Is Mexico ending the war on cannabis?

CNN Mexico is one of the biggest producers of cannabis in Latin America. The country is also one of the most violent in the world, clearly illustrating the failures of prohibition and the war on drugs. Will the war on cannabis end soon? Watch the video here.

It looks as if important steps towards cannabis legalization are being made in Mexico. For the first time in history, the cannabis fair and conference EXPOWEED was held at the World Trade Center in Mexico City.

Cannabis News Network was present at EXPOWEED Mexico. They had the chance to interview Fernando Belaunzarán ( PRD, Party of the Democratic Revolution), Pepe Rivera (Rector Mexican Institute of Cannabis), Emma Rodríguez (President EPSD) and Jaziel Espinosa (Founder CSC Xochipili) about the state of cannabis politics, medicinal cannabis developments, the cannabis industry in general and cannabis social clubs.

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