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Cannabis News Network presents Mikki Norris and Chris Conrad: Their Story – part 5, Proposition 64 – the California way

Mikki Norris and Chris Conrad: Their Story – part 5 Veteran cannabis campaigners Mikki Norris and Chris Conrad have watched the status of cannabis in California go from illegal to medicinal acceptance to recreational use. The fifth part of this Cannabis News Network video series shares Chris and Mikki’s experience on the different forms of legalisation and compares California’s approach to the Netherlands.

California has been the epicentre of United States cannabis reform since the days of Proposition 215. Over two decades later, Proposition 64 has raised the bar again for the sensible regulation and sales of cannabis. As Chris Conrad says in this video, “In some places, if you have an arrest record for marijuana, they call that a criminal record, but in California, it’s a resumé.”

Spearheading campaigns since 1988

For Mikki Norris and Chris Conrad, this is a victory that has been a long time coming. They began campaigning in 1988 and spearheaded the campaign for Proposition 64, known as the ‘Adult Use of Marijuana Act’, which successfully passed in November 2016. By January 1st 2018, licenses had to be issued to dispensaries and by now, the knock-on effects of the new legislation are definitely being felt.

One of the most significant changes is the opportunity for fresh starts for people who had convictions for cannabis possession or supply. Another is the slow and long overdue addressing of the disproportionate number of convictions given to people of colour, and the enormously negative impact of white people deliberately seeking out black communities in order to buy cannabis.       

In this video, the fifth of the Cannabis News Network series on Mikki Norris and Chris Conrad, they compare the situation in Amsterdam to that in California and discuss the age limit, tax situation and other ramifications of the current legal model in both places.

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