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What did Sensi Seeds do in 2017 – the roundup

Sensi Seeds 2017 Each year, our goals remain the same. Sensi Seeds always strives to change the world of cannabis, and to support those who contribute to restoring the cannabis plant to its rightful place in society. In 2017, we met you, cannabis enthusiasts, all over the world. We introduced you to our brand new cannabis-inspired products. And of course, we released new strains that we know you are just as excited about as we are.

2017, year of amazing new cannabis products

Sensi Seeds’ main focus has always been to find the best possible ways to expose the public to the multifaceted plant that is Cannabis Sativa L. And this is once again what has driven us to expand. As is always the case, our new products have been created with the expertise and high requirements we know you have experienced for decades, and will always expect from Sensi Seeds.

Urban Streetwear

In June 2017, we released our very first collection of Urban Streetwear. Finally, we can boast about having our very own line of unisex basics inspired by the lifestyle we support, promote, and embrace. T-shirts, hoodies, the coolest, snuggest headwear you can think of, and even more future essential pieces of your wardrobe. We started spreading the word by bringing our collection to cannabis fairs, and it was a delight to see our brand new colours worn by you, our best ambassadors!

A photograph of a young woman and a man modelling Sensi Seeds original streetwear. He smiles at the camera while she plays with her blonde hair.

Hemp Foods

In July 2017, our line of Hemp Foods became available. These products are so very dear to our collective heart. It was about time we channelled our love for seeds into more exciting possibilities.
Should you need a health boost in your life, you now have the option to acquire Sensi Seeds’ shelled hemp seeds, hemp protein shake, and cold pressed hemp seed oil online, in our shops, or via resellers of Sensi Seeds products.
We chose these three products to get you started for a reason. They can seemingly be added to your daily diet without disrupting your routine. It is essential that you note that our products may be hassle-free, they WILL make your life easier, healthier, and will definitely gently nudge you towards a healthier lifestyle!

Sensi Seeds’ CBD Coconut & Hemp oil

Can you hear it? The irresistible, delicate ruffle of everything-CBD becoming mainstream in 2017?
Sensi Seeds’ selection of CBD products has already been available since 2016, and we have enhanced it with the addition of CBD Coconut & Hemp oil. This delicious product is perfect for ensuring your daily intake of CBD is as easy as possible. And enhanced, with the additions of coconut oil and its antibacterial, antiviral and antiprotozoal properties, and cold pressed hemp oil from industrial hemp harvested in Europe.

We love you!

It is always an absolute pleasure for the Sensi Seeds team to roam the planet in order to meet their favourite cannabis enthusiasts.

Every year, Sensi Seeds attends cannabis and hemp fairs all over the world. We have been happy to see all of you in 2017, in Cultiva, Spannabis, Expogrow, Expocannabis, and many more events.

And this year, we were overjoyed to meet those among you who are generally out of our reach. In recent months, we have been in Expoweed Chile, Expocannabis Uruguay, as well as in smaller Latin American cannabis fairs.

Why is 2017 any different, you ask? Well, the world is reaching a point at which cannabis legalisation is truly becoming a ‘trend’, as it were. More than a crowd effect, the urgency lying in the regulation of medicinal cannabis has pushed many countries to reconsider their policies when it comes to drugs – or when it comes to cannabis. A great angle we can only get behind with fervour and hope!


Two photographs stitched together, one a close up, of a glass goblet filled with cannabis bud Silver Haze. The first photograph shows the goblet on a plastic mat. Behind the goblet is a large mason jar half-filled with cannabis bud.
Our Silver Haze won 3rd place in the Outdoor category at the Uruguay Cannabis Weekend.


We are especially proud to have won an award at the Uruguay Cannabis Weekend. Our beloved Silver Haze® won third place in their outdoor categories, a certain cause for celebration! Go Uruguay! We hope to attend many more events next year, and to meet as many of you as you can. May 2018 be the year of new, trans-oceanic friends.

Sensi Seeds releases 15 new strains throughout 2017

We thoroughly enjoyed exploring new avenues. 2017 allowed us to broaden our horizons, and to finalize projects that have been dear to us for a long time. Of course, there was no possible way for us to call 2017 a tremendously exciting year without new cannabis seed strains being part of the equation!

In 2017, we released our complete Classic Redux Series. This collection is a tribute to the Sensi Seeds selection of strains, past, and present. We have been proud to introduce you to these 14 feminized and autoflowering versions of our timeless classics, and excited too – finally, our favourite strains are available to more of you.

A photograph of cannabis icon Michka. She holds a bouquet of flowers and wears a teal coloured jacket. In front of her on the table is a glass award. She is at Cannafest 2017. Behind her a man wearing a Sensi Seeds hoodie is visible.
Michka, writer, cannabis icon, and activiste extraordinaire: the Grande Dame of Cannabis.

And to finish on the highest of notes, we had to wait until November to give you Michka®. This brand new strain is an homage to the French Grande Dame of Cannabis, an activist, eminent writer, and all-round role model for those seeking for inner peace and osmosis with nature (but aren’t we all?). There is something for everyone. You can shop now for Michka® Regular and Michka® Feminized.


A photograph featuring the Michka cannabis seeds packaging. From left to right we see a green card with the seeds held in a plastic bubble. Besides the seeds are the interlinked male and female sex symbols. Below the bubble is the Seni Seeds logo and Sensi Seeds medicinal logo. Above the seeds is written “Michka” in capital letters, followed by a quote. To the right of the green card is a small white box. On the box is printed a large Sensi Seeds logo, below that is the Michka logo on a green background. The Michka logo features a golden M framed by a indented square and gold decoration. To the right of the white box is a purple card. It share most elements of the green card except it features only the female symbol beside the seed bubble. To the right of the purple card is another white box. It shares most elements with the other white box, except the Michka logo is on a purple background.

2017 was such an exciting year for Sensi Seeds! Between cannabis fairs, new cannabis products, and proper cannabis regulation gaining some ground everywhere, we certainly have been busy.
We hope your year was just as eventful, and filled with exciting new ventures and new directions – or perhaps more accurately, better defined directions. Full disclosure: we haven’t changed. We’re not revising our mission. We’re extending our reach.

See you next year.

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Robin Stull

I'm looking for CBD oil for arthritis, I'm in the state of Maryland in the US. Can I buy from you and have it shipped? Do you know of a honest company that sells it in the US? Lots of fakes around. Thank you for your help! Happy Holidays. Robin


Scarlet Palmer

Hi Robin,

I'm afraid we cannot currently ship CBD oil to the US due to legal restrictions. If you have Holland and Barret (the vitamin and wholefood shops) near you, I believe that their CBD oil is of good quality. You may also be interested in this article on effectively alleviating the symptoms of arthritis with hempseed and hempseed oil, both of which should also be easy to get from large wholefood shops. Good luck, and I hope this is helpful.

With best wishes,




You should give out free seeds at cristmas time to all your loyal coustomers..:)



its great stuff has given my pet dog a new life many thanks


Dr Bud

I believe and have witnessed for over 25 years the finest of seeds of any seed bank . The Dronkers family has always been the leader in the cannabis seed bisness. Tried and true to there word.
Love to all for 2018 and thank you one and all. Dr bud



One of My 4 seeds of iced widow i orderd was crushed,No big deal but, it was no happy Face???
But anyway im happy with My 3 girs.


Scarlet Palmer

Hi Oakfield,

Thanks for commenting! Sorry to hear about your crushes seeds, I'm glad the other three are doing well. However, may I ask if you ordered them directly from us? We don't sell a strain called Iced Widow (we do have White Widow and Ice, both from White Label, though) and we don't sell any seeds in four-packs. So I'm wondering if you need to get in touch with a different company?

With best wishes,



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