Cannabis Grow Report: Sensi Seeds Northern Lights Automatic

Northern Lights automatic cannabis strain against the polar lights in the background

Northern Lights is one of Sensi Seeds’ most legendary and successful strains. We share the Northern Light’s strain information in this article, including its typical growth patterns, flavour and effects. We also share a grow report of the Northern Lights Automatic version. With no need to eliminate males or change light cycles, this strain was an easy one to grow!

For decades and decades, Northern Lights® has been considered one of the most important strains in cannabis history. There are many modern cannabis hybrids who share Northern Lights® as an ancestor; Shiva Skunk® and Silver Haze® are just a couple. Needless to say, the classic strain continues to captivate cannabis aficionados the world over! And for a reason: a beginner-friendly variety, Northern Lights® produces generous, luscious plants covered with resin from stem to peaks!

Northern Lights® itself descends from Thai landrace and Afghani cannabis varieties. It’s one of the most popular of all indica varieties, bringing with it characteristics of true Afghan genetics.

Package of Northern Lights automatic cannabis seeds

Cultivating Sensi Seeds’ Northern Lights®

Whether you’re growing the regular, feminized or autoflowering variant, cultivating Northern Lights® is an absolute pleasure. Not only is it very resilient, resisting beginner’s mistakes and temperature changes, it also requires very little maintenance. Their resistance to temperature changes makes them suitable for any type of weather.

Northern Lights® plants are not exactly the most compact, but can be trained to accommodate all kinds of indoor grow spaces. Regardless, they will be generous, so make sure you have many, many jars to accommodate your harvest.

Its buds are also heavy, and compact. For all intents and purposes, Northern Lights buds are the textbook example of the “nuggets” that all growers seek. To top it off, the amount of resin simply won’t stop increasing until it’s time to harvest.

Northern Lights cannabis plant

One thing that experienced growers appreciate is the fact that Northern Lights® buds, while still providing an unforgettable olfactory experience when consumed, are very stealthy as far as smell goes. A true gift for those who appreciate a discreet growing operation!

Tasting Sensi Seeds’ Northern Lights

Many say that Northern Lights® buds taste just like they smell, not in terms of intensity, but in terms of its nuances. The taste is described as “earthy”, “musky”, “spicy”, “sweet”, and “piney”. Overall, the flavours make for the perfect balance between sugar and spice.

A Northern Lights® high is more relaxing than energetic, taking over the body with a gentle buzz and relaxing the muscles. The cerebral effect is also relaxing, which makes it a popular strain for those seeking to relieve stress and symptoms of anxiety. Depending on when it is consumed and in what dose, Northern Lights can be a perfect night cap or a gentle addition to a quiet evening with friends.

Northern Lights Automatic grow report

One of Sensi Seeds’ resident growers took to the garden with the Automatic version of Northern Lights. Note that with autoflowering seeds, there is no need to separate males from females or to induce flowering. This makes for a fast and easy grow!

The grow report outlines the grower’s entire growing cycle from germination to harvest, including the final yield. All things considered, Northern Lights Automatic is a great choice for the novice cannabis gardener.

1. Germination

Germination of the seeds took place indoors on March 31st. Three out of three seeds germinated, of which two survived repotting. They were planted outdoors and started to flower on May 23rd (54 days after germination). They were cut down slightly early in anticipation of bad weather, on July 19th (58 days after planting).

Cannabis seeds in the package close-up

2. Climate

The weather conditions were poor, with a lot of rain and wind to start off. Extreme variations occurred later on in terms of temperature and weather conditions. Climate varied from extremely rainy and windy, all the way to extremely warm, sunny days, and back again.

Side note: Northern Lights Automatic is a strain which Sensi Seeds generally recommends for a sunny/ mediterranean climate. It can be grown outside in a warm, sunny climate with a long summer.

3. Nutrition

No fertilizer or nutrition was given to the plants, except for once during flowering: potassium nitrate, which is a natural solid source of nitrogen. It turned out to be too much though and shocked the plants. They were flushed repeatedly and left to recuperate.

No extra food was given.

4. Height

The two Northern Lights Automatic plants measured between 50 and 70cm. The smaller size can be attributed to being grown in a small pot, however.

Northern Light automatic cannabis plant growing outdoors

5. Flowering time

Vegetation time was 53 days. Flowering took 58 days.

6. Yield

The total dried harvest for both plants was 30.2g: 13.8g off the smaller plant and 16.4g from the larger plant.

7. Taste/Effect

Northern Lights Automatic tastes sweet and spicy, and is remarkably powerful!

Have you ever grown Northern Lights, Northern Lights Feminized or Northern Lights Automatic? If so, we’d love to hear your growing experience. Let us know in the comments below.

  • Disclaimer:
    Laws and regulations regarding cannabis cultivation differ from country to country. Sensi Seeds therefore strongly advises you to check your local laws and regulations. Do not act in conflict with the law.


8 thoughts on “Cannabis Grow Report: Sensi Seeds Northern Lights Automatic”

  1. David Pearson

    Hi’ Dave
    I would normally pinch/debud young NL plants to produce smaller/Bushier plant with maybe 4 to 8 branches.
    This time I have NL Autos. is it advisable to pinch/debud or leave them to grow normally ?

  2. I just planted them, seeds cracked in 36 hours growing very fast i planted them 3 days ago and already grown 1 inch i am feeding them with advanced, grow-micro-bloom very small amounts. I use tap water and plan to move them outdoor to terrace after 2 weeks no lights used full natural. 4 hours direct sunlight for now. I will update the progress.

    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Hi Mao,

      That sounds great, thanks for choosing us! Looking forward to the updates 🙂

      With best wishes,


  3. My NL 1 plants were the easiest to clone, most resilient with my nutrient mistakes of many varieties I grew indoors in SoCal closet garden. I felt the high was brighter than my other strains, even Thi weed, and especially afghan, other indica varietys.

  4. Heavy buds…a done it veg wae led n cfl then flower 600hps with led as well.good yeild

  5. Green Cyclops

    I just finished drying my two plants of Northern Lights and ended up with easily 65gms dry.
    Plants grew to 120 and 65 cm but gave dense heavy buds.
    I flushed the plants 2x and the quality after grinding is equal to any decent coffeeshop in Amsterdam, yet it is home grown!
    Earthy, pungent berry.
    The high starts with the eyes (you see stars), followed by a relaxation and an energetic high. I walked 2km had lunch and was still high 2-3 hours easy

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