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Sensi Seeds interviews Shurik’n

Shurik'n Recently the famous French hip hop group IAM was in the Netherlands for a show in the Amsterdam Melkweg venue. Sensi Seeds had the pleasure to sit down with band member Geoffroy Mussard, better known as Shurik’n, for an exclusive interview. Watch the interview video here!

The highly influential and successful French hip hop group Invasion Arrivée de Mars, or IAM, has a legendary status in France, and beyond! For over 25 years IAM delivers a strong combination of distinctive French beats and Middle Eastern and Egyptian inspired lyrics.

The group was in Amsterdam recently to perform in the Melkweg venue. Sensi Seeds was offered the chance of interviewing Geoffroy Mussard, one of the members and a major solo artist too, who is better known as Shurik’n.

Enjoy a fascinating interview in which Shurik’n shares his thoughts about medicinal cannabis, addiction, legalisation and the cannabis culture in France. A Sensi Seeds exclusive!

Click on CC for subtitles.

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