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Weed Cannabis News Network presents The CannaTest. On the 9th of March 2015, Cannabis News Network published the video ‘Street dealers show failure of Dutch drugs policy’. Today they released the first test results of the cannabis purchased on the streets in order to get a better idea of its quality, and potency.

Reporters from all over the EU will gather weed from street dealers which will be tested in one testing facility. The goal? To monitor, record and report the state of cannabis in Europe.

Next time Cannabis News Network will shed some light on the quality that can found on the streets of weed from Berlin, Valencia and Vienna.

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James King

The weed in the UK has been on the decline for years now, rotten, covered in contamination, the quality of bud in the UK is low, 99% of street dealers have trichless contaminated bud that's either moldy or covered in something foreign, the stuff is everywhere and there is no sign of it going away, The people who argue soap bar is proper hash have clearly gotten reigns on the business and their stupidity is evident, the import cannabis is destroying people and their enjoyment. Its much worse than it ever has been, first soapbar, then grit weed and now whatever we have going round now, green powder, black speckles, bud rot, grey powder, brix, glasss, iron filings, lead powder. The illegal market is killing people for profit, the people in the game now all need shot as a lot of them know what theyre selling and they don't care because idiots buy it and don't know any difference. Legalise the herb worldwide and stop dickheads running the trade and ruining lives.
My advice for everyone in the UK who smokes or wants to smoke cannabis, find a grower or grow your own, don't buy anything from any dealer who isn't a friend and has a grower supplying him you can be 100% sure about.
Its everywhere on the street level and as the majority of people are alco's, serious drug abusers and have no care or knowledge it isn't going to stop until the top dogs of law and gov. do something about it.


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