How Does Cannabis Affect the Pineal Gland?

A woman smoking a joint and an animated brain with pineal gland

The pineal gland – the mythical seat of spirituality and consciousness, the site of the primordial “third eye” – has been of fascination to humanity since its function and importance were discovered. It is well-known that the pineal gland responds to psychoactive drugs, so what happens when we use cannabis?

While undoubtedly important, the pineal gland does not possess mystical or supernatural properties no matter how much some people would like to believe it does. Even some great, renowned thinkers have fallen into this way of thinking. One example being the scientist and philosopher Descartes, who described the pineal gland as “the seat of the soul”.

A sketch of a woman and a pineal gland

It is just one gland among many that comprise the endocrine system in vertebrate animal species. This system’s function is heavily involved in the regulation of circadian (daily) rhythm and the production of hormones – the most important being melatonin, the “sleep hormone”. However, there are a few things that make the pineal gland stand out as unique and interesting. Let’s take a brief look at what they are.

Why is the pineal gland so unusual?

The idea of the pineal gland being a primordial “third eye” has some basis in fact. The gland is made up of cells known as pinealocytes, which in some non-mammal vertebrate species directly respond to light. This ability makes them very similar to the cells of the retina, the part of the eye that receives light from the lens opening.

An iguana resting on a piece of wood

In some fossil species, scientists have even found holes just like eye sockets in the centre-rear part of the skull, which allowed the pineal gland to receive light directly, just like an eye. In fact, several modern species of reptile and fish still retain a functional “third eye”, such as the New Zealand reptile species the tuatara. The tuatara’s extra eye actually has a lens, a retina and a cornea of its own!

It is thought that these functional third eyes are involved in maintaining daily and seasonal cycles of hormone production.

In mammals, the pinealocytes aren’t known to directly receive light and there is no evidence of functional “third eyes” existing. However, the pinealocytes of mammals are known to be directly linked to the retina itself, which sends signals in response to changes in light levels in order to regulate circadian rhythms.

So in some respects, if one stretches the definition of what constitutes an eye, one could still say that the pineal gland functions somewhat like a rudimentary third eye even in mammals.

One interesting aspect of the pineal gland that certainly does apply to mammals, including humans, is this: unlike much of the brain, the pineal gland is not separated from the rest of the body by the blood-brain barrier. It receives abundant blood flow directly from the posterior cerebral artery, which may have something to do with its receptiveness to psychoactive substances.

Why do psychoactive substances often affect the pineal gland?

The pineal gland is in the perfect position to receive all kinds of substances not filtered by the blood-brain barrier. But it is also at the heart of a “cascade” of reactions which fire off when norepinephrine, a well-known neurotransmitter responsible for regulating the efficacy of many wake- and sleep-promoting medications, binds to its receptors in the pineal gland.

When norepinephrine binds to the receptors (known as adrenergic receptors), it results in a chain of hormonal and enzymatic interactions. These reactions are responsible for signalling when it is time to sleep and when it is time for the individual to wake and become active. Thus, this cascade is deeply involved in setting up one’s “mood” and how one perceives and responds to the challenges of the coming day. It also ensures that sleep of sufficient quality and duration is regularly achieved.

Clearly, the pineal gland is essential to maintaining a healthy, positive mind state, and is deeply involved with emotional states in general. When humans consume psychiatric drugs, it affects this complex cascade of activity in the pineal gland, in conjunction with various other parts of the brain. This gives a subjectively altered state of perception.

One example of the importance of the pineal gland in terms of psychiatric good-health is its relationship with the “Winter Blues” illness, seasonally affective disorder (often abbreviated to SAD). The fact that bright light is a common treatment for SAD suggests that the pineal gland and its associated light-sensitive hormone, melatonin, is involved. And the mere fact that low light levels can cause such a dramatic set of psychological symptoms indicate that the pineal gland may be fundamentally linked with psychiatric good health in general.

If that is the case, it is easy to assume its dysfunction may be behind other mental disorders too.

How does cannabis work in the pineal gland?

Research on rats has shown that the pineal gland itself contains a functional endocannabinoid system. The cannabinoid receptors type 1 and 2, and the endogenous ligands that bind to them, anandamide and 2-AG, are all present.

The study showed that the activity of the CB₁-receptors varied according to a daily cycle, with lowest activity levels occurring at the end of the daylight period. It also showed that levels of an enzyme responsible for synthesizing new endocannabinoid molecules, NAPE-PLD, was reduced during the middle of the dark period.

Furthermore, the study showed that presence of THC reduced the activity of an enzyme known as AANAT, and in doing so reduces the synthesis of melatonin itself.

A sketch of a human brain with hypothalamus, thalamus and pineal gland

An earlier study on rats also showed that THC reduced the activity of AANAT and suggested that the mechanism that occurred was as follows: the neurotransmitter norepinephrine starts a cascade of reactions, the end result of which is the production of melatonin. THC disrupts this norepinephrine cascade and thereby reduces the production of melatonin.

It then seems likely that THC’s endogenous analogue anandamide performs the same action of reducing the norepinephrine-induced release of melatonin and is therefore fundamentally involved in pineal gland function. It seems that low levels of anandamide or THC are therefore needed for melatonin production to increase. As melatonin levels increase, as they should normally do at the end of the daylight period, feelings of sleepiness should occur.

But smoking cannabis makes me sleepy! Why?

If low levels of anandamide are required for melatonin production to increase, and levels of cannabinoid receptor activity are lowest at the end of the daylight period, that seems to imply that using cannabis would cause melatonin to be reduced. If that is the case, sleepiness should also be reduced. But many people report feeling sleepy after using cannabis. Why is this?

It may simply be that the mechanisms relating to cannabinoids and pineal gland hormones work differently in rats than in humans. Indeed, while the studies on rats clearly showed that THC reduced melatonin levels, there is evidence to suggest that the reverse is true in humans.

A 1986 study showed that in eight out of nine healthy male volunteers, THC caused melatonin levels to dramatically increase, peaking around 120 minutes after administration. Interestingly, however, one subject showed a decline in melatonin in response to THC, just as was seen in rats.

A woman in a blue shirt sleeping in a bed

Whether or not cannabis makes one feel sleepy may depend on dose, tolerance and a whole range of other factors. It may even depend on the time of day that the user consumes cannabis in relation to typical circadian rhythms. Furthermore, there may also be a genetic element controlling individual response to cannabinoids: Genetic differences in expression of cannabinoid receptors have been noted in multiple studies, especially in those related to memory behaviour and associated with happiness. You can find a couple of these studies here and here.

It is also now thought that many of the subjective effects of cannabis are not derived from THC per se, but rather from THC in combination with various other cannabinoids and terpenes. For example, myrcene is now thought to affect the “high” of pure THC, giving an overall more “couch-lock” effect to the user. In addition, CBD:THC ratios seem to matter and may contribute to differences in wakefulness and sedation.

But how does the pineal gland affect the process of getting high?

This is not entirely clear, and in any case, we know that multiple different regions of the brain are involved in the subjective experience of being high. The pineal gland is just one tiny link in an extremely long and complicated chain. This process stretches between some of the most basic and fundamental parts of the brain (and the pineal gland can definitely be classed as basic and fundamental, as almost every living vertebrate possesses one) and some of the most advanced, such as the neocortex, which only exists in mammals.

However, the pineal gland has repeatedly been associated with the biosynthesis of important natural compounds related to sleeping, dreaming and dream imagery. The presence of these compounds in the pineal gland is one of the most important reasons why so many view it as the “seat of the soul” or a key to “spiritual enlightenment”. Without a doubt, the most famous of these compounds is N,N-Dimethyltryptamine, more commonly known as DMT.

A person’s hand reaching to the light

It’s somewhat controversial as to whether or not the pineal gland is responsible for synthesizing DMT in humans, but there is significant evidence to suggest that it is the case. DMT and related compounds like tryptamine have been found in human urine and DMT itself has been shown to be synthesized in the pineal gland of the rat brain. And a closely related compound, 5-MeO-DMT, has been found to be synthesized in the human pineal gland, but thus far, it has not been proven that DMT itself is too.

In any case, it certainly appears that the pineal gland is very much involved in the production and/or processing of substances that are well-known to be involved in helping to create “dream states” when we are asleep. So as you can see, there are many theories that the subjective experience of getting high from cannabis, hallucinogens and other psychoactive drugs also involves this subjective creation of a “dream-like” or otherwise altered reality.

The pineal gland is part of a complex and fascinating system

While we are far from having a complete understanding of the complex network of chemical compounds that interact in the brain, we are beginning to build a simple map of how all these interrelated processes fit together. It is increasingly clear that the endocannabinoid system is a fundamentally important messaging system that helps to link together various parts of the brain, many of which work together to give us the subjective experience of being high.

The pineal gland itself is crucial to this process and has undeniable importance as a source of consciousness-altering compounds. It works with the endocannabinoid system and various other regulatory systems to control our subjective daily experience of mood, wakefulness and sleepiness. And when we introduce external psychoactive compounds, this process can be altered in fundamental ways, some of which can be greatly enjoyable!

  • Disclaimer:
    This article is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult with your doctor or other licensed medical professional. Do not delay seeking medical advice or disregard medical advice due to something you have read on this website.


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  1. I respect your belief system even if it differs from mine.
    The pineal I most definitely has mystical powers.
    A lifetime and an education system filled with social programming and brainwashing will have most Sheeple believing otherwise, not to mention all the damaging effects on their cognability and soul health from pharmaceuticals, fluoride in the water and toothpaste, refined sugar in everything, but they have the right to believe whatever they want just as I do.

    1. My life experience as a young adult that suffered horrific loss and extreme sadness for a long period of time led to my use of smoking Cannabis. I got relief from my sadness. I used regularly (18 years) until employers started testing in the early 2000s, then I quit using. It was years later that I became friends with an MD who was a psychiatrist. Once I told her what I had been through in round adulthood, she recognized the signs of PTSD and she is 100% in favor of use of Cannabis to treat PTSD. Now in my early 60s, I realize that the long term use had some sort of damaging effect of my memory during the period where I used regularly (I never smoke in the morning and I usually used in the afternoon and at night). I literally have very little memory of that 18 years when I was using. I don’t know if I could reclaim that memory somehow but I know that there were times I greatly enjoyed activities in my work and I just wish I could remember those things. The most damaging of all his not being able to remember a lot of things that I did with my children when they were little. I always wanted to be happy around my children and I was but it was artificial. I have not used to cannabis in 16 years even after I was in a horrific accident and my body has been horribly disabled for about a decade and I’m unable to work. One time I tried some self Hipnosis to see if I could go back in time and access some memories, but I ended up back in time where things were horrifying and after I came out of that one session, I decided I would never do that again . So, can we and do the damage of memory loss that occurred when we were using cannabis on a daily basis? I know that I was using it to self medicate so I did not have to feel and think about horrifying things that had happened long ago. I don’t know the answers

      1. I have the same issue with my memory although, short-term memory is the most affected. So, I take Lion’s Mane mushrooms for cognition, focus and concentration. It has really helped a lot!

    2. You handled that with a lot of grace Matt. Discounting Descartes and ‘the seat of the soul’ was really a self absorbed asinine move on the writers part!

  2. Such a fascinating subject of study. I’ve been utilizing it to expand my consciousness pretty much from the beginning of my reunion with it 2 years ago.
    I waited to a later stage in my life where I was more aware and familiar with my consciousness so that it can help me expand. It has to do with clear intentions and with the way I consciously talk about it.

    1. Mark - Sensi Seeds

      Good afternoon Ruti,

      Thank you for your comment!
      I completely agree, the pineal gland is such fascinating subject!

      Thanks again, and I hope you continue to enjoy the blog.

      With best wishes,


  3. Dr Sanjai Sinha has no idea what he is talking about. He should go in the Amazon Forest and drink Ayahuasca for one year, then he will tell me if the pineal gland is just a normal hormone producing gland. He probably has his own well calcified. Study more Dr, look into DMT.

  4. I found it very sad that the article starts with an outdated view of what the pineal gland can and cannot do. The author would do well to get in touch with Dr. Joe Dispenza and the extensive research on the involvement of the pineal gland and its scientific evidence of not one case or two cases but thousands of cases where his original statements have been completely disproved scientifically.

  5. Terrible article. All nonsense. The pineal gland IS spiritual, and important, and the link to our higher selves. No one is going to listen to this propoganda..

  6. personally i hate cannabis, it smells bad and makes me feel very uncomfortable, once i smoked it for a while (a few years) and it had only negative effects on me and my body. the years after i still struggled to get sane and healthy. In other words I can only give everyone one advice : STAY AWAY from it !

    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Hi Gevan,

      Sorry to hear you had a bad experience on cannabis. Advising “everyone” to stay away from a plant which has proven medicinal benefits for a wide range of ailments, and is also proven to be basically the safest recreational drug available, on the basis that “it smells bad and makes me feel very uncomfortable”, is luckily not the criteria we are using here.

      With best wishes,



      1. Nightmare-Rex

        Weird I haven’t gotten sick much since I started weed, before smoking weed I got sick more often.

      2. Cannabis is antibacterial and antifungal. It helps the immune system

    3. Daryl Strickland

      Cannabis is by far the best medicinal plant on earth 🌎! The pineal gland has been linked to dreams, euphoria, happiness, and therefore I believe has a great relationship with cannabis because it has been linked to the same same. Our green cousin 💚

  7. This article is funny lol

    As soon as you said the pineal glad doesn’t have powers is when I decided to leave a comment for all simple minded humans that believe this and go find a better article 😉

  8. actualskeptic

    ” While undoubtedly important, the pineal gland does not possess mystical or supernatural properties”

    I think the author meant to say ” I have a belief that the pineal gland has no mystical or supernatural properties in spite of thousands of years of cultural beliefs and scientific evidence that it very well does”

    haha whatever gets you to sleep at night.

  9. I think the next time you decide to post an article on such a topic you simply start with “we don’t know”.
    I am into this field,until the boundaries between the metaphysical and physical are properly established,inconclusiveness is all that will be attained.
    Good effort

  10. I am not a chemist but am thinking weed slows the pineal gland activation which is the worst thing that we can do. Believe me I love weed but it numbs your pineal gland to your source energy or intuition. And a huge reason why governments are legalizing not just for tax dollars but to suppress our knowledge and connection to intuition- just my thoughts – been addicted to weed 30 years – clean one month and have never felt so connected to life

    1. hey vanessa, i am not entirely disagreeing with you but do take a look at this article!

      1. I would love to visit the link but it’s not in hypertext, is it still useful?

      2. Mark - Sensi Seeds

        Good morning Dolapo,

        Thanks for getting in touch with us here at Sensi Seeds.
        Unfortunately that was an old article, and has since been deleted.
        This article on The Neuroprotective Effects of Cannabis may be of interest to you.

        I hope you continue to enjoy the blog.
        Have a great day,


    2. Vanessa, after 30 years, you said you’re feeling good. Are you able to sleep? I have been sober for a few weeks and CANNOT sleep.

    3. Kristen J Sunlin

      Wow, I thought this article was interesting because I’m open minded like that. Medically I got rid of 6 prescribed medications and I function better than ever. To each their own I guess.

    4. How did you quit? Was it “cold turkey” or gradually reduced? Did you experience depression after quitting? If so, how did you handle the depression? Are you still weed free now? Thanks for sharing!

  11. flattard or debunker

    For all those open minded who know this world is full of lies I URGE you to research FLAT EARTH on youtube.

    1. Rather than wasting your precious time and brain space researching the flat earth theory since it is nearly impossible to agree on any conclusion to this theory without sailing through the atmosphere (or “firmament”) yourself in a rocket, something worth researching that is somewhat relating to this theory is that of how our world maps have been tampered with and corrupted over time. For example, although Alaska is much smaller than Mexico, it appears nearly three times its size on a current atlas. Just one of the ways our fearless leaders have worked to suppress the masses by magnifying the northern hemisphere while shrinking the southern hemisphere and the eastern countries with oriental people groups (or non-whites).

      Have you ever asked yourself why maps always put the more dominant countries in the north and the less dominant countries in the south? Why do maps appear this way?

  12. Interesting article, you have an easy writing style, very good for this type of piece. The only way I could think of improving it is if studies mentioned were referenced. Any chance of an edit? I would be very interested to read the research you have discussed.

    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Hi Larry,

      Studies referenced are linked to in underlined green text, also a previous commenter has listed some of them above. I hope this helps.

      With best wishes,


  13. how about stereoscopic vision mode? that is literally a third eye! could we say that this particular vision mode is provided by pineal gland?

  14. Well, I see another battle between personal exprience and Scientific edvidence. I don’t doubt the science behind this article, and I don’t deny there is a possibility is for people who is having a spirit awakening. but in terms of evidence I believe in science. Because there is no way to prove the Factuality of spiritual awakening.

  15. have you ever considered a correlation between melatonin levels and marijuana users who’s pineal gland is decalcified or not?

  16. I do want to know what Indian Herbeal can activate at once for PINEAL. GLAND. OK REPLY AT ONCE. THANK U DID.

  17. Have a look at my instagram page theorbgallery

    I am willing to answer any questions

    The pineal gland is more powerful than all our five senses put together


  18. harinder singh

    i am from india i used cannabis 4 years in the form of india bhang is spirtual drug sadu saints used this for dhyian smadhi and for spirtual powers in 4 years it awked my kundlini energy and opened my third eye and crown chkkar after that i felt many spirtual things light,soul conciousness etc. i remaind 10 year on my bed becase this energy destroy my brain and social life i used many drugs but in vain.many my sayingcome to truth i become like budha moun speechless in 10 years.people saying mad to me how can i understand them about dhyian,smadhi,awaked enery. i think doctors have no treatment of open pineal gland if you have any knowldge please share with me i am in deep trouble my third eye not shut down also pressure in my crown chkkar. i am from a small village of punjab so i dont know very good english please tell me how i can treat or cure my pineal gland thanx,

    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Dear Harinder,

      Thank you for your comment. We are sorry to hear about your situation. Unfortunately, as Sensi Seeds is not a medical practice, we are not able to provide any advice relating to medical situations other than to consult your doctor or other licensed medical professional. This article, written specifically for healthcare providers who may not be aware of the many properties of cannabis, may be useful to you in talking with your doctor. You could also try to contact local medicinal cannabis support groups, if you have not already done so. In the UK, there is the United Patients Alliance (you can find them on Facebook) and in the US and EU there are many branches of NORML (google NORML followed by your area name). We hope this is helpful.

      With best wishes,


    2. Harinder, from the little i have experienced the pain of the open chakra was caused by self denial/deception and focusing on the opening of the upper chakras without the adequate development the lower chakras, especially the root chakra.

      Ultimately the root chakra is; yes or no, black or white – simple absolutes whereas you are probably experiencing the world of possibilities and imagination. This can overload your mind and you may experience a burnt smell from your urine.

      As the the Jesus says “the truth shall set you free” the separation from the other chakras is a denial of self (there is no escape). Live from the truth of the world and do not try to escape of find hidden meanings. Cut wood carry water, do not try to escape this world or find hidden meanings. Be absolutely sexually honest with yourself. Accept yourself unconditionally and be honest, you cannot give of yourself until you accept yourself as an experience, not as a concept.

      You will laugh when you come back the pain was unnecessary however it got you here.

      Come back NOW!
      you must be true to yourself – seek nothing else
      Be absolutely true from your groin. Your tree needs deeper roots.
      In truth there is not fear.
      Stop smoking pot the effects will remain in your fatty tissue for many years.

    3. I recommend that you work on centering and balancing you consciousness as follows. Sit up straight. Tighten your PC muscle at your root and raise your eyebrows to tighten your crown then inhale strongly through your nose while imagining that you are drawing red feminine earth essence up into your heart and white masculine sky essence down into your heart. Next hold your breath while you relax the upper an lower tension and imagine the red and white polarities are mixing together to form pink love essence. Finally, as you exhale through your mouth imagine that you are blowing up a balloon around your heart. This balloon represents your soul expanding. Repeat the breath several times until the balloon has grown to become larger than you. Next mediate while you are inside the balloon of love that comes from the divine consciousness that resides in your heart. Blessings and aloha.

    4. .Learn meditation,ask the universe,god,angels to lower the frequency or disturbance.Believe they will help you,consume less cannabis(once a week)or try to quite completely.Connect with shamans or spiritual healers in you community..Learn to activate all your chakras.Good luck

    5. It is not bad to open third eye but if your body is weak, kundalini and third eye opening can take primary function. The way to live is to also have a balanced, strong body.. This is why yogis also practice excersizes and good nutrition with yoga and diet. If you strengthen your body, then you will be able to control your powers rather than them controlling you. If you can afford it, buy terramin clay powder, methylcobalomin b12 drops from global healing center, vitamin d3, vitamin k2, nascent iodine and a good multivitamin. Build your body and health so that it can contain your powerful soul, or your soul being so strong will burn out your body.

  19. I don’t believe marijuana was made illegal just to suppress the medical benefits. I think that the spiritual benefits were also a factor in making weed illegal.

  20. I couldn’t even get through the second paragraph as I don’t believe you have the authority to tell people their pineal gland does not possess mystical or super natural properties. If you are going to say that you should include that, that is based off your own personal opinion and give people room to form their own. Smh everyone’s so “enlightened” yet you tell others how to go about believing in their enlightenment, that’s not very enlightening…….

    1. In reply to several of these comments , maybe the authors enlightenment is scientific In nature !! To maintain that his own is any less valid in itself than a purely ” spiritual ” one is in essence equally offensive ! The ” truth ” is that there’s probably as little tangible ” proof ” except personal evidential , or individual enlightenment , which for myself comes through music and art , than there is actual large bodies of medical certainty about this seemingly “enigmatic ” and functionally evasive gland !!! I’m Affraid personally , and as one who lives in a space largely concerned with other states of awareness and sensitivity , not drug enduced I hasten to add , I find most of the negative feedback this article received uncomfortably and frankly, considering the claimed paths of love and enlightenment of its critics embarrassingly hypocritical in nature !! I actually thank it’s author for the attempt at clarifying at least chemically what is thaught to occur in this particular cerebral area !!! Love and light. 4th eye maybe !?

  21. wanted to ask if i smoke weed because in general i have pain with lights but i plan to float or do sensory deprivation. will the weed stop or hurt my hopeful self-induced dmt experience?

  22. All makes great sense. Realities are what ever the user is experiencing. Studies show, the brain can not tell the difference between Realities and a thought. Meditation trains the user to manually locate the pineal glad and cause it to excrete larger amounts of dmt. This is mind altering and thus the realities change. Dimensions may be this change of realities. We have all experienced different realities in our life but we are just never aware of it on a surface level. Cannibis works point blank as an aid to many. Great post.

  23. After 40+ years of being a “waker baker” (smoking all day), I have found my pineal gland in extremely active. It is as described for animals light sensitive. It begins not unlike a completely dark photograph which over time more and more light gets through. Once enough light is allowed through, I see another dimension which exists with our own. Now I can see this dimension weather my eyes are open or closed..
    Yes this is the “third eye” but I believe there is no Spiritual requirements for it. It is just an ability humans possess and will continue to refine over time.
    I have always slept like a baby and it is extremely rare that I remember dreaming.

  24. I salute you,

    This was the most complete, scientific and well written article on the Pineal Gland, Hormones related, neuroreceptors and cannabinoids.

    Thank You for your good care to this piece of knowledge.


    1. Actually Luiz , I beg to differ. Any serious research into the pineal gland will lead to MELANIN. The substance that most researchers lack in abundance.
      The truth is hidden by downplaying the significance of this amazing gland.
      The very gland that fluoride calcifies directly.

      1. Christopher T Clevenger

        Hi Terrance. I wanted to send this before I go research the info you provided. Saying the gland relates to melanin. My initial research has shown its effects in relation to melatonin. So at first I wondered if that was a type o. But I think you meant what you said. And I don’t aim to speculate. But it’s interesting because I’m slowly connecting this fluoride thing to this gland thing and as a white person I guess I already lack melanin. But from what I read on the function of the gland, I’d say mine is fairly healthy. However the fluoride, which we all know is put into our drinking water delivered to us courtesy the FDA, is effecting this gland in a negative way in that it builds crystals on the gland resulting in some sort of neurosis. Sorry if my terminology isn’t spot on but it just seems weird. Do you think we all, and specifically some others more so like the water ordeal in Michigan once upon a time, are being targeted in some way? Like they really want to destroy that gland don’t they? That’s weird.

  25. I just so happen to be one of those who ascribe to the pineal gland being the kudalini serpentine plane where miracles are performed. Enters Yaaqob wrestling with the angel of Yahuah all night long until daybreak demanding a barauch/blessing. “I have seen him face to face, mono e mono and didn’t perish!” He called that place “pineul.” Refer to Moshe’s “burning bush” that didn’t burn. He was able to see the backside of Alahym only because he smote the rock at “Mara” ie Bitter Waters. If the eye be single the would body receives light. The light of the body is the eye.
    The Essenes were holistic healers and YahuSha was a Essene who used herbs and miraculous healing. He was schooled in Enoch’s Halls of Amenti in ancient cosmology and sacred geometry ie elemental manipulation 30 years. Afterwhich being initiated inside the Pillar of Enoch that rest upon Mother Earth’s throat chakra in the center of the earth at the Gizeh Plateau. Isayahu 19:19,20 a witness, sign and altar in the midst of Egypt/Mizraim unto Yahuah. What has recently been called by the Greeks Cheops and Egyptologist Khufu received its lasted function as almanac; resonant free-energy power plant used for harmonizing the 12 Teutonic Plates ascwell as our 12 meridians. Antenna Computer, Radio, Television, WiFi… Enoch returned with 10th Kingdom Edenic Forbidden Knowledge of Eternal Life Nibiru Planet X the ancient Language of Light ie PaleoPhoenician the Language of Fire.
    Tutored the Yedidian Priest with the Book of Coming Forth by Day ie Emerald Tablets of Thoth, Egyptian Book of the Dead.
    “Do you want to live forever?”
    Know Thyself. As Above So Below. So Within So Without. You Are Elohym. Created in His image and after her likeness. Ancient geometry funerary alchemist squaring the circle transforming base metals into gold. Elementals tapping into their serpentine plane between the Two Pillars of Solomon pituratory gland into the qodesh of qodesh pineal gland where Alahym dwell.

    1. Follow up to Pillar of Enoch.
      Yedidian (Solomon)
      Egyptology created by the infamous interpreter of the Rosetta Stone Jean Francois Champolliun bastardizing Enochian/Khemet/Avrahym ancient cosmology, geometry ie elemental manipulation.

    2. Ancient PaleoPhoenician purest yet not the eldest language ie ProtoCanaanite (Chanohk/Enoch) The tetragrammaton YHVH possess a 432Hz.

    3. Joanne Haywood

      Dividing minds and hearts is man made…Binding through love is complete…How ever you come to understand Why?…We are here…Understand mother nature…The power of laughter, a warm hug, human contact.. so it is all a bit hippy mind depending level up level down…Is it not the idea to create, bind…Be with equal minds… Falling inlove?.. Laughing, allowing your self a rewardfull feeling…Is far better than feeling stagnant…The universe is in your heart and connects with the stars…Why else look up when down

    4. Remember we must forget everything we know, On the path to enlightenment. Our opinions will act like walls we wont let ourselves pass. Open mindedness is key for all.

    5. Christopher T Clevenger

      Ouch. Y’all are making my brain hurt. It’s simple. On the fourth day the creator gave us the stars stating they are for signs. We all have a spirit that consist mainly of energy and emotion. Yours depends on where were the stars the minute you were born. This doesn’t determine your future or your destiny or even your personal life experiences. But it will all play out through your spirit based on characteristics and traits. Thoughts and feelings equal instincts. Which cannot be seen but certainly exist. The only scientific theory relevant here is that for every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction.

    6. Frédéric Gauthier

      Shalom Jame can you contact me at this e-mail please: shenisito@gmail I need to learn more about what you said….

  26. Johan De Jong

    In Medicine Hat Alberta Canada, they DO NOT honour the Cannabis Card. My daughter was arrested for Cannabis, 3 times. All her mediciation was stolen, her car was impounded and when she went to get her car( the one time that I know of ) they refused to give it to her, so she had to pay for another day in the impound. They made her come back the next day. I was driving her. It is still before the courts, they keep putting it off and off and off………. What does one do, when there is so much Dishonesty in the LAW. Where does one go????? Can any one answer that????? Please a family needs help and the LAW WONT HELP. I have evidence to prove everything I am saying. Peace, Love n Freedom to all

    1. It is all a big money game Johan. The courts are dishones, and run to only enhance the powers-that-be. Cannabis is against the Big Pharma money sceme and planned Agenda 21 of killing us all. How many people do you know who are dying of taking too many perscribed Big Pharma pills? I for one know over 40. All these pill poppers BELIEVE in their doctor and BELIEVE they really need these meds. They won’t hear of alternatives that are HEALTHY. You unfortunately are stuck in their monied legal system and they love it. I hope you can find yourself a good lawyer (and all lawyers are pretty much scum). Do your best to pay of the loan sharks (justice system) and do you best to steer clear of them in the future. Good luck.



    1. refrences are in the text as a green text when u click on them it will redirect you to

  28. // While undoubtedly important, the pineal gland does not possess mystical or supernatural properties //

    Sounding arrogant here. Its too bad the article seemed interesting. As soon as I read this it turned me off.

    1. LOL, you sound arrogant. It turned you off when it stated something you didn’t like that contradicted your belief system. Fail.

      1. Actually I think it is arrogant to state what is stated here. I am a neuroscientist and there is tons of evidences that the pineal DOES respond to light, not only the light that exists “outside” the body but also light that is imagined. It responds to images created INSIDE the brain, aka thoughts. Therefore arrogant is whoever wrote this article sticking together information from many confused sources. The fact that many choose to dismiss information because they them self cannot understand or explain is typical of a society where it ether fits into a belief box or it is ignored.

      2. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

        Hi Andrea,

        Thank you for your comment. As a neuroscientist, it would be useful if you could provide links to the ‘tons of evidence’ you mention, since the theory that the pineal gland responds to imagined light is indeed a very interesting one. Thank you!

        With best wishes,


      3. James Cockram

        Whilst you are right to point out the ‘fail’ for that reason, there was without doubt, implied ignorance from the author of the article.

        To state that the PG has no spiritual properties but then go on to say that they are nowhere near understanding the interactions is a contradiction.

        DMT is more than strongly suspected of being produced by the PG and to suggest this is questionable is misleading.

        I think that the author has tried (as we all do when we interpret things) to steer the ‘facts’ to suit his viewpoint and objective truth does not do that.

      4. Wow so does calling her out about something she believes to be right make you mr high and mighty or give you a so called enlightened title? How can you say what she feels is a fail without sounding as judgmental as they come lol your entire mentality seems to be the failure

      5. Agreed. None of us know the absolute nature of reality and consciousness.

      6. I know this is old but for anyone reading, this is not a good comment. He or she wasnt arrogant because they reasd something they didnt like. He or she is stating that its arrogant to make a claim to know for a fact that there is no spiritual or mystical significance or activity. No Scientist can honestly say there isnt. The lack of evidence is not proof that its not there. How many discoveries today used to be undetectable in the past.

    2. Don’t let that affect you Dan.
      Just because Seshata wrote that doesn’t make it so.
      We know the author IS wrong about that.

      1. So yeah, think the pineal gland doesn’t have something to it? This artist got cancer right in there and well. Check it out for yourselves.

    3. The artical is incredibly interesting. Just because the author dismisses the metaphysical aspect of the pineal gland does not mean that this is a tainted artical-the author attempted to approach the subject from a purely objective point of view. The mystics surrounding the pineal gland are purely subjective to individuals.

      1. This article, like most articles about this topic, is deceiving. Cannabis increases activity in the pineal gland. Pineal gland can gift you with supernatural powers if you are fit for them.

    4. Great, informative article. However, to just discredit all mystical or spiritual experiences that can be obtained through meditation on the third eye center in the beginning you had no evidence to discredit the experiences but just chose to out of your own lack of imagination. You literally discredited an entire region of the world’s belief systems and ancient belief systems that lend major credence to this eye center as well as my own personal experience which was the most incredible, mystical experience of my life. I wish I could meditate on this part of my brain with a brain scanner and give you a glimpse as to how vastly different my brain is operating at that moment in time as well as give you some exercises and thoughts you could attempt to perceive and hopefully share a similar experience with you. It’s cool to provide science on all of your other points but you gave nothing to back up your claims when you through Descartes under the bus and it just makes me wish you could experience the little gem inside your brain.

      1. Boaz Jachin

        Well said, commentator by the name of blabla. The author’s intelligence must’ve been too limited at the time of writing the article to fathom that there is more to reality than what one can hold in one’s hand. One must have a vastly expansive intelligence to begin to understand the science of spirit; the study of energy beyond its physical material composition. Matter does not define science, only most of the instruments man uses to scientifically measure existence; so matter only defines the science of those who live a material existence. Spirit/essence defines the science of those who live an essential spiritual existence. Eternal life completely depends on ones paradigm. ‘Twas created that way to sift out those who weigh the rest down, “shatan lording over this world, sifting the bad seeds from the good seeds”. Scientifically measure with the aparatuses we were gifted with at birth, like one’s pineal. The only way to know is through experience, and the only genuine experience is purely subjective. The objective comes in relaying that experience to close minded beings before they miss their opportunity to “get it” so they can earn their own experience to know for themselves and reclaim the power of knowing oneself. Don’t relinquish your deiscernment to doubt. Fine line between healthy skepticism and damning/damming doubt.

    5. Hello Dan!! The article stated that the scientific community has no idea of the understanding of the human brain. Given that and the studies of spiritual and religious beliefs throughout the world and throughout history show that the pineal glad has the highest importance of understanding for spiritual development. Would you like to trade sources?

    6. I know what he said was arrogant, pointing out the factor that there are people who believe it to be supernatural and magical but he isn’t one of them, there for it isn’t real only according to him was irrelevant and therefore he should have just stuck to the topic not poking at the belief system others have behind the pineal gland. Arrogant AND Ignorant he was.

    7. Well, we simply don’t know.
      So, saying the pineal gland has no mystical or supernatural properties, is the same as saying: There is no life after death.
      Our knowledge is getting better and better, but when it comes to 99% of the things that affect us daily, we don’t have a clue.

  29. KarenWalraven

    Very Interesting, I myself have PTSD and of course I have trouble sleeping. And Cannabis helps withvbothv my PTSD, and my sleeping.

    1. Cbd will sop you sleeping imo…

      Iprefer a quick vapour of high thc before bedtime knocks me out in no time at all…

    2. I have been diagnosed with PTSD as well. Indica strain is amazing for treatment where as a sativa is an awesome daytime use, too much can make me panic. Really prefer Indica for PTSD and panic disorder.

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