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Greater high thanks to mangoes – myth or reality?

Mangoes Can the widely available and so innocent-looking mango actually increase the effects of cannabis? If so, how can this effect be achieved and can every smoker do it?


We all know them from the supermarket or the market and virtually everyone has eaten one at least once. We are talking about the mango, which may not have received much in the way of attention from cannabis users up to now. Nevertheless, this could change in the future, as according to current research, mangoes contain chemical substances that can significantly enhance the highs gained from consuming cannabis. Not only are they supposed to intensify the sense of euphoria, they are also supposed to make this state of mind last longer.

But how precisely does this effect occur and can it be achieved by everyone?

The effect arises via a chemical reaction in the body. Just like cannabis, mangoes contain the terpene myrcene, which ensures that psychoactive substances are transported via the bloodstream to the brain. If this chemical compound is augmented in the body, more substances can be transported, which means that cannabis can have a stronger effect.
How long prior to consuming cannabis a person should eat mangoes depends on the user’s own metabolism. For people with a fast metabolism, mango should be eaten approximately 60 minutes before consumption; in the case of a slower metabolism, approximately 90 minutes in advance should be sufficient to ensure that the body has absorbed all the goodness from the fruit. Furthermore, people with a fast metabolism might have to eat more mango, as their bodies may break down the constituents more rapidly. Mango is also particularly useful to smokers who have already developed a very high tolerance to cannabis.

However, in order to achieve a greater and longer-lasting high, the mango must not be eaten all at once. Adding mango to smoothies also achieves the same effect. That said, the decisive factor is primarily the freshness of the mango – the fresher the better!

We are of course also interested in your experiences! Have you already tried out the combination of mangoes and cannabis? What did you think? Did it have a noticeable effect or were you unable to sense any increased intensity? Please write to us with your experiences in the comments section – we look forward to hearing from you!

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It works for sure. At first I thought it was one of the many myths which are spreading across the Internet but I've been using it every once in a while for the last couple years. Different mangos have different effects as well. In my opinion very ripe mangos work best.



So i guess a fruit cake with mango and medicated oil will be the ultimate edible?



It sure does work....fell asleep on this combination and still woke up high AF


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