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Cannabis News Network presents Mikki Norris and Chris Conrad: Their Story – part 2, Their Lives In Activism

Their Lives In Activism For Mikki Norris and Chris Conrad, cannabis activism brings together all the things they have been passionate about for so many years. In this second part of the Cannabis News Network video series, watch the couple discuss how, and how activism brought them together too!

It was activism that brought Mikki Norris and Chris Conrad together. They met at an anti-Regan protest in 1981. As ‘coalition activists’, they worked with many different groups: environmental, anti-nuclear, rent control, the peace movement and so on. Around the same time, Chris was discussing with his niece what her school was teaching her about cannabis (mainly that it was very bad!). Wanting to provide her with better, truthful information, he began researching the plant, and discovered the past uses and immense potential of industrial hemp.

In cannabis activism, almost all of the causes that the couple were passionate about came together seamlessly. It was an obvious yet powerful choice to devote their energies to campaigning for cannabis legalisation, and explore how many different forms of activism they could incorporate into their new quest. As Chris says, “…all these different things that I’d been fighting for all came into one package.” And to quote Mikki: “Civil rights, social rights, human rights, justice as well.”

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