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Sensi Seeds interviews Rick Simpson – Full Video

Interview Rick Simpson was in Amsterdam this summer to speak at the 2016 edition of Cannabis Liberation Day. Sensi Seeds took the opportunity to have a one-on-one with the Canadian cannabis oil pioneer. Check out the full video of our Rick Simpson interview here!

For many, the name Rick Simpson is synonymous with medicinal cannabis oil. The Canadian rose to internet fame among the cannabis community following the 2008 YouTube release of Run From The Cure. In this documentary Simpson publicized his method of making a cannabis concentrate which he claims can cure cancers and other diseases.

Check out this interview and learn how Simpson discovered the medicinal properties of cannabis, how he got to the point of making a concentrate out of it, why he believes he cured his own cancer, and why the release of ‘Run From The Cure 2: Run 2 The Cure’ is taking longer than expected.

Watch the full interview in the video above, and read the text interview.

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