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Sensi Seeds is proud to announce the release of Shurik’n’s video for “Où te mèneront tes pas”

Shurik’n A few months ago, the Sensi Seeds team was lucky to meet eminent French artist Shurik’n. This week, Shurik’n is releasing the video for “Où te mèneront tes pas”. And we at Sensi Seeds, could not be more excited!

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Music lovers in France are quite familiar with the artist: Shurik’n, rapper and all-round hip-hop magnate, has been around for decades.
Formerly known as one of the geniuses behind the French collective IAM, Shurik’n is currently centre stage in Europe. His solo career is followed by a massive crowd of enthusiasts of the “been here from the beginning” variety, as well as by a brand new batch of lyric-loving, politically engaged fans.

Shurik’n has always been praised for being a talented lyricist whose activism knows no bounds. His engaged texts have marked the cultural landscape of France, and not only have they reached cult status almost immediately, they retain it to this day.

The Sensi Seeds team had the absolute honour of meeting the artist, and interviewed him about his career, his worldviews, and the cannabis industry. You can watch the interview here.

And now, we are delighted to announce that following this meeting, our collaboration went even further!

Watch Shurik’n’s new video … and spot us!

We could not be any more thrilled by the release of the music video for the track “Où te mèneront tes pas” (“Wherever your steps take you”), which features on Shurik’n’s new album, “Adamant-ium”.

As you may notice … Sensi Seeds is an integral part of the video!
Needless to say, Shurik’n, his crew, and the Sensi Seeds team had a great connection during the first encounter, which resulted in this collaboration. Both the artist and his crew are welcome to visit us in Amsterdam any time.
Stay tuned for more Shurik’n-Sensi Seeds collaborations! We can’t wait to see what this new year has in store for all of us.

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