How Does Cannabis Affect the Digestive System?

A sketch of human digestive system and a cannabis leaf against the dark background

The endocannabinoid system is fundamentally important to the regulation of digestive processes including appetite, salivation, hunger, and satiety. Cannabinoid receptors are widely distributed throughout the digestive system, as well as in the brain regions considered to be crucial to the gut-brain axis.

For some people, introducing extra cannabinoids to the finely-tuned endocannabinoid system of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract (the scientific term for the digestive system) can have positive effects. This is particularly true in individuals suffering from certain gastrointestinal disorders, including Crohn’sinflammatory bowel disease (IBD), and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

The endocannabinoid system is complex and finely-tuned

In people who lack appetite, cannabis can be all that is needed to induce ravenous hunger. This can be highly beneficial for people suffering from certain illnesses that affect the appetite, from cancer to eating disorders themselves, as well as otherwise-healthy individuals whose appetite loss is due to stress or other factors.

On the other hand, in some individuals, the effect of introducing extra cannabinoids to the GI tract is disruptive and can cause a range of unusual and unexpected symptoms. In rare cases, cannabis can cause an acute vomiting syndrome known as cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome, as well as potentially causing acute pancreatitis.

Positive effects of cannabis use on the GI tract

Multiple studies have demonstrated that cannabis can be helpful in the management of, IBD, IBS, fibromyalgia, Crohn’s, and cancer-related anorexia and cachexia (appetite loss and muscle wasting). The first three conditions are even speculated to be a result of clinical endocannabinoid deficiency (CECD), a condition in which the individual does not produce enough cannabinoids or cannabinoid receptors. These diseases appear to be promoted by spinal, peripheral and gastrointestional mechanisms, and the research suggests that cannabinoids can block these mechanisms.

A woman feeling sick sitting beside the toilet

In general, cannabinoids may decrease inflammation in inflammatory bowel disease. They are also known to reduce intestinal motility (basically, to reduce the speed at which matter passes through the intestine) and fluid secretions caused by inflammation, which helps to soothe nausea and prevent vomiting and diarrhoea.

How does cannabis stimulate the appetite?

Normally, hunger pangs are generated when the stomach gets empty. A hormone called ghrelin is released, which stimulates the vagus nerves of the GI tract and travel up to the brain along the gut-brain axis to reach the hypothalamus, where the hunger pangs actually originate.

Animated human head and hypothalamus

In animal studies, synthetic THC activates the ghrelin receptors, sending signals along the gut-brain axis to the brain regions responsible for issuing sensations of hunger (particularly the hypothalamus) and ultimately causing hunger pangs even if the stomach is not empty.

Negative effects of cannabis use in the GI tract

At the opposite end of the spectrum, cannabis use can sometimes cause unpleasant digestive problems. In extremely rare cases, it is thought to cause certain serious and debilitating conditions. Generally, this phenomenon appears to affect chronic users that have used cannabis heavily for several years.

Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome

Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome causes cyclic vomiting, and a compulsive need to bathe to try to relieve the sensations of nausea and needing to vomit. It typically occurs in those that have used cannabis heavily for numerous years.

A man in a suit with struggling not to vomit against the white background

The few patients reported to have been affected by this condition sought medical treatment for acute vomiting and nausea after a period of heavy and protracted cannabis use, leading the authors of the case studies to conclude that cannabis was the cause of the problem.

Although controversial and little-studied, this condition now numbers over two dozen case reports, all of which are remarkably consistent, and all of which strongly implicate cannabis.

Most case reports have made no effort to explain the mechanism underlying this apparently-paradoxical side-effect of heavy and prolonged cannabis use. But at least one study hypothesized that the syndrome may occur due to the effect of THC on gastric motility, which is thought to potentially lead to delayed gastric emptying.

Cannabis-induced acute pancreatitis

As well as cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome, cannabis has now been linked to a handful of cases of acute pancreatitis—although again, the association is shaky, and most of the case reports involve individuals who also smoked tobacco heavily for multiple years.

There are now around 18 reports of individuals with acute pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas), whose conditions are ultimately blamed on cannabis due to heavy use in the period leading up to seeking treatment. In one case, the patient was observed for several weeks, and it was eventually found that his condition worsened after each time he smoked cannabis (which was brought to him at the hospital in secret by friends).

Therefore, it does seem that cannabis at least has a role to play, although it may also be that these individuals have a pre-existing condition which is somehow being exacerbated by consumption of cannabis. Or it may be that the effect is dose-dependent or depends on the activity of other signalling molecules.

Indeed, a recent study into anandamide levels in rats with pancreatitis found that anandamide could either reduce or increase the severity of the pancreatitis, depending on whether it was administered before or after administration of caerulein. Caerulein is a decapeptide known to influence gut motility and fluid secretions, and it’s also used to induce pancreatitis in experimental animal models.

Why do some people experience digestive problems with cannabis?

It is not clear why some people report these seemingly-contradictory effects of cannabis use, and it is not proven that cannabis is indeed the underlying cause. However, the sheer amount of anecdotal reports does tend to imply that cannabis use is in some way associated with the phenomenon.

One potential avenue of enquiry is other pre-existing conditions that can cause digestive problems, which may be exacerbated by cannabis use. For example, chronic stress is known to cause many sufferers to experience appetite loss, which is also commonly treated with cannabis. Many anecdotal reports of heavy cannabis use with appetite loss also involve symptoms of stress. Also, it is known that both cannabis use and chronic stress can alter the production and transmission of the “hunger hormone”, ghrelin.

Several factors might determine the likelihood of experiencing negative effects. Obvious considerations are dose, consistency and duration of cannabis use. But genetic differences between individuals might also be a factor. Often, a single mutation to a single gene can cause an individual to experience the reverse of what is deemed “normal”.

The potential negative effects of cannabis may sometimes be underreported by individuals that experience them. This may be due to fear of judgement or punishment, particularly in societies where cannabis remains illegal. But it may also be due to the pervasive trend for blind faith in cannabis’ healing properties and complete denial of anything that runs counter to that argument.

However, it is important that we move away from this tendency, in order to present an unbiased picture of the true potential that cannabis has to offer, along with its limitations and contraindications.

Cannabis truly does have numerous remarkable properties and a wide application within medicine, but it is disingenuous to state that it has absolutely no potential to cause unpleasant and debilitating side-effects in some individuals.

However, these side-effects are typically mild. Although in particular cases they may become severe, this appears to be limited to a tiny fraction compared to the total number who consume it regularly without detriment, for either recreational or medical reasons.

  • Disclaimer:
    This article is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult with your doctor or other licensed medical professional. Do not delay seeking medical advice or disregard medical advice due to something you have read on this website.


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  1. Cannabis taken orally is absolutely dangerous for some people’s digestive systems. Everyone’s physiology is different., Using edible “gummies” totally exacerbated my guts after 7 – 8 months of daily use and gave me severe IBS that I’m still living with. Some people may be allergic to cannabis or weeds in general so if this is the case, your guts can get trashed from daily use. Bet the farm on that.

  2. In some comments people disbelieve this claim but it is true. Weed, for some, does have negative effects on the digestive system. Last year I started going through about a 3.5g every two days and this had detrimental effects on my health. My digestive system stopped working. No food or liquid was being allowed in so I would eventually feel sick then vomit. It would start by changing my temperature so I knew I was soon to vomit. I also had Itching, pins and needles and joint aches and then I got strep throat probably due to the vomiting causing my mouth to be ripe for infection. What was difficult to believe was that, weed was the cure and the cause. It caused my CHS but whenever I was really sick, it would also sooth that feeling. So I became reliant on it.

    This lasted a whole year until I had enough and quit. Withdrawal was very hard but lasted about 2 weeks and took three months to feel completely normal.

    My advice would be to quit or take three months off. You will feel better if it’s CHS you have. If not, then at least you can rule that out.

    1. Dude seriously 😵‍💫 I’ve been a cannabis user for over 40yrs. It saved my life. I had depression, anxiety, insomnia. Single mom of 3with and dead beat Xhusband . I raised my children put them through college and I survived. A teacher, a social worker, and a company employee. Successful adults they’ve become. It’s ashamed it didn’t work out for you. Just to address the negative affects. You’ve might of over meditated yourself too Much. I don’t go through an 1/8 in 2days. That like taking multiple dosages of pain pills it will make you sick to your stomach. Take it with a gain of salt…Just Saying shrug 🤷‍♀️

  3. Wow! I finally found an article describing my issues.

    I’ve been a hardcore cannabis user since 2014 (I worked in industry from ’14 to ’23). I never had issues until 2020 when I switched to a near edibles only daily protocol. I’d make my own edibles with kief or flower/trim and would never filter out the plant matter. I do a BM routinely in the morning and never had issues. Suddenly my AM BM wouldn’t happen or I’d have to go several times and still feel like I hadn’t completed. Often I wouldn’t go until the next afternoon. My diet is extremely “clean” and I supplement with physillum husk twice a day. Regardless I’d still have issues. I use various laxitives to “mow the lawn” which I know isn’t sustainable.

    I also exercise every day, riding my bike at least 20 miles and weight lifting. I do not own a car, so all errands are on bicycle.

    Outside of edibles, I eventually went back to dabs which never seem to cause me issues. I’ve barely taken any time off but when I do the problems persist or things kind of become normal. I try not to consume edibles everyday but that’s not always accomplished. Whether it’s the edibles I make or ones I get from a shop I have the same issues. I have noticed more issues from RSO/solventless edibles than distillate. My theory is it’s related to the plant matter that can come from non-distillate variants. I was reading how tannins can disrupt the digestion system.

    Like an addict I continue to use cannabis. Edibles and dabs, smoking flower is too dirty and I do not enjoy the effects.

    The solution is to probably take an extended break but since 2014 the longest break was maybe eight days. To be transparent I’m having the above issues at the moment.

    I’ve discussed these issues with two docotors who didn’t know what to do. My bloodwork is fine, even was tested for colon cancer and that came up negative.

    Last year I consumed way too much RSO, and then had bloodwork the next morning. My liver enzymes were off the charts. I do not drink alcohol, and rarely use medications.

    One of my theories was my body was allergic to something in cannabis. I noticed then I took benydryl I was able to produce a PM more consistently. However, this is not always a for sure thing.

    Maybe I’ll be the first person to destroy themselves with cannabis.

  4. Long time smoker and currently going through withdrawal. My GI has been really bad trying to get back to normal. There is a lot of bad that is not in the spot light with smoking. Leaves sub on reddit has a lot of people going thru bad symptoms. I am not say to smoke or not but I think there is a dark side that no one talks about.

  5. I’ve been smoking for many years, heavily for about the last 6-8 years and recently I’ve had some serious issues. Every time I eat even if it’s just a little bit of food I will feel nauseous and vomit, and if I eat too close to bedtime I will force myself to vomit because if I don’t I will experience very unpleasant breathing issues while I’m sleeping and will roll around in bed until I wake up and go to the bathroom and vomit…The MJ is obviously causing digestive issues…even If I drink a tall glass of water before bed I will vomit up the water? Strange, I know. Another symptom I’m experiencing is bad itching around my stomach area that I’ve certainly never experienced before. I’ve got to the point where I realized the smartest choice is to just quit smoking, I hate the idea of quitting permanently but after about 4 days clean from smoking I have noticed the symptoms are getting better and I’m able to hold down my food much better and not vomit as much! I’m going to continue to stay sober and maybe just smoke on occasions and see how that does for me. Maybe just quit during the week and smoke a joint or two on the weekends and if the problems still continue I will unfortunately have to quit for the foreseeable future maybe even for the rest of my life unless I can find a cure for what I’m experiencing. I like to smoke MJ but these symptoms I’m experiencing outweigh the good that comes from smoking MJ.

  6. Hi everyone,

    I opened a cannabis store in late 2018 in Canada, was barely a user before hand, but felt I needed to know the product well in order to be successful in the business. Everything was generally fine up until late 2020. I started to get stomach pains, cramps, and a slightly bloated feeling every morning I woke up. I’d have to go to the bathroom at least a dozen times before noon ( #2)
    Start out as normal stools, going to soft, to straggly, to mush, to almost watery. This would persist every single morning with slight variations of the above list.

    When I went away on vacation and didn’t consume, usually 7-10 days at a time, I’d almost feel normal in regards to my stomach, digestion, bowel movements. Come back home and start consuming again, it would be affecting me agin the next day or two.

    Since it all started the symptoms got worse over time, I’ve been a daily consumer for about 4 1/2 years, typically consuming 1 – 1.5grams a day.
    Cutting back doesn’t seem to help much, I figured it was cannabis causing the issues, but after reading this article, and the comments I’m convinced it is the cause.

    Thanks for everyone who had the courage to leave comments about how this is a more common issue than I thought it was. I think the best option is to quit being a daily consumer, maybe just weekends?

    Wouldn’t be surprised if I need to just stop entirely for the symptoms to fully go away.

  7. Thank you for all who have commented here – this is the only place I have been able to find any confirmation that others have experienced similar GI issues from cannabis. Daily user for almost 30 years, and realized I was suffering “IBS”-like symptoms more than 10 years ago. Been trying every elimination diet, including carnivore (ate nothing but beef and butter for a year and a half) and while they all help a little bit for a little while, nothing has touched the chronic intestinal pain and messed-up poops. At its worst it was awakening me at 3 am with painful BMs, or I would have to go many times, up to 7 on a bad morning. Always runny but often would have to push to get the first bit out, like it was plugged up, which then creates hemorrhoids.

    Started acupuncture (I’m a chiropractor and have tried all “our” methods, supplements, diets, etc) and she put me on an anti-inflammatory diet which was actually less restrictive than how I had been eating. I ended up adding foods that weren’t working for me, which I was able to figure out, but also I went off weed & caffeine during our treatments for about a month. Since stopping treatments I started smoking again about 3 weeks ago (still not doing caffeine). I also bought a BBQ smoker pellet grill and was smoking all my meats and veggies, plus adding in more variety of foods, and the intestinal inflammation and pain came back with a vengeance, along with the runny stools with undigested food bits in them. Also feels like my pancreas is inflamed.

    So first I researched “smoked foods” and discovered if I have histamine intolerance they could be the culprit, but I don’t think I’m sensitive to the other foods listed for that issue. Plus, I have cut that out for the last 5 days and the pain wasn’t subsiding like I thought it should. So I thought “what ELSE have I changed? Oh…” And of course, all the info online is how cannabis helps digestion, IBS, and chronic pain. THANK GOD FOR THESE TESTIMONIALS! As of today I’ll stop smoking again and see what happens. I’ve also noticed that familiar bogged-down, tired, achy feeling in my muscles that had dissipated. Like I said, my pancreas hurts, my ass hurts, and I just feel fatigued. I’m sad I don’t get to dance with Mary Jane today, but it’s worth it to figure this out. I do wonder if the very beginning of these feelings coincides with when I changed from buying from my dealer buddy to the rad pharmacies here in SoCal, with the strong strains and the killer deals. Maybe those killer deals are laced with killer additives/pesticides. I wasn’t even aware that neem could be damaging. I did used to get the hyper emesis usually only when I was brushing my teeth and elicited the gag reflex which was really sensitive, sometimes I would vomit up bile in the mornings. That definitely ended when I took a break once and didn’t return. I hadn’t even given it a thought that it could be affecting my bowels since the weed wasn’t going through my alimentary canal for digestion but of course it’s in all the tissues.

    1. Thank you so much for putting this information out there. I’m one of the unfortunate people who cannot use cannabis for any length of time without it having very serious negative effects on my health. It took years to figure out the pathology of it but in my 50s I’ve finally been able to zero in on this “syndrome”. It’s not CHS as I don’t get nauseous and vomit. But I do begin to lose weight rapidly, become dehydrated, experience deep burning upper stomach pain (pancreas), become sensitive to many foods and scents, my stomach becomes distended and swollen and It becomes obvious I’m no longer absorbing food nor liquids. Eventually I stop sleeping, become food phobic after constant food rotation dieting, water makes me really sick and my muscles start wasting. But the real hell comes when I stop using cannabis. Even if I taper it down to 1 hit a day once I pass the 24hr mark of no cannabis my stomach locks up, digestion completely goes into shut down, I can no longer think clearly, I stop sleeping and my blood pressure begins crashing every other hour. Its terrifying and horrifc watching my body go into this “crash” stuck inside of it. It takes about 2 weeks of a low fat/no fat diet (mostly vegetable soups), TINY meals, heavy Cal/Mag/Pot supplements and gentle hydration. It’s a nightmare I’ve endured time and time again because I’m mocked and continually hear how cannabis is PERFECT and could NEVER be responsible for anything wrong from other users in denial. Well, sorry It’s not perfect and for some of us it precipitates a decline in life quality so severe at times we feel like we’re dying. Because we are. I’m currently in my final time going through this. I’m done. I was so happy to have my medicinal card and it was exciting to be legal. But nothing changed and once again I’m struggling to make it through another day. Anyone that would like to talk..ment. I’m so down for this discussion. It needs to happen.

      1. That sounds like what I get. Yup, a day or two after ending a long smoking bout, near total digestive lockup that seems to be around the stomach area, right around the bellybutton, although the problem might actually be further down the digestive tract, so this is different from the vomiting syndrome. I feel lousy, and circulation to the upper body seems to be reduced. Continues for several days, fading very very gradually. If I start smoking again, it opens the locked area. But then I’m locked into that cycle.
        Have yet to find a fix. Certain varieties seem to make it worse/better, so I wound up at this website while searching to see what was known about the effects of the different terpenes on digestion. We know they affect it, but I haven’t found anything specific yet.
        I suppose, given how rare our condition is–you’re the first one I’ve seen describe it–it could be that we have a cannabis related condition plus some other non-cannabis condition.

      2. I totally agree. I’m having a really hard time quitting. Can only make it a week. My gut is very unhealthy. I have an eating disorder and anxiety. I use cannabis for that. Now I’m addicted and can’t function without it. It has served its purpose for me. But at a cost… now I’m 30 lbs overweight, unmotivated and stuck in this cycle of trying to quit. Plus, all of the $1000’s of dollars I have spent. 🤦🏼‍♀️

      3. Damn, you describe my symptoms to tee. I noticed if I stop smoking long enough to were my symptoms disappear I can go back to smoking twice a week maybe only a half joint each time and I’m good. But as soon as I start smoking more then twice a week it catches me again and bam I have all the same symptoms you described and life sucks. I really enjoy smoking weed and I have a really hard time giving weed up.
        I was thinking I maybe substituting weed with shrooms and micro dosing them but never did shrooms and maybe that would be a replacement high. I don’t know if it would because I never tried shrooms lol. But if weed affects me then maybe I shouldn’t even smoke it twice a week because my body obviously is allergic to it.
        Have you ever tried shrooms and if so could that be a good replacement? Is there any other plants that can make you high that not bad for me. I am a very health conscious person. I eat healthy, no meds, no alcohol just weed and I love being high when with friends and my wife loves weed so I’ll miss the fun.
        It so great to know I’m not the only one because when I tell people weed give my stomach aches they think I’m crazy. But I’ve been experimenting with this issue for many years so I know it’s the weed. Anyways yea if you want to communicate, I’m cool with that.

      4. I found uncooked fruits & veggies,all sorts & water in large amounts take care of any problems in my system. Add excersize, its amazing. & A lot of digestive problems, seem to be simple to cure to my studies. In general I think many issues, & diseases stem from incorrect amounts of intakes of these. & If 1 is having problems My opinion is your not eating blending, drinking, consuming enough of the above, or not doing it correctly. I’m 62 on no (prescribed)meds I’ll. Never stop doing weed in any form or any heavy hallucinogenics. Started around 15 yrs. Old. I found in the 80s, civilian science, that theres way more potential, than they understood then, available in these. & A simple change of diet,consistent, can give back ability’s to use weed or even eliminate its use for problems. I have no mental,physical problems, and I assure you & attest to the strength & power of uncooked fruits & veggies water & excersize.

      5. The hell I think is withdrawal. I went through the same and I can tell you that if you pass the 2/3 week mark of quitting. You’ll feel better. Then 3 months and you should feel in control over your body again.

        And anyone else in the comments… I know a lot of people don’t believe you or you’re scared to disclose MJ to your doctors/friends. But the first thing to do is to admit that weed could cause this. Once you believe that. Then quitting gets easier. And to all who think you need it to function, you don’t.

    2. Hi sal. Just read your review and I’m blown away. I am experiencing the same exact issues. From the in and outs of the batkroom at 3am. 5-6 times. The gaging when brushing my teeth. I had a feeling it was the weed. How have you been? Have you seen a difference since you stopped ? How do you feel?

  8. Haven Toronto

    there is no doubt how you researched hard to get these points, really appreciate the efforts you have put in!

      1. I have come to the conclusion this is my problem. I wake up all night cramping and pooping since I started using medical mj 3 1/2 years ago. I haven’t slept more than about 3 hours at a time. Oh and the night sweats. I am officially 15 days sober and the symptoms have not let up. Has anyone on here quit long enough to tell me how long it would take a heavy user of over three years to detox? Thankfully I was honest with my GI and he is the one who said it is probably the weed and since it has become legal in states that they are seeing this more and more bc people are opening up about it bc they aren’t afraid.

  9. Wow I’m glad I found this forum. I have been smoking weed for some 8 years now almost every day. Few years ago I started experiencing stomach cramps after I smoke and In some rare cases I would expirence shorthness of breath where with the stomach pain where I thought I’m gonna die and every time it has happend after smoking weed. I have quit smoking few times before and every time I was feeling better after while. Last year I started smoking again and I was feeling great , I could smoke a lot and feel food without any issues. Month ago I have experience all the symptoms coming back again. Stomach cramps, bloating, food indigestion, and anoying skin itching. It’s been 3 weeks since I don’t smoke now and I feel better but I will still get bloated stomach, pain, and ski itching around my bell, and lower back mostly and sometimes all over my body. Still not sure if MJ is the biggest issue but I’m not getting those strong attacks anymore my skin is itching ocassionaly and belly is getting bloated followed with the indigestion. I am pretty healthy person that works out regularly and has a lot of energy still but this pain is so annoying and I feel this may be the withdrawal symptoms even after 3 weeks.

    1. Mark - Sensi Seeds

      Good afternoon Mike,

      Thank you so much for sharing your experiences, and giving so much detail.
      I’m sorry to hear about your situation. As Sensi Seeds is not a medical professional, I would recommend consulting your registered healthcare professional.
      However, It is definitely my hope that at the very least, this article can serve as a kind of online gathering point for other cannabis users so that they can compare experiences and possible solutions. You also might be interested in our article on What Is the Endocannabinoid System and How Does It Work?

      Thanks again, and I hope you feel better soon!


      1. In my experience 40 years smoker and grower. Bought Jack Herer from you the year it won it’s first cup. The Neem oil or Azadiractin is what causes me to vomit. One hit from flower that was sprayed or even neem seed meal in the soil and I get extremely sick with CHS like symptoms. Here in Colorado GI DR blame anything they can’t figure out as CHS. I have true case of cyclical vomiting syndrome and they keep blaming cannabis. I have quit smoking twice and got sicker each time I quit consuming flower and dabs. Peace and love to the Dronker’s family!!

  10. While using cannabis oil I suffered from intestinal cramps, stomach aches and pain in the upper abdomen. I’ve visited several doctors who couldn’t find anything.
    As a result of reading this topic I stopped using the oil and the problems almost all disappeared within two weeks.
    I think some people are very sensitive to THC

  11. Like so many who have commented here, I have been having stomach and digestive track problems. I went to my doctor and suggested that a study be done on weed and abdominal issues. I do have preexisting conditions, IBS and GERD. I knew smoking would cause a problem as the intake of hot smoke serves as an irritant to any existing inflammation. However, I switched to edibles and the symptoms got worse.

    My symptoms are not excessive vomiting but a harsh burning sensation in my stomach. Also I have either constipation or diarrhea, fluctuating between one or the other. I thought it was the coffee but I noticed that when I take an edible my symptoms become more intense. What I am experiencing may not be CHS, in my case I think my existing conditions are aggravated by the edibles and the harsh smoke from a joint. When I do throw up, it is not food, it is acid reflux from my throat. The fluctuation between diarrhea and constipation are known symptoms of IBS.

    Looks like I am going to have to stop the one thing that calms me down. I hate the prospect of going on psyche meds, but that seems to be my only option.
    I suffer from PTSD due to experiences in the Vietnam war and weed is the only thing that helps me. It has really calmed my rage. But it would seem that it is time to give it up, as the stomach issues can lead to much worse.

    1. Mark - Sensi Seeds

      Hey Charles,

      Thank you so much for sharing your experiences, and giving so much detail.
      It is definitely my hope that this article can serve as a kind of online gathering point for other sufferers so that they can compare experiences and possible solutions, and not feel so alone

      These articles on 8 Alternatives to Smoking Cannabis: Other Ways to Get High, 3 Healthier Ways to Use Medicinal Cannabis and
      What Is the Endocannabinoid System and How Does It Work? might also be of interest to you.

      Have a great afternoon,


    2. This this and this!!!! I have gerd and stomach problems once again no vomiting but sometimes after I eat an edible or smoke really good weed I feel like I have a gerd attack if that’s even a thing it’s not necessarily painful but it’s super uncomfortable and hurts my upper chest and me being somewhat of an anxious person it causes me to panic and therefor not enjoy it its like trapped gas feeling gerd or something like that man I wish we had answers I have learned smoking it and smoking concentrates are less harsh for me than edibles hope this helps

    3. Totally feel you on this one. Im experiencing exactly the same as you. I also believe the same factors as you. I have a GI appt next week and plan on being honest so I can get on with my life, these GI issues are not worth it. I will also be going on an SSRI. I am not happy about it because ive had very bad side effects from ssri’s in the past, with very strong suicidal thoughts. Im not looking forward to it , this sucks!

  12. I have been vaping and dabbing concentrate for recreational reasons for 6 years, about once every two days on average, with frequency increasing to once every day due to being at home all the time thanks to the current pandemic.

    3 weeks ago I consumed a 10mg THC edible and experienced severe vomiting and diarrhea for several days after. It was impossible to hold down food and the only relief came from taking a hot bath. I have taken similar doses of edibles before without issue. I researched my symptoms and came to the conclusion that I was experiencing Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome. Pepto Bismol helped relieve my nausea but also made stool harder to pass.

    I decided to go on a break from cannabis to test my hypothesis and stopped using entirely for 12 days. During this time of abstinence, I continued to experience diarrhea and had frequent small bowel movements with pieces of undigested food and mucus up to 8 times a day. Other symptoms I experienced include insomnia, cold sweating and lack of appetite.

    By the third day of abstinence, my nausea subsided and I was no longer vomiting

    After 12 days my gastrointestinal issues were less severe but still present. Sleep issues and sweating continued.

    On the 13th day, I decided to try vaping again to find out for sure if it was an issue with edibles or just cannabis consumption in general. I found that immediately after smoking, my bowel movements were healthy again and all my symptoms were gone. This meant that my issues were directly related to cannabis.

    I abstained once more and just 3 days later, all my symptoms returned. I believe my issue is actually a severe case of cannabis withdrawal. I just never noticed how reliant on cannabis my body was until I attempted to stop. Frequent small bowel movements, bloating, abdominal pain. All signs point to low intestine motility caused by my body being unable to produce my own cannabinoids.

    I am currently continuing my abstinence from cannabis indefinitely. I know that it will take at least several weeks to clear out the THC in my fat. I miss smoking but I do not want to be dependent on it to live.

    ONE THING THAT REALLY HELPS WITH CHS RELATED ABDOMINAL PAIN: Get capsaicin cream and rub it on your abdomen!!! There is a study that shows that it can provide immediate relief from pain similar to hot baths but without the dehydrating effects. I have tested it on myself and found it effective.

    1. I’ve been dealing with this for many years myself, but for me it’s mostly just diarrhea with a little bit of nausea. But the diarrhea is endless. I’ve noticed it takes about three weeks to a month to get out of your system fully. Then all my symptoms disappear. I don’t believe it was the withdrawal. I just think it was still in your system. I tried this experiment several times to see if it was the weed so in my guess it stays in your system longer than mist people think. It sucks because I enjoy weed.

    2. Thank you so much for your information. I have had stomach issues for more than a year, and have been smoking cannabis for 7 years. I just realized this weekend that my stomach issues could be related to cannabis, both my consumption and when I don’t smoke. I am happy to find these testimonials. Now I just have to quit.


    Notice how nobody ever complained about these things with marijuana until the govt got it’s dirty hands on it. They RUIN every single thing they touch. They want COMPLETE CONTROL and they want you to run to their Medical Mafia for problems THEY created. I believe they have gotten the organic growers to use something to fertilize or an insecticide to cause these proplems and they govt is also using some kind of toxic in the “legal” junk (probably genetically modified Franken weed) to cause problems as well to keep you in and out of the useless mainstream medical system (thereby inflating their bank accounts). They ruin every thing they touch. Goodbye Weed. They got you too.

    1. I’ve been smoking marijuana since I was in the 10th grade.
      So about 8-9 years non stop.
      I cant count the number of times I have tried to quit.
      Its 7/8/2021 and its day 5 of me quitting
      Since I quit so many times I have a way better handle on my withdraw symptoms.
      The major thing that has never changed and actually got worse is my apatite
      I’ve always felt that i had an eating disorder or something was wrong with me
      so i would go back to smoking.
      Tried going organic and its all the same crap.
      I use to be able to maintain a 125-130 weight , which is still below weight for me.
      every time I quit i go down to the 110s-115s
      This time is real bad and I’m in-between the 100s and 110s.

      At day 5 I feel I’m starting to slowly be able to eat but can eat more than half my meals.
      I’ve finally done research on this whole topic and it is proven now that cannabis use may cause permanent psychological disorders in some users such as cognitive impairment, anxiety, paranoia, and increased risks of psychosis.
      My anxiety is out the roof worse then before
      and my stress levels are insane
      After reading what I’ve read, the damage i have been doing to my brain, and digestive system i don’t ever want to pick up pot again.

    2. They won’t be able to mess with shrooms. They are too wild and they grow everywhere. I was thinking of trying that or possibly Microdosing it.

    3. First of all, the gov’t doesn’t have its hands on anything yet. Second, many of these problems I heard about, and some even experienced, when I first started smoking pot over 40 years ago. The reality is that the loosening of marijuana laws has both allowed for more study and made people feel free-er to discuss their experiences without fear of legal consequences. There is no substance known to man, from milk on up, that does not have negative impacts on certain people if taken in large quantities, and on a small group of people if taken at all (allergies).

      We should stick with the science, and avoid the conspiracy theorizing.

      1. I agree with you. Some people are just allergic to things. But when you say trust the science that’s a big no. Science is controlled by the government. Fauci says trust the science and look how that work with covid vaccines 💉. I never took the jab and never will because I don’t trust the science. I guess we are all conspiracy since we think the weed is causing a stomach problems. But when I’m pooping 30 times a day I know science has nothing to do with it.

    4. Wow those are great points mine has been regular for the last 2 months after 4 years everyday gummies .. The weird thing is my system gets better when I take it .. It’s when I don’t that it all goes to hell. Maybe 1 month off is good and then maybe just weekend ? Thanks

    5. i think most of you have never really smoked marijuana in its native form – which means, native and wild strains harvested by mostly poor villagers living in parts of Asia. it isn’t government control that is changing the characteristics of marijuana but selective breeding for specific traits and focus on high potency. i am a farmer and selection based on genetic traits – whether in plants or animals – will always come with other issues to deal with. for example, high producing chicken breeds such as cornish crosses or some of the sexlinks are not able to forage properly. there are breeds of sheep who are very susceptible to disease and require human intervention in order to live a healthy life. we have affected the world in ways we cannot account for because our knowledge is limited. it isn’t government that is to blame, but a modern mindset that lives in us all now. we are slowly poisoned this plant just as we have slowly poisoned this earth.

    6. It’s definitely something to do with the new strains and the lack of Balence. I’ve smoked for 18 years no problems until all this new Cali stuff started coming over to the Uk 5ish years ago, after a couple of years smoking these fancy strains, I had to quit due to gut issues, took me a while to figure it out and I’m still in a bit of denial but had a couple joints at weekend and then boom diarrhoea and burning feelings come Monday, Tuesday and we’re see for tomorrow just from about 0.3 grams wtf. I’m hoping it’s something else but it aligns with the bud unfortunately.

    7. LOL no growers are adding anything to weed from the government. The issue is that weed now has wayy more THC in it than it used to, and people are consuming way too much. Too much of a good thing is always a bad thing.

    8. It’s the levels of THC in modern capabilities. These high levels are stored in fat cells. Because they get so high they have to be released and that is what causes it. We didn’t alter it back in the day. Smokes it as it came.

  14. I suffer from ulcers, had and got rid of them in 2018, lately got them back I think?? Burping and pain, so have giving up coffee diary and cigarette smoking. Hav also smoked weed 15 years heavy. Never had problems b4 got the ulcers and find out then I also have barrotts.. now I get pain under my ribs eveeytime I smoke a joint, I’m nearly sure it was the weed all along, Very confused as I love weed 😬 Im much better since stopped cigarettes and coffee and upped my supplements so still confused??? Any help guys???

  15. Not sure yet if I have CHS, but I have been feeling for a long time that the GI problems I have been having for years is linked to vaping tch. I have been vaping tbh on and off for 5 years. But I have noticed when I vape again my “gastritis” would always come back and I would just feel bad.
    Now this has def gotten worse as now I wake up every morning around 6am with horrible nausea that has me retching as well. It’s a horrible feeling and I’m going through all the test to see if it’s anything else. But in the bottom of my heart I do feel that marijuana might be a big part. Usually I’m a healthy person… all until these GI problems started coming up a few years ago… and have been very difficult to get under control.
    Doctors blamed the nausea on gallstones…
    We removed the gallbladder but I’m still feeling HORRIBLE! I miss eating and enjoying food… now I take a few bites and it makes me feel bad or I just won’t have an appetite from my stomach discomfort.
    Also I have this feeling like I’m starving all the time but I’m not.

    1. My issues are the same as yours! My doctors won’t remove my gallbladder because there isn’t any current issues. But I go through months of feeling healthy and smoking while feeling healthy and then randomly one morning I’m up at 6am vomiting for 24+ hours straight. Where is the relief?

      1. Jerry Meconi

        Im sorry, but i think that you just need to give it up,? , if i read correctly you are fine until you smoke?

    2. Wow that is me to a tee man .. I actually feel better when I do a gummie otherwise I feel not hungry yet my stomach tells me that I am weird ..
      Done it for 4 years about almost 1 gummie a day to sleep ..
      also had gallbladder out and feels same too

      1. Yes, I’ve taken probably 10 gummies in the past 4 months, and for the first time; have dealt with a burning food stuck feeling in the top of my belly, itchy and fine relief in vomiting and then baths…
        What’s the fastest way to detox? I’ve been super healthy all my life until now. Hubby won’t believe it’s the gummy…. but i do…
        I don’t do it for the high; but for sleep…
        Dr. BERG has a sleep formula online that I’ll try instead.

    3. Dump that doctor for guessing. He just made a good penny off removing body part from you.

  16. Hello, 25 year old male. I’ve have grown my own. I used lots of fertilizer and did not flush before harvest. The lower parts of the plants did not affect me. However the top buds are causing excessive bloating. My gut becomes like a balloon. How do I fix this issue?

    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Hi Berk,

      Thank you for your comment. We are sorry to hear about your situation. As Sensi Seeds is not a medical agency or practitioner, we cannot give any kind of medical advice other than to consult your registered healthcare professional.

      You may also find it helpful to contact a support group for medicinal cannabis patients. In the UK there is the United Patients Alliance, and throughout much of the rest of the world there is NORML, who should be able to put you in touch with a group in your area (search United Patients Alliance or NORML followed by your area name).

      With best wishes,


      1. I’ve read all of these posts, and although many may not be willing to accept the facts, I’ve seen what my girlfriend has gone through twice and can now definitively say (with Dr’s confirmation) that CHS is the reason why chronic users of weed end up with messed up GI issues.

        The ONLY way to help with ridding yourselves of the pain and suffering caused by CHS is to stop the intake of marijuana, period.

        Baths or hot showers bring slight relief for short periods of time, but the condition will continue to persist as long as you are using weed in any form.

        This seems to only happen amongst chronic users, of which my girlfriend has been for numerous years. I have now watched helplessly as she agonizes through the pain and numerous bouts of vomiting throughout the day. As soon as she tries eating, she gets sick to her stomach. As soon as she tries drinking fluids, she gets sick to her stomach. It’s heartbreaking, yet fully preventable.

        She now knows 100% that consuming marijuana in any form (smoking or edibles) brings back these horrific symptoms. They are completely debilitating for her, and the effects last for roughly 7-10 days before she’s able to eat anything or not be entirely bed ridden.

        Again, the only way to get rid of this condition is to cut out weed entirely. It sucks for her, as she prefers it to drinking alcohol, but that’s the cold hard truth to the matter. Her doctor also confirmed this, and mentioned that it’s becoming more and more prevalent with the ease of access to weed from all the legal shops out there.

        Anyways, I hope this helps those of you who are at a loss of what to do. I know that you may feel the urge to vape, smoke, or eat edibles in order to get the pain to go away, or to increase your appetite, but I assure you that it will only perpetuate the condition or make it worse.

        Take care all….

      2. I’ve been smoking weed on and off for several years and i just started to use heavy for about 8-9 months and i noticed people started to say that i smelled bad. I never had this issue and people say i smell like shit like actual poop. I am a teen so it’s tough rn, people saying i smell is so emabarssing. Idk if weed is the cuase of my gut issues plus the foul smelling but i’ve been denying it becuase i just smoked when people said i smelled bad bc it just made me forgot it. Somome please respond I’m tired of smelling bad if smoking is the problem please tell me and for the 8 months it’s been mostly carts

      3. Mark - Sensi Seeds

        Hi John,

        Thanks for your comment. We are sorry to hear about your situation. As Sensi Seeds is not an agency or a medical professional, we cannot give any kind of medical advice other than consulting your registered healthcare professional.

        We cannot forget that the experience with cannabis is very subjective on a physical and mental level; the reaction that we each have to the same variety or dose is very different. Our endocannabinoid system and our own genetics determine each individual’s specific response to cannabis.

        This article about 8 Alternatives to Smoking Cannabis: Other Ways to Get High, Microdosing Of Cannabis: Less Is More and 3 Healthier Ways to Use Medicinal Cannabis may be of interest to you.

        Sometimes our other readers will also offer their opinions.

        Good luck and I hope you continue to enjoy the blog.

        With the best wishes,


    2. I grow my own too and I flushed for a month and still have the same Issues with my stomach. So the flushing did not help but my next step is to try and go without chemicals and use organic matter. And if that fails them I will know it’s definitely the THC.

      1. Curious to know how was work without using chemicals. Did you still have stomach issues?

      2. The GI told me it takes almost people at least 60 days to see a difference

  17. I have recently received a prescription for CBD oil daily and THC oil at night. Working wonders already for pain, which was the intention but stomach is now just daily cramps, wind, reflux and general discomfort. The timing can’t be coincidence. I’m very dissapointed!

    (Ps, up until now I only used CBD)

  18. Hi there. I have had really bad stomach issues last three months. Waking up every morning at 5 am and have to go to bathroom 6,7, 8 times. I’m exhausted and in pain every morning. I am guessing it is the edibles before bed…. anyone else have this problem? This seems to be the only correlation as I just started cookies again last three months to help sleep

    1. It depends if it’s the actual issue. I, myself, use edibles for sleep/insomnia/apnea, IBS and Anxiety. Edibles shouldn’t be making you run tot he bathroom that many times. Depending on when you ate the edible before, after a meal, or munched on stuff during, and how much, you could end up having uncomfy digestive issues in the morning. Slow, mildly painful and nauseating movements. You need to drink more water than usual when using edibles. Simply put, they kinda “dry” your insides out. Stay hydrated, wait at least 2 hours after a meal to have your edibles and snack with simple light snacks to tackle the munchies. Water overall should calm the stomach hunger and keep you hydrated and phucked up to sleep the night. If that doesn’t work, just adjust some things and keep a diary of what you’re doing. You’ll figure it out so you won’t have to stop the edibles 🙂

    2. I have the same problem but it got so bad I was having to throw up and diarrhea all at the same time. Then had a heart attack while all this was happening. I was using the rso for back pain recommended by my spin doctor. When I explained it to him he didn’t believe that was the cause but my gastroenterologist believes it to be true. I stopped for 3 months and tried it again last week to find out yes the diarrhea started again.

      1. Needed to add this to my previous post. Sick, can’t eat. The sight of food makes me sick. Diarrhea and throwing up and lost 25 lbs. I have only been using Rso for about 2 years. Can’t smoke cause I have stage 4 COPD and on oxygen 24/7.

    3. I just started edibles from the legal store and started feeling nauseous after taking 20 or 30 of 10 mg. Also tried other weed from friends and it was homegrown and did not bother my stomach at all. What are they putting in the edibles that might be making me queasy, nauseous, and feel like shit. I am 65 healthy as a horse and been using drugs since a teen on and off but never got nauseous from weed, maybe paranoid. What is the government putting in the edibles that I might be allergic?

      1. People deni government involvement in producing cannabis but our dispensary in Ohio has nothing but old dry lousy inlushed buds and government regulates it as they want to letting cross breading genetic improper breeding and what ever happened to natural land races and organic fertilizer compost type natural or legal cannabis may effect us weird .please breed it back to entrauge effect for healing as in Jesus day also legalize it and get nasty government regulations off it to grow it slower and lots less chemicals naturally thanks

  19. I’ve been using medical marijuana for 3 months now. Prior to this I barley used it maybe 10 times in my life. Now I use it everyday to help control my pain for my medical conditions. I don’t like smoking it so I use capsules, tinctures, and oils. I can barley eat just thinking about food makes me sick. I threw up for the first time the other day and reading your comments are really eye opening and frightening all at the same time. So since I haven’t used it for years like some have said I’m wondering why I’m feeling like this after just a few months? I suffer from ibs already but it’s really bad now. I don’t really want to stop because it’s really helping with the pain. I’m at a loss.

    1. Jennifer
      Stop the tincture. Switch to distillate, some of the tinctures I’ve made have come back to haunt me with myself and friends getting bad guts. If Already Vaped Bud is used in any edible it will be more disruptive on the GI. Filter your oils butters and tinctures extra to remove the plant matter. I think RSO can hold too much chlorophyll and Other contaminants that cause gut issues


    2. Ben Ritchie

      I feel since I started the oil on prescription that despite it working great for pain which was the intention, my GI problems are getting worse!

  20. Nigel Hoffmann

    At last I know I am not the only one with gut problems, I have smoked weed for 40 plus years, suddenly after starting vaping for my health my gut issues turned up, I think vaping is not good as you swallow smoke way more, I notice all my friends burp a lot now since we have been vaping, going back to scoobs, to much of anything causes problems

  21. Rick Jordans

    Growing up I was categorized as malnourished. I barely eat. I feel like I don’t have the appetite. A family of friend of mine recommended that I try cannabis and it sure helped me a lot. My BMI is normal and I gain my appetite for food.

  22. Deb Hillier

    Been smoking marajuana on and off for 45 years. Started vomiting periodically, about 15 years ago, but violently where, afterwards, I would be unable to go to work for a couple of days, I was so weak. The only thing that helped was a hot bath, for hours. Went to all the doctors. Up front about smoking pot. No one mentioned that pot may be contributing. Then about a year ago I read about this syndrome. So I noticed some patterns that may help others. I always smoke from a pipe, never joints because the paper seems to irritate me. Also, I smoke less with a pipe, which also helps. Indica affects me alot less than sativa. I got incredibly worse when I mixed in different store bought with my home grown, when the stores first opened up. That was when I got really ill, vomiting for hours. Sitting in a hot bath did alot to relieve the vomiting. Also, resist the urge to drink. Just sip. I have found that if I stick to indica, smoke home grown or the same indica from the same shop and I do not eat after 8pm, that I am fine. I haven’t been ill in almost 2 years. However, if I try anything new, I am risking getting sick. Hope this helps.

  23. Hello! Thank you for the posts. So.. I have a lot of the same GI issues listed here. Chronic user for 12+ years. I’ve stopped for two weeks after 6 weeks of symptoms. Everything has gotten worse. I keep reading how an absence from the pot helps – how long does it take. Thank you!

    1. Charlie of MI

      On GI issues. I’m 73, 4 back surgeries among other issues and vape my home grown the last 5-6 years for sleep and pain. I want to add 2 points to the discussion. I puked at 4 am today and yesterday and the stomach pain is quite bothersome. Until the last couple months I would have periodic rushes of nausea, maybe once or twice a week. Those have increased to several times a day. I’m losing weight and food isn’t appealing. Unfortunately the phenom is real for me.

      I grow organically, so no chemicals or additives.

      Ironically, MJ is great for my migraines and helps blunt the nausea that accompanies them.

      1. I’ve read many of these posts and I can’t help but wonder if the cannabis is causing the problems being described or if there is something else more serious (partial bowel blockage, etc. ) going on. A partial blockage can cause vomiting too. I really think you should all consider a colonoscopy if you haven’t had one recently. I suspected cannabis with my bowel and vomiting issues and it wasn’t the problem at all. I needed bowel surgery. Thankfully it wasn’t cancer and I didn’t need a bag. Get yourselves checked out!

      2. Interesting that you grow your own organically. That’s upsetting to hear because I was hoping it was the chemicals, because I grow mine using standard chemicals and was hoping if I switch to organic maybe my symptoms will disappear, but after reading you grow yours organically and still have issues it is disappointing but good to know. Thanks

  24. I smoke pot chronically. My stomach wakes me up early and I have to do a huge painful diarrhea almost daily. In turn caused brutal hemmoroids which in turn had me getting colonoscopies… Days after I stop… vacations, it always stops. And is the only time I poop normal.

    1. Ingrid Tosteson

      Thank you. This is exactly what I’ve been dealing with and didn’t realize what it was. I also had it 20 years ago, about the same time I was using marijuana a lot! Geesh! So I gotta cut it back and find another way. It has helped so much this time around. But the pain and digestion is killing me. Thought it was endometriosis and I needed to get surgery so no I definitely need to stop using it so much or at all.

  25. This hyperemesis condition is frequently relieved when patients swap to cannabis that has not been sprayed with neem oil. Please be aware organic cannabis can still have this pesticide as it comes from the neem tree.

  26. Ive read every last post very interesting. Ive used cannabis for 20 years every day and for the past couple years ive have started experiencing bloating and poor bowel movements. Very uncomfortable and makes it hard to eat more than 1 or 2 very small meals a day. The only difference from all the other posts is that this only happens when I eat edibles. I seem to be fine smoking. When I stop the edibles its goes away within days. It feels like its making my intestines inflamed. Never had this problem with edibles before but I definitely do now. Ive been doing some testing and it seems like the strain type has something to do with it. It could be the dif terpene combos but just a guess. I feel like were all missing something thats causing this. Maybe a nutrient deficiency of some sort(another guess). Edibles never had this effect before but the last couple years they have for sure. What are we missing? I also know a ton of career users who have none of these issues. I feel like its gotta something unique to the individual. Some kind of weird combo with cannabis that we arent recognizing or maybe its as simple as a allergy developing. Im gonna figure it out. Sorry for everyones struggle . Hope you all feel better!

    1. Hi there. I have had really bad stomach issues last three months. Waking up every morning at 5 am and have to go to bathroom 6,7, 8 times. I’m exhausted and in pain every morning. I am guessing it is the edibles…. anyone else have this problem

      1. Cathy Cross

        I only started the edibles two weeks ago. Been using them daily for pain. I finally connected the fact that my bowels have been griping like crazy since I started. Painful run up to the morning poop, often now two or three times. It’s loose, and full of gas, so painful. I’m also producing enough gas to fill a hangar every day. I really like the high, but if this continues, I’ll have to look at other methods of delivery.

    2. This is my same thing. Exactly but only with poor edibles and any tincture made items. First and foremost is the starting material. If I start with already Vaped Bud from a vaporizer my edible will be two things extremely potent and extremely disruptive on my guts, all AVB creations needs extra filtering.
      Second tinctures made with AVB or regular bud both tinctures will have contaminate from the plant matter and god forbid anything else the alcohol dissolved was your filter paper and glued on mesh? Did the mesh come loose? Ew contaminates did glue dissolve? And with contamination it’s always more so in AVB.
      Even highly filtered tinctures used as a major ingredient i.e. beef jerky replacing water for tincture to mix seasons and marinate the tenderloin, the results are insanely potent awesome but dangerous for the gut. Maybe someone can make a cleaner tincture and I have improved mine 3 times but still cannot make an AVB tincture edible that I can share worry free. I even worry about my reg bud tincture products too, it’s reason to upgrade to distillate in 2021 as soon as I can.

      1. I think it is because it’s a plant and many people are allergic to certain plants.

  27. Noel Moffatt

    Do anyone have an answer for me I use to smoke marijuana until I had an issue one day I wake up add breakfast and done other things I then was smoking a joint when suddenly I got a sharp pain in my side from that day the pain remains there it really get worst when I try to smoke a joint or when I eat fried foods I did go to the doctor about it they did several test even a CT scan they found nothing said I’m ok I should just stop smoking marijuana I now smoke cigarettes which doesnt cause that awful pain but I wanted to go back to smoke marijuana not cigarettes it’s been 5 year now but whenever I try to smoke marijuana the pain comes back

  28. kafadan salla

    Ahaa, its pleasant dialogue regarding this piece of writing
    here at this blog, I have read all that, so now me also commenting at this place.

  29. I have found all of this information very helpful. I am starting to have GI issues. I hope this blog does not stop.

    1. Patrick, (a copy from my post above) After 2 years of eating home-made edibles almost daily my bowel movement situation went south, diarrhea and loose stools becoming a daily issue. Perhaps weed is an allergen and my lower intestinal track is now full of allergens and irritants? Why not, aren’t allergic reactions, including hay fever common during the summer months and especially during August when weeds and allergens are at their growth peak…and I’m eating them? LoL. Hope that’s not the case, just speculating here…

  30. Cynthia Abbott

    My 17 year old daughter has been having GI issues for almost 6 months. I found out she has been vaping the THC for almost 2 years everyday regularly with her friends. We have been back and forth to the Doctor and tried many different meds and procedures. Yesterday I asked about this and the Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome describes her symptoms perfectly. This is harming our kids. I am a supporter of MJ but this vape/THC cartridges these kids are getting off the street is harming them. It is painful to watch your kid cry in pain and there is nothing you can do but hope they listen to the Doctor and stop.

  31. about 2 weeks ago i cut up 3 marijuana candies and swallowed then whole, as the taste was so disgusting. i had cramps for 2 days and i’ve felt sick to my stomach ever since. food looks gross to me so i barely eat. i have a constant metallic taste in my mouth ,often w. nausea. no throwing up (yet)-but nausea.i can’t believe this is still going on,but after reading all these comments it seems very real .although, they all got better after quitting smoking and i haven’t eaten anything since. i do smoke-so perhaps it’s aggravating it? i’m going to stop smoking today and hope for improvement.

  32. I came here under the suspicion that the symptoms I’ve been dealing with were somehow either exacerbated or caused by weed and after reading some of the comments here, I’m thinking it might be what is happening… I’m getting an ultrasound in a few days because lately my whole upper abdomen area, especially my liver area, has been inflamed and painful, I’ve had no appetite at all and felt nauseous even looking at food, and I noticed this might have started around the time I started smoking thc oil. I smoke like 1-2 grams a day usually and I’ve been noticing the symptoms getting much worse when I smoke, so I stopped smoking for a few days and I started feeling better. I bought bud to smoke thinking it might be the oil, smoked that, and suddenly the symptoms got worse the next day, didn’t smoke that night, and they got better. I absolutely love marijuana and think it does wonders for my anxiety and fibromyalgia so this would be quite the blow for me if it turns out true, but anything is better than the pain I’ve been in recently.

    1. Ellie- me too…..I think. The upper abdomen pain is right under my sternum and to the right (liver?). It’s been there for a year. It usually only hurts with pressure, even very light pressure like the grocery card handle or my arms on that area. I’ve had a colonoscopy, ct scans and have lost 20 lbs with hardly any appetite. I can’t seem to eat! Doesn’t make since. Goes in your mouth and swallow, but I’m having a difficult time eating. It hit me? Is it the yummy saliva gummies? As sorry as I am that so many are having gut issues, especially after changing my attitude that pot is better than alcohol , natural, good qualities etc., I, glad I’m not alone. Hopefully the medical community can give us some answers?

    2. Smoke max 3 bowls. Cannabis stimulates your metabolism in micro doses. Once you pass that line, too much THC will decrease your GI tract motility. Never sit down and smoke a whole joint. In fact never smoke joints period. Smoke tiny bowls, max 3 for nausea. Ween yourself off the large amounts of THC intake. Enjoy MJ in small doses and you’ll be fine. Remember Micro-Dose only when you feel nauseous and then wait 5 minutes before hitting second bowl. Let it work. Then hit 2nd bowl. Relax wait five minutes. Then hit 3rd bowl. Then don’t smoke for 2-4 hours. If you get nauseous in that time period, smoke 1 more bowl. Ween off the THC it’s not the chemicals. It’s not organic vs not organic. It’s not home grown vs corp. it has to do with the amount of THC within a given time. Just a little will increase your metabolism. But, cross the line and your gut motility slows down causing constipation and diarrhea. Remember micro-dose.

      1. That might beg the answer and it makes the most sense. Did this help you with your symptoms?

    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Hi Dave,

      Unfortunately, I do not know the answer to this question! Maybe one of our readers does? Good luck though, and I hope it passes soon.

      With best wishes,


  33. dan lettuce

    Everything is rushed in this life. Testing a chemical that has high investment will be determined by mainly money changers who do nottely or use cannabis…they just invest in it making them as much money as possible.
    Modern foods and water are proven to be slow poisons that overtime give poor health. Chloramines, fluoride….perhaps neem oil, artificial plant foods, artificial lighting…what do we honestly expect …. When man can live without all the government interference it will succeed, until land is shared properly ALL YOU HAVE is dependence on supermarkets and big pharma. HEALTH isLOW priority where money is HIGH priority. Get rid of the government and you get rid of 99.9 of life stresses that only appear once the government has you chasing your tail.

  34. Dan lettuce

    What I want to know is this:

    how many additives that are used for the cultivation of cannabis grown indoors have been properly tested.
    Residual neem oil, silica, artificially produced plant feeds, adulterated water (chloramines flouride etc)… How much of dispensary cannabis is “clean”? Also can ANYONE truthfully say they know every ingredient added to their fiod supply is not

  35. I have been using RSO for 8 months. Have increased dose up to double that I started with. Am taking RSO for metatizied breast cancer. It is in my breast bone and 2 ribs. I had both breasts removed 12 yrs. ago and thought I had beat it. My daughter and granddaughter both urged me to use MJ. I am 75 yrs. old and have had stomach, gerd, and IBS since my 20’s. I have fibromyalgia, 20 yrs. No meds for this, all gave side effects, so just learned to live with it. My need to eat disappeared in the first month on RSO. Thought it was odd that I could not eat on MJ, as it is supposed to make you hungry. I can only take RSO at bed time because it makes me so high I can not function. Have had constipation from day one on MJ. Take a stool softner everyday and has help some. Started looking for reason for not eating and sort of thought it was MJ. I can only eat a small amount of food at one time, one slice of toast, sm. bowl soup, meat doesn’t taste good anymore so eat very little. Eat canned fruit, maybe 1/2 a yogurt cup, take Boost sometimes for protein. So reading all the problems others are having, think I have same problem. What makes me mad is the RSO put me in remission the 2nd month I was on it. So how can I stop, it is keeping me alive. Cancer doctor said I could live for a long time with results I’m getting. So answer me, how do I quit taking MJ knowing I will die within a year if I do? I also had to have gallbladder surgery in Nov. of 2018. Large stones and pancretaitis, said stone passed through it. Wonder if this was caused by MJ? This is very hard for me, I have anxiety and panic attacks all the time. I am seeing a counsulor weekly. I have no interest in any of things I always did. I have a sick husband to take care of. How does one make such a decision? Any place I can go to find diet I can eat or suggestions? Any help you can give will be very much appreciated. Peggy

    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Hi Peggy,

      Thank you for sharing your story, and being so honest and open about what you are going through. I am really sorry to hear that you are in this position, that is a terrible choice to be faced with. I really do wish I could help, but as neither I nor Sensi Seeds are qualified medical practitioners, all I can do is post your comment and hope that perhaps there is someone out there who can professionally support you.

      Are you in touch with NORML? They might have members with similar experiences – try googling NORML followed by the name of the area you live in. There is also the United Patients Alliance, who are easy to find on facebook.

      I’m really sorry that I can’t help you further, and sincerely wish you all strength at this time.

      With best wishes,


      1. 40 some years ago naturally grown did get me high but push for legal and not many grow proper it’s all mostly who knows what’s in high bred strains newer 10 years or more high breds have high THC and low quantities of medical cannabinoids because when I smoke I feel very low amounts of bad and wish they would breed it back to meds as God gave it to us but it’ll take years to grow it back to meds not worth it to use much any more . Good luck feeling better

    2. Cher Charon

      Hey Peggy! I know this was written a few years ago so hopefully you’re doing well and see this <3 … something that will work wonders is drinking 8oz of warm water with 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar with the mother 1 lemon fresh squeezed or 1 tbsp organic lemon juice in the AM & PM. Also, drink a mixture of Organic Mint Blend Tea & Organic Turmeric & Ginger. Drink that tea combo in one cup when you take your RSO, this will calm the inflammation in your gut & help your gut profoundly from the side effects the RSO is having. I've been having intense bloating and pain in the abdominal & have been using this tea, it usually works within 5 minutes too! Other than that I would suggest doing a VIOME gut microbiome test it's bout $150 and it tells you what you spefically need to be eating & avoiding! I have to avoid many healthy veggies & fruits that I was eating bc it was actually harming my gut health which = your overall body health. Especially when dealing with cancer we want to heal the gut as well as energy healing. But I recommend doing that test to find out what you should be eating specific to your gut needs 🙂 .. sending you massive love + healing. Xxx

  36. I have vaped THC for two years. Never used cannabis before. 71 y/o. Very healthy, only organics, no sugar added to anything. Big nausea and gastrointestinal discomfort began to appear out of the blues 3 months ago. I read a comment of a person and he mentioned that the culprit is not the THC per se, but the oil —named, neem- used as pesticide by growers. I investigated what neem oil is ( and then went to the National Health Library ( and got the latest studies on the uses of this oil. Three uses for this neem oil: prevents pregnancy, kills insects, and damage the gastrointestinal system of the rats in the lab. I am now willing to find out if the oil I use comes from plants treated with this pesticide – – – if I find a product, even plants, that were not treated with this neem oil, I will use it and see if my gastrointestinal discomfort is gone or reduced. Will take time but I can not be vaping while it causes me pain. Here is the paragraph in the Summary of the latest study.

    These results may reflect INTERFERENCE of azadirachtin ( a form of neem oil) with REGULATION OF FEEDING and metabolism, and provide some evidence of a long term ANTIFEEDANCY and delayed effects through developmental stage which may reinforce the insecticidal activity of this bioinsecticide. —- i capitalized the important words. Hope this help.

    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Hi Yugnauj,

      Thank you for your comment and sharing your experience. The more information we can gather on this mysterious condition, the better! You may also find this article, dedicated to Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome, interesting. Also, please do let us know the results of your investigations!

      With best wishes,


  37. The stories all seem to be very true…I`m going through this same digestive issue.I have been smoking for over 25 years or more..My diverticulitis is going crazy,,my upper stomache churns.and and is constantly twitching.I `ve been to the E.R.twice in the passed week.Today will be the day I will quit smoking weed after all these years..Hoping for results…It`s the only thing I haven`t tried ….. great topic that requires all possibilities to be questioned, good or bad.

  38. Nine years ago he was run down by a car on my bike. He ran a red light. I have been incapacitated since. I do not like drugs so I have lived with a crushed spine hip ankle and shoulder ever since. I sleep between 6am and10 am due to the pain.
    I was a hiker, biker swimmer and weight lifter. I loved physical activity. I also played improv jazz guitar. I have not been able to do any since. About a year ago I started medical cannibas THC since CBD didn’t touch my issues. I started to sleep better and my pain lessened a little. After six months I noticed I was not hungry and was eating less but still gaining weight in my middle section. I have always been thin and put on weight that wouldn’t come off despite barely eating and still doing what exercise I could.. After eight months I stopped eating solid food. I was too sick to eat. I lived on bone broth water and kefir. I took liquid nutrients to stay alive. This went in for three months!!! Doctors did not help.,I got weaker and weaker but lost no weight. As an experiment I stoped all forms of cannibis. The pain got worse my sleep got worse but after four days I was no longer sick to the stomach and started slowly adding some protein and light vegetables. Within a week the nauseousness had left and I was able to add a little more sold food. I lost five pounds in the first week even though I was eating more. I had tried every form of medical cannibis. I even tried three different dispensaries to see if that was the problem. All had the same results. I am convinced if your immune system is already compromised cannibis can cause more issues that make the gut worse. I have tons of inflammation from blood tests which was not there before even though studies reveal it’s suppose to help gut lining inflammation.. Perhaps some of us have a genome that just doesn’t handle canbibis. I will live with the pain and lack of sleep rather than not be able to eat and feel sick.

  39. I have been to every specialist in the last 6 yrs & w/ over $200,000 in medical bills , I can only now realize that the studies that are in this article are to be true . Other then GI’s informing me that cannabis is the source of the problem , all other Dr.s in different fields of medicine SCOFFED @ the theory . But w/ family in the medical field , I stopped smoking for 6 mo. . Surprisingly all symptoms resided . Then , for no real reason I resumed smoking & within a yr. all symptoms have resurfaced . Today Sept. 21 is the start of celibacy . So annoyed , I liked to smoke . Have for over 25 yrs. , But I like having a life better .

    1. I am a 40 yr smoker with a stomach ulcer. I had gastric stapling in the 80s and figured my stomach issues are related to that but now I am thinking it’s the mj. I think it’s time to give it up. I sure will miss the sleep and pain relief I get from mj but like you I am tired of gut problems

  40. I wrote my opinon and it wasn’t applied to this site!!!!
    It is horrible stuff. Somebody making a lot of money. It caused me dizzyness, vomiting and vertigo. If you like being sick and in another world other than reality, you’ll like it. I like being intact with all I do. Maintaining my intelligence, nothing is bad enough to want to take drugs to make me sick.

    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Hi Peggy / Jane Doe

      This is a company and blog based in the Netherlands, where the time when you posted your three comments stating your opinion that cannabis doesn’t work for you and therefore people who use it “can’t deal with life as it is and maintain [their] intelligence and focus on [their] day” was 1:10 am. As is standard practice on active blogs, and as you would know if you had read our conditions of use, blog comments must be approved by a moderator before they appear. Our moderators only work during standard office hours, but do strive to have all comments moderated and, where appropriate, published, within 24 hours. This applies equally to comments, whether the writer is being enthusiastic about cannabis use or being vituperative about cannabis users.

      I am sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with cannabis products. However, I doubt that a small piece of a brownie caused you to be constipated for 35 days and in my opinion, it is more likely to be a health problem with your bowels. “Cannabis balm” covers such a wide range of products that I cannot say with any certainty why it was not effective for you personally. However, there have been some scientific studies that prove cannabinoids can be effective when applied topically. This is still a relatively new area of research though.

      I hope this clears up your confusion that “I wrote my opinon [sic] and it wasn’t applied to this site!!!!”.

      With best wishes,


      1. I have been smoking cannabis for about 16 years and had no issues for nearly all of that time.

        However I later had gut problems which were misdiagnosed as IBS by different doctors for 5 years. I was In chronic pain and used cannabis to relieve it, and that worked to manage it for a time.

        I eventually got a test sent off to a lab which revealed I had two parasitic bacteria. I forget the others name but the one causing most of the issues was H-Pylori.

        This was treated with Antibiotics, however it left me with a gluten intolerance which caused yet more issues if I wasn’t careful.

        Cutting out gluten has done well enough, however I am still expecting some gut issues. Bubbling guts, extreme discomfort, difficulty passing stools and requires multiple trips to the bathroom to get it all out, also brain fog and very occasionally nausea. The severity alters by day and oddly doesn’t seem to affect me until about 20 minutes after waking each morning.

        If I smoke cannabis now however, I can feel a twinge in my stomach, and it seems to be much heavier on the mind, regardless of strain or quantity.

        So whilst I don’t think cannabis is the cause of my issues, it may be exacerbating it. So I’m going to try to abstain for a while and see.

  41. I got the license for medical majuana and used a tiny peice (brownie) to only make me deathly ill, nausea, vomiting and into vertigo. Caused severe contipation that lasted nearly 35 days. Including an impaction. NEVER again wll I try this. I like having my brain functioning normal at all times, and my intestines normal. It did nothing for me but make me severely ill. Waste of money! Not for me. They claim the balm can be rubbed on a painful joint for relief of pain, IT DID NOT WORK! So if you like not knowing where you are, and can’t deal with life as it is and maintain your intelligence and focus on your day. It’s the stuff for you. Not for me!

    Now I’m not able to provide my opinon you are stopping the TRUTH. I NEVER WROTE ON THIS SITE, SO YOU DON’T HAVE MY OPINON.

  42. I got the license for medical majuana and used a tiny peice (brownie) to only make me deathly ill, nausea, vomiting and into vertigo. Caused severe contipation that lasted nearly 35 days. Including an impaction. NEVER again wll I try this. I like having my brain functioning normal at all times, and my intestines normal. It did nothing for me but make me severely ill. Waste of money! Not for me. They claim the balm can be rubbed on a painful joint for relief of pain, IT DID NOT WORK! So if you like not knowing where you are, and can’t deal with life as it is and maintain your intelligence and focus on your day. It’s the stuff for you. Not for me!

  43. YES Cannabis does work to treat constipation!! I smoked Cannabis nearly everyday for over 20 years. I’d say at first (in my teenage years) I smoked Cannabis simply because I loved getting high and loved the taste / smell of Cannabis, that I would much prefer to smoke Cannabis that drink alcohol or smoke normal cigarettes. Later in my life I’d say my reason for smoking Cannabis were to help me escape certain traumatic experiences that happened within my life.

    For over 20 years I NEVER had a problem going to the toilet, I would come home form work and smoke 4 or 5 spliffs and would wake up the next day and my entire bowls would simply empty without any pain, without any straining. I could also eat whatever I wanted, it didn’t matter, I could eat red meat, cheese, slow digesting foods and still smoking Cannabis turned it all into a well digested mush that I could pass with ease.

    Skip forward until 3 years ago and I decided to STOP smoking Cannabis. I had smoked Cannabis for so long it was simply time to quit. Don’t get me wrong I was a very active smoker, I had always worked, always owned a house ECT. However it was simply time to stop. That in hope of making my life better I decided to stop.


    1: I have piled on weight.

    2: I have suffered severe pains in my back and hip.

    3: I have been placed on a medical inhaler for asthma type issues which I never once suffered before stopping smoking Cannabis.

    4: The doctor has told me I’m pre-diabetic.

    5: Worst of all I have become so constipated (on a daily basis) that I have actually torn my bum hole / anus inn several places and now going to the toilet is extreme agony.

    I have been to the doctors 3 or 4 times and have tried various constipation medicines, have tried over the counter medications, have tried drinking more water, have tried increasing the fibre in my diet, shit for over two months I basically lived on a white fish diet trying to offer my body easy foods to digest.

    The only results from such things have been terrible gas and more constipation. I never had any of these problems whilst I smoked weed. For me at least smoking Cannabis seems to have a miracle laxative effect and over the years I have known 3 or 4 other Cannabis smokers say the exact same thing.

    I think Cannabis helps with constipation for 2 reasons. Firstly it relax’s your gut and seems to have a dramatic effect on how I digest food. Secondly I think it helps constipation because people who do smoke weed often have a drink at the same time, for example a spliff and a cup of tea, a spliff and a cup of coffee, a spliff and a bottle of water or pop, so as a result your liquid intake increases. That combined with the relaxing effect in the gut seems to create mushy well digested stools that are easy to pass and cause no pain or issues whatsoever.

    As for smoking Cannabis causing nausea or vomiting, I’d only expect such things if the person smoking the Cannabis has never actually smoked it all / or doesn’t smoke it often. For a new or light user Cannabis will knock such people on their backside, once you have become use to smoking Cannabis such things do not happen. I’d also point out that in my case Cannabis suppressed my appetite, I still ate very well but yes Cannabis did keep the weight off me. However if you don’t eat anything and smoke then yes you will feel nausea. If you drink alcohol on a empty stomach you can end up feeling sick and dizzy, same with Cannabis.

    Now as it stands I’m in constant pain with my bum / back / hip, I’m struggling greatly with sciatic pains, and am taking pain killers like they are going out of fashion. I sometimes lose count of how many paracetamol / ibuprofen I take in a day, plus on top of that I have to smear my legs in Voltrol pain killing gel.

    Since stopping smoking Cannabis the issues with my bowls and constipation have become so bad I have not only tore open my own bum due to sheet strain and pain, but my bum has become “Infected” 2 or 3 times seeing my prescribed antibiotics / yeast infection creams / antibiotic creams and the infection goes away. THEN it comes back within 2 or 3 weeks because my bum is that sore and covered in open bleeding wounds that it just reinfects.

    It looks like I’m going to need rather major surgery on my anal area. Like any operation this will be a life threatening ordeal where they will put me under / knock me out with powerful drugs and then cut away large chunks of my anus and HOPE that helps. I already know however (even with this sugary) that the first time I go to the toilet and am constipated then there is a good chance it will rip open all the work the doctors have done and I’ll end up back at square one.

    One thing I find ironic is that when I was younger (16 to 21) I always imagined that people who smoke Cannabis for “Medical Use” was full of shit. I laughed at such people, I thought such people were simply making false claims about medical use so they could get high. NOW over 25 years later I can tell you 100% guaranteed that Cannabis DOES have vast medical properties.

    I have never dealt Cannabis to anyone and never will, I have never been involved in a violent crime, I have never stolen anything to feed my smoking habit,, I have worked and paid tax all of my adult life so far. Yet honestly since stopping smoking Cannabis my entire health has CRASHED.

    I don’t pretend to know all of the facts but I do know whatever Cannabis did to my body it DID have various beneficial effects. Now as it stands I can face a life threatening operation that may / or may not even help, or I can run the risk that my bum become infected and the infection becomes immune to antibiotics and it will slowly eat me away and poison my entire system until my heart finally gives out.

    It pisses me off, I go to see the doctors and they simply throw more medications at me with side effect lists longer than my arm. Half the medications they give me have such brutal side effects listed that its scary to even use them, plus they just don’t seem to work, I have tried.

    Funny that I gave up smoking Cannabis in hope of a better, cleaner, healthier life and really it’s done just the opposite. I think purely from a medical point of view I’ll have to return to smoking Cannabis at some point in the future 🙁 That from a medical point of view I’ll be forced to break the law, but honestly I’d rather be illegally alive that legally dead or spending everyday in agony.

  44. Earl Johnson

    I’m 66 years old and have smoked cannabis since I was 16 and smoke rather heavily now. I’ve had two bouts of diverticulitis this year and currently occasional intense nausea lasting a minute or two. After reading this article I believe my symptoms could be related to increase smoking of cannabis. I’m going to cut back and see if the symptoms decrease.

  45. I am so saddened that the truth Maybe that THC is causing my problem also. I smoked marijuana since I was 15 I’m 62 on and off my whole adult life. Then a Funny Thing Happened One Night a home invasion I lived 18 miles from the nearest town on a gravel road against National Forest I was shot with my own gun and Left 4 Dead. Unfortunately I lived I was laying there for approximately two hours in the sleet snow and rain and because the temperatures were so cold down in the twenties and slow the process down allowing me to be alive today. Please excuse my grammar I’m weak I’m still alive but I’m still healing a spin out over a year was March of 2017 took out half my colon and liver shot up and every other part of my body is got some sort of damage down to my nervous system because of this hollow point bouncing around doing damage in my body I was told 22 caliber was the worst to be shot with anyways I was one of those one percenters that lived I would like to commit suicide almost every day because of all the different types of pains I’m in I dare not speak about a vocally or I’ll be thrown into an asylum which is happened twice when I spoke to a doctor and said I just wish I was dead. Never say that in the hospital once you ring that Bell I can’t be on wrong. I spent 10 days twice and psych wards because I had mentioned I wish I was dead. Don’t know why they couldn’t understand that I was cut from nipple heighth sound of the groin twice I’ve been on opiates I’ve been on everything I started to use marijuana Rick Simpson Oil, Edibles smoking at anything to help pain because the opiate situation is not a livable one. But now after 6 months of using it I am always Nas If I vomit once in awhile but I have loose stools every single day I have to watch what I eat before I leave the house if I do leave the house that is when I went to the hospital they said I had acute pancreatitis and I don’t even drink. But I’m going to stop smoking pot and I’m going to stop using it all together and hopefully I won’t be nauseous anymore and have such a terrible digestive problem with diarrhea pray for me to die that’s all I can say I have no hope I don’t want to live with so much pain I don’t know what to do I have a fiance now. I lost my wife 4 years ago she’s such a wonderful person I know in 15 years I hate to kill myself and leave her behind but sometimes you got to do what you got to do but I’m going to try to stop smoking pot know I will stop smoking pot today and hopefully I won’t be so nauseous with sweats my hair is always wet and I’m so sick and tired of being sick and tired of being the one complaining I hope this goes well I hope I didn’t waste your time by having you read this I used to be more than this I used to be an audiologist and now I’m a pain ologist

    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Dear Larsen,

      I’m so sorry to hear about what you’re going through. I wish there was something I could do to help. Are you mixing tobacco with cannabis? There are people who have found that stopping tobacco use helped their bowel problems. You could also try edibles if you haven’t already? I feel a bit useless suggesting these things though because I know people who are in your position have usually tried everything that can be thought of. Do you have any kind of support network? NORML have branches throughout the US, I believe; just google NORML followed by your area name. And don’t feel like you are wasting my time! It’s important to share what one is going through. Again, I’m really sorry I can’t do more for you.

      With best wishes,


  46. Brad Bortner

    I have been smoking for 45+years i just got out of the hospital again this is about the 10 times or more they say Its from the Weed i dont want hear this i love my Weed. Let me know if anybody has this going on with them. Peace

  47. Some (hopefully) good suggestions here. Been eating cannabis for two years. Three weeks ago, suddenly onset of diahrea and nausea. Daily since. Also around time of onset, had switched from indica gummies in evening to a sativa tincture. Have no earthly idea if there’s a connection. Coincidence doesn’t equal causal relation. ive have a battery of scans, blood work, stool analysis. Nada. But because I came across this message board, will, starting tonight, try sleeping without cannabis (boy does it work well). I feel like crap right now. How can it hurt?

  48. Thanks for the article. I have been having gut problems for over a year now. I have been a heavy smoker for over 10 years. Got endoscopy, CT, blood work, etc. Everything came back negative. Doctor told me, after a year of never mentioning drugs and knowing I did smoke, he thought it could be my marijuana use. I have currently quit. 3 days in. So far no nausea, which I was taking Zofran almost daily, but no appetite yet. I will have to report back more with my findings, but I am finding a lot about this on the internet. I’d love to see more formal research done, but I can’t deny the improvement. We’ll see where i’m at after the 30 days I dedicated to this test.

    1. How are you feeling, did you quit for good. I’ve been so sick they said I had pancreatitis, the levels were low but after smoking for 6 months is when I started getting sweats and nausea and I still have it so I’m wondering about stopping all this madness are you doing better let me know thank you

  49. I liked the artical, very insightful. I’m almost thirty and have been a chronic user off and on for almost 20 years. About a year ago I started smoking again after I was finished breast feeding my last child and was fine until a couple of months ago. Nausea, acid reflux and loose stools were my main complaints. I went to a GI Dr and when asked if I was using weed I was too embarrassed to answer honestly but could tell that he had a good suspicion so I quit smoking from October to January and noticed that within a week I was almost back to normal and by two weeks I completely forgot about all my symptoms. But of course I started smoking again first just very casually then back to all lot daily and now I have the same complaints … what a bummer! I think that if you have the will power to not be an everyday, all the time user, these problems wouldn’t occur or be so severe.

    1. I am 45 and i am currently having the exact thing. I had been sick for 2 or 3 years ( it just progressively got worse) but i was also vomiting with it at times. Same symptoms too except I was smoking once a day to sleep at night. Anyway, I started smoking more so I could eat & stop being sick. It worked fine.. my pains went away after i smoked but wore off eventually. I had tests ran and found i had IBS, inflamed esphagus, a bleeding ulcer, a polups was removed. They gave me meds and i started feeling better but now it seems i am getting worse again. When i went back to the doctor she asked the same and i (like you) answered no. I am researching it right now but it seems this is happening to those who hurt after smoking not before. It has the opposite effect for me so I wonder if it can do the opposite as well..? I have 2 more tests next week so I am researching. However, I think I will stop and see if it helps after a while. Id rather not have to continue to pay out to doctors as much when it is a DIY, ya know. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  50. What a load of balls. Totally made up. This condition is about as real as the wings in my back.

    1. Tempest….you are a fool to think because something hasnt happened to you or someone you know, that it cant be true. I looked this article up because I am I am experiencing this exact thing.

    2. I have been in and out of hospital with gastric issues for years big user for years and had always been in denial it could be anything to do with my pot consumption . I have had to go through colonoscopy and endoscopy which are both very stressful . The reason I ended up at Drs was because of constant gut issues and my rheumatoid issues which I have now been told are not related , so I was honest with the consultant about my MJ consumption on a daily basis to help with pain and other undesirable problems that come with my RA and he told me it was prob down to my MJ use . Well I am afraid to say that after stopping my MJ consumption all my gut issues went away and all bowel movements have returned to normal . I am gutted about having to stop MJ but the truth is I feel better now having stopped and no longer need meds to counteract my gut issues . There is a direct link to these problems from MJ use and the only advice I can give is stop and try living without it and see if your condition improves and if you are strong enough you will I am sure find all gut issues etc will most likely go away and you soon adjust to living without the fog of MJ , so all those users that are in denial , challenge your abilities and stop and you might well be surprised , I for sure have found it hard but also I have found that my MJ use was without doubt the cause of many of my health issues that are gut related .

    3. the wings on ur back….how about a 43 yr old crying, rolling her eyes upward with pain complaining cause drs cannot find a solution….her kids putting up with her constant crying….if u only knew…and all these stories that ur reading …..and they all want other solutions rather than STOP

    4. Really? Mr.authority ive been smoking longer than you have been on the planet. Everything said is true.46years of growing and using…all i can say is its real.but it has been worse since ive been using illinois medical shit.when I grew i used no chemicals or pesticides. I feel between the butane used to make the concentrate, to the toxins used for pesticides just because it passes a govt test for purity dont make it pure.years ago they told women baby powder was ok to use on their vaginas .until they found petroleum-based products cause cancer.ooops …wouldnt suprise me 1 bit to see this is the way they can say its me its the weed they created,its not the weed we grew.

  51. 29 years old, used to drink and smoke cigs since 14. Drinking got me into a lot of trouble and smoking was effecting my breathing. I was into sports my entire life and breathing is an important part of it. In order to fight with those two addictions I switched to pot. I really liked my new me, but I guess my thinking got numb for 6 years. As with most people it helped me dealing with stressful situations and “turn off” at night. Since I cared about breathing I was mainly using Arizer vaporizer. Within a 6 year period I did stop for sometime under a month couple of times and withdrawal symptoms were mild, mainly not hungry and moody. I live in Canada and in the last two years weed itself changed. Dispensaries are popping left and right, crazy cool names and large THC crystals/extracts. Today’s rate of consumption and legalization process turns a natural herb into genetically modified monsters. Think about it, hippies were smoking ganja with like 4-6% THC, today you get strains that are up to 30%. And its not like you smoke less of it, if anything the opposite. In those past two years I frequently felt like my “soul” was missing. The same pushy/numb feeling most people are talking about in the area of solar plexus. I have been struggling with Osteochondrosis and Neuralgia for years, so I though its one of the nerves got jammed in my spine and shoots into the stomach. Or just an old friend anxiety, the same feeling you get before exams)
    Couple months ago I hit a very strong depression. I haven’t even noticed how I became alone. I was so numb that I though its just a life period. I thought it was me, but it was me addicted with a blurry vision, self judgemental, scared, angry, argumentative and always high, scared to run out, crying morning and night. I loved working out for over 10 years, I started to smoke before the gym cause no motivation. Apathy was the worst, I felt like a wolf trapped in a cage. Nothing and no one interested me. I started wanting to die, but not kill myself. I just wanted to wake up like Neo in the Matrix) Paranoia was very bad too. I quit cigarettes cold turkey, so decided to use the same approach with weed. Knowledge is power. I started doing research and I was surprised how much more supporting material there is online now compared to 3-4 years ago. In fact how many people with similar problems and are talking about how weed is not “safe”.
    Today is my 7th day. Wow how different withdrawal symptoms were this time compared to three years ago! I feel like I am a heroin addict or something. Racing thoughts is one of the craziest experiences, it bombarded my head for 5 days straight, caused all types of emotions, no sleep. I have been friends with nausea and diarrhea for 7 days, last 2 days I had a non stop stomach dull/cutting pain. Drinking water and constantly eating somewhat helps. Spine aches and difficulty going outside without sunglasses, even though there is no sun.
    From my understanding neurotransmitters get impacted by THC and during the withdrawal all body functions get messed up. So the first thing I want to do tomorrow is getting my neurotransmitters tested. I found an interesting book that is called “The Secret Addiction” which talks a lot about normalizing brain functions via supplementation. There is a lot of information online, but herbal medicine can help at least with some symptoms. 5-HTP, GABA, Valerian root, Melatonin, L-Tyrosine, L-Glutamine, digestive enzymes, etc. You can research it if interested.
    Another way to help your body getting to normal and increasing Dopamine is a combo of a workout and sauna. When you are working out you use fat cells for energy, THC is not going to leave your body unless you decide to burn some fat. So when you work out you are metabolizing THC particles into the bloodstream and with a help of sauna sweat it out. L-Arginine can help with a fat delivery. After sauna I always jump under cold shower. Its a combo of detox and dopamine enhancement. I also smoke a vape with 0 nicotine to help me replace the “smoking” habit:) And lastly, when going through this agony I am constantly reading, trying to understand scientific relationship between me and a drug. The more I understand how it effects a human body the less I want to ever touch it again! Its a green snake, will approach you from the back without hearing it. Good luck everyone!

  52. I have been diagnosed with IBS, they still don’t know the cause of it. The gastroenterologist actually mentioned that it can be caused by marijuana. At the time I was skeptical but after reading more it makes sense. In my case it wasn’t caused by marijuana due to the fact that I had stopped smoking for over a year before my symptoms started. I actually ended up getting my medical marijuana card, and being prescribed zofran and I have been feeling allot better. Still don’t know the cause of my personal health issue but I find it interesting that it can both help with your stomach or cause the exact type of problem it can be used to treat.

  53. 26 Y/O heavy user for the past 3-4 years. I eat extremely well, exercise consistently and take very good care of my body. I have experienced a spectrum of GI issues throughout my life (many listed above) bloating, loose undigested stools, and very high levels of Lipase. I’ve been noticing increasing intensity of these symptoms recently, and was alarmed when I weighed myself today. I will be quitting for the next few months and get blood work done ASAP. I’m curious to see if my results from this test will differ when I do a f/u a few months from now, and hopefully will give me some clarity to my struggles… Sad to hop off the cloud, but our health and happiness is priority #1.

  54. I have been smoking every day since August 2015. I work from home so I’m essentially intoxicated throughout the entire day. Starting around November 2016, I began to experience gastro issues. These issues almost always presented themselves in the early morning, forcing me to wake up and address them. At first, it was just a slight burning sensation in my upper-abdomen. I went to a few doctors and even had a colonoscopy done – nothing was found. In the past 4 months, my gastro issues have gotten worse. My stomach has a numb, burning feeling when I am hungry. I wake up with nausea and diarrhea literally every single morning. If I don’t smoke, I will have stomach pain and loose bowel movements throughout the day. Most the symptoms go away after I smoke, with the exception of the dull pain while hungry. Today is my first day quitting so hopefully I see some relief.

  55. Seems the moral of the story here is that “too much of a good thing can be too much of a good thing.” Have any of you that had to quit smoking tried switching over to CBD oil? Did you have a better outcome?

    And, why, oh why, does there always have to be haters? Just because it’s not true for you (yet) doesn’t mean it’s not someone else’s experience. Let’s all have a little compassion for our fellow man, or we’re really missing the point of being here at all.

  56. Blame ur grower

    It’s not cannabis itself that’s causing these problems it’s a dirivative or neem oil being used as pesticide on organic grows. I used to smoke everyday for 10 years quit for 3 years then started again with dabbing and MAN I was dying every morning in so much pain and I didn’t understand it at all! So I figured I was just the unlucky few with CHS but then I decided to give it another go. I only used tested products and stayed away from organic grown and I’ve been symptom free ever since. P.S. Probiotics and digestive enzymes do wonders for Gastroparesis!!

    1. This is what I think is happening. If major producers are using Neem it could be the real issue here. Neem causes diarrhea and stomach cramps if ingested. Most testing for weed safety hase to do with smoking it. I don’t think regulations have really caught up to the Edible realm quite yet. It does seem interesting that those of us who have been in the weed world for decades now , have all started to have these issues after the push for legal weed…

      I too am currently experiencing some rough digestion issue after a regiment of RSO… I am tapering off now to see if it is just the straight RSO. I will be sure to tell you all of my experimentation.

  57. This is true. Ive smoked cannabis heavy on and off for 15 years and have been debilitated by gastric and digestive pain/ not hungry, diarread daily/ nausea. It gets nasty each time i have a smoke. I do for mental underlying condition but its crippling my body.

  58. I smoked as a teen for ten years heavy no prob…stopped for ten had no access to it …got out started real heavy been 15 years …then my stomach is tripping thought it was food poisoning…everything but herb…never accept that ..but it was ..dammit I love smoking …but it’s true …rare condition but I have it… Nice article ..the side affects of long term heavy consumption is true ..rare but painfully true

    1. Silent Jay - Sensi Seeds

      Bonjour Mireille,

      Cela dépend de votre localisation. Je vous conseille de vous informer auprès de votre médecin (qui, même si contre, devrait pouvoir vous renseigner).
      En France, le Sativex n’est toujours pas disponible.


  59. 57 and been smoking MJ for 30 plus years, I had 2 heavy MJ smoking friends both ended up in the emergency room with diverticulitis. One died on the operating table and the other recovered after an operation and several months. I suspected it had something to due with MJ use. I am generally in excellent health but now I have been having off and on gut issues for 3 years, I have not noticed any correlation with smoking MJ but now I am wondering if it is the cause after reading other comments. My symptoms range from loose stools to occasional constipation, I was also diagnosed and treated for SIBO, along with pain, bloating and gas. I have had every test in the world with no diagnosis. My question is when you smoke are symptoms noticeable right away or is it subtle over time ? Is it noticeably better after a warm shower or bath? Do you sometimes feel normal and then the symptoms keep coming back? I love MJ but I am contemplating the quit to see if i feel better.

  60. there is tobacco in blunt wraps, could that be the reason for the tummy issues? Also never take a shower when you’re high. Just go ahead and puke it up. You’ll feel better.

  61. I am a 69 year old male. I have smoked pot sence 1967 off and on. Five months started having pain in lower GI track, and numerous (8 TO 10) BM’s a night starting at 0230 on. I had sick feeling till my colon was completely empty. I thought the worst colon cancer. I came back to my second home Thailand, to see if doctors could do ct scan to see if there was problem. I have not smoked in 5 days, my stomach pain gone and bowel movements back to normal. I smoked to relieve PTSD, and for sleep. My problem had of been my environment or pot. Happy to say feeling really good now, but miss my Mary Jane

  62. I had a bout with cancer 10 years ago. With treatment, I was down to 85 pounds. I began smoking marijuana so I could eat. This method has served me well for the last decade. But in the last 6 months I’ve been extremely I’ll. I vomit 2-3 time a week. I have loose stools every day now, right side pain an weird rectal sensations. Very uncomfortable all of the time. I have episodes of choking, even when swallowing water. It feels like something is STUCK in my chest. I’ve had every test and they all come back normal. Since doctors are not yet aware of this phenominan, they offered to remove my gall bladder or diagnosed me with IBS. I’ve just realized that my heavy use of weed is probably the culprit. I’m sad to say, I just quit smoking.

    1. I’ve been dealing with this same issue lately, I work from home and am essentially smoking my bong about a dozen times per day. I’m 32 and have been smoking for about 15 years almost daily.

      Only in the past few years have these symptoms crept up on me: bloating, stomach pain, loose stools every single morning, extreme nausea (no hot shower thing tho). I have about 3-4 loose bowel movements each day. I also have issues swallowing lately, like even water like as if there is something wrong with the muscles in my esophogus. I keep thinking maybe it’s the weed, but ultimately I’m in denial and I haven’t tested quitting. The worst thing is waking up each morning with intense nausea, I also get this intense wave of nausea oftentimes when out in public. I feel no hunger, but I also feel maybe eating will help so I often eat just to try and ease my digestive issues. IBS seems to hold similarities in symptoms, but then again IBS seems to be a bs disease that is just a blanket diagnosis for “chronic tummy upsets”.

      It makes a lot of sense. THC build up creates a multitude of digestive issues over time, THC changes the way we digest and the way our body communicates with itself. 15 + years of smoking (your mielage may vary) and how can I be surprised that I have all of this crap going on. Ugh….

      Well guys, I promise I will come back in 1 month and reply to this comment with results. It seems many people have my same exact story but they don’t update us so we will never know. I was starting to think I had…maybe IBS, or at worse even colon cancer.

  63. robyn annette holt

    I’m 77 years old and suffer badly from Benign Essential Tremor. Five weeks ago I started on cannabis oil, totally lost my appetite about five days later, started feeling really sick with severe pain in my upper stomach. Three weeks later was so sick and dizzy could hardly walk. An ambulance took me to hospital, they did every test possible and found nothing. For the past five days have been taking half a drop of an oil that is supposedly pure, it calms me but doesn’t relieve the tremors, I’ll keep searching and hopefully find the correct oil for my problem and hope it doesn’t create any more problems.

  64. i am a 34 yrs old male. i have been smoking regularly from last 4 yrs. My job involves extraction and processing of thc oil (legal here). and i like to smoke spliff (20% tobacco, 80% weed). i thought, i had constipation coz i waste a lot of time in the restroom and my further research give me idea that i might have fecal impaction (i was wrong after colonoscopy). i feel my stomach dry and bloated.i tried laxatives, enema but didnt made my stomach healthy. i am still smoking and the culprit might be the weed ,, not sure tho… need to stop for sometime and see the result. i was thinking that the weed might slow down the muscles of the intestine and upset the stomach. not proven yet but who knows it might be proved someday.

    1. Sensai Witt

      Try eating 75% insoluble fiber and 25% soluble and drink 2 glasses of water when you wake up as well as drinking a cup of coffee in the morning!

    2. Wow all these comments are enlightening. Been a daily stoner for 4yrs and about 2yrs ago started experiencing the said symptoms (morning bloated stomach and my body unable to muster up an appetite of its own volition without being coerced by a smoke). Went on a week’s vacation abroad last year and didn’t smoke during that time, and the most memorable experience from the vacay was my nice solid stool every morning 🙂 Felt awesome to wake up with an appetite and have breakfast without having to smoke up like any normal person. Weed was definitely the culprit.

  65. I am 57, female, and have been a heavy pot smoker for most my life…quarter ounce a week or so….Started as a young teenager, and smoked for 30 years… quit for 10 years….then started again 2 years ago… I don’t use any kind of drugs, I’ve never been a drinker and have never smoked tobacco other than trying it as a teen…hated it then, and now….about a year ago, I began experiencing issues with my stomach…constant pain in my solar plexus region that radiated to my back….loss of appetite…weight loss…nausea… even water would upset my stomach… severe back pain…regular loose stools every morning like clockwork….I actually thought that part was good, as I had always suffered from constipation……the worse I felt, the more I smoked, to try to relieve the symptoms…I lost around 25 lbs in a 6 month period without trying, which was alarming…ended up in the ER and was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis….I’d never had any kind of digestion problems, or any health problems before all this…hadn’t been to a doctor in 30 years or so except for well checks…not on any kind of medications, etc…I was sent home with Prilosec, and I also quit smoking after my ER visit because it seemed to exacerbate my anxiety…. within a week of not smoking, my pancreas levels were back to normal, and I felt a whole lot better…..better than I had in months ……so of course, I started smoking again, because I felt so great and I truly love pot…I was smoking less than before, but eventually picked up to my normal pace again……long story short, I thought the Prilosec made me feel better, but it’s now been 4 months since I started smoking again, and all the symptoms began resurfacing ….I quit smoking again and within 2 days, I have already started feeling so much better again…. this truly saddens me, because it helps me tremendously with depression, but I’ve come to the conclusion that perhaps the cannabis use might be the culprit….and physical health trumps mental health…or does it?

    1. Physical health always trumps mental. This is due to the fact that when you feel good and are not in pain, you are less likely to be depressed. Secondly weed is a depressant.

  66. Thanks for this article and all of you that commented. Last year I would eat food and would throw up, could not figure it out then it stopped. Long time everyday smoker, thinking it was my heital hernia which that might be assisting my alments. I’m now seeing a dr about recent vomiting and diarrea . The gi dr suggested it could be the marijuana. Immediately in my head I denied him but then I found this enlightened article and I have a better insite thanks to you all ! This year has been rough so far so having a relief of a smoke will be hard to give up for sure, but the gut must be well !

  67. I have started getting unpleasant sensation in my stomach, followed by nausia….and i have been using mj for only 3 months! At first, i was plesanty surprised as i was able to go and empty my bowels every morning the moment i wake up. I thougt my life changed for the better, as i was always constipated, up to the point of getting sick without warning. I also noticed i drink a lot less fluids when i smoke mj, so that might be a factor. This is the second morning waking up with nausia, i will try and increase fluid intake. I also smoke normal cigarettes during the day, and the mj at night before bed. I use about 1-2 grams per day.

  68. Angela Kersey

    I have to share what I’ve learned!! I’ve followed the cause all the way the the Vagus nerve….the constant the stimulation let’s it get lazy sometimes and it’s a very powerful signaller in the body, doling out good rest, good digestive movement, even balancing mood! I’m so excited and hope this helps someone!!

    1. Thank you all
      You have learnt what i have also learnt and understood now after reading for almost three years.. Vagus nerve!!! Mother of all normal functions of various body organs!! People say cause of IBS is not known… it’s the vagus nerve irritation!! I have done all trials… considering the day when i started getting stomach problems to this date where i relate all the other symptoms when i got diagnosed with IBS early this year. Alongside i am taking an ayurvedic herbal medicine since 5 months which has made me feel 70% better.. i will beat IBS from its roots and break d ice of its fucking mystery! Yoga and meditation is all needed to tone the vagus nerve for sometime in order to get the nerve function back to normal! I used to smoke pot regularly for 3 years! I started getting stomach issues early in 2015 and didnt know it was IBS till December 2016!! I have recovered tremendously with the ayurvedic medicine and also positive set of mind.. and now i have also unlocked the cause for it- Vagus !!! IBS no more a misery ! Meditation and yogic breathing patterns can help vagus settle down!! We have just irritated the vagus due to irregular habits.. we can definitely fix it.. patience faith and confidence!!

  69. I’ve been on pain meds for years from chronic pain from a car accident. The meds have trashed my stomach and I can tolerate less and less of them. My pain management and sleep MDs both encouraged me to try MJ. The sleep doctor has been kind of insistent that it would help with pain and replace Ambien.

    A friend gave me some oil to try, which is the form the sleep doctor recommended. My stomach was already bothering me and my last pain med (gabapentin) was causing terrible itching.

    I had started a liver support and detox supplement so I chalked the increased nausea and diarrhea up to that. But what became clear is that the MJ oil a friend gave me to try was the cause of the worsening GI distress.

    Two drops, then trying 4 drops, and trying more each night never made me feel high at all. Helped me fall asleep one night without Ambien but I awoke frequently and pain control was very poor.

    It’s a bummer because a drop a few times a day was managing my pain well without sleepiness or itching. But the GI distress was intolerable. My body was giving a clear signal.

    I hadn’t used MJ for over 40 years, and never liked it when a teen using it for recreational purposes.

    I wanted to share this as my experience is not based on long term use or from smoking it. Guess I’m just in that small percentage that responds differently.

  70. I appreciate the information that is shared here. Wondering if anyone can help in the search for info/experiences concerning the cessation of Rick Simpson oil. My son treated his turmoil for four months at a high dose. He ran out of the oil and went through very difficult withdrawal. The sudden withdrawal was not intended, a snowstorm trapped him from his access. Now he is trying to titration down, and is experiencing sudden severe episodes of an energy drop and nausea daily.
    We have not yet found any helpful info on this physical reaction. Would you please share ANY clues to understanding this reaction! Thank you so very much for the insight.

  71. I am absolutely sure there are issues with long term heavy use for some people. I have suffered severe stomach issues at times and it flared up if I overdid stuff. I gave also started suffering awful physical withdrawal symptoms including rocketing blood pressure. I am a heavy smoker over thirty years.

    Do not smoke more than an eighth a week on average. Perhaps weight and muscle mass of a person affects how much is acceptable for any person as well.

  72. I have a 30 yr. old nephew in the hospital right now who has been smoking pot for probably 15 years or more. His intestines twisted and ruptured, he had emergency surgery and now has tubes coming out everywhere trying to remove all the septic (shit) that went trough his system. Pray for him.

  73. Food Sensitivities

    Has anyone else developed specific food intolerances from smoking (or should I say ingesting weed, I get the same problems from edibles)? I’ve had many many tests done (blood, stool, allergy, celiac, breath, endoscopy) all normal and yet while I have general discomfort daily no matter what I eat (I believe from smoking daily or every other day for 2-3 years) there are specific foods which cause particularly bad reactions now:

    // [Warning: TMI] //

    Gluten and some other grains (sometimes corn and rice): tingling sensation in hands and feet
    Dairy: “fluffy” long stool that is difficult to pass and “dissipates” upon flushing
    Red meat: general discomfort
    Spicy food / seasonings: burning sensation and bloating, incomplete evacuation from following stool
    Fructose (as opposed to straight Glucose): bloating, discomfort

    And these problems often last into the following day and sometimes further. This is not everything but the main problems I have identified. I’ve quit for 3 1/2 weeks now and while I now go on a regularly basis and color has returned to my stool, in addition to not being able to eat the above I now produce hard dark balls of poop all the time, almost like rabbit stool but clumped together that is very hard to pass and uncomfortable and has given me hemorrhoids. Honestly this is still a huge improvement but I’m wondering how long it will be until I produce normal stool. I can’t concentrate on anything, including school work which is suffering and I was just recently fired from my job as my performance and attitude when I am in pain all the time and dread (but also love) eating was admittedly terrible. I was also on adderall when these problems developed but quitting that didn’t help, quitting weed at least I’ve seen some improvement. I’ve tried many probiotics and a bunch of other crap from Amazon. I’m 25 male and in otherwise good shape and perfect health.

    So please if anyone else has developed FOOD SENSITIVITIES / INTOLERANCES / ALLERGIES FROM WEED please comment and share your story.

    1. I have experienced the exact same thing. Started smoking weed to wean me off the numerous RXs the doctors had me on to treat ulcer colitis and stomach ulcers and acid reflux. It worked GREAT. But then I started to notice I was sick whenever I ate red meat. I was also sick when I didn’t eat red meat but it was different. Reading your post… TMI and all, has really brought my symptoms to light. Thank you! I am going to stop for a few weeks and see if it helps.

    2. You may have food allergies or sensitivities. Many people have autoimmune disorders that also come with food issues such as Hashimoto’s. I am one of them. I had a food allergy test and had numerous allergens to dairy (which mimics gluten and therefore should also be eliminated. I can’t eat eggs anymore either. Eggs are not so healthy for many people. I am sensitive to both the egg whites and yolks. Eliminating at the very least these items, dairy, gluten grains, oatmeal that isn’t certified gluten-free, eggs, nightshades (peppers, eggplant, etc.), beans and legumes and going completely vegan or AIP (Auto Immune Paleo) helps to heal the gastrointestinal tract. Gut health is very important. Needless to say, alcohol, caffeine products, sugar, salt are also eliminated. Most people with Autoimmune disorders have to eliminate these. Maybe have your thyroid checked to see if an Hashimotos is the culprit in your issues. Also, I am experiencing the loose stools and never thought it was the MJ, but now I am going to experiment and see if it clears up. It’s why I am on this page after researching if it could possibly be the MJ that is causing these symptoms.

    3. Any drug I do any I have fecal intolerance which is so embarrassing I have smoked for about 6 years and done other drugs it happend out of no where can someone please help!??

  74. I am thinking that most of these cases are caused by smoking the cannabis instead of taking it a natural way through the digestive system. I also see that most of the people having the problem have been heavy users for some time. I think everything needs to be taken in moderation to maintain a healthy ecosystem . Smoking no matter what the material can cause nausea and vomiting, as well as many other digestive issues. I see no science in any of these comments.. Smoke is bad that is fact. I think you can link every signal thing you are experiencing to smoking of any kind, the body can only handle so much. Please can somebody that has taken it orally or give some info. The title of the article should be positive digestive advantages of using cannabis, and negative effect of smoking of any type is more accurate. This is why no studies will ever be confirmed, any material smoked can cause all the things mentioned and more. The body is not made to inhale large amounts of carbon dioxide which could be the main reason for most of these issues.

    1. Ryan, I have been ingesting Rick Simpson Oil as a first-time medical cannabis user for over two months and have had serious digestive issues. I was thinking that the digestive symptoms were due to stress, but am now wondering whether cannabis is the actual cause. We really need cannabis to be taken off Schedule 1 so that it can be researched properly.

      1. I have been ingesting thc and cbd (separately, 2 hours apart) for about two months now. I’m a cancer patient. The first 10 grams of thc, mixed with equal parts coconut oil for absorption purposes were not a problem at all. The 2nd 10 grams, not so much. From the very first capsule from the 2nd syringe I noticed the difference —- bloating, lots and lots of gas all day and into the night, very uncomfortable, little to no appetite and feeling a bit nauseaus. I’m being told that the “soak” was either to long or too short (can’t remember which right now) and that it caused too much chlorophyll to be left behind in the oil. I’m told that the chlorophyll isn’t a bad thing and that the majority of people handle it well and generally without side effects. Not the case with me. I’m pretty miserable and am probably going to have to give it up. I have a new syringe coming and I want to see if it does the same thing to me before I make a decision to quit or keep going. Best of luck to you all.

    2. I have been taking cannabis oil for insomnia for almost a year. Normally a few drops at night. I have taken a large quantity of oil (a full dropper) on a few occasions which resulted in stomach pain and twice it included vomiting.

      1. I have been ingesting a small amount of whole plant oil
        (high thc, low cbd, indica or hybrid), for a few months. I use it once per day. This is for chronic pain. The first time I ingested was in the evening. I woke in the morning and was sick, then I threw up like never before. The type of vomiting that you pray to be done with. My ribs are bruised for days from it. Since then, I’ve noticed nausea and lack of appetite the day after using. If I don’t use any, due to having to drive, etc., I feel fine in my stomach.

        It really helps my pain, and for most of the day. So I have continued to use the oil. But after reading all these comments, I’m not sure I should.. especially if I’m causing damage to my system.

  75. Cyclical vomiting

    I am one of those case studies . With the showers and the vomiting. It’s 100% true and will be scientific shortly. I quit for a year and it disappeared. I smoked again and it came back.

  76. I live in Mexico City. Yesterday I had a crisis consisting of severe and cyclic nauseous episodes and the feeling of severe pain in my stomach, like burning and twisting inside. I was desperate and agonizing, it was hell. It started right after I evacuated in the morning, no diarrhea. I started sweating cold and then discomfort, nausea and stomach pain lasted around 24h. In the first stages of the crisis I threw up even water and medicines so my sitter had to buy metoclopramide shots, with only a paliative effect. I could not sleep. I lost some weight. Anyone has felt this symptoms lasting for 24 hours? I didn`t feel any compulsive need to take a bath.

    This has been the third crisis, with the same intensity in different months. My doctor knows that I smoke cannabis but he says it might be linked or it may not so he suggests a colonoscopy to discard Helicobacter or an ulcer.

    I am linking the fact that some days I like to eat more at night, and if I go to sleep soon after smoking in bong, my intestines and stomach may be delayed and then all the food may start fermenting and breaking down. I think this may be a cause of many.

    1. Angela Kersey

      I’ve been suffering for years and recently so much worse so I’ve been studying and studying and I wound up at the vagus nerve there’s great information about how to stimulate it online I’ve never even heard of it and now I think it’s going to change my life

      1. Could you please send me a list of the sites you’ve found on the vagus nerve system? I have Crohn’s disease, and am considering using cannabis to help with body pain I get from the disease. Thank you.

    2. There is a reason they call weed smokers stoners…it is giving us stones in our livers and gallbladders. CBD stones can be found in the gallbladder of chronic smokers…that’s us. Doctor wanted to take my gallbladder out because of some stones that showed up on ultrasound. He was like a bulldog, calling me and trying to talk me into taking the dammed thing out. No way! I will do a cleanse and flush these things. Better watch out all of you chronic smokers like me. The is very intentional….Thank George Soros and Monsanto.

      The pain is intense under my right breast. It feels like a sword is going through my breast. The other side, same height on my back is killing me too. This is also pain from the enlarged and inflamed gallbladder. There is a flush called the Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse by Houda Clark. Looks like I will be taking a break on the weed (see me crying?) and for the next few months, I will be flushing these babies out every few weeks, as these flushes take the entire weekend to plan. Oh boy, I even get to do enemas! Yuck.

      Be warned everybody. They lied to us. AGAIN!

    3. Adrian
      I have a 17 year old daughter who’s experiencing the same symptoms. She says she has been smoking marijuana for about 3 years I just found out summer of last year anyway. She has bouts of nausea like throughout the day and sever stomach pains been to the ER couple of times they really didn’t give us an answer took blood and ultrasound everything came back normal followed up with her pcp she sent her to a gastroenterologist at children’s hospital as soon as I told the doc she smoked pot she said she has seen a number of cases come in with the same symptoms all of them smoked pot. We are in the trying to kick the pot phase of her illness can’t seem to do it because it keeps her normal but I don’t know what’s worse her crying because she’s throwing up and her stomach hurts or screaming and crying because she’s having a meltdown! Lol trying to quit the pot to date we shall see if it helps. Maybe try as well good luck

  77. I have smoked pot for over 2 decades first recreationally and then medically. There’s not really much of a difference. I average a 1/4 ounce per week, only good home grown. I prefer sativa strains for reducing anxiety and helping me to focus. The only issues I have experienced from Marijuana and the GI tract are first thing in the morning. If I had an early or light dinner I can wake up to some horrible stomach pains. Like knives in my belly. Smoking pot can numb these pains. However quickly eating food makes the pains go away immediately, so that’s what I usually do. I can report also having some long term diarrhea, which I thought to be diet related, but may be another pot related issue. I did not have any issue with this until maybe 32 years of age. So it may not be as noticeable in younger people or in short term use. I have stopped at times for 6 months and a year, and these morning pains also stop so they are definitely linked. It makes me really sad that millions use this drug medically for a long time and there is only online anecdotal information. Hasn’t it been legal in Holland for a long time. Hey at least there’s plenty of medical information on opiate pain killers, why are they still using them…money. sativex looks like an interesting new pain killer. Finally the science community can get their head out of their church going assess and do some real science. If you want to protect a community from a drug, understand it, don’t just ban it.

  78. I’ve been an off again-on again user.
    I recently have been trying a high grade of cannabis.
    After 2 weeks of heavy smoking I am getting sick in the stomach.
    I have stopped smoking entirely and will do so for a week to see what happens.

  79. I’m actually among those handful that gets worse I believe. Never really thought about it hurting rather than helping my crohn’s. I knew that it enhances bipolar disorders and such but didn’t know it could harm the GI.
    This article helped me so much. Thank you.
    On a side note, I found this as I was sitting in the bathroom nauseous as heck with it being my third day without smoking and was running a shower to feel better….talk about hitting the nail on the head there….

  80. Terri Beach

    I have completed a 60 gram 90 day course of highly concentrated organic cannabis oil for cancer treatment and not only did it not work and the cancer spread, I have been naseous for going on 4 months. I’ve lost almost 25 pounds and can hardly eat. The oil was a high THC, very low CBD, RSO. All packages had the labratory % of each, as is required in WA state.

    I pray that this has not caused permanent damage to my stomach even though it feels like it…

    1. Terri, I have an important question for you: Was your cancer estrogen positive by any chance? I have been reading that high THC can cause estrogen positive cancer to spread, but I read other articles that stated that an original 2009 study was debunked by a study in 2013. I have estrogen positive cancer and am treating myself with 60 grams of 1:1 RSO, so your answer would be very helpful to me personally.

  81. Ive been smoking cannabis heavily since my teens. Fornthe last 5 years ive been waking up at 5 and having a big joint on my way to work at half 5. I keep my self topped up during work with small joints then have a few joints when i get home. I think i may have done my bowels some real damage i am very worried at the minute. And i know its time to quit. I am really scared because it is such a big part of my life and itqill leave a big void when i stop. Has anyone got any good tips to help with withdrawal

  82. I’m 26 years old. Got diagnosed with testicular cancer back in April. I got two surgeries to avoid chemotherapy but it ended up spreading to my lungs in 3 months. I just finished my 4th round of chemo and waiting for a CT scna next week to see what’s going on. I’ve been eating edibles for about 13 weeks now. Taking CBD THC rice size droplets about 3 times a day. Some mixed with coconut oil, some with out. I’ve eating butter with my eggs, brownies, cookies, everything. Even putting on lotion that works. It has been a lifesaver through chemo. All of sudden (aside from the vomittimg from chemo) I’ve been waking up extremely nauseas and sometimes not being able to make it to the toilet. As I’m writing this, I took 2 thc pills about 2 hours ago. I’m definitely feeling them but I’m extremely nauseas. I’m worried now about this because I have been taking this religiously for 13 weeks. Like a lot. But I also want to beet this Damn cancer!! And I know cbd and thc is a true fighter against tumors in the lungs. I’m thinking about getting a colonoscopy/endoscopy as soon as I get the ok from the doctor because my stomach is torn apart. I automatically assumed it was the Chemo but after ready some articles I found it could be the weed. And now that chemo has been done for 2 weeks, and im vomitting/nauseas, I’m worried. Any suggestions or comments will be great

    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Hi Adonis,

      Thanks for your comment, I am sorry to hear about your condition. As we are not medical professionals, I cannot offer any advice on this other than to check with your doctor, as every person’s case is different, and to say keep fighting!

      With best wishes,


    2. Please ask you doctor for a prescription for zofran for the nausea. It is the best drug for you circumstance. Smoking weed seems to decrease nausea, but oral ingestion does not. If you want to continue with the weed, use zofran for nausea and smoke ( or vape) the weed and it should help

    3. I see this comment is almost a year old, but if you are still looking for solutions, you will want to watch “The Truth about Cancer” series, by Ty Bollinger. If you google it, you should be able to find it. Cheers!

    4. Hope you are hanging in there… I recommend trying B17, worth a try, anyway… not sure of dosage, you need to look it up… at least 500mg/day, maybe 3X/day.

      Also look into Dr. Sircus and his cancer info!

      Good luck!

  83. WARNING: Don’t depend on edible marijuana for sleep! It has ruined me. I lost a tremendous amount of weight and developed severe gastroenterological distress. I became completely addicted to the point that I could not sleep without it. I’m off it now but have been severely affected.

    1. I like to ask Juna, what is your symtoms of your gastroenterological?
      I eat cookies usually, almost a little every day, for about 2 years now.
      I am having blowed intestines, I wonder if that is cause by me eating cannabis cookies?

  84. I started smoking about three years ago. I was off and on id smoke during the summer and that was it I’ve been smoking about 8 months straight now, but every time I quit my digestive system acts funny. Sometimes I’m constipated and sometimes I have diarrhea, but hardly ever regular stools. When I smoke everything goes back to normal. What’s wrong with me!

    1. hii am mwangi from kenya ive smoked pot for the last 6-9 months now and i have been experiencing exact symptoms ….as yours dont know the prob…myb uve got an idea??

    2. Same with me! I beleive we are taking marijuana too much. I plan to go on a long 2-3 month break, and then I will see if I can take marijuana once -twice a week max.

  85. I am 68 yrs. As a child I had Polio. I was”cured” through out my life, complete mobility etc. However, 10 years ago I was diagnosed with Post-Polio Syndrome (PPS). PPS major problem for me is further loss of the muscles in my body…walking, lifting. By the way this has completely STRESSED my life. So, as I was searching for a “cure” for my digestive (constipation) problem, I came across with your article regarding cannabis. I had been smoking marijuana for all of my stress. When I stopped smoking…my digestive system stopped working properly, constipation (muscle problem) began immediately! Then, I went back to smoking and my digestive system works completely! I have an appetite AND it leaves my body properly! SO, the smoking of marijuana has cured my digestive problem brought on by PPS!!!!!! For me, the cannabis works better then milk of magnesia…Metamucile and other medications, Colace etc.,etc.,etc.
    Have a great day!

  86. I started using cannabis to reduce my eye pressures. I’ve had glaucoma half my life and despite careful motoring, medicating, and some surgery, have lost just about all the overlapping vision between both eyes, so I really don’t want to lose any more. Meanwhile, I had breast cancer a few years ago, and I’m on a breast cancer med to reduce the risk of recurrence) that increases my eye pressure (examestane, an aromatase inhibitor.) I noticed my eye pressures are higher at night — and research shows that everyone’s eye pressures are higher when we lie down — so I started doing cannabis in the evening.

    Well…. another side effect of my examestane has been awful digestive problems, generally followed by diarrhea with nausea the next day. I’m only just realizing that my indigestion isn’t randomly up and down — it’s actually always gone on the nights when I’ve had cannabis. (I cook & eat it rather than smoking it, so sometimes I run out and have some days without it before I make a new batch.) I hadn’t made the connection before. Cannabis is well known for addressing nausea — especially chemo nausea — but I hadn’t realized it could help with indigestion, which is quite different. This is a very exciting discovery….

  87. I have been smoking to help me sleep for about a year bc I have narcolepsy and taking modifinal was making it hard for my system to settle at night. Having narcolepsy, I lack hypocretin, so I think I am that “mutated gene” you speak of. Narcoleptics don’t get the deep sleep, which is why we are tired during wake hours, so naturally I thought cannabis would help me with quality of sleep. When I started smoking more, in mornings and taking prana cbd at night, I lost my appetite completely. A month in, I thought it was my narcolepsy meds bc they were increased and that tore my stomach up, so I quit cold turkey but continued cannabis. Now I am thinking cannabis is the culprit, Two months later still no appetite and For the last 4 days I have felt like I have an ulcer. How long should it take for my natural cannaboid system to default back? The stress makes it worse, so of course I want to take cannabis, so at this point it feels worth waiting it out. Anyone else experience anything like this? I am all about the legalization & grow my own in Cali, but I’m finding my system may be one that can’t handle it 24/7. I’m curious if I will be able to recreationally use it once I feel back to normal or if it will retrigger these systems.

    1. I’m 64.I am an x jockey.I’ve had 9 major operations all stemming from horse injuries.6 of these operations were on my guts,so my digestion system is deffinately compermised.I have smoked herb for the last 45 year’s.I love to smoke pot!For the last several years I’ve had all of the nasty symptoms.I was vomiting almost daily during these past few years.Someone had told me 4 years ago that pot might be causing my problems.I refused to believe this person being the pot advocate that I had been for many many years.I have been seeing a gastro Dr. at UCLA.He did numerous tests on me trying to figure me out to no avail,then about 4 month’s ago he called me up and told me that he had nothing against pot,but that in rare cases it slows down their motility and that I might want to try quiting.I quit that day.I was still sick the next day,probably because my system was still loaded with thc.The next day I didn’t get sick though and didn’t get sick for the next 2 month’s and gaind 11 pounds,witch was amazing for me.Normally it might take me 2 months just to gain a couple of pounds.Then My dog who was my best friend got killed bye coyotes.I was devastated and started smoking again.I was ok for about 5 or 6 weeks,but then the symptoms came back.I kept on smoking for about 3 more weeks and lost the 11 pounds that I had gained.So I quit again a week ago.Now I feel much better again and have no doubt that pot is the culprit.Dammit!!!!!!I love getting off of the planet,especially after a stressful day,but the bottom line is witch is more worth it,being sick or getting high.I’m one of those all in kind of guy’s,in other words,I like to get high every day,but I think if you are strong enough to refrain most of the time an occasional buzz might not be harmful.Also I think setiva might be easier on the gut than indica,witch I prefer.Not sure about that though.I hope that this info might be of some help to you.

      1. God me too… devastated at the prospect after40+ years of having to say goodbye to my lifeling friend who has recently turned out to be an enemy of my body. Do you think eating it would still be a problem?

    2. it took me forever to figure out it was causing the very thing i starting treating with it , i stopped smoking pot , but im addicted to BHO hashoil now , seriously interferes with my digestion

    3. Wow I suffer from the Same thing as you !!! I get 1 hr of R.E.M. Sleep I’m On gabapentin 900 mg For 12 years now ? And has been a cannabis smoker for longer than I can remember ??‍♀️ I smoke because of the ongoing headache I suffer because of us not getting proper sleep so I have a headache every single day waking up and helps take away my headache but I have to suffer with my stomach bothering me most of the day ?& suffer with most of the side effects … I was complaining about my stomach someone had mention that I needed to Google what It can do to your stomach so I’m quitting I would love to know as well how long will it take for our bellies to get better ?? good luck !! ?

      1. Well I’m 18 almost 19 and I’ve smoked weed since 14
        The past two years is where I gradually upped my smoking to about 100% where I was smoking three times a day in big amounts like 5 blunts every session last year I experienced some of the worst times of my life where I had gone to the hospital, emergency room, etc more than ten times in a month because oh how worried I was of my gut
        I had all types of symptoms like stomach pain liver enlargment etc even my stools became loose that it looks like diarrhea and it was every day so I stopped for four months and I got better and when I felt better I started smoking again and not until last week my symptoms have come back and it’s like worst this time and I didn’t know it was the weed until I found this article and all of your responses makes me feel better that it’s not something else because I’ve gone threw endoscopy and colonoscopy multiple blood tests and stool test thought I’ve never had any vomiting I’ve had everything else p.s. I got very stressful when my liver enlarges cuz that shit freaks me out

      2. Constipated Mary Jane

        I had been put on Gabapentin very lose dose 100 mg, very severe stomach ache. It didn’t help with trigeminal neuralgia. The only thing that helped that was MonoLaurin which puts a protective coating around cells protecting from virus. MonoLaurin works great for shingles which caused trigeminal neuralgia and herpes outbreaks. None are fun! I’ve had a lot of muscle issues from getting rear-ended at a high speeding driver smashing into the back of my vehicle. So, I feel like I bought the bullshit of the drug pushers trying to get their marijuana agenda pushed through. They charge more than brain surgeons so seeing what they charge just really shows me they’re in it for the fast cash. They convinced me that it would help with the muscle spasms and pain. After starting on CBD oils along with Sativa and Indica, I have not been able to eliminate without having to use things to dig it out. I apologize for being so gross but I almost went to ER. I’ve been taking Dulcolax, Miralax, vegetable laxatives and drinking CALM magnesium. I’m afraid I’ll be nicknamed Kilauea when I get relief from the multiple days of laxatives. I chose not to take pain meds from the doctor because they always shut down my motility to help with my elimination process. I really had no idea CBD or any of the cannabis oils would be the culprit. When I’ve used these oils, I’ve actually had bouts of Charley horses that I jumped out of bed screaming in agony. This only happened after ingesting the “recommended prescribed” cocktail of CBD with Indica oil. I think I’ll stop the Cannabis and see if my motility comes back. I understand what everyone goes through, it’s a catch 22 and really nowhere else to turn. I can’t use NSAIDs so now I’m lying around with ice packs on to help with inflammation. Well that’s my experience, so don’t judge unless you’ve walked in my moccasins. I just had no idea others were experiencing this as all the hype we get from the Cannabis community on what a wonder miracle it will be for our body. Who knows what else is really in that oil or if it’s contaminated during production.

    4. Hey, I know this is old and you may not see it. I also have Narcolepsy. I have t been able to tell smoking helped me get any more rest. I do go to sleep faster(if thats possible. Lol I was in REM in under a minute for my naps during the sleep study)Do you experience a noticable difference in actual rest ? I have been a heavy smoker for ever it seems. Almost 30 years. I only experience the stomach/digestive issues when I have edibles, or swallow some smoke by accident.

  88. Thanks for posting this!

    I’ve been using cannabis oil to relief my Ulcerative colitis symptons as abdominal pain and lack of appetite, but it’s also good to know more information about the negative effects it can cause. Fortunately, for now I can tell you it has helped a lot.

    1. I’ve read through all the comments and could not identify with any of the stories. I’m 40 taking RSO only for PTSD. I’ve been talking it regularly for the past 2 years. A 1 gram syringe will last me 30 days. I take a 1 to 1 ratio of CBD to THC every morning and every evening before my meal. It comes out to about 15 mg of CBD and 15 mg of THC per dose. I just put it under my tongue and swish it around for a minute to mix it with the enzymes in my saliva. A few times I took more by accident, sometimes it’s difficult to control how much comes out of the syringe. When that happens I get nausea which is relieved by going to sleep, never had to throw up.
      The RSO definitely works for my PTSD because I have zero symptoms of it left. I’ve also done psychotherapy for it while being on cannabis and helped solve many of the triggers. Before cannabis I could not even go into therapy because I was so traumatized to even bring anything up and discuss.
      Cannabis also helped me with the following issues I was not even trying to fix anymore: took me from 80 kg to 58 kg in 8 months and I was able to keep it at 58 for the past 12 months without any effort.
      Completely cleared up my gut inflammation proven by thermography imaging. Small bumps disappeared from my skin, my skin looks overall much younger. It made all of my GI symptoms disappear such as bloating, gas, cramps. It reversed my astigmatism confirmed by eye exam. It reversed my autoimmune Hashimoto’s and lowered my TSH thyroid level to under 2.
      It stopped my hair loss, made my nails strong. There is probably more but can’t remember all my aches anymore. Amazingly improved my memory and I vividly remember now so many things that happened in the past 2 years.
      It helped me fix my relationship with family and friends and even got me a considerable promotion at my job because my performance improved so much.

      But here is one important disclosure. I’m on a healthy diet. I eat only raw organic fruits and veggies and organic pasture raised chicken. I don’t eat gluten, dairy is minimal, so is sugar.
      I worked with functional medicine to clear out my parasites. I also take daily magnesium as I found out that cannabis pulls magnesium from the body and I was already not getting the recommended daily dosage of 400 mg.
      In fact, my conclusion is from reading all the comments is that smoking it as probably bad for you, your lungs are not happy to be coughed out daily for sure. Also, most people eat junk. Also, 99% of the USA is severely deficient on magnesium. And you are too if you are not supplementing. Magnesium is an electrolyte needed by every organ. We simply can’t live without it and if you research the symptoms of magnesium deficiency you will see that you have at least 50% of them. Furthermore, there is research showing that mice with low magnesium levels when injected with THC became killers after 45 days. Look it up in pubmed by searching for ” cannabis and magnesium”. Everyone should take magnesium, especially cannabis users because cannabis pulls it from your body and because if you reallly look into it you will realize that the foods you eat have almost none, so where are you getting 400 mg per day from?
      You can’t test magnesium because only 1% of it it’s in the blood, 99% is in tissues in the body. The only way you know you got enough is if you get diarrhea.

      So folks, cannabis is medicine. Treat it as such and don’t smoke it. Eat healthy diet, suppliment what you are lacking and look up Sadhguru on YouTube if you have any existential issues.

      1. It’s a plant. Some people are allergic to pollen and certain weeds and plants and some are allergic to cannabis plant.

  89. Really enjoyed this article, although it kind of scares me at the same time. I’ve noticed just about everything that was listed here and have been a very regular tobacco/marijuana user and have used them both together for the past 9 years (I’m only 22). There are times at work especially when I feel a burning in my lower back that carries to my stomach. I used to get an appetite until I started using tobacco with marijuana, and with my lack of food/sleep I really rely on it for both of those things but now it does just the opposite.

  90. Bonjour ! 🙂
    Hi all 🙂

    suffer from hyperemesis cannabis for 8 years now.
    I am French, and nobody, neither my doctor did tell me knew what I had
    It was only last year that I came across an article talking to exemens and analysis on this topic in Australia.
    We must talk about this disease that hampers life !!!
    A common syndrome is the “hot shower” or “hot” to appease chills and nausea !!!!!
    This disease is very painful and unpleasant.
    I drink aloe vera gel 90% pure to relieve my upset tummy


      I began taking cannabis coconut oil 3 weeks ago. After 2-3 days, I had to stop most things, I do in life. My stomach bloated so big, so sore and the pain was unbelievable. I was taking it for pain. I tried for 12 days, not thinking it was the cannabis, I even tried it with olive oil, same thing. I have now stopped the cocobutter, my tummy is slowly going back to the way it was. I have celiac, IBS, anxiety, COPD, so was looking for relief. Instead I became so ill.

      1. I also am taking the oil THC / And was ok at first. Pain was gone. Now I get either severe hunger pains but brain does not want to eat. Also new is my stomach feels sick / upset when I take the oil.
        Any ideas why I feel sick or severely hungry even if I ate.
        Hope you or someone has an answer to WHY this is happening.

      2. The bloating could of been caused by the bad bacteria, fungi… your digestive system dying off from the the use of the oil. Just another perspective. 🙂

      3. Research ketogenic diet you find it will help with your celiac disease

      4. Interesting. I’m trying my cbd and having severe, very severe stomach issues

    2. Hi Maestroe,

      I live in Illinois and recently got my Medical Marijuana License to help with Chronic pain. I tried a friends Pot Brownie just before getting my license and I threw up violently within the 1st 2 hours and that was followed by Diarrhea.

      Since then I have tried almost ever form of edible Marijuana in different forms
      ( Gummies Caramels Tincture Oil CBD Pills ) All of the edible forms give me Diarrhea and not much relief from the pain. The CBD pills did actually knock me out for 2 2 hour stretches during the day and did help with my pain level but the next day was spent near my toilet.

      I can smoke marijuana and get high which is always fun but I did not get my license to “Get High” I had stopped smoking Marijuana in my mid twenties and am now 55 years old.

      So my question Maestroe is were you diagnosed with Cannabinoid Hypermesis Syndrome or did you assume you had it because of your symptoms?

      Maestroe can you email me at and perhaps we can trade emails so I can find out more about your situation as it relates to my own?



    3. I have not smoked pot for decades and seldom drink. I’m now 64 dealing with long-term effects of multiple cancers, chemos & radiation (since my late 20s). I consider myself a lucky survivor w/chronic illness that until lately I’d been handling okay. A friend suggested I try a THC-laced salve currently legal & available in Colorado for severe joint pain and fatigue due to my inability to sleep soundly. It helped right away, however, after only a couple of months I am now dealing with severe bloating and digestive issues I’ve never had before. My symptoms are what led me to this article as I couldn’t think of anything odd or different in my system that might cause this horrible condition other than administering the THC salve. Been trying Probiotics, as much water as I can drink, cut way back on dairy thinking I may have developed a lactose intolerance; don’t eat much gluten, if any – and at this point I cannot eat anything without severe abdominal discomfort. I’m never hungry now as my stomach is hugely bloated most of the time. I did not become irregular until the past week or so; am able to urinate w/o pain but stool now soft and I’m tempted to take laxatives in attempts to clear myself out entirely! I’m really at a loss and have insufficient insurance to seek adequate medical care so I’m now trying to heal myself by process of elimination but I’m running out of things to eliminate. My only comfort is lying on the floor to alleviate pressure on my middle area. Just thought I’d share since there seem to be so many pros & cons on this topic.

      1. I’m in a similar situation with my gut and no insurance. I found a nurse practitioner who specializes in stomach issues and offers a style of healing called functional medicine. She uses food and natural substances as medicine and offers colonics as a therapy. although this may not be a good path for you one thing I have noticed with these new fangled practitioners is that they offer long consultations see one patient at a time and have very low prices.
        So check out your area for healers who are medically trained but offer alternative approaches to healing using the least invasive procedures and remedies.
        sometimes called functional medicine. I have found that they are more interested in the person than the money and so their prices are usually much lower and the quality of care much higher.

      2. Try bone broth!!!
        Check out the science and recipes in the cookbook Nourishing Broth.
        Best wishes

    4. CutZy McCall

      I use aloe vera gel for an upset tummy, too. It’s one of the few things that actually works! Wouldn’t live without it in my refrigerator. I learned that long-haul truck drivers drink it to keep their kidneys in shape.

  91. Michael Vipperman

    Great article. Good perspective. One thing to note in the case reports of appetite suppression from use is that the people can usually eat fine after around an hour — it’s the initial 45 minutes of the high during which it’s difficult to eat. I am among that group, and have interviewed others. As you say, it’s probably related to the processing of stress. Further research is necessary but it’s worth noting that certain types of pathology, including ADHD and PTSD, involve deficient stress responses which can be stimulated and regulated by cannabis use, and which involve underlying dysregulation in the endocannabinoid system. Trauma survivors typically have an “all or nothing” stress response, whereas marijuana triggers a “some now, less later” pattern of response, triggering a release while improving feedback inhibition and thereby protecting against the adverse effects of protracted stress. In somebody whose stress response is usually deficient (except when it comes in a flood, overwhelms and harms them), marijuana is extremely useful, and more stimulating than in somebody whose stress response is usually elevated. This suggests that the reduced appetite in a minority of users is not necessarily a sign that cannabis is hurting that person, and may instead by a sign that cannabis is helping, but for different reasons than in those in whom it stimulates appetite. But there are probably multiple causal pathways in different people, and, as your perspective assumes, it’s likely that some are hurt by cannabis even while many others are benefiting from it, and that there are people who receive some benefits while also experiencing some harms.

  92. Have you considered the fact that a lack of oxygen could be the root of some digestive problems? I am a heavy cannabis user & notice my breathing slows down considerably when I’ve been using, which could lead to a lack of oxygen supply in the blood stream. I’m guessing that if this happens regularly it could be damaging, particularly to the brain, heart & digestive system.

  93. Paul schlussel

    I got diagnosed with nutcracker’s esophagus in 2006 at the age of 26. it causes painful esophageal contractions caused by a disfunction of the vagus nerve. I have ptsd and anxiety disorder and using cannabis I would not be able to eat, or eat very little. most of the strains are sativa based so that might also be a be a factor.

  94. What a load of crap. Not one reference to a scientific article orstudy. Just complete conjecture and hear say.

    1. Actually I have to disagree. 2 weeks ago I would have agreed with you. I have smoked pot for 9 years occasionally I stopped not for long periods of time the longest was 6 months due to being pregnant. This entire year I have had stomach problems. In march I had my gallbladder removed, after that it went downhill. The month has been the worst yet. Over the past few months I have been to multiple doctors, in and out of the hospital, several tests all coming back normal besides the fact that I have IBS. My doctor had switched to dermatology so I had to see a different doctor. I explained to her what had been going on and had been up front and honest about my marijuana use. I had been throwing up once a week then it turned into every other day that turned into everyday multiple times no appetite couldn’t eat I told her I had to smoke to not throw up the zofran and phenergan were no longer working as if I were immune. That’s when she told me that smoking pot can actually make you sick. I didn’t believe her. I googled it and everything that I had been going through was there. Im a pothead people can call me dumb all they want marijuana is addicting for me so I have a problem when I quit. It took me 3 days to finally stop saying one more blunt but today I’m one week clean and I haven’t thrown up in 2 days. My nausea has lessened dramatically. My appetite has picked back up. My stomach pain is nowhere close to as bad as it was. When I ate French fries and half of a cheeseburger at 7 pm and woke up at 5:30 am and threw up whole French fries and chunks of meat I knew something was wrong. I threw up 3 more times the same thing. I took a zofran. Later that day I had 2 bowel movements and there was no bowels it was whole French fries. I don’t know about anyone else but I’ve only ever had whole corn come out like that. I am now being tested for gastroparesis (delayed gastric emptying) this is my experience of course everyone has their own opinions and just like I said marijuana is the miracle drug but its not perfect for everyone and sometimes and can do more damage then good. I suffer from fibromyalgia as well I haven’t had any pain while smoking. I imagine this will return soon.

      1. I have used (daily for 40+ years…….no problems, in fact it has greatly helped my degenerative arthritic spine…..until 2 years ago… i started having bouts of feeling really ill, was thought to have diverticulitis or some sort of gut thing….today having just read this article, i think because of my long term use, it is possibly true….boohoo …..dont know how i will survive without my lifelong companion.

      2. Hey just read your comment I’ve had the same symptoms and was diagnosed with Gastroparesis I’ve been smoking for 5 years. I have found very little info on marijuanas likeliness to cause gastroparesis from acedemic journals/the internet. Just want to know if I might have been misdiagnosed.

      3. Im here scrolling and reading many stories.. and yours caught my attention… i too have excruciating stomach pains. I say every day im going to stop and go about two days maybe and the pains i just cant take.. so i endluge. But today. Im going to find the courage in myself. To starve this addiction. It must die but i shall live. Thank you for your story. And yes marajuuna does cause crazy crazy pains and lost of appetite. But they say one week it should subside. So here we go!. And i pray for you that all these other issues cease in the name of Jesus. The devil is real and he wants everyone to lose! Keep fighting the good fight! Good Luck everyone! And for the non believers. Stand in our shoes. Try stopping before you deny the pangs!

      4. I was following your story until you said that you crapped out whole fries. First of all, if in fact you barfed and crapped them up whole, then that would imply that you swallowed them whole, without chewing them. If that is the case, you have to learn to chew your food well, of course you’re going to get sick if you’re swallowing your food whole. If however, what you meant was that the food was expelled without the appearance of having been digested, then yes that is something worth wondering about.
        This caught my attention because I am a somewhat heavy pot smoker myself, and I have IBS like yourself. I’m currently having lots of tests done because I have severe nausea and other digestive issues that I don’t care to list. I have to say that I love smoking pot because it really does calm my guts while sparking a little appetite. If all my tests come out normal I’ll probably myself try to quit completely. I just fear because I lose weight quickly when I go periods without smoking. We’ll see. Trying to have a strict lean diet, I encourage you to do the same, it will help with the IBS, which I’m sure you already know is easily triggered with many different foods. Anyways, long rant, I’m high. x)

      5. French fries and cheeseburger and you wonder why marijuana is making you reject it…..

      6. Hey Sarah. I have what you have and I have some advice. You can still smoke, you just can’t smoke as much. Ill make one blunt last me like a day and a half. You just gotta learn your body. What I’ll do is ill smoke, but when I notice it starting to affect my appetite, ill stop until my appetite comes back. Just think about it like this, it can’t get you sick if it’s not in your system that heavy. I hope this helps. I fucking hate this condition. I just wanna smoke weed all the time but I can’t.?

      7. I have all these issues and recently diagnosed with gastroparesis after 3 hospital visits in 45 days due to severe abdominal pain and more. I’ve smoked for 30 years (wow) on and off but the last 5 quite regularly and as much as I don’t want to admit it, I believe at least in part marijuana is the culprit. I hope you’be gotten better!

      8. Wow….i started edibles 5 months ago and.have flu like symptoms on and off..then a horrible pain that hospitalized me for 5 days…mild swelling of my small intestines..i have 2 more tests..MRE and colonoscopy to find pit ..but the pot is the onl new thing i introduced

      9. Thank you Sarah for sharing your story. I do hope you recover from all this and that your fibromyalgia doesn’t worsen. I hope you can find a medicine that works for you.
        Your story is almost exactly what my daughter has been going through! Her friend has been going through it even longer. When the doctors told her and us this can happen, we thought it was not true as well, but then she kept getting worse. She just had an endoscopy today and the doctor told her to stop smoking it for a month and if she’s not better then they would test her for Gastro paresis. Her friend is getting tested for that in July. But her doctor was very kind and understanding, not judgmental like other medical personnel had been.
        It breaks my heart to see her suffering and yet have such a hard time quitting. I feel that many medical professionals know this is happening and they’re not spreading the word enough. At the one hospital they said they are seeing an increase in occurances. Also they need to be kinder and not judge someone for smoking.
        It’s affecting young people now who’ve only smoked for 2-4 years. Which could be related to higher levels of THC in some buds.

      10. The same has happened to me. I started using it legally [doctor approved] for anxiety, depression and migraines. It has been magical for migraines, in the 4 months of regular use I haven’t had one. It also has helped with anxiety and depression. My symptoms are diarrhea, nausea, lack of appetite, bloated stomach along with abdominal tenderness. I have only threw up a few times. I chose the edible oil version, maybe that may be the problem? I am considering vaping it, perhaps bypassing the digestive track will help. Right now I am laying off using it for awhile. I sure am not looking to those darn migraines.

      11. Hey lady you just described my own ordeal that seems to go away when I stop smoking weed all the time. Takes a few weeks to withdraw but after a month I generally feel good most of the time. This is one of the only articles on the internet that seems to recognize whats happening to us. feel better

      12. Patrick Donovan

        Hello I’m experiencing the exact same symptoms you are like…to a T. What should I Do? I can’t eat cuz I’m not hungry and I like every morning and dry heave all throughout the day. If I smoke I feel better but if it really is the weed I seriously need to stop now. All the doctors are puzzled as well

      13. Sorry Sarah for your horrible condition with your gastrointestinal system. I guess I’am fortunate because marijuana has cured my IBS. Maybe I can recommend that you see a good gastroenterologist; also, not eating dairy could help. Trying high fiber foods might also be helpful. Best wishes to you, Clay

      14. I have tried in earlier years pot and it did nothing for me. I preferred alcohol. But, my brother has smoked all his life and noticed a lot heavier. Now he is getting older and you age and health issues start. Right?? Him and his girlfriend are so against taking prescription meds and knock me for mine. Tell me im a pill popper. But to sit there and down the beer and pot they are not addicted i am. Soo anyway s
        Like I said he is older has prom lens with knees doctor give him something for pain he took a few and refused the rest and heavily into pot.
        Now this is where I’m worried. 3 year s ago his colon blew open he had to have emergency surgery. Wore a colostomy bag 3 months. Was lucky it was refersable and had another surgery. So this year 6 weeks ago started with severe pain rushed into hospital and a blockage or 2 but they flushed out. Had to come in again for outpatient minor surgery.
        Well, now when it got that day couldn’t be done when viewed turned out last to be bigger surgery with several hernia repairs blockage loss of some colon I believe anyways almost 100 sticks. Now he won’t take pain of course so he is heavy into the pot smoking. Gees had to be even sent back in with bloated, diverticulitis. My big question you tell me that the pot is safe? One other my dad had stomach problems like 8 surgeries. I don’t think pot is good for any dam thing I think he is increasing chance of cancer. But of course his sister is wrong.
        Please reply by email

      15. Hi a lot of your problems are caused by your stomach not digesting food . I had some of the same problems after gall bladder removal. Try taking some digestive enzymes a good one is NOW super enzymes. And eat activia yogurt for probiotics. My dr didn’t have a clue. But I went to see an older more experienced dr he told me when your gallbladder is removed your liver is now putting your digestive juices directly into your stomach and they get diluted so you need to add more enzymes to your stomach for good digestion. Do some research on the enzymes and good luck. Ps I eat marijuana edibles for a medical problem only problem I have is diarrhea sometimes. Hope this helps.

      16. Diane Anglin

        I hope you have solved your problem. It is possible that you have lost your good digestive bacteria. Ask your doctor about a fecal transplant.

      17. lori McGinn

        I have smoked off and on since 12 years of age. I am 61. I get stomach aches everyday. No vomiting. I am also wondering if the connection is smoking all my life. I have fibromyalgia, and IBS, and chronic pain.
        Pot as been my go to healing pill.
        Now, I wonder…………
        I have been tested for stomach ache causes, with no positive results, no findings of why.
        The AMA is making it hard to get pain meds, and I feel for the people that hurt more than me.

      18. Sounds more like food poisoning or sensitivity to greasy foods. My ex would vomit every time he ate nasty greasy foods and he was no pot smoker. It is also very normal for whole corn kernals to be visible in your poop undigested.

      19. Erin Garrett

        I have been smoking weed everyday all day for a year now and I am having the exact same symptoms.

      20. Trish Pulice

        By chance are you a Type 1 Diabetic my condition started w/3 ulcers. A short time after I was diagnosed w/gastroparesis. At times it is very painful I describe the cramping as contractions almost. I am a pot smoker & it seems at times when I smoke it calms my stomach down. But I have also heard that smoking it can worsen the gastroparesis condition. Is your story similar, let me know. Trish

      21. Karla D Johnson

        Had the same exact things going on, it’s true that Marijuana affects our G.I. functioning!

      22. True,my daughters freind has this ,and a need to bath all the time,its real.

      23. I have battled digestion issues for about 40 years. Mostly caused by a doctor who damn near killed me with antibiotics. I spent about 35 years trying to fix it with 1000’s in probiotics and nutritional supplements. 20 years without weed and dealt with malabsorption, bloating and no stool formation. Besides incorporating kombucha, cabbage, granny Smith sauce…..I got on the weed, and pot brownies. I am far from fixed but without a doubt the brownies have helped. Besides additional fiber I am sure it has an antispasmotic effect. Yes I had some gut pain but I do believe it helps to regulate. But as a diabetic I can only eat brownies sparingly. So the skinny I believe it has increased gut motility.

    2. Isn’t the preconception that cannabis has no adverse effects also just hearsay and conjecture? Like most homeopathic remedies, scientific evidence on both sides of the argument are lacking, so it’s foolish to accept your experiences as universal.

      1. I have severe stomach pain after Cvs oil pharmaceutical

        Pharmaceutical Cbd. Oil swollen in belly and severe stomach pain with digestive track pain slow digestion constpacion
        Non stop stomach pain

    3. Don’t be insensitive bro. Your not as smart as you think. I hate when people come on these forums and bash peoples stories. Why would they make it up? They constantly say “I love weed but this happened” then people like you come on here and think you know so much. There are people whose bodies react differently to different things. Some people are allergic to shellfish. Some people can’t smoke weed. Simple. Don’t overthink it.

      1. It was the only thing that i could use for 1 last year
        But Now!!!!
        I fucked up bro!
        i wish if somebody was here!
        Who can help me
        Changed 6 doctor and no treatments
        Even 1
        NOTHING exept itself

      2. Thanks for the information. I have IBS which seems less bothersome when I take cannabis capsules.

    4. Unfortunately I agree with this article. I have been smoking everyday for nearly 13 years. I would easily smoke 1 -2 grams a day with very little tabacco if any sometimes (don’t like tabacco yuk taste) Pretty much stoned more than sober in a given period. I love cannabis and so annoyed that its after affecting my health. Tonight i did a allergy test by rubbing a bud on my skin and within a minute or so a rash appears. I already knew that i get a rash when cannabis touches my skin as i used to grow my own and when tending the plants i got a rash after brushing off them. Now i remember i was not always allergic to cannabis, it developed over time. So about a year ago I noticed my appetite was poor without a smoke and eventually would try smoke before a meal to eat more. No big deal I taught. Also I might add, my stools were very lose every morning and bowel movement like clockwork (literally when i got up out of bed i would walk to toilet) which are symptoms of IBS. With all these symptoms over the last year I developed an abscess in my ass a few months ago unbeknow. Last week it started to pain me and low and behold I am in emergency with severe pain and slight septicaemia. Surgery to drain abcess. Day 2 after surgery decided to have a joint. I felt same sensation in my bum that I felt before. It just didn’t feel right so I decided to stop smoking for a few days. Day 6 after surgery and just realised that I need to give up as I am defo allergic to cannabis and it is affecting my digestive system. I always said I would smoke for the rest of my life as I enjoy smoking cannabis and built my lifestyle around smoking cannabis. I don’t drink so I just use to smoke. Anyway just wanted to post this and let people know that it’s not bullshit. The research will definetly follow in the coming years as this research is relatively new to science due to increasing numbers of cannabis smokers (which is brilliant for society). I am so annoyed that it has started to affect my health but life goes on.

      1. Dave, thank you also for sharing. You can see my first comment above, in response to Sarah. I had not considered an allergy until reading yours. I’m definitely going to tell my daughter about this too. I hope you feel better too.

      2. Thank you so much for sharing this! Every time I get mad for not being able to smoke no more, I can now think of u and know that I’m not alone : )

      3. Thank you for your comment
        I couldn’t tell u how many years I smoked for .. but now I’m having belly problems & decided to Google and let me hold I’m not the only one ?? I guess it’s time to stop I hope my stomach gets better whaaa

      4. I am 56 years old and live in California. When medical marijuana became legal, I got a card. In the last couple of years, I would smoke after work and on the weekends. I started noticing flu like symptoms such as vomiting, nausea and generally feeling off balance/almost dizzy. It would last a day or two and then it became fairly frequent. I thought something was wrong with my immune system. My doctor (whom I have since fired) lectured me for not coming in sooner and said it wasn’t my immune system since I had no fever. He offered no explanation. I changed doctors and then had a MRI, CT scan and endoscopy. While being prepped for the endoscopy, the nurse asked me if I smoked weed. I was embarrassed. She said she has worked in the GI clinic for over 30 years and during the last few years, they have been inundated with 20 year olds with the same symptoms. She said the one of the doctors told her it was due to smoking weed as it slows the digestion process down. I was shocked! I told her that there was no need for the endoscopy, but they did it anyway and found nothing. I quit smoking and my symptoms went away completely!!!

      5. Teasa McClure

        I am now starting to have the same effect. I was just a once and a while smoker . Met a few friends who smoke daily and for several years have been smoking daily – in the evening after to work—
        In the last 6 months , I have abdominal discomfort and definitely nausea after I smoke —
        Tried different kinds .
        I am on the go go go So in the afternoon, it is nice to catch a buzz.
        Now with the change in my stomach, after talking to GI – Doc
        He is the one who mentioned this condition- I take no other medicine so it was the only thing I could imagine.
        So I just looked it up-
        SURPRISE -it is me. Too-
        What a shame – Dr mentioned how all pot today is medical and many additives are now added to the soil and sprayed on the plants it self.
        What happened to regular get high por?

      6. Wow Dave thanks for sharing. I have been going through this for about 1 yr now and 1 emergency visit so far and although they said nothing was wrong I feel like doctors are really lying to me because every single time after I smoke I have horrible stomach pains and itching. Its the most uncomfortable new feeling driving me insane and I have been through viral and bacterial tests and all docs tell me I am fine but I feel like my stomach is going to burst any day if I dont quit smoking. This crap is real and i have been smoking for almost 20 yrs. I hate to say it but need to quit. This is my last weekend toking I hope. About a year ago I did something stupid and I was enclosed in my home while a hurricane blew over and I ate a nug of weed because I couldnt smoke inside my house and almost want to say that it was since that day I have had a stomach pains that worsened or came about everytime smoked. This is crazy and annoying, I love weed but I just want to feel normal again.

      7. After 2 years of eating home-made edibles almost daily my bowel movement situation went south, diarrhea and loose stools becoming a daily issue. Perhaps weed is an allergen and my lower intestinal track is now full of allergens and irritants? Why not, aren’t allergic reactions, including hay fever common during the summer months and especially during August when weeds and allergens are at their growth peak…and I’m eating them? LoL. Hope that’s not the case, just speculating here…

    5. Scientific research is not conducted on Schedule 1 drugs, in any significant way. The Federal law prohibits it. Only now that states are legalizing it is there any possibility that thorough research will even be possible under law.

    6. Clinical research by any institution that receives federal funding (which means virtually ALL universities and research hospitals) PROHIBITS research into Schedule 1 drugs.

      Only now that states are legalizing it, is it coming onto the radar.

    7. I presently am taking 1/1 cannibus oil for Brest cancer
      And I have all of these symptoms so it is true
      Doing cannabis is no picnic
      But better than Chemo on my case

      1. MJ smoker x 45 years. Loved the idea of giving the lungs a break with various candies avail in our legal state. No matter what base: glycerin, alcohol or fat (oils), unbelievable gut pain. I’d had this same reaction when eating ‘food’ throughout the years, but blamed it on the fats, gluten, nuts… hallelujah… CBD changed this. Add CBD and relax the gut. Worked like a switch. It was then that I started reading about the cannabanoid receptors in the gut.

    8. I just had a smoothie with a handful of organic raw cannabis leaves and my stomach is wrenching right now – sucks. I love cannabis and use CBD for chronic pain. But the leaves mess me up

      1. Mate, you’re not supposed to ingest the actual raw plant matter as it’s insanely fibrous and will irritate the stomach wall considerably.

    9. Actually it’s not a load of crap. I am also suffering from this same condition except my liver seems to get enlarged with extreme loss of appetite and bloating. But after I stop smoking for at least a week, I’m back to almost normal.

    10. The load of crap is your stupid ass comment, you obviously didn’t comprehend a major point of the airtcile which was that there isn’t much, if any, scientific evidence outside of case studies. Learn to read more thoroughly before you spout nonsense online, no one wants to read your bullshit.

      1. Alisa Matthews

        Proven or not it effects people differently so saying nonsense just makes you seem like you know other people more then they know themselves! Accept that your fantasy isn’t everyone else’s!!!

      2. THC consumer

        Boy, for a cannabis user you sure have anger issues.
        What the gentlemen said is true.
        I just spent 2 days in the hospital because do to my extended use of pot I had completely lost my appetite and kept throwing up.
        I now use just CBD oil and my problem stopped
        I got a real education on the effects of pot on your body from at least 5 different young doctors while in the hospital.
        I never in my wildest dreams thought pot could make you sick, BUT IT IS TRUE, and quite frankly I don’t want to read your bull shit. Chill out, smoke a joint!

    11. I disagree with your comment Jason. I happen to know for a fact that this can happen to chronic users, as I am one of those chronic users and just had an $1,800 dollar procedure done to find out that my stomach problems are directly related to cannabis use. It is naive to think that there wouldn’t be side effects to using every single day for several years. I advocate for cannabis and work for a cannabis company, yet this is still my reality. Every persons endocannabinoid system is different and where cannabis can be beneficial in treating the very issues that it can create for those who use every single day it can end up causing more issues than good.

      1. I understand this is somewhat of an old post but could you tell me what procedure this was that showed you that your issues were directly related to cannabis?
        Suffering from the same symptoms and looking for answers.

    12. I’m reading this article because I just got back from the hospital after an unbelievably violent bout of nausea in which I threw up my stomach lining. I’m a chronic user suffering from daily anxiety, just as the article describes. Everything written above conforms completely with my experiences to date. The article specifically stated that these symptoms appear to only present in rare cases. Just because this hasn’t been your experience doesn’t automatically make it “a load of crap”.

      1. Me too! Just figured out edibles are causing my diarrhea. It’s been awful!

    13. I also disagree. I have several medical conditions…type 1 diabetes, hypothyroid, almost at stage 4 kidney disease, and currently just found out I have chronic pancreatitis (have had pancreatitis in the past a few times..not from drinking, but from my blood sugars).. as well as being diagnosed with almost having celiac disease and my body cannot take replacements of gluten free products like quinoa, corn, msg, fish..
      The first year I had my card which was 2017 I used it for about 6 months to a year…never previously smoked. I started having a ton of digestive issues, I was constantly neasous, and I was vomiting continuously. In fact I was on FMLA for almost 3 months. In and out of the hospital 6 times for a week or more each time. They maxed me out on zofran, phenergan, reglan, and another anti-neasua med. I was still throwing up through all of it and the only time I had releif was with pain meds through my IV. I had gallbladder test, delayed gastric emtypting, colonoscopy, MRT test, allergy testing, lupus, etc etc…everything kept coming back normal. The hospital staff said I for sure had CHS illness.
      I stopped smoking and it finally went away, but it took my body MONTHS…still my diet is crap because of my kidneys failing and I can only eat 1 small meal a day, but I could at least eat fruit, veggies, chicken, turkey…
      After a year break from smoking I renuied my medical card again…hoping that it would help my pain in constantly in since nobody will prescribe opiates..well I get to live the rest of my life knowing I’m dying, in pain with nothing to help, scared to eat most nephrologist gave me 10 years to live at the age of 29. (And no I am not doing a transplant or dialysis) I already have a DNR in place. Life is extremely hard emotionally and physically.
      After smoking only once/twice a week and using cbd to cut down on the thc, I am miserable again. My body is not digesting things again, I’m in severe abdominal pain with bloating and distension..and I’ve been neasous and vomited 3 days ago. These symptoms began only after using for perhaps 3 weeks?? I am on only a liquid diet right now and I’m terrified to even put anything in me. I’m using replacement enzymes for my pancreas, activated charcoal, trazodone, ibgard, peppermint tea, ginger, turmeric, aloe Vera juice, fiber, and a crap ton of other things to help my swelling like dandelion, burdock root, etc etc. I have gone to the hospital now at least 4 times but due to not continously vomiting as I stopped when I noticed the symptoms they have not admitted me, though they’ve done CTs, xrays, blood work, etc. I am not working again…yes, I do believe that my experiences are rare, but are due to do many health conditions.. as they say most people only get this when your a chronic smoker…I had it after using less than a year. I should also mention I would break out in severe hives all over my body too..I did not know I had kidney disease until this all presented itself after the allergist told me I needed lupus testing after I came up positive on an ana test or something…

    14. I believe it because I got it I’ve been smoking for years all u need is he wrong weed which started cause my problems I’ve been sick for weeks vomiting bathing multiple times day hot cold sweats just gets worse I feel like I’m dying no energy my muscles are swore and I’ve lost lots of weigh now I’m under weight and ppl are worried bc i can not eat someone who smokes pot and gets mad munchies to this ya something is wrong

    15. Sadly, most of us wouldn’t be on this page if we weren’t getting these symptoms. I wish it were a load of crap.

    16. I diagnosed my husband with this issue 10 years ago. There were a couple of studies from some people in Australia. It is definitely an issue and presents itself consistently. Some people are allergic or sensitive to cannabis just as there are those allergic to peanuts, gluten etc.
      We had visited the emergency room at least 3 times in 1 year with issues related unbeknownst to us. As I dug for information I ran across an article and sure enough as soon as he quits smoking for extended period of time his symptoms are relieved. However, since he is addicted (and yes you also can be addicted to put) he continues to go on and off and everytime he starts back up in 3 months or so he has symptoms and unfortunately every time he quits his withdrawals are worse and last longer.
      I wanted to respond because I think it is important for people who may be suffering from this to know you are not alone and to consider it might be cannabis.

      1. No science behind this right? Thats why we all complaining about it… a lot of people suffer like I DO. I almost thought that I got stomach cancer or shit like that. But everytime I quited my symptoms are worse, I look so underweight, yellowish skin, pale stool and a lot more. And I’m only 25.. but I’ve been abusing weed A LOT so… yeah, you must be stupid that you think there is no side effects. I had to write this down for others to see. You ain’t gonna die, just be strong, eat healty, find something to do like GYM, it’s the most important and.. have good sleep.

    17. Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome is real. I have it. Smoked for decades. It is real and it is horrible. Stopped smoking, all symptoms went away. Had many medical tests but was scared to admit my heavy and prolonged cannabis use. Tried to start smoking again, didn’t get to the horrible vomiting and nausea stage but started with abdominal bloating, pain and general feeling like crap.

      1. this is the worth feeling i have ever had, i have been smoking marijuana for on and off for several years, just recently i started smoking everyday, and my stomach is so bloated that I feel like I am about to have a heart attack. It’s been like this for three days now. The doctor at the emergency visit did an ECG and gave me some gas medicine. I guess I am done smoking for life! It’s a feeling like I am going to die.

  95. Smoking upsets the stomach. Don’t smoke cannabis if it upsets the stomach. Don’t burn your medicine.

    1. Please read till the end !Please someone help me ! i hope that someone who wrote this article will read this and try to help me with some advice, I was smoked weed for 4-5 years then i quit ( about 2 years ago) After about 6 months or so after that my digestive problems have started( bloating, very intense pains, nausea..and i really don’t want to say anything about my bowel movements..wich was at lest 4-5 times per day ( is true that i drank a lot in that 6 months..) but i don’t think that was really the problem..and let me tell you why. Exaclty 1 year ago i had a surgery for small bowel obstruction.. they say that was the problem but no one knows for what reason i developed that..the surgeon confirmed and asured me that i can’t make SBO from to much alcohol..i don’t have cancer or anything..i saw at least 10 doctors before surgery..and at least 10 doctors after surgery because my problems didn’t resolved even after surgery..i did all tests on this earth and everything is fine: tests for cancer(this is said to be the main reason for SBO) celiac, infections of all kinds, liver, blood test..biopsies…absolutely everything seems normal from their perspective now.AND HERE COMES THE INTERESTING PART.. 5 months ago i started to smoke weed again..well i even didn’t notice how my problems solved…because it was gradual but i was better and better every day until i felt completely (10 days ago) i give up on weed again..and this was the moment when i did the connection..all my fucking problems are back again..everything! pains..bloating..nausea and i can’t eat anything without going to the bathroom in the next 15 any ideas what could be wrong with me ? I messed up my endocannabinoid system in that 4-5 yrs ? I’m cursed to smoke weed all my like to be fine ?( i don’t want to want to smoke anymore from a lot of so on) I live i a very shitty and narrow minded country i can’t find a doctor to talk about thisi really could end up in jail here..please help me with some advice if you have any ideas..i’m desperate and i really don’t know what to do 🙁

      1. You need to see a Gastro Doc. And More Importantly a Neurologist – Again & Again – Please.

        I have a rare autoimmune illness which is shutting down my autonomic nervous system. I have massive GI issues with all your symptoms. Gastroparesis is very hard to diagnose until it’s very progressed. Get on it. It is also excrutiating in pain at times….for me I suffer every single day. Food = Ouch!

        You can’t get any positive results or lab work from me either – everything seems normal but my Digestion is shutting down Neurologically. I am 5’4″ and 105lbs. I can’t digest a thing w/o excruciating pain. I am (this) close to have a GI tube. I have issues in my Vagus nerve my stomach, my colon and my rectum. It’s no fun and I am not that old. 🙁

        I see a top GI doc…one of the blessings when you are as ill as I am is you get moved to the top of the list so to speak. There are soooo many reasons you could be experiencing these issues.

        Don’t give up. It can take years to get an accurate diagnosis. God I hope you are not on any type of Obama care…then it will take 50 years and you will die of your condition before you can jump through all the fiery hoops of death, read tape and bureaucracy.

        I came to this site trying to see if Vaping which I am new to is causing additional issues with nausea and pain.

        peace be unto. Do not lose hope.

    2. PamelaParker

      Doctors cannot prescribe (only recommend) cannabinoids, because there’s no recommended daily allowance (RDA) or universal dose for all people.

      1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

        Hi Pamela,

        Depending on location, doctors can and do prescribe cannabis and cannabinoid-based medicines. Recommended daily allowance is not relevant to whether or not a substance is, or can be prescribed as, a medicine – it’s more of a guideline for food products and food supplements.

        You are correct that there’s no universal dose, which is why it’s essential to consult a qualified medical professional before using cannabis for any medicinal purpose.

        I hope that helps clear up any confusion, and that you continue to enjoy the blog.

        With best wishes,


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