makes it worse.

J.P. – Nuh-uh, just decriminalise them. Follow Portugal’s model – possession of all drugs is legal, but manufacture and supply are still prohibited. Drugs, like medicines, need to be regulated by somebody to ensure homogeneity and safety […]. Oh, and decriminalisation will vastly decrease stigma, giving users access to education on substances and their dangers so they can hopefully stay safe when indulging in certain recreational activities.

The solution to addiction problems 

Unfortunately, there is still much stigma regarding the topic of addiction. Addiction is a disease, which requires treatment, therapy, and all-round support. While a small demographic in our community was doubtful about the benefits of legalising hard drugs, another expressed its desire for a more inclusive, more accepting way of dealing with patients struggling with addiction.

T.S.A. – Yes they should be decriminalized and all the money spent on the “war on drugs” should be put to more useful things like rehab programs and actual things we need like newly paved streets.

C.N. – Yes, sold in properly licensed places, where they would also provide help and information for those wanting to stop … this would stop a lot of crimes related to drugs …

P1P1 – Yes, and money spent on the war on drugs should be spent on safe houses for drug users where they can obtain clean needles, medical care if needed, etc.

One can’t shake off addiction solely out of willpower. This is why it is important to provide a safe space for those who are still struggling to let go of their habits, as well as alternatives to ease up patients into a life free of harmful substances. Cannabis is one of these alternatives.

Want to know more about cannabis to fight addiction? Read these two articles:

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Some drugs are too scary?

Finally, one foreseeable outcome of asking this delicate question was to find out which drugs were considered completely out of the race for one reason or another. Many “street” drugs did not make the cut:

R.M. – Only  cocaine, mj, acid, and shrooms should be legalised.

Z.S. – I think just cannabis cause if you are high on cannabis you also can be normal but when you are on LSD or something else you can’t be normal.

As mentioned earlier in this article however, whether or not these drugs should be legalised depends highly on the exact details of said legalisation. Decriminalisation could mean dangerous “street” drugs would remain as available as they are now. On the other hand, state-regulated versions of these drugs would presumably provide similar effects, with minimal negative impact.

But more interestingly, some of you argued that making all drugs legal would give even more exposure to certain substances which already are:

T.P.W. – It’s funny how everyone is talking about coke, LSD, weed and so on being drugs and how they should be illegal when on a daily basis, doctors prescribe you drugs that are so addictive they can kill you. More people in the US are addicted to pain killers than there are people that use tobacco.

P.S.908. – Yes of course, why are nicotine, alcohol and caffeine legal?

J.P. – Pharmaceuticals are poison […]. Big Pharma is not creating cures, they’re creating a customer base. Why else would pharma companies put forth so much money against cannabis, a natural cure for many problems and conditions and 100% safe. Alcohol is one of the worst drugs there is and should be considered the same as heroin and meth and coke not to mention it is the biggest gateway drug along with tobacco.

S.R. – The trouble with this question is that some of the most harmful and dangerous drugs are already legal.

Well done, community. We are proud to see that facts on cannabis and other drugs are circulating, and are gaining ground over the decades-long era of misinformation kick-started by the Reefer Madness generation.
Do you also want to give your opinion on this important societal topic? Leave a message in the comments section below.


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Good read, thank you



Good blog, it`s really good to read. that`s really the real point why it is legal if those of it was a part of a drugs there most be suppose to be in illegal one.



People nowadays are really got depressed into their life and came-out into drugs addiction or alcohol addiction,Especially those teens right now at our new generation. We must not let them to be not treated, instead let us help them to be in rehab.



Nice posts! I was checking constantly this blog and I am impressed! It`s very wonderful article that says about legal drugs. It`s funny to know that drugs that been selling are the drugs that can cause as of additions. Thank you for sharing it.



For real! Nicotine and alcohol are the worse of all drugs and addictions.



Awesome article, actually I was looking a website like this, I found all information here. You’re all article are gorgeous, I am very impressed. Thanks for sharing with us and keep posting.



I definitely enjoying every little bit of it. It is a great website and nice share. I want to thank you. Good job! You guys do a great blog, and have some great content.!



Short answer: yes, stopping only ant the point where the dilutability/dispersability allows for a terroristic attack on a village. So 1 ton of weed: ok - but 10 litres of LSD not ok as it would be catastrophic if put into the watersupply.

To expand: any kind of self harming behaviour that doesnt endanger your fellow women and doesnt force them to witness should be legal.


Karl Ladkin

What piss's me off is I can buy Alcohol + Codine - Valys ECT what every I want with online websites in the UK. but can't buy Weed or Magicmushrooms to help me Deal with my PTSD from a Motor bike Accident in 2008 & yes I tried antidepressants the don't work for me but now feeling a lot better on Cannibis by Microdosing.

The UK is fighting a loosing battle with the Drug Trade it's ok for Amsterdam - Italy - Spain so yes legalise Weed & Magic Mushrooms.


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