Cannabis in Spain – Laws, Use, and History

The Spanish flag and a field of hemp plants in front of a sunset

There is a degree of tolerance for cannabis consumption under Spanish law. Private and personal use is not illegal, and “cannabis social clubs” exist all over the country. However, there is suspicion that club managers sell other narcotics in addition to cannabis.

    • Capital
    • Madrid
    • Population
    • 46,307,000
    • CBD Products
    • Legal under 0.2% THC
    • Recreational cannabis
    • Decriminalised
    • Medicinal cannabis
    • not clear

Cannabis laws in Spain

Can you possess and use cannabis in Spain?

The use or possession of cannabis in public places in Spain is illegal. However, a regulatory gap enables the use of cannabis in the privacy of one’s own home.

If a minor is caught committing this offence, the fine can be suspended if they voluntarily enter a rehabilitation or treatment programme.

Spain is a particular case, as it is divided into different de-centralised autonomous communities, which may pass differing laws on some subjects. In 2017, the Catalan government tried to regulate cannabis use, cultivation, and distribution for licensed clubs. However, after the law passed in the Catalan Parliament, it was quickly overturned by the Constitutional Court on the grounds that it encroached on the powers of the Spanish government.

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Can you sell cannabis in Spain?

When it comes to the sale of cannabis, the law is more clear-cut. Drug trafficking is regarded as an offence in the Criminal Code, and penalties are determined based on the nature of the crime.

If the drugs sold don’t cause serious damage to health (cannabis is usually identified as such), then prison sentences range from one to three years. For harder drugs, this is extended to six years. If there are any aggravating circumstances, prison sentences can be as long as 21 years.

Fines are also imposed for cannabis trafficking, and all substances, instruments and profits are confiscated. If the offender is in a particular profession, they run the risk of being disqualified from it.

Prison sentences may be decreased if the offender was dependent on drugs at the time of the arrest, and successfully completes a treatment programme.

The ‘cannabis social clubs’ are more ambiguous, with some people believing that it is legal to use cannabis in them. However, the Spanish Supreme Court states that any “organised, institutionalised and persistent cultivation and distribution of cannabis among an association open to new members is considered drug trafficking.”

Can you grow cannabis in Spain?

According to Spanish law, cannabis cultivation is an offence unless done in places hidden from public view and intended solely for personal use, whether medicinal or recreational. Suppose one is caught growing a considerable number of plants (the law does not set out an exact number), and the authorities determine that you intend to sell or distribute cannabis. In that case, you could be prosecuted and charged with drug trafficking.

The lack of a legal framework for private and shared use of cannabis has led to the rise of cannabis social clubs in Spain.

Is CBD legal in Spain?

CBD is legal in Spain, as long as it contains no more than 0.2% THC (the substance responsible for providing a ‘high’). It’s even legal to manufacture CBD, as long as it’s not done in public.

The chemical formula of CBD written on a chalkboard

Can cannabis seeds be sent to Spain?

It’s legal to buy and sell cannabis seeds in Spain. You can also legally receive them in the post from other countries.

Medicinal cannabis in Spain

Although Spain is progressive in its decriminalisation of personal cannabis use, it is lagging behind in terms of its medicinal cannabis laws. These laws don’t differentiate between recreational and medicinal cannabis use. This means that patients find it difficult to obtain a prescription for cannabis products that contain 0.2% THC or over.

The OECM is an organisation that seeks to raise awareness about the benefits of access to cannabis for patients across the country. They highlighted the problems associated with the current laws; which were driving patients to obtain cannabis from the black market.

There are only limited medicinal cannabis products available on medical prescription at present. The only medicine sold in Spain is Sativex; however, it is challenging to buy it, as it costs over €400 per bottle and can only be acquired by patients with multiple sclerosis.

Other medical products are created from cannabinoids or imitations of them, such as Epidiolex, Cesamet, and Marinol, but they are not allowed in Spain. Their use is so restricted to very specific medical cases that they are referred to as ‘orphan drugs’ and are not marketed.

Consequently, Spanish patients are opting to grow their medicinal products or visit a cannabis social club. Carola Perez (President of the Spanish Observatory for Medicinal Cannabis and a medicinal cannabis user) suffers from chronic pain and uses cannabis for pain relief. She grows 16 cannabis varieties at home and can make “medicines” based on CBD, THC, Indica, or Sativa levels.

“No pharmaceutical company is going to offer us that,” a cannabis activist states. “Only nature can offer us that.”

A person wearing white gloves holding up a small cannabis plant

Industrial hemp in Spain

Hemp has been a part of the country’s history for centuries. In the 21st century, the industry has experienced a revival, with Spanish farmers capitalising on the economic potential of the plant.

It’s unsurprising, given the suitability of Spain’s climate for growing hemp. With an average 2,500 hours of sunshine a year, several harvests are possible. At present, EU directives permit the production of hemp as long as the THC levels are below 0.2%. The Royal Decree 1729/1999 lets farmers cultivate 25 different varieties of hemp in Spain. All seeds must be EU-certified to be regarded as legal.

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Good to know

If you are travelling to Spain (or currently live there), you may be interested to know the following:

  • 18.3% of young people (15-34 years old) in Spain use cannabis.
  • It’s estimated that there are around 1600 cannabis social clubs in Spain; though it’s difficult to state an exact number, as some don’t remain in operation for very long. Catalonia has the highest number of cannabis social clubs in the country.
  • According to a report in The Telegraph, Spain is ranked as 13th in the world in terms of numbers of people who use  cannabis.

Political parties and cannabis

Some of Spain’s politicians are open advocates of legalising cannabis; such as Pablo Iglesias of the populist Podemos party. In his call to end the prohibition, he said: “We wouldn’t have to spend money on security arrangements against illegal trafficking, which generates crime and exploitation.”

Several other political parties welcomed his suggestions for a state-run production model. Notable exceptions were the People’s Party (PP) and the Socialist Party (PSOE).  

The Spanish Federation of Cannabis Associations is an organisation that seeks to channel public support for regulating and legalising cannabis. They focus on applying pressure in parliament, and working with autonomous communities who are already undertaking various regulation processes.

We interviewed Javier Puig, president of the Federation of Cannabis Associations, and he told us:

“Public perceptions are now favourable, with a majority in favour of regulating cannabis. Society is ripe for change and we must take this matter up in Parliament. To date, given the single-mindedness of the central government and also of some opposition parties, the political work had been focused on the autonomous communities, where various regulation processes are under way and we are hoping more will follow suit. But it is now time to do more work in Madrid and we have several initiatives in progress.”

Cannabis social clubs

Spain’s cannabis social clubs exist thanks to a loophole in the law, which decriminalised consumption of cannabis in private places.

There are hundreds of these clubs across the country, and they all operate as private organisations. Cannabis plants are cultivated on the premises, and members of the club pay a fee to access the cannabis in a legal, controlled way. Members usually have some control over certain aspects of the club’s practices; for example, what strains of cannabis are grown and how the club is managed.

Cannabis social clubs offer several advantages to their members. The quality of the cannabis is regulated, unlike cannabis sourced from the black market. Members can also access it for a fair price.

There are certain rules in place for the clubs. These include:

  • Registration. All social clubs must register in a regional registry of associations.
  • Harm reduction. They must seek to reduce any harms associated with the supply and consumption of cannabis.
  • Closed to the public. Only members can access the club, and membership is only granted upon invitation by an existing member. Alternatively, individuals can join if they have a doctor’s note, confirming that they would benefit from cannabis for medicinal purposes.
  • Placing limits. Daily personal allowances must be adhered to, to prevent members from selling the cannabis on the black market.
  • Immediate consumption. The cannabis should be consumed on-site, though small quantities are permitted to be taken away.
  • Non-profit. Members only pay fees to cover production and management costs. All revenue is reinvested into the club.

Many of the cannabis social clubs are located in Catalonia, mostly in Barcelona. Here, the clubs often have very different personalities, with some being glamorous and ‘high-end’ and others being more rustic and appealing to the ‘eco-crowd’.

Barcelona – the new Amsterdam?

There are hundreds of social clubs in operation, plus some head shops and glass shops (selling cannabis paraphernalia), and various annual cannabis events. The most significant of these is Spannabis, which takes place every March.

Sensi Seeds opened the Hash Marihuana Canamo and Hemp Museum in Barcelona in 2012. This museum, situated in Barri Gotic (the Gothic Quarter) details the use of hemp and cannabis in societies throughout the world.

The big question is – how does Barcelona compare to Amsterdam; which is usually regarded as the cannabis capital of the world? One of the advantages to Amsterdam is the coffeeshops, which can be visited by tourists (the only city in the Netherlands to permit this). In Barcelona you may visit the cannabis social clubs, but only if you have an address that you can provide.

As such, it’s technically easier to smoke cannabis in Amsterdam than it is Barcelona. The Spanish social clubs don’t advertise themselves, and without local knowledge, they can be hard to track down. This is unlikely to change any time soon. Barcelona doesn’t need to promote the social clubs for economic benefit; it’s already a major tourist destination.

Cannabis events in Spain

Spain hosts a few major cannabis events throughout the year. These include:

  • Spannabis. Spannabis is Europe’s biggest cannabis expo, trade show and festival. Each year, thousands of people flock to Barcelona to hear talks from some of the world’s leading industry figures, to see the latest cannabis innovations, and to keep up with key developments in the field.
  • ICBC. Also held in Barcelona, the International Cannabis Business Conference is linked to the famous San Francisco event. Some of the world’s most prominent cannabis companies exhibit there, and many industry experts are also in attendance.
  • ExpoGrow. ExpoGrow in Irun calls itself “much more than a cannabis event”. Visitors can enjoy the samples, gifts and discounts on offer, and learn about the current ‘hot topics’ for the cannabis industry; particularly in the fields of medicine, research and hemp growing.
  • Medical Cannabis. As the name suggests, this event focuses on the role of cannabis in medicine and addresses some of the controversies surrounding the plant. This event also takes place in Barcelona.

Will cannabis be legalised in the future?

Given the pressure placed on the government to properly legalise medicinal cannabis in Spain, it seems likely that this will happen in the near future. This is especially the case given that so many other EU countries have now done so.

As for recreational use? It largely depends on the political party in control at the time. While many of Spain’s parties are pro-cannabis legalisation, others adopt a more conservative approach. Only time will tell whether this happens or not. 

  • Disclaimer:
    While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this article, it is not intended to provide legal advice, as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and/or lawyer.


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  1. Dont for one minute think growing plants in your home on a terrace is legal to do.
    For example I was growing two plants, knock knock on the door I let the police in they took my plants. They had only just started to flower no buds mainly all leaves 800 gram.
    I have just received 8,000 euro fine and 10 month prison sentence. Work that out because I cant. Before this I had never been in trouble with the police.

    1. Mark - Sensi Seeds

      Good morning Warren,

      Thanks for sharing your experiences with growing cannabis in Spain.
      That’s such a shame that you are not permitted to grow your own produce.
      Unfortunately, as you said, the cultivation of cannabis is still illegal in Spain.
      I’m so sorry about what happened!

      Best of luck,


  2. Ricci Theodorakis

    Hello there i am a farmer cultivating cbd plants in sardinia and looking to start extracting in a property that i am renting in spain and was wondering what type of licence is required when doing so. Any info would be great thankyou.
    Extremley grateful

  3. A very informative article. One of the club I visited while in Barcelona is called Asoc Green Planet Cannabis Club. They got strick memebership requirement but good 6o go when you attained all the requirements.

  4. The laws about cannabis are a lot different in Spain as compared to US and Canada. In Canada, online pharmacies are functional and can be used for purchasing weed etc.

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    Visit Asoc Green Planet Cannabis Club while in Barcelona. Our cannabis club is located in gothic quarter which is part of cuitat vella district.
    Placeta Sant Francesc 2,
    08002, Barcelona
    More info on our website at greenplanet-cannabisclub/en/

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    This is a informative article for this matter. Its really worth it if you are knowledgeable enough with the laws of your country for cannabis. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Wonderful article with loads of interesting information.
    Is there any organization with hemp farmers? We are looking for a hemp farmer that grows premium hemp inside or in a green house, but it seems to be hard to find. It’s important that the CBD levels are high and the THC levels need to be below 0,2%

    We are currently buying all our premium buds from Italy but we also want something grown in Spain.

    Kind regards

  8. Craig Willis

    Great article, plenty of useful information, now as written the social clubs may grow there own product and sell, but i was wondering if there is any information about growing and exporting out of Spain whilst being a licensed company legally paying tax ect . many thanks

    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Hi Craig,

      Thanks for your comment and the positive feedback! I’m glad you found the article useful. We don’t currently have the information that you have asked for, but possibly contacting the Spanish Federation of Cannabis Associations mentioned in the article could help you find some answers. We update our articles regularly, so if legislation changes, we will include the new information as soon as possible.

      Sorry I can’t help you further, and I hope you continue to enjoy the blog.

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  9. Jennifer Garcia

    Fantastic article!

    Now that the PSOE has allied itself with Podemos, it would be interesting to know what the current coalition government is going to do with the legalization proposal that Iglesia’a has been so steadfast about. Since Sanchez has been quoted as saying so dismissively that he’s got more significant problems than legalizing weed, I wonder how his new government is going to deal with that particular issue now that he’s got a bit more time on his hands. Guess only time will tell how much Sánchez is willing to compromise.

  10. Elaine Berry

    Hello. I have found this article very int resting as we are looking at growing hemp in Fuerteventura canary islands. we already have the first dedicated CBD shop in the canaries and have some investors that are looking to grow hemp here under our brand ( Canaries CBD) I am looking into the licences with the local town hall and wondered if I also needed to get in touch with the agricultural office? any help with or knowledge on this from any one would be great. Thanks Elaine


    Hello Janis Ziedins,

    I am from Malta. Planning to start up a company for Hemp Cultivation in Spain to extract CBD.

    We can start a conversation through email

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    1. Hello KEARNEY ATTARD,
      I am looking into hemp cultivation in the canary islands for production of CBD. I would be very interested in talking if you would like.
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    Soft drugs cause no problems. When its highly illegal the dangerous risk takers who usually cause misery in their communitys pushing hard drugs take over with dangerous cut cannabis ie soap type hash glass weed . Uk is full of organized crime cannabis sold to under 16 children because there is an excess made by the triads .

    1. Totally agree about the black market being the problem. The plant of cannabis has tons of uses besides getting ‘stonned’, at this point is ridiculous that keeps being banned in most countries. I’m pretty sure a sort of legality is on the way… I live in Barcelona and this year one of the universities here opened the first postgrad about cannabis from Spain: ( barcelonakush/posgrado-cannabico/ ). I think it’s only a matter of time to weed become legal…

  17. Mike Symons

    I am looking forward to being involved with production in Southern Spain
    with some very knowledgeable German folks. I wish I was 30 years younger!!

    1. Amazonaflippi

      Hello Mike Symons

      Your comment has awakened my interest. Are you collaborating with german producers? Are you currently living in Spain and planning to grow hemp? I’m currently researching everything possible about this magnificant plant and would love to connect with like-minded people.

      1. Janis Ziedins

        I am currently in Malaga, Spain and looking to start a hemp/CBD business.
        I am keen to find out more about getting into this industry. It seems to me that this plant and its products is the answer to so many problems. We should do everything we can to get this across to all our friends and family and general public!

    2. Janis Ziedins

      Hello Mike,

      I am looking to start a hemp/CBD business in Malaga, Spain.

      I am currently researching local farms and suppliers to find good quality products to put on our website.

      I was wondering if you want to collaborate?

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      1. Marco SALA DANNA


      2. Hello Guys, I am so happy to see some people interested to grow Hemp in South of Spain. I have a 2 hectors land in Malaga and would love to have some information on how to start.

        Warm regards Linda

      3. Bobby byrne

        Hi Janis I have a place in Andalusia and will be growing hemp this coming year. I hope to have some oils ready by the middle of next year. If you would be interested in trying out our products please get in touch. All the best for now

  18. I live in the UK but travelling to Lanzarote soon.
    Am I allowed to take cbd oil (from hemp. Extremely low TCH level) in my suitcase or will this be stopped at customs?
    Thanks in advance

    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Hi Helen,

      The laws governing CBD oil are changing so rapidly and are so varied that we, as a Dutch seed company, are not able to keep up to date with information on very specific questions such as this one. My best advice would be to check with a Citizens Advice Bureau, legal professional, or possibly the Spanish Embassy in the UK to see if they can give you an accurate answer. Sorry I can’t help you further with this!

      With best wishes,


  19. Hi guys
    We are in callete de fuste for week
    Any chance you could put us on to a place,where we could have a coffee n smoke with like minded people,
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    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Hi John,

      I’m afraid this isn’t a contact point for the cannabis collective, but you could send them an email on this address: and they might be able to help you.

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  20. Philip Walsh

    Bad news all round!
    The UK has a few fledgling CSC, nothing like those that exist in Spain but who had high hopes for this approach.
    The market here is already immorally monopolised by vested interest via the corruption of laws that allow GW Pharmaceuticals their monopoly and the rest of us our criminalisation!
    This news from Spain is very bad new for our businesses, growers, consumers, medical patients, their providers and activists.

    1. Interesting that you mention GW Pharma. You must, like I have several times, tried to apply for a licence from the Home Office! I used GW Pharma as a precedent with the Home Office and they tossed it aside quoting the data protection act and as such could not discuss GW Pharma. Governments the world over are the same!

  21. Dominique Geerlings

    Spanish politicians and police are extremly corrupt, the whole world knows that, right wing pp is not intrested in creating a white market where Andalucia could be the California of Europe, create lots of jobs and actually do something progressive. Rajoy is more intrested in supporting huge black market, which is a is great for organised crime.. they will boom as people are obviously goin to enjoy da erb even if Rajoy dont like the clubs

  22. Preben Christensen

    Osteoarthritis of the shoulder. After many years of cold and heavy lifting, I have had rheumatoid arthritis most of the right I have had morphine for some years now to take these pain now I’m on cannabis oil that has relieved the pain so I now have a tolerable life and is on by out of Tramadol medicine too it is so with Cannabis oil with 0.2% Thc

  23. One word regarding this sudden compelling realisation of cannabis therapeutic value, financial potential and sociocultural importance: Catalonia.

  24. Hi
    Thanks for posting this blog. It is very interesting. One of my friends has just returned from Ibiza and on his last night police were stopping taxis heading to a night club. When they searched my friend they found 5 extacy tablets. They did not arrest him or take him to a police station but they took details from his driving licence. They then returned the licence to him and let him go without saying anything. He fly back to the UK but He is really worried now about what will happen. Have any of you heard of this happening before?


  25. Carla Phillips

    Is there any where that buys medical cannabis on Spain
    Do u need licence or do they even buy from private growers

  26. I notice that nobody mentions the dangerous and documented effects of long term usage of cannabis ,personality disorders and schitzophrenia and then who picks up the tab for the damage ?
    This drug is not benign by any means so lets not kidd each other

    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Hi Terry,

      Thank you for your comment. There are various studies, some of which contradict each other, addressing these questions. Sensi Seeds does not shy away from reporting on the potential negative effects of cannabis use. You may find this post interesting.

      With best wishes,


  27. Awesome love &peace will conquer all stick to them they are ones that created the laws use it all the way very happy to see people standing together I wish it would happen in Australia love all keep up the fight.?❤️

  28. As usual they will only use what they can make money out of until we as human race wake up know that money will never buy happiness or healthy sustainable way of life we will always be doomed to insition we don’t need money at all we just need to learn how to work together in peace and love and caring for each other, of course there are always ones out there that are evil but love will overcome all evil peace to you all my brothers & sisters Papa out ?

  29. Sound like all governments who want to just make money out of keeping illegal when there is so potential for grow not just in money that is the least of what it can do if you ask me they don’t want us healthy they just want to control of money I live in Australia it is not much different here but I bet if one of there family ever get cancer they will be want to use it cannabis oil peace my friends keep up the good fight ?

  30. You dope heads are pathetic. Weak, individuals that like nothing better than to get off their heads! Sad excuse for the way society is going…that nobody has the guts to face themselves… Hiding behind some chemically altering substance whether it be nicotine, caffine, or alcohol or whatever other pill that will give them a ‘high’ or ‘relax’ them. Sad reality that this is the way most people are….

    1. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

      Okay, in the interests of freedom of expression, I’m going to approve this comment even though I suspect trolling. Folks, if you choose to respond (personally I’m not going to waste my time, I’ve got today’s blog post to upload), please keep it civil so that I can also approve your replies.



  31. I’m moving to Spain in Oct 2016/and want to get into the cannabis industry (I have some experience growing under lights), whether it be tending crops harvesting, trimming or just working in a coffee shop. Is the best way to go about this by contacting individual cannabis associations? Thanks

  32. I’m a Brit but live in Valencia and the quality here is very low. It’s mostly outdoors stuff with thin ‘buds’. I hesitate to call them bud. The flavour/taste can be decent, but it’s rarely trimmed properly and has zero bag appeal. I have only smelt top shelf indoor weed once and I’ve been here 2 years, live in the centre and go out every evening.

    I grow myself (in coco under 1000w HPS) and the locals are always pestering me to sell it to them, but i don’t want the hassle, I just love growing dank weed. Might hook up a few of the associations with some herb or extracts and hashes in the future as i’ve just rented a farm in the hills between VLC and Barcelona. Amazing scenery, 700m altitude, off grid with 20,000m2 of land, solar power and a spring.

    1. s-club , renting and running a farm in the hills sounds like a great idea. lm if you want partners 🙂
      how many plants does spanish law allow one to grow as personal use? anyone ?

  33. Hello there i live there in nl more than 20 years, im experienced weeed smoker, Amsterdam weed scene is no more what it was. Daily i read or i hear on tv and radio there and there has been burned down weed plantation. Dutch is repressive police state justice system is hunting weed growers and burn their plantations down. Caught people get fined or disappear for many years in prisons. So the weed quality here in whole Holland is terrible mixed with brix in weed with other dangeruos substances to obtain more weight, weed has lower thc then before weed smells sprayed like hair spray Amsterdam is a big tourist trap avoid this dirty city go better to us

  34. Scott Bartholomew

    Really helpful, Jude. You filet and simply lay out what epilepsy is. No what should bes, could bes, just who we are. The cannabis is also informative. I didn’t know about Cannabis Groups. I’ve never done it, and wonder sometimes how damaging my legal “evaluation” has been. Phenobarb was the first drug I was prescribed, before switching me over to valproic acid in many forms.
    It also is good that you don’t infer that this method reverses epilepsy; it just calms us down.
    Thanks, Jude

  35. Scott Beckett

    Is their any legislation in Andalusia considering growing cannabis for distribution of medical or recreational use’s? Are their any considerations by Government agency’s to authorize sale of cannabis, (medical or otherwise) via dispensers, rather than pharmacy’s? It appears to me that the autonomy’s are loosing millions of Euro’s a year in revue and much needed employment of thousands, by not adopting a similar legalization of cannabis laws such as in the USA (Colorado).

  36. Its nice to know you wouldn’t get in trouble for it but even so I would never want to discuss it with police or even let the neighbors see it if it could be avoided. In Canary Islands they grow really fast outdoors and you could do it at any time of the year because of the consistent weather.

  37. As we enter 2016 Catalunya may begin issuing more cannabus club and grow licenses

  38. This is terrible. There really is nowhere in the EU that tolerates growing, not the Netherlands and now not even Spain. 🙁

    1. Smudge, it says in the articel lound and clear:
      “Things are quieter in Europe, and regulation has taken a more moderate form. The Netherlands leads the way, followed by Denmark, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, not to mention Portugal, where the possession of drugs was decriminalised in 2001.”

      We living in portugal has had no problem for over a decade now.. we grow consume and relax, everyday all day…

  39. Victor Cowen

    I live near Málaga and I want to try a small quantity of cannabis oil to help with cancer treatment.
    How can I buy a small bottle as a trial?

  40. Just spent a week in Amsterdam, the food was wonderful, the people were warm and welcoming. I’ve been there many times at different times of the year and the weather has rarely been “awful”
    I have slept in bad rooms in Amsterdam, but I have also slept in some beautiful ones.
    And as for the price of cannabis, in Amsterdam I have paid between 4 euros and 18 euros for a gram, sampled 30+ varieties of cannabis, and visited probably 10 to 15 coffeeshops across the city, didn’t appear to be in its “death throes” to me.
    There have been a lot of changes recently, shops being closed down, but there is still no comparable place to sample a range of quality cannabis in a safe above board environment in Europe than Amsterdam.

  41. As long as the laws in Amsterdam don’t get any more strict then it will hold the crown but it seems Barcelona wouldn’t want the crown as they don’t want tourists to know about their “cafe’s”.
    I agree that weather is awful in Amsterdam and would like to know more about how to find these coffeeshops and how to get a sponsor so as I could gain access.
    Any ideas or knowledge of how this can be done?

    Brian, Ireland.

  42. Dear Paz, You are a worthless troll.. So you are cordially invited to disappear down a toilet you “paid for” prick…

    Hemp is here to stay, so deal with it or blow away in the wind along with your petropharma buddies

    1. Ive grown hemp and produced and exported hemp from our legal farms for years. Im driving the hemp industry not knocking it. My point was solely about alluding to cancer and hemp leaves. Im processing the finest indoor hemp buds, we don’t use the leaves. So there’s more effective and economic and sustainable ways that leaf use. I want the plant global, not stuck with bedroom chemists

  43. Can someone help me find a cannabis club in granada
    I’ve just moved here and altho it’s easy to find weed I can only smoke certain indica or cbd weeds as sativa gives me anxiety
    Thanks for any help

  44. Just an update to your very thorough article. From Wednesday July 1 2015, cannabis is to be decriminalised in Spain. That doesn’t make it completely legal, but it does relax the rules somewhat.

    Kind regards

    Elle x

  45. The whole movement was based on privacy yet many clubs went public. Its these that fook things up for the others, lets be realistic. We can operate in peace, quietly, non profit, unregulated so continue doing this not being commercial open houses.

  46. Hi Jutt.
    I am trying to move to spain to grow a few plants for medical use, if you could use some assistance when you move, let me know buddy. steve.

  47. p.s i dont like these ‘hemp leaves cure cancer’ hints either, they are rife and generally detrimental to genuine patients seeking powerful meds

    1. @Paz How do you distinguish between “genuine patients” and anybody else with cancer? What type of “powerful meds” are you talking about – allopathic? Do you actually mean powerful toxins? Because that’s what chemo is, I know I worked on a Oncology ward and in “Palliative Care” for 10 years. “Powerful meds” = Power-less people.

  48. One of the downsides is getting locked up for growing weed even tho you might be a legally registered entity because the authorities dont know the difference 🙂 This is what has recently happened down here in Andalucia to a few folk at big commercial level.

  49. Great post.
    All I can do is read between the lines and try to remain positive. This is a lot about unlawful public offences when we are actually trying to create lawful private assoctiations right? Maybe it means more public needing lawful clubs.
    Yes, the fines are bad, they are money grabbers, not just with cannabis, so hopefully it is more cashgrab than anti herb. Hey, I just hope. And hope for progressive goverment change. Use your votes wisely.

  50. Barbarella a.k.a. The Mad Cat Lady

    This is awful news. I am a medical user (fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis pain control, where no other painkillers work), and am lucky to have a social club nearby here in Lanzarote where I can legally buy cannabis that is from local farms and not imported from outside the country. If and when this law comes through and they shut down our social clubs, I will be back to having to deal with not being able to sleep due to pain again, because I would never buy the stuff on the streets.

    I do hope they come to their senses, but am afraid that this won´t happen. 🙁

    1. david poole

      Hi Barbarella,
      My name is David Poole I have CBD in vaporisers and other products that you maybe interested in.

      My Facebook page is Media care Ibiza, please take a look.

    2. BakenTobacco

      A high quality hemp CBD extraction can aid you with this and it is legal in all 50 states too, just in case your ever traveling interstate. Speaking of traveling, we supply CBD products all throughout the Cayman Islands. If you or any one else you know is ever in the Caribbean don’t be shy – we’ve got you covered!

  51. I own a finca in Catalonia and I am moving there in the next few months. I can’t wait to start growing and smoking!!!! Peace.

  52. Cannabis N.I.

    Great news.

    Now they should be compensated for the years of anguish they have suffered.

  53. Barbarella a.k.a. The Mad Cat Lady

    One thing about Sativex I must correct you on. I´m a medical user with painful fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis that doesn´t respond to other painkillers, but Sativex is currently only available for MS here in Spain, and my rheumatologist cannot prescribe it for any other conditions… until it´s permitted for use in the treatment of other painful illnesses, I´m going to have to wait and see, and just carry on buying cannabis from our local social club here in Lanzarote (the “Cannapharmacia”) and smoke it in a bong (only at night to help me sleep cause otherwise I´d be too stoned to get on with every day life!).

  54. What of the proposed ‘Citizen Security Law’ (Ley de la Seguridad Ciuidana) which might re-criminalize the use of cannabis in Spain? Can you shed more light on it?

  55. Scarlet Palmer - Sensi Seeds

    Hi Ashley,

    I don’t have a contact number for them I’m afraid, but I refer you to this section of the article:
    “That’s a sensitive issue. We recently discussed this with our lawyer. He suggested that visitors to the island contact us a week in advance by e-mail. We can then have an intake meeting over Skype and check their particulars; then it’s no problem. As we are primarily here for the local cannabis community and patients, we will only admit ‘guest members’ of this type up to 20% of the membership. Since the club was established in August 2012, our client base has grown from 3 to over 400 members. However, so far, we haven’t had any true tourists as members, although a lot of Fuerteventura residents are from other EU Member States, and some of them have paid Col.Can.Can. a visit.”

    The email address for the club is if you would like to email them. I hope you have a good holiday! 🙂

    With best wishes,


  56. hey Seshata i just wanted to know if there were any updates regarding cultivation for personal use in Spain, detention and consumption.

  57. Hi Seshata 🙂

    Yoy are absolutely right with the €3 – €4 etc.
    Well written !

    Best regards

  58. Seshata - Sensi Seeds

    Andy & Jake-

    Hmm, thank you. I only just got the chance to review the comments on this article. I will research further, write an update in a few weeks and post the link here.

  59. Barcelona was always my fav city now i really want to move there and become a grower even if it is just on a balcony hahah

  60. Nice article, just adding some more info:

    Private areas also extend to ones person, so you can legalish transport your gear home.

    Barcelona city is head-starting to regulate clubs and will have rules in a couple of months. Also we’ve got more than 300 clubs by now, over 500 in Catalonia and more opening each week.
    Also the limit can be 100 in some clubs, no regulation, no rules 😉 Also one can perfectly be member of several associacions.

    The prices are also too low atm, the least I know is 5, the cheapest I heard 4,5. Normally its between 6-9/gr.

  61. Great article.

    Down in the deep south of Spain the police have been part of the black market for some years, I am told. This new direction is not going to suit everybody 🙂

  62. Jefferson Farmers

    It is in reality a great and useful piece of information. I’m happy that you simply shared this useful info with us. Please stay us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  63. One of the main reasons i am taking spanish lessons and studied horticulture previously, gonna go find that piece of land!

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