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How to flush cannabis out of your system

Flushing Cannabis Everything you ingest, smoke, or put into your body one way or another, stays there for a specific amount of time. During this time, the majority of items go through a path that culminates into their eventual elimination. Cannabis is no exception to this rule.

There are many reasons why, as a consumer, you would want to flush cannabis out of your system. For instance, in some countries, conducting regular drug tests on employees is a standard corporate practice.

Unfortunately, the classification of cannabis and its derived products is still quite inaccurate, with the plant still featured among the most dangerous drugs available in most countries.

This situation can often make a patient or a recreational consumer’s quality of life difficult if they were to be tested positive for cannabis.

Flush cannabis out of your system: WHY is it even there?

Everything you ingest, smoke, or put into your body one way or another, stays there for a specific amount of time. During this time, the majority of items go through a path that culminates into their eventual elimination. Cannabis is no exception to this rule.

THC metabolites have a half-life of 7 days, which means that every 7 days, whatever amount of it present in your body will decrease by 50%. Regardless, depending on numerous additional parameters, it can stay in the blood, urine, saliva, hair, and fingernails for several months.

One-time (or very sparse) consumers can eliminate cannabis in a matter of days. If consumed more frequently, it can take longer for the body to flush out the accumulated cannabinoids. The strain of cannabis smoked and resulting potency is also a variable, as well as the state your body is in: metabolism, body fat, and amount of physical exercise.

Your body itself is a prime factor in the equation, as THC is stored in fat cells. These fat cells progressively release it, along with other cannabinoids, into your blood.

how to pass a drug test in 2 days

Succeeding in flushing cannabis out of your system in time for a test also depends on which of your body parts is being tested. Cannabis can be detected 1 to 3 days after consumption with most tests, if the consumer does not partake often.

This window grows increasingly large the more you consume. This is why avoiding testing positive for cannabis mostly depends on good timing and preparation. An unfortunate fact, since the beloved plant is, as many know, entirely harmless.

There is no sure-fire way to flush cannabis out of your system in 2 days, as all factors cited above are substantially changeable. However, there are ways to help your body process cannabis faster.

1. How To Flush weed out By Changing your diet

Increase your fluids intake

Fluids help dilute metabolites in urine. Drug tests are designed to measure a certain amount of metabolites, and under the specified threshold, results are considered negative. This means it is not necessary to eliminate every single trace of those metabolites to pass a drug test.

However, drinking important amounts of water can result in urine with low levels of creatinine, a breakdown product of creatine phosphate in muscle. Many labs specialized in drug testing consider this an obvious attempt at diluting one’s urine, and it has been known to be flagged as “suspicious” (and could result in a positive test, or a retake).

An alternative would be a drink that provides other elements besides its fluid nature; for instance, a natural detox drink such as cranberry juice, or green tea. If you are taking the non-organic path, several energy drinks contain minerals and/or electrolytes, which can make your urine more “diverse”.

If you still opt for increasing your water intake, do so during the day preceding your test, as water actively flushes THC out of your system only temporarily. 2 to 3 litres of water during these 24 hours, as well as the same amount in the hours before the test itself should efficiently dilute your urine. No need to make it a month-long project!

Focus on healthy foods and drinks

Carbohydrates and fat are two elements found in many, many foods. In general, it is impossible as well as unhealthy to entirely avoid them. However in this case, the more you replace them with healthier items such as vegetables, or fruits in reasonable quantities, the more chances you have to detox faster.

High quantities of fat in your digestive system can slow down its ability to detox. THC is fat soluble, which means increasing fat contents can trigger a brand new lifecycle for the cannabinoid.

And in addition to focusing on healthy alternatives, also choose detoxifying foods that can further improve the process: greens, garlic, cilantro, etc.

How to get cannabis out of your system fast_Drug_Test

2. How To Flush cannabis out of your system: Can you Sweat THC out?

Get your cardio on

THC being present in fat cells means that working on shedding them can result in your body processing THC out more efficiently. This will not work very well if you focus on strength workouts, such as bodybuilding exercises. Instead, try cardiovascular activities: walking (at a very brisk pace), running, biking, or swimming.

… Just sweat!

Sweating is your objective here. It is one of the methods your body uses to detox naturally and how to get cannabis out of your system.

And you don’t necessarily need to be running laps to do that. A steam room, sauna or … greenhouse … can be a great, relaxing space for you get rid of all these toxins, metabolites, and stress.

3. Relax and stay away from cannabis

Sleeping is another way your body detoxes naturally, on a daily basis. Being anxious and stressed, on the other hand, is another way you could be slowing down your body’s detoxing efforts.

If you can, get full nights of sleep, and relax; try yoga, reading, or anything that can contribute into putting you into a peaceful mood.

And finally, it may not be entirely necessary to mention it but: do not consume any more cannabis, if you are waiting to pass a drug test. Depending on the type of test you will be the object of, you could actually benefit from excellent timing.

For instance, a hair follicle test would be somewhat inefficient in detecting a very recent use of cannabis, as your hair would not have grown fast enough to bear any trace of THC.

But then again, as the present article points out, many other parameters can also determine in which manner your body processes cannabis. Besides, that is without mentioning retakes, additional “double check” tests, etc. Better safe than sorry!

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Ex husband is using my use of cannabis in court against me to keep control and our children away. Looooong story. So I quit smoking middle of April. Ugh. Didn't pass on May 20th. Exercised a few times, started drinking green tea daily, and ate a bunch of asparagus (my current husband is my personal chef). Went to admit myself into marijuana classes, they tested me just this past Wednesday and it's clean. Yay me! But apparently I'm still an addict because I research and read all I can. FML



I guess you mean april 20th:)



Your not an addict just a stoner!



Too pass a drug screening of course dont smoke for a while Can be done in days , eat a bunch of oranges like 4-6 and drink alot of green tea This detoxifys whats in the urine, ,then dont pee this out until test time , get middle of pee ,,pass your drug test :) Drink plenty of water ,cranberry juice and lemon wwater ,sweating then shower helps too


Tom Korby

B-3 Niacin will help flush THC out, also Golden Seal helps...



I never had a problem passing drug tests cranberry juice and water always worked for me and I been smoking 40plus years But recently I had a drug test I didn't expect so I tried Ultra
Flush it didn't work I did smoke the day before thou!
I will stick to my old ways



I just wanted to know from Tony if the cranberry is bought from a grocery store or is it organic , and how much do I drink.



What is your old ways? Please do share.



I just drink alot of water before MY drug test. If I ever have 1 again. I might urinate alot before MY test. MY urine will look clear & not yellow but its it's better to pass than fthe test.


Cannabis N.I.

This is interesting about the hair follicle test from 2015



passing a drug test is easy.

1. be on a ketogenic diet. if forces the body to metabolize fat which is where toxins are stored. look it up if you dont believe me. most people rely on carbs for energy (carbs include high sugar/fruit).

2. drink lots of water and green tea

3. exercise & hit the sauna or steamroom



This is very wrong. Eating a high fat diet will not prolong the life of thc in your fat cells. Eating high fat low carb will induce your body into ketosis and it will burn fat as energy, ridding you of thc faster. Also it says no to a bodybuilding regimine. Lifting burns calories in the gym AND hours afterwards as your body is trying to repair the muscles. It actually burns more calories than cardio... do some research before trying to give advice. Your facts will help people fail a drug test.


Eriel..Thank you Core ...

I think it's very helpful.


Anmol Bhandari

Im not a medic student or anything.. Im just a stoner and my parents didnt want me to use weed so they wanted me to go rehab but i rejected and just drank alot of water and sweat doing workouts amd sometimes sauna.. Just 4 days if you do it then im sure no fucking drug test can get you..



I have not smoke in all most a week. I will smoke for about 2 or 3 days then go days without smoking. I have to have a drug test in 41 days what is the bast thing I can do to make sure I pass the test



41 days you have nothing to worry about, if only smoming a few times. Regardless of what studies show only a couple smoking sessions will be eleviated from your system within 5-7 days. Tested and proven by myself. I smoked for 1 1/2 weeks in 7 days I passed.



I smoke 3 maybe 4 times a week... Would 3 weeks be enough to pass a urine test? I play soccer, exercise, and drink more than 6 water bottles daily



Regardless of what the studies show. If you only smoke a few times, like myself smoked 1 1/2 weeks everyday. Stopped and in 7 days passed. It is wholly up to you. The key is to burn fat through fasting, and then eat low fat for 2 days before testing.The other option is to drink 2 quarts of water 1 hour before testing and a multivitamin. 100%



Ok I smoked weed last Thursday and haven’t smoked in 7 years took 3 hits off a joint and have an assessment on Thursday do you think it will be out of my system by then???



is there possible to clean in 2 weeks after a regular user. i took every day using bong.. or theres other way for me to clear it.


Scarlet Palmer

Hi Shaddy,

Thanks for your comment. I'm afraid we can't answer your question beyond the information that is already given in this article, as everyone's body, metabolism, amount consumed etc is different. Good luck though!

With best wishes,




I am a daily smoker and on weekends I smoke quite a few times a day. I am about 40 pounds over weight and have a drug test at the end of the month I haven't smoked in 2 weeks and don't plan on it again till after the test I am going to start drinking lemon water and green tea a few times a day and I am already a heavy water drinker do you think by the end of the month I can pass a drug test ? If not is there any other suggestions I really don't want to use any of those flush drinks or substitution with someone else's urine or synthetic urine because I have never done those before and am not sure those will work. This is my first drug test I have ever done.


Scarlet Palmer

Hi LaDonna,

Unfortunately we really can't answer that question, there are simply too many variables and so all we would be doing is guessing. Good luck though!

With best wishes,



Madison jones

I smoke almost everyday but I stopped last wensday and haven't smoked since then. I've been drinking alot of lemon water, and I have a drug test Monday morning. Should I be good?


Scarlet Palmer

Hi Madison,

Unfortunately we really can't answer that question, there are simply too many variables and so all we would be doing is guessing. Good luck though!

With best wishes,




I smoked for like 5 years, and quit about 2 months ago. Ive maybe smoked a joint like 4 times since then the last being last thursday. I have a test in 21 days. I understand a completely accurate answer is hard because everyone body is different. If i eat a lot of salads, run and drink lots of water, does anyone think I have a fighting chance? If not how much longer than the 21 days do you think i need? Any advice/proven results are helpful. I am 6'2 approx 200 lbs. Thank you!



Ive got a drug test coming up in a week, seven days. I smoked weed two weeks ago but did a home drug test last night a came out very dirty. So it's crunch time. I will try b3 garlic pills and green tea. Any suggestions anybody?


Ashley Miller

Well I applied for a new job and I have to do a urine sample in 48 hours and in order to get the job i HAVE to pass..what can I do??



what is you smoke 3-4 times per week, weight about 130 lbs. what would be best detox method for 2 weeks test.



please help me out i eat a little amount of weed what should i do to flush it out cus i will be tested for drug the next day


Misha Vuckovich

My wife found this website and stated I should have a look at it. I'm delighted that I took the time to pay a visit to your webpage, it's definately one of the best I've looked at.



I’ve smoked on and off since I was 14 heavy user now I am 23 and I’ve been sober 49 days. I’m 5’5 weigh 157lbs. Will I pass my test? Have been working out this past month. But no detoxes


stoned elf

hey Anna, if you quit that long and have been working out regularly, you're good to go! 👍keep drinking plenty of water and a long hot bath 2 days before the test also helps to sweat it out. just try to relax and not sweat right before the test. good luck! 😉



Hi Guys,

About 6 weeks ago I was a serious smoker (daily and over a gram a day), I have a drug test for a VERY SERIOUS JOB IN approximately 12 days. I smoked 2 cones (bong) 6 days ago, and shared 3 different joints with a couple friends 2 weeks ago. Before that it had been 3 weeks since I smoked. Because I have been a heavy smoker for 6 years or so I was scared the THC would build up easily again (as research as indicated) ever since I gave up I have been drinking cranberry juice.

Given my previous 2 smoking occasions do you think I can pass the test in 10 days? I am tall and skinny and have a fast metabolism also I weigh 70kg's.
Please let me know your thoughts


Scarlet Palmer

Hi James,

I really don't want to hazard a guess! Everyone's body is different. Good luck though.

With best wishes,




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