The Exciting Expansion of Breeding Grounds

Logos of Serge Cannabis, Fat Beans, Humbold and Sensi Seeds Breeding Grounds

We are thrilled to announce the expansion of our Breeding Grounds program. This program is focused on collaboration, and we have partnered with seed banks worldwide to showcase some truly incredible genetics. Get ready for some fantastic genetic creations, and stay tuned for more updates on this exciting project!

Here at Sensi Seeds, we’re all about giving back to the cannabis community. That’s why we’re incredibly excited about our Breeding Grounds program, where we team up with top-notch seed banks – both established and up-and-coming – to create the best strains out there. Starting in 2023, we collaborated with Fat Beans and Humboldt Seed Company to introduce our Breeding Grounds project, and the community’s response was nothing short of amazing.

In 2024, our breeders have selected only the best traits from a wide range of enchanting cultivars throughout our vigorous breeding programs to develop a range of exclusive genetics. The collection includes Sensi Seeds x Fat Beans, Sensi Seeds x Humboldt Seed Company, and Sensi Seeds x Serge Cannabis. Whether you consider yourself a seasoned cannabis connoisseur or are just starting to discover its potential, we are confident that we have something that will impress you!

Serge Cannabis

The founder of Serge Cannabis and Serge Cannabis and Sensi Seeds Breeding Grounds logos

We are pleased to introduce our collaboration with Serge Cannabis, a prominent player in cannabis breeding and strain development on the West Coast. With a strong focus on innovation and quality, Serge Cannabis has established himself as a leading name in the industry. He has played an instrumental role in launching Cookies and his new company, Fiore. His expertise is highly regarded, and he is recognised for his significant contributions to the success of both ventures.

With the unwavering support of his brothers Fidel and Gas no Brakes, Serge Cannabis takes immense pride in providing top-notch strains that cater to the unique needs and preferences of cannabis connoisseurs across the globe. He feels privileged to work with Ben and is excited to share this collaboration with the worldwide cannabis community.

Serge considers the Netherlands the epicentre of the global genetic community, and his first trip to Amsterdam left a lasting impression. He sourced seeds from Sensi Seeds and was inspired by Ben Dronkers’ efforts to advance cannabis. Serge expresses excitement for the Breeding Grounds program, which merges classic Sensi Seeds strains with upcoming American genetics. 

At Sensi Seeds, we take great pride in our partnerships, and this partnership is no exception. We are thrilled to release four new strains from the Serge Cannabis x Breeding Grounds collaboration, which includes two feminized strains and two autoflowering strains. So, let us check them out!

Purple Papaya Paradise Feminized

Purple Papaya Paradise Feminized cannabis plant and Serge Cannabis logo against the dark background

Our expert breeders have outdone themselves by creating Purple Papaya Paradise Feminized. Carefully selecting the Papaya and Jelly Donut strains, this hybrid boasts a 65% sativa and 35% indica genetic makeup, creating a perfectly balanced and enjoyable experience for cannabis enthusiasts. Papaya is known for its tropical fruity flavour and calming effects, while the Jelly Donut strain is known for its fruity aroma and uplifting effects. 

The plant has a thin, slender structure with a columnar shape and spacious internodal spacing reminiscent of sativa morphology. However, the buds are tightly compacted, purple-hued, and spade-shaped, glistening with trichomes. Indoors, Purple Papaya Paradise Feminized yields over 550 grams per square metre, while growers can achieve even higher yields in a Mediterranean climate outdoors. 

Due to its sativa-dominant qualities, Purple Papaya Paradise is an ideal daytime strain offering an uplifting and euphoric experience that can enhance creativity and productivity. Its Indica genetics provide a soothing effect on the body, which can help promote relaxation. Purple Papaya Paradise is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a well-balanced and pleasurable cannabis experience. It also has a delightful terpene profile featuring fresh papaya and a strong floral aroma.

Big Berry Bliss Feminized

Big Berry Bliss Feminized cannabis plant and Serge Cannabis logo against the dark background

With a genetic lineage of 75% indica and 35% sativa, Big Berry Bliss Feminized is the result of crossing Gelato 41 with Cherry Pie. The sweet and fruity aroma of Cherry Pie genetics blends seamlessly with the earthy and spicy notes of Gelato 41, creating a well-balanced flavour profile that can satisfy the taste buds of any cannabis enthusiast. Experience the perfect balance of taste and potency with Big Berry Bliss Feminized.

Characterised by a robust and sturdy structure, Big Berry Bliss Feminized can deliver XL yields of up to 625 grams per plant, making it ideal for those prioritising high productivity and bountiful harvests. During the flowering stage, you can observe chunky calyxes packed tightly in dense flower clusters exhibiting beautiful purple hues, adding to the plant’s visual appeal. With its impressive yields and stunning aesthetics, it can satisfy both novice and experienced growers.

According to our breeders, Big Berry Bliss induces a cerebral high that promotes relaxation while enhancing happiness and creativity. The terpene profile can be best described as exotic and delightful, with flavours of fresh cherries and creamy notes of gelato that will tantalise your taste buds. Big Berry Bliss Feminized is a must-try for those who like berry-flavoured strains. With a flowering period of up to 65 days, cannabis enthusiasts can enjoy abundant harvests in no time.

Citrus Fuel Automatic

Citrus Fuel Automatic cannabis plant and Serge Cannabis logo against the dark background

If you are a fan of high-quality genetics with unique and vibrant terpene profiles, you should check out Citrus Fuel Automatic. This strain is a product of the legendary Chemdawg and OG Kush, so you know it will be good. With a 70% sativa-dominant lineage, Citrus Fuel Automatic will impress with its vibrant terpene profile, exceptional qualities and effects. So, if you want a flavourful and potent strain, you will not want to miss out on Citrus Fuel Automatic. Give it a try and see for yourself!

It is a fast bloomer and takes only 65 days of flowering to produce large yields of more than 300 grams per square metre indoors. Being an automatic strain, it is a robust and resilient plant that flowers automatically without requiring growers to initiate flowering. Growing to medium size with sturdy branches, evenly spaced internodes and light foliage, Citrus Fuel’s long, conical olive-green buds, covered in a resin layer, are a sight to behold. 

Citrus Fuel is known for its loud terpene profile, characterised by its deep citrus aroma complemented by muskier tones, giving it an exceedingly gassy character. This complex terpene profile creates a flavourful experience that is sure to delight cannabis connoisseurs. Whether you are looking for a way to unwind after a long day or a cerebral high that can help you stay focused, Citrus Fuel Automatic will surely deliver.

Ghostbuzzters OG Automatic

Ghostbuzzters OG Automatic cannabis plant and Serge Cannabis logo against the dark background

Are you ready for a strain that packs a punch? Look no further than Ghostbuzzters OG Automatic – the result of a collaboration between two exceptional brands. This strain is a testament to what can be achieved when two top-tier brands come together. By crossbreeding OG Kush with Colorado Ghost OG, we created a well-balanced hybrid that’s 65% indica and 35% sativa, with THC levels exceeding 20%. This strain is definitely not for the faint of heart.

Indoor growers have reported yields of up to 300 g per m² while outdoor growers have seen around 200 grams per plant. And, that’s not all – this strain also boasts an impressive indica morphology and an average flowering time of up to 65 days. Get ready for chunky buds with swollen calyxes, vibrant blood-red pistils, and a thick resin layer that’s sure to impress!

Ghostbuzzters OG is known for its high, which enhances mental clarity before easing into a soothing body sensation. And the aroma? It’s out of this world! Think zesty citrus notes mixed with creamy gelato and sandalwood; it’s like a flavour explosion in your mouth. Plus, it has an exceptionally gassy profile that adds to its overall appeal. Get ready to indulge in some serious sensory bliss with Ghostbuzzters OG.

Fat Beans

Founder of Fat Beans with logos of Fat Beans and Sensi Seeds Breeding Grounds

We are honoured to collaborate with Fat Beans, Denmark’s leading seedbank, deeply embedded within the Danish cannabis scene. Fat Beans have a wide variety of cup-winning cannabis genetics, and all strains are produced legally under license in Denmark, with provenance and traceability. As part of this exclusive collaboration, our breeders have collaborated with those of Fat Beans. We’ve handpicked our favourite resulting genetics and have rewarded them with a place in the Sensi Breeding Grounds catalogue. 

Cutter Mehri, the CEO of Fat Beans, describes: “The partnership between Sensi Seeds and Fat Beans Seed Bank marks a significant moment in the annals of European cannabis.” 

He continues to quote, “For Sensi Seeds, this new partnership is simply a continuation of its legacy as a trailblazer in the cannabis world. However, for Fat Beans, it represents a remarkable chance to grow and learn from the best in the business. As one of the original cannabis companies, Sensi Seeds has had a significant impact on the industry and has helped to shape the culture of cannabis. With a legacy spanning over three decades, Sensi Seeds is a true pioneer and continues to lead the way in the industry today. Its iconic logo has become synonymous with quality and reliability, making it one of the most recognisable and respected brands in the cannabis world.

I vividly remember the Sensi Seeds logo from my childhood trips to Amsterdam with my family. As a child, I also saw the logo at my uncle’s house in Kuwait, my cousin’s farm in Lebanon, and my father’s drawers in Copenhagen. I didn’t understand its significance at the time, but it looked impressive and seemed important. As I got older, my suspicions were confirmed – Sensi Seeds was a “hash company with much respect,” as my Uncle Ziad put it. He had met Ben Dronkers in the late 90s and was a big fan. I was, too, instantly!

In my teens and early twenties, I was inspired by the bold moves and innovations of Ben Dronkers and Nol van Schaik. I also became increasingly frustrated with the prohibition of cannabis, so I took up activism. Opening a coffee shop in Copenhagen in 2012 with the support of Sensi Seeds was a personal victory for me. It made my uncle proud and didn’t slow down my activism.

Later, when I founded Fat Beans, I had yet to learn where it would take me. It was just a necessary step for my small shop in Copenhagen to have our own seeds. But a couple of years later, Sensi Seeds showed interest in Fat Beans and decided to team up with me. This had to be a dream – a dream of bringing cannabis to the people and having the plant legalised worldwide. A dream that is becoming a reality. A dream that I am beginning to realise I have woken up from and am now experiencing.”

We want to thank Cutter for his extremely kind words and are incredibly excited to work with his young and energetic company. So, let’s check out these exciting new strains!

Choco Automatic

Choco Automatic cannabis plant with logos of Sensi Seeds and Fat Beans

Choco Automatic is the result of extensive breeding efforts by crossing Chocolope, Haze, and a Thai variety. We worked hand-in-hand with Fat Beans on adding this strain to the Breeding Grounds project, and are proud of the result. It’s a sativa-dominant hybrid strain with a lifecycle of just 75 to 85 days, making it a fast and easy option for growers of all levels. 

It’s an extremely tall cultivar and can reach heights of up to 140 cm. Its parent strains are renowned for their heavy yield, and outdoor growers have reported harvests of up to 100 grams per plant. With deep, dark notes of freshly-made chocolate and undertones of earthy sandalwood amongst a background of tropical fruits, it’s sure to make your mouth water.

When it comes to effects, Choco does not disappoint; with THC levels reaching up to 25%, many have reported an uplifting, cerebral high with increased creativity and concentration. It’s an invigorating and stimulating strain, ideal for a productive day. If you’re looking for a fast-flowering, high-yielding, automatic variety, why not give Choco a try?

Glamour Automatic

Glamour Automatic cannabis plant with logos of Sensi Seeds and Fat Beans

Glamour Automatic is the queen of the autoflower cultivars! It has a compact structure with short internodal gaps and heavy foliage. Sturdy branches with deep green foliage and an abundance of purple hues can be seen throughout the flowering period

Growers should be prepared for plants to reach no more than 70 centimetres in height; Glamour Automatic is an ideal strain for those with limited growing space. The bud formation is large, chunky, and dense clusters of buds with a heavy resin coating. Threaded with beautiful deep orange pistils, Glamour exhibits a wide variety of purple hues toward the end of flowering. Clusters of buds run up the upper stem and branches; however, flower clusters remain dense, not open like a sativa.

Its aroma is a complex mix of fresh tropical fruit with undertones of spicy hashish and creamy sandalwood. With a THC content of up to 23%, users have reported an initial feeling of uplifting and cerebral euphoria, followed by a relaxing, soothing, long-lasting body high.

Gorillaz Automatic

Gorillaz Automatic cannabis plant with logos of Sensi Seeds and Fat Beans

Gorillaz Automatic is an indica-dominant cultivar renowned for its dense medium-to-large, chunky calyxes packed tightly together. It’s a very resinous plant, and deep purple hues with dark green foliage can be visible during flowering. It was developed by crossing Chemdawg with Sour Diesel, Chocolope, and a wild Ruderalis. 

This cultivar has a tall posture and can reach heights of up to 150 cm, with yields reaching up to 200 grams per plant. With a lifecycle of just 70 to 80 days, Gorillaz packs a punch with its impressive THC content reaching up to 27%. Sweet aromas of freshly cut fruit with loud diesel notes and undertones of spicy sandalwood and hashish make an enchanting terpene profile

An uplifting cerebral high that boosts creativity and happiness, which gradually dissipates into a soothing body stone. For cannabis concentrate enthusiasts, beware, this cultivar makes some excellent rosin.

Pineapple Automatic

Pineapple Automatic cannabis plant with logos of Sensi Seeds and Fat Beans

With a lifecycle of only 75 to 85 days, growers alike will be able to enjoy the sweet and zesty aroma of fresh pineapples and citrus in no time. Pineapple Automatic plants can reach up to 110 cm tall and yield up to 200 grams, making them an excellent choice for those looking to maximise their harvest. Growers can expect dense, light-green, large resinous buds covered in dark orange pistils and a layer of creamy white trichomes.

Exceptional terpene profile reminiscent of freshly cut pineapple among a background of tropical fruits. It’s a paradise for your taste buds! The effects of Pineapple Automatic have been reported to make you feel relaxed and calm, with an uplifting-cerebral euphoria followed by a relaxing, soothing, long-lasting body high.

For the inexperienced smokers among us, Pineapple Automatic has an extremely high THC content which can reach 25%, and shouldn’t be underestimated. So, grab a seat, light up, and let the sweet and relaxing Pineapple Express transport you to a tropical paradise.

Zkittlez Automatic

Zkittlez Automatic cannabis plant with logos of Sensi Seeds and Fat Beans

Zkittlez Automatic was developed by crossing Grapefruit with Grape Ape and a hardy ruderalis in our Breeding Grounds program. It’s a world-renowned, indica-dominant hybrid with an exotic fruit terpene profile and high THC content of up to 24%. 

This fast-flowering autoflower is ready in just 75 to 85 days from seed to harvest, making it a quick and easy-to-grow strain, ideal for growers of all experiences. It can reach heights of up to 130 centimetres, and indoors, in optimal conditions, Zkittlez Automatic has the potential of up to 220 grams of dense, fragrant buds. 

With an exotically tropical terpene profile, it’s a cannabis lovers’ dream, with an abundance of limonene, humulene and pinene, emitting vibrant aromas of fresh grapefruit and tropical among a background of dark mahogany. Like a typical indica dominant strain, Zkittlez has long-lasting effects, and many have reported a full-body stone that soothes the muscles and relaxes the body. So, sit back, and let Zkittlez transport you to a tropical paradise.

Mandarine Jam Feminized

Mandarine Jam Feminized cannabis plant with logos of Sensi Seeds and Fat Beans

Mandarine Jam is a 70% indica-dominant hybrid created by crossing a Pink Kush with a unique Lemon Haze phenotype. Today, it is one of the most sought-after strains in the European market, winning multiple cannabis awards throughout 2022 for its high-quality flower and extractions. 

It is an incredibly versatile and robust strain with an exceptionally short flowering time of up to 50 days, making it an ideal choice for growers who want fast results. The plant is characterised by its multiple lateral branches, bushy structure and dense bud formation. It flourishes outdoors in open soil and can reach substantial heights of over 2 metres. However, if overhead height is a problem, this strain is best suited for SCROG, amongst other training techniques

Mandarine Jam is an aesthetically pleasing cultivar to have in your garden with a loud, enticing aroma of freshly peeled mandarins and tropical fruits. The taste of this strain is distinct and very recognisable, with a mouth-watering flavour of zesty-orange rhine that leaves your saliva glands drooling.

The high provides the user with euphoric, uplifting effects and dissipates into a soothing, relaxing body stone, and it’s perfect for unwinding after a long day. With a THC content of up to 24%, it’s a must-have strain for any up-and-coming grower or cannabis enthusiast.

StrawZ Automatic

StrawZ Automatic is a highly sought-after hybrid strain, which boasts a 65% indica and 35% sativa composition. It is a blend of two popular strains, Strawberry Zkittlez and Lowryder, resulting in a unique combination of flavours and effects that are sure to please any experienced cannabis user. When cultivating StrawZ Automatic, growers can expect a compact structure with short internodal spacing, multiple large colas, well-developed lateral branches, and vibrant green foliage.

The buds are visually striking – they are sizeable, tightly packed, and have a dark-olive green colour with abundant trichomes. The buds also have a few amber hairs, which make them look even more appealing. StrawZ Automatic is a robust and adaptable strain that can thrive in a temperate climate. When grown indoors, it can produce up to 300 per m², while outdoor plants can yield up to 200 grams per plant, making it an excellent option for growers who want to maximise their yields.

Boasting an impressive THC content of up to 27%, StrawZ offers an uplifting euphoria that gradually transforms into a full-body stone, providing a calming effect on the body and relaxing the muscles. During the final weeks of the flowering stage, growers can anticipate a loud floral fragrance. Once the buds are cured, they exhibit a sweet, fruity flavour reminiscent of fresh strawberries with subtle notes of chocolate that will tantalise the taste buds. It is a must-try!

Bahama Mama Automatic

Introducing the Bahama Mama Automatic – your new go-to strain for a chill and relaxing experience. Bahama Mama Automatic boasts a unique blend of 80% Indica and 20% Sativa. This feminized automatic variety was created by crossbreeding the Blue Kush and Lowryder strains. Despite its open structure, this strain exhibits a typical Indica morphology with well-spaced nodes and abundant branching. Its robust structure is reminiscent of a Christmas tree. 

During the flowering stage, which can last up to 65 days. Bahama Mama Automatic buds turn out to be large, dense, compact, and colorful with orange pistils and purple hues. Plus, you can’t miss the abundance of trichomes on these buds. If you’re growing indoors, you can expect an XL harvest of up to 350 grams per square meter, and outdoors, up to 325 grams per plant. Oh, and did you know that Ghostbuzzters OG Automatic can grow up to 120 cm in a Continental climate? That’s pretty rad!

On consumption, Bahama Mama offers an intense aroma with sweet, earthy notes accompanied by undertones of sandalwood and musk. With a primarily Indica-based composition, Bahama Mama Automatic provides a euphoric and uplifting experience, eventually transitioning into a calming body high. Growers looking for a vibrant terpene profile and lush yields can significantly benefit from adding Bahama Mama Automatic to their collection.

Candy Buds Automatic

Candy Buds Automatic is a sweet strain that crosses Kosher Kush and Lowryder. It comprises of 70% indica and 30% sativa, which means you get the best of both worlds. Plus, it is pretty easy to grow, with a flowering time of 50 to 55 days and a maximum height of one meter. However, the real eye candy is in its buds. They are dense, compact, and coated in a layer of trichomes with striking red pistils that make for one visually appealing experience!

Its bright green foliage is accentuated by a large cola and a few well-developed lateral branches. This strain loves Mediterranean climates and develops a compact structure with short internodal spacing and sturdy branches that can support its heavy buds. With such strong growth characteristics, this strain has the potential to yield a bountiful harvest. And the best part? It’s a high-yielder, producing over 300 grams per m² indoors and over 200 grams per plant outdoors. Now that’s a sweet deal!

During the last weeks of flowering, the terpene profile emits a slightly pungent floral aroma that gradually evolves into bold scents of sweet tropical fruits, zesty citrus, and orange peel with subtle sour notes of sandalwood, earth, and diesel. An indica-dominant hybrid, Candy Buds delivers a euphoric, uplifting effect that gradually transitions into a calming body stone for ultimate relaxation.


Humboldt Seed Company

The founder of Humboldt Seed Company with logos of Humboldt Seed Company and Sensi Seeds Breeding Grounds

Introducing a leader in cannabis breeding and strain development, Humboldt Seed Company. Based in the heart of northern California in Humboldt county, Benjamin Lind and his team of cannabis enthusiasts have provided high-quality genetics since 2001. They have been at the head of the game regarding phenohunting. On top of that, they’ve collaborated with many local breeders to provide the cannabis community with an array of exclusive, high-quality genetics from northern California. 

Also leading the market in packaging, Humboldt Seed Company is the first seedbank to provide scratch-and-sniff seed packing, allowing the cannabis enthusiast to smell the strain’s terpene profile in hand.

Benjamin Lind, the Co-Founder of Humboldt Seed Company, said: “After a visit to the Sensi Seeds Amsterdam facility and spending time with Ben & Ravi Dronkers, the founding family of Sensi Seeds, what started as a casual visit evolved into a heavy knowledge exchange and it became clear that we had the synergy to create something epic together.”

He says, “Both Sensi Seeds and Humboldt Seed Company have a history curating novel Cannabis Sativa L. lines from around the world and a passion for ancient strains. Both of our families have worked for generations to preserve the very best lines and bring them to the modern market. We both evolved on different continents, with different selective pressures. Even though we live a world apart, we have a very similar philosophy based on love and respect for the plant.” 

Here at Sensi Seeds, we are proud to collaborate with the Humboldt Seed Company and will release two feminized and two autoflowering strains as a result of this exclusive collaboration. Benjamin states: “It was natural we would cross-pollinate the ‘best from Amsterdam with the best of Northern California!”. So let’s check out the new collaboration strains.

The Bird Feminized

The Bird Feminized cannabis plant with logos of Humboldt and Sensi Seeds Breeding Grounds

The Bird is a feminized, 70% indica-dominant strain created by breeding our legendary OG Kush with Humboldt Dream and Larry Bird. It’s a compact plant ideal for temperate and continental climates with an average flowering period of up to 50 days. Bud formation is dense, with an array of trichome and purple foliage during flowering.

During its flowering phase, The Bird Feminized develops dense and round buds that form clusters at the apical tips of every branch with an array of trichomes and purple foliage. Indoor growers can expect to harvest 500 – 550 grams per m² of these resinous buds, while outdoor cultivators can reap over 600 grams per plant in optimal weather conditions. Growers can use techniques such as SCROG, SOG, Supercropping, and Lollipopping to enhance yields.

If you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing terpene profile and long-lasting body stone, look no further than The Bird. With a complex terpene profile made up of loud notes of diesel, skunk, and creamy pinene. Many experienced users have reported a long-lasting body stone, so beware, this indica-dominant cultivar could leave you grounded! 

Purple Berry Muffinz Feminized

Purple Berry Muffinz Feminized cannabis plant with logos of Humboldt and Sensi Seeds Breeding Grounds

Purple Berry Muffinz is a feminized, balanced hybrid created from our award-winning Purple Bud with Blueberry Muffin and Zkittlez. Blueberry Muffins, the parent strain of this variety, was developed through a selective breeding process conducted by the Humboldt Seed Company during an exclusive phenohunt in Northern California. It’s a highly compact, high-yielding strain with a flowering period of up to 45 days and is ideal for all climate zones. 

Purple Berry Muffinz is a highly compact plant that can yield between 500 – 550 grams per m² when grown indoors. Outdoor growers in temperate/continental climates have reported harvests of over 600 grams per plant. Purple Berry Muffinz produces dense clusters of flowers that have a frosty, purple-hued appearance and fill the short internodal gaps. Employing training techniques not only increases yield but also provides additional support for Purple Berry Muffinz.

Throughout flowering, there’s a deliciously sweet candy aroma with hints of freshly picked strawberry and subtle undertones of diesel that overwhelms the senses. The effects can leave the consumer increasingly energetic and giggly with an uplifting high, followed by a relaxing and soothing body high. Purple Berry Muffinz is a classic hybrid with an enchanting terpene profile and is ideal for daytime use.

Pineapple Kush Cake Automatic

Pineapple Kush Cake Automatic cannabis plant with logos of Humboldt and Sensi Seeds Breeding Grounds

Pineapple Kush Cake Automatic was developed for Breeding Grounds by crossing Pineapple Muffin auto with Sensi Seeds’ Banana Kush Cake Automatic. It’s a balanced 50/50 hybrid and an ideal cultivar for temperate/continental climates. Due to its autoflowering traits, Pineapple Kush Cake does not need a change of photoperiod to begin producing buds, and it takes 80-90 days from seed to harvest

Pineapple Kush Cake Automatic showcases a classic indica morphology. Its compact body and short internodal spacing contribute to its unique appearance, further enhanced by its bright green foliage and sturdy branches. This strain is highly resilient and can withstand even the harshest environmental conditions, making it an ideal option for novice growers. It can produce abundant yields of dense, resin-covered buds, making it popular for those seeking quality and quantity.

With an abundance of myrcene and alpha-pinene, Pineapple Kush Cake has loud notes of fresh pineapple with subtle undertones of sandalwood and earth. The combination of these flavours creates a unique and delightful experience for the senses. Connoisseurs report an uplifting cerebral high with increased happiness, followed by a relaxing and soothing body high. If you’re a fan of fruity and tropical strains, Pineapple Kush Cake is definitely one to try.

Amnesia Jelly Automatic

Amnesia Jelly automatic cannabis plant against the blue background

Amnesia Jelly Automatic is a feminized autoflowering strain created from breeding Mint Jelly Auto with our Sensi Amnesia XXL. It’s a low-maintenance strain that takes up to 95 days from seed to harvest. Although this strain is sativa-dominant, it’s highly resilient to mould and can flourish in continental climates. 

The compact size of Amnesia Jelly Automatic is maintained by its autoflowering characteristics, while its sativa lineage from Sensi Amnesia XXL contributes to its significant internodal gaps and unique bud structure. During flowering, the tips of each branch are adorned with tight clusters of large, resin-covered buds with a dense structure and may require supportive stakes for optimal growth.

The terpene profile of Amnesia Jelly is distinguished by a sweet and fruity aroma, almost resembling the sensation of biting into a fresh and juicy tangerine. The blend of tropical fruit flavours, candy-like notes, and subtle hints of diesel provide a delightful experience. Amnesia Jelly Automatic boasts effects similar to a classic Haze, offering an uplifting cerebral high that induces euphoria and happiness while increasing creativity and productivity.

The increase in advanced breeding programs 

The cannabis world is constantly evolving, and we are still proud to be at the head of the game 38 years later when it comes to developing genetics. 

Our Breeding Grounds program aims to support up-and-coming seedbanks and breeders. It gives us the accessibility to introduce genetics into the Sensi Seeds catalogue that we feel would benefit the cannabis community.

By intertwining genetics from different breeders, we can enhance the traits of these cultivars to meet our customers’ needs better. Our vigorous breeding programs help make the cultivation process easier for everyone looking to grow the highest-quality genetics on the market. 

We hope you enjoy our exclusive new collaboration genetics. Which strain are you most excited about? And, If there is a collaboration you would like to see next, let us know in the comment below!

  • Disclaimer:
    Laws and regulations regarding cannabis cultivation differ from country to country. Sensi Seeds therefore strongly advises you to check your local laws and regulations. Do not act in conflict with the law.


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