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Best 5 cannabis TV channels to watch online

Are you looking for cannabis videos that are not only fun, but also informative? In this post, we look at five of the best online TV shows about cannabis, for a mixture of news, tips, political developments and of course all the joys of growing and consuming our favourite plant!

Sensi Seeds TV

Naturally, we have our very own dedicated online TV channel! It currently features two ongoing series of our in-house videos: SensiBilisation and CannaZapp. SensiBilisation focusses on interview footage, shot and edited by our video department, of prominent figures from the world of cannabis and hemp. This series got off to a flying start with unique film of Jack Herer in conversation with Ben Dronkers which was recorded in 1990 and had never before been broadcast. The most recent SensiBilisation stars Professor Raphael Mechoulam, one of the people responsible for isolating and classifying the THC molecule 50 years ago. The Sensi team was able to speak with the Professor at a recent medical symposium in France where this event was also celebrated.

Cannazapp also features people from the past and present who have either had a significant effect on the status of cannabis today, or have something to say about it that is worth hearing. The format however is far faster and punchier than that of SensiBilisation, taking advantage of natural soundbites to create a montage of moments that sum up the numerous diverse views on cannabis. Have you seen a video that you think should feature in CannaZapp? Send our team a link or suggestion at

Cannabis News Network

In 2014, the news platform Cannabis News Network began its own online television division, which publishes highly professional news bulletins. The journalists from Cannabis News Network confront politicians and policy-makers with the facts and closely follow medicinal developments, but also devote sufficient space for more light-hearted and humorous items. Stay up-to-date on what plays out on the cannabis world stage.

Marihuana Televisión

Marihuana Televisión is, along with 420 Weed TV (see below), one of the most professional internet television channels about cannabis to come out of Spain. It is made and presented by an energetic team who are obviously passionate about disseminating accurate information in a stimulating format. Their video archive is organized into four main categories, making it easy to find information about global drug policy reform (Informe Drogas), reports on many different styles of cannabis growing (Marihuana al Naturel), step-by-step growing tutorials (Cultivo Paso a Paso) and a guide to setting up an indoor grow closet for absolute beginners (La Barraca de Maria). The site and videos are in Spanish, but as above, it is possible to use the ‘translate subtitles’ option. Marihuana Televisión visited the Netherlands in 2014 and went to HempFlax with this author; you can read an account of the day here.

420 Weed TV

420 Weed TV have a website that can be viewed in either Spanish or English, and their videos are already subtitled in English (but again, the ‘translate’ option can be used to view in other languages). Covering worldwide news with emphasis on activism, medicinal cannabis applications and growing, and video reports from as far afield as Chile, Morocco and California, 420 Weed TV are aiming for truly global coverage and worldwide appeal.

Sensi Seeds is proud to be the main sponsor of all of these online cannabis TV channels, and we hope that you enjoy giving them a try, as well as our dedicated in-house channel, Sensi TV. Happy watching, and don’t forget to let us know if you have a video or story that you think we should feature!

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